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 CHILTON AQUATICS. WE ARE THE AQUATIC SPECIALISTS. LARGEST RANGE OF FISH AND AQUATIC GOODS IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND. BEST QUALITY AND BEST PRICES... ... : Please note that due to a family funeral we will only be open from 10am to 12 noon tomorrow tuesday 22nd August. We will be back to normal ...22/08/17
 Aquarium Cleaning,Maintenance and supplies including Fish and Plants : call for a free water test,no time to clean your aquarium?give us a call! We supply,deliver,install and maintain a full range of aquarium ...22/08/17
 Price Reduction on Clearance Stock : At Fastlight we offer speedy delivery at competitive prices. We have a range of special offers on clearance stock with LARGE PRICE REDUCTION ...22/08/17
 Wild Caught South American Fish, Plecos, Corydoras etc : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13:00pm For Scotland please ...22/08/17
 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details22/08/17

1Large Filter / Vortex / Pump and UV : Due to pond closure - 4 Bay Filter 8Ft long x 2.5Ft wide x 2 Ft deep - Vortex 3ft diameter x 3.5ft deep - Oase pump 20,000 Ltrs / hour - 55 ... 22/08/17
224 X L270 choo late zebra pleco adults : Hi there thanks for looking. I am closing my fish house down and have L270 X 24 showing signs have 3pairs trapping but no eggs. I do ... 22/08/17
3Cichlids for sale : Due to moving onto larger cichlids I have some of my smaller stock for sale. 1 male apistogramma hongsloi ii £5 1 female apistogramma hon ... 22/08/17
4Professional Softgran Mussel / SuperSoft Artemia /... ... : This is probably the best all round food that you can currently buy for feeding plecos on the market today! ebo-aquaristik\'s food is hi ... 22/08/17
524 X L270 choo late zebra pleco adults : Hi there thanks for looking. I am closing my fish house down and have L270 X 24 showing signs have 3pairs trapping but no eggs. I do ... 22/08/17
6DISCUS BY MARTIN Ng @@ MASTER BREEDER @@ NOW AVAIL... ... : NEW SHIPMENT * AVAILABLE NOW * ARRIVED FRIDAY 4th AUGUST 2017. @@@@@@********** MARTIN NG DISCUS ***********@@@@@@@@ @@@@@ ... 22/08/17
8X8 spotted silver dollars : 8 spotted dollars 3/4 inch healthy lovely red on them. £40 for all 8 22/08/17
9Fluval G3 filter : Fluval G3 series filter with all the pipes and spare filters These on eBay if u can find any as not many for sale are £300 This was use ... 22/08/17
10LIVE ROCK - 3 TANK CLOSE DOWN - DUE TO ILLNESS : LIVE ROCK TO GO FIRST - Live rock - £3 @ kg Dead rock - £2 @ kg To sell after ! Tank 1 - 1200mm x 400mm x 600mm in 10mm glass Tank 2 ... 22/08/17
11Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid impor... ... : ***NEW Tank Bred Tanganyika stocks*** See full list below for NEW stocks. Pics are of current stocks. Current Stock List Tanganyik ... 22/08/17
12Rift Valley Cichlids Wild Caught & Tank Bred : ***Tanganyikan and Malawi Cichlids for sale*** Pictures on the left are of actual stocks we have imported and sold. Visit our website ... 22/08/17
13Facebook Group for Malawi & Tanganyikan Cichlids -... ... : We have 1000+ members and growing on our facebook group. Members regulary post pictures of their Malawi and Tanganyikan fish purchased fr ... 22/08/17
14Big Red parrots fish ,1 x 8in ,4 x 6in : for sell my Big Red parrots fish ,1 x 8in£30 .4 x 6in £20 each . collection from birmingham B24 . MOBI . 07875603377 SAM . 22/08/17
16Eheim 1250 Universal Hobby Pump : new in box never used 1200 lph £30.pounds collection only. 22/08/17
17Cheap iPhone 7 for sale,Discount iPhone 7 Plus onl... ... : Wholesale Newest Apple Iphones , Electronics Products ! You Will Find More Cheapest Digital Products Here ! They Selling original New ... 22/08/17
181 x 4 inch Pike Cichlid (Crenicichla sveni), 1 x 4... ... : Fish tank clearance. Last 2 Fish to go. Great eaters. Pike Cichlid(CRENICICHLA SVENI) £15 Synodontis sp. £10 Must go asap. ... 22/08/17
19Golden Dorado -- NO SWAPS - Oddball : 9/10 inch Golden Dorado for sale £70 each Eats anything thrown into the tank, Mussels, Prawns, Etc... My Arowana keeps chasing them h ... 22/08/17
20Aiptasia wanted : Hi looking for large quantity of Aiptasia, for Berghia project, will pay for live rock covered in Aiptasia, please send pic of rock. Will e ... 22/08/17
211000 of discus fish , CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS LICENCE... ... : CHESHIRE OAKS  DISCUS         over 1000 to choose from ,   from fully licenced fish keeper     ... 22/08/17
