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1Contents of 4x2x2 reef for sale :Lots of live rock including plates and branches(£4/kilo) Various soft corals, pulse, mushrooms 2 large sea fans Rock and corals will have ...12/09/14
2Looking to trade plants :I'm a bit bored of my tank layout, and I have far too many crypts at the moment. So I'm looking to trade plants in the Reading area. I ha ...11/09/14
3mature live rock :Loads of shapes and sizes, full of life, loads of pods etc. Still in my system. As stated a few pieces have zoas and 1 piece is covered in m ...09/09/14
4Ghost Koi For Sale :Pairs of 2 or more assorted large Ghost Koi. £40.00 for 2. I have some larger ones I am happy to negotiate a price for these. Sadly the ...07/09/14
5Fluval Edge 23L tank for sale - £15 :Fluval Edge 23L tank for sale - complete with heater and filter unit. Collection only - location: Slough, Berkshire. £1501/09/14
6Shoal of 12 Red Bellied Piranhas :Shoal of 12 red belly piranha for sale due to shutting down my tank. Raised from approx 1 inch in size and they are now roughtly 5/6" ...25/08/14
75ft Rena Aqualife 450 Aquarium with Stand, 2 XP3 filters, heaters and LOTS MORE ... :Rena Aqualife 450 5 x 2.5 x 2 ft tank. 450L Very good condition. Minor wear. No scratches above sand/gravel level. Beech cupboard stand ...18/08/14
8Marine Aquarium Complete Setup :Complete marine aquarium setup. Just purchased a new setup to concentrate more on corals so I am selling my old tank (under 2 years old) ...14/08/14
9Deltec SC3070 Skimmer :Comes with Avaste Auto Headcleaner -- £80012/08/14
10tetratec ex1200 external filter �30 :in working order other than the primer which is stuck down, comes with media if wanted and pipes but could do with new ones05/08/14
11Large Bogwood 7kg with nooks and crannies £20 ono :Large attractive bogwood. 42cm x 31cm x 30cm 7kg Ready to use. No need to soak. Can grow plants in centre of it. Nooks and creverses fi ...03/08/14
12Large V-shaped Bogwood 3kg very striking appearance £20 ono :Large bogwood 3 kg 41cm x 44cm x 12 cm (at bottom going up in a V to 22cm) Useful wide flat back, great for hiding internal aquarium tube ...03/08/14
13Slate - 5 pieces 4kg total weight £8 :5 pieces of slate ideal for making a cave structure ornament. 25x16x2.5 cm 23x16x1.5 cm 19x8x5 cm 16x7x2.5 cm 16.5x9x3cm All ready to ...03/08/14
14Fairy cichlid :Breeding pair of fairy cichlid and about 60+ fry and juvinilles. Comes with tank, filter, heater, gravel and rocks03/08/14
15Auratus cichlids for sale :I have a breeding group of auratus 1 male and 8 females . Males is around 31/2" and females 3" or there about's. In no rush to sell them jus ...28/07/14
16Complete Marine tank, sumps, equipment :I am selling my complete Marine tank and equipment. Sale includes everything, tank, fish, rock (50kg +), corals, cabinet and all the periphe ...25/07/14
17StreamON+ 2000 :Special Offer StreamON+ 2000 £34.99 postage available. Brand new and unopened. Eheim's new streamON streaming pumps are suitable for use ...25/07/14
18StreamON+ 5000 :Special Offer StreamON+ 5000 £57.99 postage available. Brand new and unopened. Eheim's new streamON streaming pumps are suitable for use ...25/07/14
19StreamON+ 4000 :Special Offer StreamON+ 4000 £47.99 postage available. Brand new and unopened. Eheim's new streamON streaming pumps are suitable for use ...25/07/14
203x tiger barb :I have 3 tiger barb fish for sale, they are adult size, healthy, eating well. £6 .24/07/14
