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1.Emsworth Aquatics Availability List 20/09/14 Yes
AVAILABLITY LIST LIVEBEARERS Assorted Mollies £2.60ea Assorted Lyretail Mollies £2.60ea Gold Sailfin Mollies £2.60ea Marbled Sailfin Mollies £8.50pr (Sold Out) Balloon Mollies £2.95ea Assorted Male Guppies £2.25ea or 4 for £8.76 Female Guppies £1.60ea or 4 for £6.20 Male Endlers £2.35ea ... ...
2.Fish Finatics, W Lancs - Current Fish Stock available 20/09/14 Yes
Hi guys, for your information, please find below our current list of available fish and other live stock ....as usual all fully quarantined for at least 7 days and now ready for sale: Gold Master Discus White pigeon Discus Blue Diamond Discus L002 Tiger Plec L200 Green Phantom plecs Bri... ...
3.UPDATED EDMONTON AQUATICS STOCKLIST 20th September 2014 20/09/14 Yes
Welcome to our stocklist.. In stock currently we have.. NEW IN: Breeding Pair of Texas Cichlids - SOLD Golden Giant Gourami's - £25.00 each Bristlenose Plecos - £9.95 each Golden Nugget Plecos - £19.95 each Clown Plecos - £7.95 each or 2 for £15.00 Marble Hatchets - £2.95 each or 4 for £... ...
4.dragonblood peacock cichlids 3 inches 13/09/14 Yes
hi im selling stunning 3" dragonbloods these are from the aulonocara (peacock) family priced at £8 each or 3 for £20 limited numbers in stock any questions tel john on 07738 636 626
5.Welcome to FUBAR Aquatics we have hundreds of fish species available to order 09/09/14 Yes
Hi everyone, please find below a list of what we available on our website to purchase, please feel free to give us a call if there is something that you would like and cannot find on there. Please visit both websites as each offers a variety of different fish and shipping options. FUBAR Aquatics ... ...
6.ob peacock cichlids 3 inch 01/09/14 Yes
stunning ob peacocks approx 3" priced at £8 each or 3 for £20 any questions tel john on 07738 636 626
7.Fish livestock list updated 08/08/14. World of Water Crawley, West Sussex 08/08/14 Yes
Please see below our non-exhaustive list of current livestock at World of Water Crawley. List updated on 08/08/14 but if you copy and paste the link below you will find a more regularly updated .PDF list! ODDBALLS: African TigerFish 'Hydrocynus species' Mbu Pufferfish Fire Eel Dwarf Snakehead... ...
Our stock list and prices of what we have in at the moment are as followed.. Special orders can be made, as long as deposit is paid. Tropical Fish: JUST IN: 2 large Male Frontosa (Around 7inches and 9inches) - £60.00 each or £100.00 the pair. Topaz Puffer Fish (Around 5inches) - BACK IN ST... ...
9.Baby Peacock cichlids 13/05/14 Yes
Peacock Cichlids about one inch in length. Offers
Hey fish lovers! We\'ve got some beautiful Malawi Cichlids! Red Peacock Cichlid 2\", Ice Blue Pseudotropheus 2\", Mixed Peacock Cichlids 2\" , OB Blotch Peacock Cichlid 2\", Electric Blue 2\", Mpanga Elongatus White Tail Acei 2\", Kadango 2\", Electras \", Yellow Baenshee 2\", ... ...
11.QUALITYFISHONLINE - We sell quality tropical and cold water fish, we now have new inverts 17/03/14 Yes
GO TO QUALITYFISHONLINE TO PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW!! Find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/qualityfishonline FISH LIST: Black Angel 2.90 Ghost Angel 4.90 Koi Angel 2.90 Leopard Angel 5.00 Marble Angel 3.00 Zebra - Sm 2.50 Zebra Angel - Lge 12.00 Crab - Red Claw... ...
Mixed Malawi 1.5\" £1.80 or 10 for £15.00 Damasoni 2\" £5.00 or 4 for £20.00 yellow labs 1.5\"+ £3.00 or 10 for £25.00 Auratus 2\" £4.00 electric blue haps 2\" £4.00 Pink Malawi (nyassae) 2\" £4.00 Red Jacob 2\" £4.00 blue dolphins 2.5\" £4.0... ...
13.Malawi Cichlids- Big and beautiful - - and cheap, Healthy reaaly vibrant colours 06/02/14 Yes
Got a really nice selection of big malawis - besides for my regular 2inch malawis. these are selling super fast, so if you want some, you better hurry. These are some of what i have: Blue dolphins 2.5" £4.00 each, deals on bigger quantities Apachy (Aulonacara maylandi) 3" £7.00 Golden pe... ...