224x2x2 Full Marine System for Sale : I am selling my 4ft X 2ft X 2ft marine aquarium (380 litres) and cabinet. Cabinet measures 62 inches high, 10-inch hood, 30-inch-high base u ... 22/08/17
23complete reef tank set up 80 gallon 250£ needs to ... ... : Comes with two different coloured zoa frags and Kenyan tree coral alot of nice coloured live rock ( no ocean rock ) 250 watt halide large cl ... 22/08/17
24100 s of DISCUS @ CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS PET SHOP, f... ... : OVER 1000 , OF THE BEST DISCUS TO CHOOSE FROM, from fully licenced fish keeper 2.5 to 5 inch 2.5 inch, £15 3.0 inch, £2 ... 22/08/17
25A FANTASTIC OFFER FROM A FULLY LICENSED BREEDER OF... ... : Hi all. I am a fully licensed breeder/seller and only sell good quality fish. We have a separate building from our house that houses over 50 ... 22/08/17
26CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS, 2.5 INCH, £15...3 INCH..£20 ... ... : Description: OVER 1000 , OF THE BEST DISCUS TO CHOOSE FROM, from fully licenced fish keeper 2.5 to 5" discus, ... 22/08/17
27Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic... ... : Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate build ... 22/08/17
28Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for ... ... : Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of ... 22/08/17
29fluval fx6 : large canister filter at 1500 liters an hour i had 80 malawis and had no problems keeping up with the demand collection only only 7 months o ... 22/08/17
30large fish tank 520 litres : stunning tank in white very modern its five foot long and in very good condition comes with a heater ocean gravel plants and aled light and ... 22/08/17
31Piranha Wanted : Currently looking for a few Piranha 1 year old or older. Currently have 2 at just over a year looking to expand. Anywhere in London would be ... 22/08/17
32fishtank : got 400 litres 55long 30hight 20wide for sale 300 pound my phone number is 07923140774 send pictures over the phone 22/08/17
33tank and angelfish : 2 foot cube aquarium and equipment, also 10 blue and black young adult angels for sale, 150 pounds.tel 07530632100,pontypool. 22/08/17
34WANTED Synodontis brichardi : Cash waiting for good quality Synodontis brichardi in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. 22/08/17
35WANTED Female Altolamprologus calvus : Cash waiting for good quality adult Female Altolamprologus calvus in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. My male is lonely and still prote ... 22/08/17
36Flash Pleco (Panaqolus albivermis) WANTED : Cash waiting for good quality Flash Pleco (L204 Panaqolus albivermis)in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. 22/08/17
37Bristle nose 2 different sorts ov pleco : Bristle nose 1" Quick for£1ea 22/08/17
38Assassin snails barging : Assassin snails £1ea or 18 for £10 bet the bargain why it last can post £5 22/08/17
39free koi carp rescue and advice for free : koi carp rescue free of charge i cover 100 mile radius and i will take any unwanted or ill fish and place them in an fully equiped quarinti ... 22/08/17
40Koi carp rescue service : Free koi carp rescue service based in the south any problem no matter how big or small I'm here to help problem with your pond or fish or si ... 22/08/17
41Haps, Peacocks, Mbuna (Cambridge) : Crytocara Moori male 14cm £12 Mylochromis Ericotaenia F1 male 15cm £18 Aul. Baenschi Benga male TB 9cm £8 Nyassachromis Microcephal ... 21/08/17
42Arowanas : £2100 for a group of 4 Asian arowanas. If sold separately each fish is priced below. Recently had another baby and need to convert the ro ... 21/08/17
43Angels : 50 young Peruvian cross with blue smokeys at £2 each now 50p body size also 150 young blue angels 10p body size £1.50 about ring 077901071 ... 21/08/17
44Stingray : I have a male Mantilla Stingray for sale. He is approx 13 inches across his disc and fully rolled. He feeds well on prawn and mussel and ... 21/08/17
45gourami : WANTED. red finned gourami 3 inches + within 25 miles of redditch worc.s 07593293448 / [email protected] thank you. 21/08/17
46breeding trio ancistrus plecs with youngsters : a very nice young breeding trio of ancistrus plecs to include 6 of the babys approx 1" in size and have brilliant markings a good breedin ... 21/08/17
47Evolution Aqua 1500s Set up : So unfortunately due to having to downsize my much loved tank is having to go up for sale. There will be no corals or livestock with it! ... 21/08/17