21Large Rock Ornament - fish love it as full of holes £10 :Large Rock Ornament 7kg 26cm x 22cm x 17cm Looks great laid different ways, so can change it around when you fancy. Full of holes, small ...22/07/14
22GREEN STAR POLYPS (MARINE) :This sale is for a frag of Metallic Green Star Polyps which has been grown from my established colony. It will come attach to a piece of liv ...20/07/14
23Caulerpa Algae :This sale is for a large hand full of Caulerpa Algae which is used in a Marine sump or refugium to help reduce the build up of Nitrate and P ...19/07/14
24Chaeto Algae :his sale is for a lsrge hand full of Chaetomorpha (Chaeto) which is used in a Marine sump or refugium to help reduce the build up of Nitrate ...19/07/14
25GREEN STAR POLYPS (MARINE) :Metallic Green Star Polyps which has been grown from my established colony. It will come attach to a piece of live rock and is very easy to ...19/07/14
26aqua reef 300 in black with marine corals, fish :full set up including live rock sand various corals various fish stock lights stock skimmer wp25 wave maker bubble magus nac5 tmc ...09/07/14
27Recordea Mushroom (Marine) :NEW BATCH This sale is for ONE frag of Orange/Brown Recordea Mushroom which has been grown from my established colony. It will come attac ...07/07/14
28Fish Tank and fish :Hi There , There is a 325 litre Fluval fish tank with some catfih x3 tinfoil barbs and a 8 in cichlid for free. The tank is 4 yrs old. No l ...29/06/14
29Aqua One 300 Complete Lighting Unit (Unused) £70 :Complete Aqua One 300 Lighting Unit Plug & Go Includes: - 4X39 Watt T5 Bulbs (Marine Tropical) Built In Starter Unit 4 X Reflectors ...28/06/14
30Kent 94l Bio Reef Including Cabinet £100 :Kent Marine Bio Reef Aquarium Includes: - Kent Marine Bio Reef Aquarium Built in Compact Lighting In Hood Filter Built Into Rear Of ...28/06/14
31Classic 350 (2215) External Filter :Special Offer - £74.99 postage available. 2215+ External Filter (Classic 350.). The Plus range comes complete with filter pads and double ta ...25/06/14
32Eheim StreamON 3800 Compact Pump :Special Offer £40.99 postage available. Brand new and unopened. Eheim's new streamON streaming pumps are suitable for use in both marine ...25/06/14
33Eheim StreamON 3000 Compact Pump :Special Offer £29.99 postage available. Brand new and unopened. Eheim's new streamON streaming pumps are suitable for use in both marine a ...25/06/14
34250litre fish tank, cabinet, filter, UV filter, light FULL SET UP, EXCELLENT CON ... :250 litre rectangular tank with light, cabinet with cupboards, UV filter, water filter, silk plants and rocks. Also includes spare bulbs for ...23/06/14
354ftx2ftx2ft marine tank+ cabinet+ sump £350 :I have for sale my 4ftx2ftx2ft marine tank.The tank is finished with a beech effect cabinet and hood.The tank is in excellent condition and ...22/06/14
36KIGOMA FRONTOSA breeding group (one female holding young) £290 :2 males 7 females + one 3-4inch juvie which you can have. fish are between 4-8 inches and in exemplary condition. Female holding a mou ...22/06/14
37Julidochromis Regani Kipili - breeding group for sale :For Sale. Trio of nicely marked Julidochromis Regani Kipili - 2 males 1 female - happy breeding group. Make me an offer! Or Swap for Neolam ...21/06/14
38Neolamprologus Multifasciatus - breeding group for sale :Breeding group of multis for sale - 5 pairs and fry. Make me an offer! Or Swap for Neolamprologus Caudopunctatus21/06/14
40Double tank(breeding tank) heaters, filters, air pump, light, breeding caves and ... :Is what it says about 2 internal filters one bubble filter,air pump, 2 heaters,one double tank,wood and breeding caves all for £50 pick up o ...18/06/14