14.sub adult/ adult peacock cichlids 23/01/14 Yes
We have a number of peacock cichlids for sale Electric blues O.b German reds All are 4" + Very nice examples Wanting £11.99 each Collection only from birmingham Email for more info
15.Peacock Cichlid 21/01/14 Yes
Here I have a Cichlid for sale. (I think Peacock Cichlid). Beautiful Colour. £7 Thanks Troy
16.many cichlids for sale 17/12/13 No
I have 10 yellow labs cichlids, one peacock cichlid, two large convict cichlids, two beautiful fire mouth cichlids, three common plecos, one large feather fin cat fish for sale as closing down tank, also a 4ft tank for sale comes with everything but no lid £80 for the fish or £150 for tank ans fish ... ...
17.Wanted Aulonocara/Peacock Cichlids 27/11/13 No
I am looking for some Aulonocara Cichlids to add to my tank. Looking for males at around 4 inches plus. If you have some available please contact me sigee13@gmail.com Thanks Simon
18.4ft cichlid tank with stand and fish 18/11/13 No
4ft cichlid tank and stand for sale, 4ft tank, stand, two light power units, one day light bulb, one moon light bulb, air pump with air stone, sand, ocean rock, lava rock, magnet cleaner, two filters, one heater, 10 yellow lab cichlids including breading pairs, two convict cichlids breading pair, tw... ...
19.Wanted: Aulonocara/Peacock Cichlids 26/08/13 No
Hi, I am looking for single male or possibly pairs of Aulonocara/Peacock Cichlids. Ring or text with details, thanks in advance.
20.Malawi Aulonocara Peacock Cichlid Fry, reds blues yellows, African Cichlids (tropical fish) 10/05/13 Yes
Hi, for sale I have lots of Malawi cichlid fry - they're Aulonocara (peacocks) hybrids, bred from my adult male Maleri (yellow/orange), and Ruby red, and from various female peacocks. The young are just under an inch now, they are ready to go but please remember African Cichlids are territorial a... ...
Hi I’m a private breeder with many Asian , Malawi , Tanganyika , Victorian and Central & South American Cichlid species available. I’m based in the centre of oxford. I am easy to find with plenty of parking and easy access to the bus routes and trains. I house many species but I have listed the ... ...
Tel: 07976750143 : Hi there I have the listed cichlids species I have for sale ranging from 1cm to 15cm. Dependent of species and what lake& size the price varys . Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or visit the site for any handy tips and hints on cichlid species an... ...
23.MALAWI FRY approx 2-3cm GREAT PRICE. 28/04/13 Yes
Hi im a private breeder based in the center of oxford, I have many species of malawi fry availible ranging from 1cm - 3cm in size. Some of these include: Livingstone¨ Nimbochromis livingstonii Ahli cichlid ¨ Sciaenochromis Fryeri Kandago redfin Hap Cichlid ¨ Copadichromis Borleyi. Syn ... ...
24.MALAWI FISH FOR SALE 5CM - 15CM Breeding groups and pairs availible 28/04/13 Yes
Hi there im a hobbiest breeder and have allsorts of African cichlids available in breeding groups and pairs. I have a large selection of MALAWI cichlids that i am selling, You can either buy one or the lot, Most have already got established groups and some are bonified pairs, These id be reluctan... ...
25.FISH FOR SALE 19/04/13 No
26.30 blue peacock cichlid and johanni cichlid 03/03/13 Yes
Hi I have 30 juvenile blue peacock and johanni cichlids for sale, theyre around 4 to 6cm long £4 each or 3 for £10. open to offers on the whole lot, collection from burnage, manchester, will deliver to anywhere in or around manchester if price is right. call or text me on 07920146430 Thank You.
27.Aulonocara Sunset Peacock Cichlid Fish 05/01/13 Yes
Breeding Group FOR SALE! Aulonocara Sunset Peacock Breeding Group for Sale! TOP QUALITY MALES AND FEMALES 8 in Group £150 for the group Collection Only!
28.lots of nice specimens of African and Victorian cichlids available 16/12/12 Yes
Description: I\\\'ve decided to close down my cichlid aquarium as I\\\'m moving into Marines. Here is a list of the fish available for sale along with photos. 3 Soloni Synodontis 10cm catfish 12cm copadichromis borleyi male African cichlid, stunning fish proven breeding pair of Pundamili... ...
29.Malawi cichlid tank contents available in Manchester 13/12/12 Yes
Description: I\'ve decided to close down my cichlid aquarium as I\'m moving into Marines. Here is a list of the fish available for sale along with photos. 3 Soloni Synodontis 10cm catfish 12cm copadichromis borleyi male African cichlid, stunning fish proven breeding pair of Pundamilia se... ...