48Pair of Common clown fish (Large) : Excellent health and eating great. 21/08/17
49breeding pair of hybrid rays for sale : I am thinking of selling my breeding rays,pics via whatsapp £2500.00 no offers. 21/08/17
50male hybrid ray Very nice ray : about 7-8" disk, pics via whatsapp £400 21/08/17
51Stingrays Hybrid pups for sale : Father bd x king hen Mother bd pearl x hen if interested please contact for pics. males and females available. males £250 females £300 ... 21/08/17
52MARINE TANK FOR SALE : 4x2x2 ACS / Fit Filtration Custom Tank, Sump & Cabinet - £500 Comes with a Jecod DC6000 pump and a 300W heater. The cabinet and pelmet ... 21/08/17
53SCREWCUMBER FEEDER- Two year warranty - Free deliv... ... : TROPICAL FISH FEEDER. Buy online. Debit/Credit card and PayPal accepted. Only £5.39 and free Delivery in the UK! http://www.screwc ... 21/08/17
54American cichlids : Selling due to change in direction 2x 5inch bocourti £10 each 1x 3inch grammode cichlid £10 2x4.5inch red tiger moto's £10 each 21/08/17
55OASE BIOTEC 30 POND FILTER - £325 ONO : The Biotec 30 has been designed for larger ponds especially with koi stock. It has a sludge drain for the removal of solids. It is a multi-z ... 21/08/17
56CHILTON AQUATICS. MAKING FISH KEEPING SPECIAL. THE... ... : Please note that due to a family funeral we will only be open from 10am to 12 noon tomorrow tuesday 22nd August. We will be back to normal ... 21/08/17
57CHILTON AQUATICS. WE ARE THE AQUATIC SPECIALISTS. ... ... : Please note that due to a family funeral we will only be open from 10am to 12 noon tomorrow tuesday 22nd August. We will be back to normal ... 21/08/17
58Female Discus : Needs new home asap as want smaller discus in tank or swop depending what fish you have. 21/08/17
59Freeze Dried Blackworm : We import & distribute Freeze Dried Blackworm grown on in pristine spring water in Australia. Best quality. Available in cubes - plain or Bi ... 21/08/17
60£275ono 180ltr jewl rio african malawi mbuna Cichl... ... : STILL FOR SALE!! 180ltr juwel rio tank and african cichlids. £275ono Tank is in excellant condition and so are fish. You will get the full ... 21/08/17
61Mbuna cichlids £150 ono : There are around 20-25 fish ranging from 2 - 4.5 inches. Demasoni Lombardoi(kenyi) Yellow labs Red zebra Bumblebee Electric blue soco ... 21/08/17
62Tiger shovel nose x red tail 9" : In perfect condition and a stunning fish £40 21/08/17
636 inch female dovii total stunner imported from US... ... : Stunning fish in perfect health imported from 1 of the top 3 places to buy dovii £50 no offers 21/08/17
6412" to 14" maybe bigger ornate birchir +... ... : Will take £80 for the pair or £60 for the big one and £40 for the smaller one which both fish are a good price! Bargain for both 21/08/17
65F1 Callochromis macrops red Ndole Bay (tanganyikan... ... : These stunning F1 Tanganyikans are the real deal imported by Kent Rifts. They have bred once but now I need to make space in my tank for som ... 21/08/17
66rare geophagus winemilleri baby s stunning fish le... ... : got some lovely peaceful geophagus winemilleri baby's stunning fish and mix well with other peaceful fish le3 collection only £4 each or ... 21/08/17
67breeding pair of angel fish £30 : regular spawning breeding pair £30 collection from le3 swop for other fish 21/08/17
68BD X LEO FEMALE STINGRAY £550 Ono or swap P14 fema... ... : I am selling my female BD X Leo which I have bred myself, she is over 1year old, 11" disc and feeding great, very active. Both parents BD ... 21/08/17
69Dragon blood peacock : Dragon blood peacock, adult size male Collect from Stevenage £15 21/08/17
70Male Malawi cichlids (SOLD) : Male Malawi cichlids for sale. Moving to keep tropheus. 2 venustus nimbochromis livingstonii (SOLD) red fin borleyi Champsochromis ca ... 21/08/17
71Full marine aquarium setup : Selling my 4 foot marine aquarium complete setup. Please message for more details as to much to list. System has been running for 2 years ... 21/08/17
72Complete 600 litre Malawi set up for sale : Large Malawi set up set for sale. Complete package, 5'6" x 2'x 2' ND tank Custom 3d background with LOADS of hidey holes Custom built oak ... 21/08/17
73Wild and F1 malawis in Complete 600 litre Malawi s... ... : Large Malawi set up set for sale. Complete package, 5'6" x 2'x 2' ND tank Custom 3d background with LOADS of hidey holes Custom built oak ... 21/08/17