41Nimbochromis venustus - 5-6 inches - Called Melvin :Melvin is getting to large for tank....eats like a horse and great looking fish as seen in the picture...like him to go to a good home. L ...16/06/14
42Fluval 240 :Less than 6 months old still have receipt. Sadly selling due to health reasons . includes fish, rocks,cave and air pump, heater, external f ...11/06/14
435 Year old Texas chiclid going for £5 only to a good home :I have a 5 year old adult texas chiclid in amazing condition. Has been well looked after but sadly as I now want to only keep mbuna it must ...08/06/14
445x2x2 Rena Aquarium with 3 FX 5 filters and 12 Red Belly Piranahs :5x2x2 Rena Aqualife Aquarium 3 FX 5 external canister filters All external and internal pipework to drain tank via the filters, whic ...08/06/14
45Classic 250 (2213) :Special Offer - £60.00 postage available. 2213+ External Filter (Classic 250. )The Plus range comes complete with biomedia and double taps ( ...05/06/14
46Aquarium Plumbing @ Fish Fur and Feather :Description: All the plumbing for your aquarium in metric sizes from 16mm to 110mm. Rigid pipe, 3 way valves, T and X pieces, elbows, bulkhe ...04/06/14
47Eheim StreamOn 1800, 3000, 3800 Compact Pumps :Now available brand new and unused.22/05/14
48Eheim StreamON+ 2000, 4000, 5000 Compact Pumps :Now available. Brand new and unused.22/05/14
49Eheim Classic 250 350 600 External Filters :Brand new and packaged. Competitively priced.22/05/14
50Red Sea max 130d nano reef aquarium marine tank in white :Red Sea max 130d in white 130litre tank Excellent condition Plug and play so comes with everything Livestock and rock not included in sa ...15/05/14
51INTERPET FISH POD 64 WITH CRISTALPROFI EXTERNAL FILTER £100 :64 litre tank in excellent condition with built in lights, heater, cristalprofi greenline 450 L/H External filter, thermometre, TMC V2 1300 ...08/05/14
526x breeding setup with mature sump :For sale a NEW 6 tanks breeding setup plumbed into a central sump. The sump had been plumbed into another aquarium (not included here) and ...25/04/14
53Needs Rehoming Urgently :FireHead Cichlid, mature male about 10-12 inches long25/04/14
54Fluval FX5 :For sale is a damaged fluval FX5 filter, the filter is still functioning however it pulses during operation and it can be quite noisey. £60 ...24/04/14
55Red Bellied Piranhas :For sale 6 red bellied piranhas 4-6" these have been raised from the size of a 50p I wish I could keep them all but due to tank space I ...24/04/14
56Dead live rock, reef bones 30kgs BRACKNELL£60 :Hi guys I've got 30kgs of reek bones (dry live rock) just needs cycling. £60 if gone today!! Bargain!!! Can deliver.20/04/14
57Cynotilapia zebroides (Cobue) Afra malawi cichlid :Cynotilapia zebroides (Cobue) Afra malawi cichlid for sale. I have 20 available and they are between 1-1.5 Inches. I will like to sell the ...14/04/14
58520 litre tank and full set up :520 litre tank, 2 filters, UV filter unit, turf, bog wood and plants, heater, white aquarium light, UV light, hood and cabinet and an assort ...10/04/14
5930 litre bio orb tank :30 litre bio orb tank with built in filter and a rock ornament. In good working condition and ready to use £30 ONO (RRP £89.99)Colection ...10/04/14
60Red terror :I have a healthy nice red terror for sale. Hes about 5inch and still growing and ones he's fully grown he will very colourful. See 1st pic ...07/04/14
61Various Equipment for sale Bracknell :Hi I have the following items for sale: TMC Vecton V2 400 UV water steriliser £40 TMC V2 Refractometer £25 Fluval 200w heater £5 ...07/04/14