30.closing down my malawi cichlid aquarium near Manchester, lots of nice specimens available for sale 12/12/12 Yes
I've decided to close down my cichlid aquarium as I'm moving into Marines. Here is a list of the fish available for sale along with photos. 3 Soloni Synodontis 10cm catfish 12cm copadichromis borleyi male African cichlid, stunning fish proven breeding pair of Pundamilia senga cichlids avail... ...
31.red peacock 19/10/12 No
Hi I am looking for some red peacock cichlids does anyone have about 4 to sell I would like 3 females and 1 male. I can be contacted anytime Thanks
I am after a large number of Malawi Cichlids to fill me 6ft tank. Here is a list i made that i am after but im open to any other colourful cichlids, must be bright colours, yellow, blue, red, purple etc. hi i was wondering if you could quote me your best wholesale price on the following includ... ...
33.Buying female alunacara (peacock cichlid) 11/04/12 No
Will pay as I am trying to breed alunacara and am thin on females. Don't hesitate to contact me. Can travel.
34.peacock cichlids 28/11/11 Yes
Strawberry peacock cichlids 2.5" to 3.0" £7.50 each Various malawi's offers
35.wanted peacock cichlids 22/09/11 No
wanted peacock cichlids fry or adults please call or text me on 07870864107
36.Swish Fish, 4d Westfield Lane, Scholes, Cleckheaton, Bradford, BD19 6EN 01/01/11 Yes
Open today 10am till 4pm Sunday 10am till 4pm Monday 10am till 4pm Rosey Tetra £2.00 Black Molly £1.50 Axolotl £16.50 Plecos L119 Columbia Zebra Pleco £20.00 Leopard pleco £6.00 LDA25 Pit bull Pleco £6.00 Golden Bristle-Nose £8.00 1 Breeding pairs of Angel fish £25.00 3 B... ...
37.Cichlids Avaliable this week (Mailorder) 07/07/10 Yes
Please find our cichlid stocklist for this week Blue Acara Cichlid (m) £2.20 Each Bolivian Ram Cichlid (ml) £3.50 Each Convict Cichlid - Zebra (m) £2.50 Each Duboisi Cichlid (s) £12.50 Each Festae Cichlid (m) £4.50 Each Firemouth Cichlid (m) £2.50 Each Flower Horn Cichlid (m... ...
38.Discounted Mail Order Tropical And Marine fish 07/07/10 Yes
Mail order Tropical and Marine fish at genuine discount prices I am able to offer a mail order / collection service for tropical and marine fish which come direct to my fish house from breeders in Israel and the UK. We specalise in Tropical fish / Marine fish / Discus / Rare angelfish / L... ...
39.10 malawi peacock cichlids 22/03/10 No
1x aulonocara beanschi 1x aulonocara bo 3x albino aulonocara 1x copadichromis borleyi 2x nimbochromis venustus 2x labichromis caeruleus all fishes are between 3 and 5 inches buyer to collect of will deliver locally will sell all fish for £40
40.peacock cichlids 04/02/10 Yes
peacocks cichlids started coloring up an out grown my fry tank £2.00 each or swap 4 malawis
41.tropical fish for sale corydoras,oscars,firemouths,cichlids,also bog wood 20/04/09 Yes
as stated in subject trop fish and bog wood make me an offer for the lot an if its reasonable its yours,8 large fish from 7 inch to 12 inch wich includes plec 2 oscars firemouths flower horn and i think peacock cichlids not sure is thats what they are ill try get some pics uploaded cheers 079447... ...
42.WANTED: peakock cichlids 17/03/09 No
Hi, Im after some peacock cichlids, like the new yellow regal, firefish etc Either fry, or 2 inch mark. Thanks
43.Great choice of Tropical Fish, Marine Fish & Coldwater Fish HOME DELIVERY 03/12/08 Yes
Lots to choose from at Bridge of Marnoch Water Gardens, near Huntly Aberdeenshire. Visitors welcome. SPECIALISTS AT DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP. We always have 1000's of fish on stock. Probably the biggest selection of fish in North East Scotland. We don't just sell the bread & butter range. ... ...
44.Peacock Cichlid 09/07/08 No
The ad and full details for this fish are at the following link http://edinburgh.gumtree.com/edinburgh/64/25992864.html
45.5ft Seabray Fishtank complete Peacock Cichlid set up 13/03/05 Yes
Hardware 5ft x 2ft x 18inch seabray tank with 2 eheim 2217 canister filters with media. Arcadia lights, a 25watt uv steriliser (not currently bwing used) Lots of decoration (gravel, lava rocks, pots, driftwood etc), test kits, large amounts of cichlid diet and a homemade stand. Fish Around 14 asst A... ...
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