74Synadontis Petricola/Lucipinis juveniles. : FOR SALE, another batch of young petricola around 1", feeding well, & very lively. I could not get a decent picture of young, so pictures ... 21/08/17
75Deltec 20w UV : this is in perfect condition but does require a new lamp. £30 collected Reef System - (1-2 times turnover per hour) - 500 to 1000 l ... 21/08/17
76L25, large Bircher, oscars : 7-8" classic l25, stunning plec. £100 no offers was bought for £150 when much smaller, ,cheapest in the country. 9" Bircher, l ... 21/08/17
774ft Aqua one marine setup for sale : Aquarium has been running for just under 2 years and is being stopped due to other commitments. All equipment is in good looking and perfect ... 21/08/17
78Large pair of australian clownfish for sale : They are comlatible with most other species. Eat very well, almost anything which can be seen upon a visit. If interested text 07881098638. ... 21/08/17
79Aqua one 195l white cube marine aquarium for sale : Aquarium was running for just over a month and was stopped due to other commitments. All equipment is brand new, in perfect looking and work ... 21/08/17
80Live rock : Have a 1000 mm acrylic tank being used for quarantine purposes, complete with approx 30kg "Live rock" and ocean base rock. Comes with a Hage ... 21/08/17
81Marine Arcadia overtank T8 twin tube unit : As description says above,used for 6 months only,has Marine Blue and Marine White T8 tubes in it.750 mm long with two x 25 watt Marine white ... 21/08/17
82Cherry shrimp x20 for £10 : Pick up only farnworth bl4 Will not post No time wasters please or offers Mixed sizes 21/08/17
83Panda oranda and ranchu available : I have panda oranda and mixed orandas available,ryukin,marble ryukin amd high quality telescopes available,join London ranchu for more pics ... 21/08/17
84Large Acrylic Aquariums UK company based : Looking for a LARGE acrylic aquarium ? We make the BIG stuff and are UK based. For more info see:- www.aquariummasters.co.uk WORLDWIDE D ... 21/08/17
85Golden knife fish : I have for sale 1 large golden knife fish about 12 inches looking for £40 21/08/17
86P14 pups : Hi all I have 2 p14 pups for sale both female they are 6 weeks old and now feeding well on pellet £400 each. Thanks Tony 21/08/17
87Male stingray : Fully rolled stunning big male 13" originally from freshwater stingray uk Was brought as an impulse buy without thinking about the Ra ... 21/08/17
88Fahaka Puffer full set up : Apparently I have 1 too many tanks so this one has to go :-( 374L bullet tank, Fluval heater, APS 1000 filter. Modified hood with LED s ... 21/08/17
89Wanted 6ft Marine aquarium- coral table with sump-... ... : Looking for an inexpensive 6ft x 2 ft by up to 2ft deep no deeper, with plumbed in sump & cabinet or stand. Must be 100% watertight, genera ... 21/08/17
90Free goldfish : I have a goldfish who needs a new home. Completely free, ready to go. Need home asap 21/08/17
91For Sale : Maxpect Razor 120w 16000k led, good condition. £100. Collection only. 21/08/17
92RSM 130D : RSM 130D for sale. Eheim return pumps. 3 Nano powerheads heater stevie t skimmercup and media rack various other bits and bobs would ... 21/08/17
93Aquatics Plus Auction Nights : Some of the fish we expect to be at the auction this evening. Albino Peppered Corys Angelfish Marble Angelfish Platinum Angelfish Ze ... 21/08/17
94STENKER DISCUS IN YORKSHIRE : .. fish direct from stenker hatchery... stenker discus at tanksalot Doncaster Any questions 07989598450 21/08/17
95Vectra M1 Return Pump : Hi All, I have my Vectra M1 for sale which I have had from new, it was used on my Reefer 250, I have since sold the Reefer on due to a fu ... 21/08/17
96phosphate removers : 750 ml of bio phos 80 £25 800 gms of rowa phos £15 collection only 21/08/17
9710kg OF VERY GOOD QUALITY LIVE ROCK : Still in the tank, taken out briefly to photograph, No nuisance algae, priced lower than some of the rubbish you see on here. No offers £50 21/08/17
98Extra large fish tank : Extra large custom made tropical fish tank, comes with everything to get you going. 8 stage hma system, heaters, filters etc. Bottom tan ... 21/08/17
99Jebao One Touch External Fish Tank Canister Aquari... ... : Jebao One Touch External Fish Tank Canister Aquarium Filter System 15w 650 LPH 3 month old in excellent condition can be seen working reason ... 21/08/17
100solid black angefish 3 fish for 15 pounds : solid black angel and a tri color angel and a koi decent size 3-4 inch tip to tip all 3 fish 15 pound 21/08/17

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