63Pulsing Xenia corals for sale :I have lots of Xenia for sale. It has taken over our tank and we need to slim down a little bit. Selling for £7 a frag and they are decent ...07/04/14
648 high quality Koi Berkshire :I have 8 High quality Koi to re home, I have recently moved and they are currently in a 550ltr tank. the fish are happy and healthy but sho ...02/04/14
658 foot tank wanted :Hi I am after a 8foot aquarium. It has to be atleast 2ft min front to back. Looking to put arowanas in so its important that they have eno ...26/03/14
66Juwel Trigon 350 :I have for sale a Juwel Trigon 350 corner tank, comes with 2x heaters, 2 x fluval 405 external filters testing kits and various bog wood and ...12/03/14
67500litre tank with unit and lights :hi I have a fish tank for sale this is a 500l tank comes with unit and lights storage in the unit selling due to Iv just broult new one coll ...07/03/14
68WANTED :Xiphophorus birchmanni, X malinche, X continens and Gambusia marshi04/03/14
69WANTED Broken Fx5 filter. :Hi really need a broken fx5 filter for parts. Anyone out there please help!! Will pay. Can travel up 50 miles. From berkshire. Thanks.25/02/14
70WANTED Broken Fx5 filter :Hi . Has anyone got a broken fx5 filter for parts. Quite desperate!! Will pay... Live in berkshire. Willing to travel up to 40miles. Tha ...25/02/14
71x7 Pond Fish (mainly Koi plus two goldfish )for sale :We have an 8ft pond which we are looking to take away due to very small toddlers in the house. We have had these 7 pond fish since we moved ...24/02/14
72Excess guppy fry for sale. over 60 fry male and female, bred from healthy adults :Hi there, I have surplus guppy fry.. over 60! They're a mixed bunch, male and female and bred in a community tank. A couple of weeks o ...21/02/14
73Highly prolific breeding group of 10 Burundi frontosa (1 male 9 females) (3 curr ... :Selling my "workforce" colony of Burundi Frontosa. I would even go as far as saying these are probably among the most prolific ...14/02/14
74PLECOS WANTED. Any size but not common plecs. :Has anyone got any plecos that are to big or want sell? I'm after Butterflys,tigers,Golden nuggets. Any plec apart from common or albino. ...12/02/14
75Aquacibo Freeze Dried California Blackworms - UK Stock Fast n Free Delivery :Aquacibo are pleased to bring you the ultimate fish favourites with fastnfree delivery ! Suitable for all Tropical Fish, Discus and Cichl ...07/02/14
76400 LTR CORNER TANK AND CABINET :huge corner tank with a lovely dark ish pine cabinet and chunky lid ,does have small chips to one side of the bottom glass but does not effe ...03/02/14
77Burundi frontosa young - two sizes available, 2cm and 6cm + :2cm fry at £3 each or 10 for £25. 6cm young (chunky fish) £6.50 each 10 for £60 No time wasters, Not going to find the same quality fi ...02/02/14
78Aquaray LED strip :Aquaray LED Light Strip, immaculate condition - £50. James on 0750044419126/01/14
79Jewel 125 Marine Tank :Rio 125L Tank with Filter/heater unit, VSkim Skimmer and Stand/Cupboard. Also Multiple Chemicals and Supplements, Refractometer and Reef ...26/01/14
80WANTED TANGANYIKAN EELS & PETROCHROMIS RED BULU. :Wanted Tanganyikan eels and petrochromis sp red Bulu point. Any size. Name price!!!26/01/14
81WANTED Any size petrochromis sp red Bulu point. :WANTED .... ANY SIZE . PETROCHROMIS SP RED BULU POINT BETWEEN 1- 5 WANTED. THANKS. Have red Empress haps. and aulonocara hans baensh ...24/01/14
82Fluval 120 lt. tank + equipment and fish :Looking to sell my tank as is, inc. tropical fish. It's a 120 litre Fluval tank with in internal Fluval U3 filter and Fluval heater. With pl ...23/01/14
833 x Khuli loach - Newbury, Berkshire :3 x Khuli loach - £5 the lot17/01/14
843 x Ancistrus/Bristlenose Catfish - Newbury, Berkshire :3 x Ancistrus/Bristlenose Catfish 2 males / 1 female £5 the lot17/01/14
85Aqua start 320, stand, heater and external filter :Aqua start 320 in grey, dark wood stand, Aqua one 550 external filter, live rock in external filter as tank used for marine fish. Box of che ...16/01/14
865ft tank and stand never used so in new condition with lights and everything nee ... :I have a very large 5ft tank and stand with external filter and ocean rock with loads of ornamental corals and things also heater and fake p ...14/01/14
87Stunning 160cm AquaOak Wine Rack Aquarium :Selling 160cm Aqua Oak Wine Rack Aquarium, comes with EFX 1500U, EFX 400, JBL Pro Silent s300 Air Pump, JBL M602 CO2 Kit With New CO2,2x 2x5 ...13/01/14
88Aquacibo Freeze Dried California Blackworms - UK Stock Fast n Free Delivery :Aquacibo are pleased to bring you the ultimate fish favourites with fastnfree delivery ! Suitable for all Tropical Fish, Discus and Cichl ...08/01/14
89A CHRISTMAS BARGAIN :I have a Fluval Vicenza 180 ltr bow fronted tank and cabinet for sale, including a Fluval 405 filter. This unit is in excellent condition wi ...19/12/13
90WANTED : BETTA SPLENDENS :Im after breeding pairs, from the same tail type and colour strain. Preferably siblings. Dragons, crowntail, and halfmoon only please. Any c ...07/12/13
91Ornate Bichir - 15 inches - perfect condition (tropical fish, not cichlid) :Images in the ebay listing... Please text or call, messaging on this site is unreliable. Ornate Bichir - Polypterus ornatipinnis 15 inche ...01/12/13
92Looking too down grade from 4ft long bow front to 2ft long for swap :Hi I'm looking to swap/downgrade the size of my tank to a 2ft tank. I have a bubble magus curve 5 skimmer the tank is bow front with sta ...30/11/13
93ATI Powercone 200i Skimmer :For sale ATI Powercone 200i Skimmer, the skimmer is a year old and is in perfect working order. I am selling due to not having a tank anymor ...28/11/13
94Tropical fish and plants for sale due to house move :Neon tetra x 10 Odessa barb x 2 Red fin tetra x 4 Cat fish x 3 Plus 5 other fish that I can't remember the names off Plus the plants th ...25/11/13
955ft Fish Tank + 2ft Tank :5ft tank with bog wood in picture no heater or filter, there is another 2ft tank with stand too. £450 ono22/11/13
96Hexagonal Tank and Stand :Hexagonal tank 73x63x57 (LxHxW cm) with hood, 63cm wood stand, 2 x 2x24" lights, 300w heater and a Eheim Pro II filter (inc. inlet pipe and ...14/11/13
974-6cm Frontosa young - £4 EACH OR 10 FOR £35 or swap for tropheus young :£4 each. 30 for £100 Collection only or will drive within 25 miles of Newbury for cost of petrol if purchasing 20 or more. Pictures ...05/11/13
98DELTEC MCE300 PROTEIN SKIMMER :Deltec mce300 protein Skimmer good working order, being sold due to breaking aquarium down. £75 bargain price, will post at extra cost UK on ...05/11/13
99Fluval 180L black bow front tank & stand for sale :4ft black silver trim bow front fish tank with matching stand. Stand has three cupboard sections. Also includes assorted freebie extra equip ...02/11/13
100Wanted Long finned Bristlenoses :Looking for a small group of preferably lemon long finned bristlenoses. Willing to pay for postage.31/10/13
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