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2closing 5x2x2 marine tank :All livestock now gone tmc 600 skimmer perfect working order with pump 6 mths old small hairline crack in collection cup no leaks 30 a ...24/09/09
3Wanted - Carpet Anemone - Wanted :Looking for a large carpet anemone, preferable S.Gigantea but Haddoni considered. Please contact me if you have one you are selling. Many ...23/09/09
4Teco Chiller & aquarium :I have a 9 month old TECO TR15 water chiller for sale. I bought it new for 628 but will accept 280 I also have an AquaStart 500 tank a ...18/09/09
5Brand New UnLocked Apple iphone 3gs 32gb :Brand New UnLocked Apple iphone Please note: This phone is unlocked and can be used with any SIM card. No activation required (check c ...17/09/09
6Beech 4ft aquarium and cabinet :Amazon by Aqua One beech aquarium and cabinet, overall dimensions 120cm x 42cm x 140cm. Complete with 2 x powerfull filters, heating and li ...10/09/09
7CO2 Natural plant system :CO2 system by Nutrafin never used 10.0010/09/09
8JBL RO unit :JBL RO unit can be attached to any tap when needed. Hardly used. Cost 149.99 new selling for 50.00 ono.10/09/09
9Arcadia over tank lighting system :arcadia AF545 220v-240v marine lighting system 30.00 ono10/09/09
10V2 nano skimmer :V2 nano skimmer by TMC suitable for tanks upto 120 litres - has been used with good results, Good condition. 25.00 ono.10/09/09
11BIG - Pleco, sucker fish SWOP for young discuss or for 20poun :I have got 12 inch (1foot) long from head to tail Pleco fish. He is just too big for my 3f tank. I got him for my acaras, but didnt expect s ...06/09/09
12I let Blue acara for free :I have around 50 Blue acaras, they are 10 month old, I let them for free or some offer to get something back. I dont have tank big enough. I ...02/09/09
1310 :I will buy angel fish 10 angel fish, best not same but mixed. Only if you can send, 25 with delivery. Tel. 07726262661, Reading02/09/09
143ft bow front fish tank with 3 oscars :3ft bow front fish tank in beech,comes complete with everything,pump,heater,built in filter system,gravel,bogwood,rocks,and 3 oscars,the fis ...31/08/09
15Fish needing new home :Several small tropical fish need new homes due to university. Have 1 glass catfish, 2 black mollies, 1 silver mollie, 8 tetras, 1 tiger ba ...20/08/09
16live rock and corals :hi all i have approx 20 kg of fiji live rock some large pieces some rock is covered in green star polyps,pulsing zenia green zoas 100 the ...14/08/09
17elite cool tanks for sale :hi i selling both elite cool 14 and 21 tanks for 40 pounds o.n.o both come with gravel, filters and ornaments and plants, the only thing th ...10/08/09
18Fly River Turtle Wanted :Hi Im after a FRT/Pig nosed turtle... Anyone got any that aint too far away?06/08/09
19MBUNA FOR SALE :Pics are of actual fish Red Zebras 5- 6 cm 3.50 each or 10/30.00 Albino Zebra 5-6cm 3.50 each or 10/30.00 Flavus 3-5 cm 3.00 each or 6/15 ...04/08/09
20MBUNA FOR SALE :Pics are of actual fish Red Zebras 5- 6 cm 3.50 each or 10/30.00 Albino Zebra 5-6cm 3.50 each or 10/30.00 Flavus 3-5 cm 3.00 each o ...03/08/09
21Top Quality Mbuna For sale :Pics are of actual fish. Red Zebras 5- 6.5 cm 3.50 each or 10/30.00 Albino Zebra 5-6.5cm 3.50 each or 10/30.00 Flavus 3-5 cm 3.00 ea ...03/08/09
22mixed malawi babies for sale :hi i have a mixture of ob zebras,marmalades+unknown for sale; marmalades 1.50 ob's 1.00 others 1.00 or 6 for 5.00 pound p.s if u wa ...01/08/09
239 in jaguar male :9 in jaguar fish has to go evil fish paid 70 take 30 god he is evil got mouth like pit bull all so fights like one phone 07985212454 bring b ...28/07/09
24SEIO M1100 Superflow Pumps mounted in large artificial rocks :Pumps approx 6 moths old. Rock has some algae - greens . Excellent condition. We have 2 of these. 30 each ono.26/07/09
25Sea Shell Aquarium Complete With Light Oak Cabinet & Hood. :Sea Shell Aquarium Complete With Light Oak Cabinet & Hood. Tank Size 1700 Long x 500 Wide x 600 Deep. Complete With All Accessories In ...24/07/09
26Fluval Roma 240 Tank & Light Oak Cabinet :Fluval Roma 240 Tank & Light Oak Cabinet Complete With Heater, Fluval 305 External Filter, Inbuilt Lights & JBL CO2 System. Cost Ov ...24/07/09
27Zebra Obliquens / Astatotilapia Latifasciata WANTED :I am looking for some young Zebra Obliquens / Astatotilapia Latifasciata to add to my collection. Ideally i am looking to get around 8. Will ...21/07/09
28convicts breeding pairs and young :convicts for sale breeding pairs and young 2 pound each18/07/09
29Aquarium Fish R Fun 2100l silver cabinet with fish :Aquarium Fish R Fun 2100l on silver cabinet.Size of tank is. Tank and stand H132cm: Tank on it`s own H62cm: D50cm : W101cm. It has multi fun ...14/07/09
30Acanthicus adonis - Adonis Plec :Size: 7" to 8". This is a real, beauty and a very unusual find. I am struggling to get a decent photo, but there is no commitme ...12/07/09
31Synodontis Granulosus :From the first ever batch of Granulosus ever bred in the UK by a specialist breeder in Surrey. Size: 5" to 6". These fish are ...12/07/09
32WANTED Pseudotropheus Demasoni :I am after around 12 or maybe more Ps. Demasoni of around 1 inch in size. I am willing to travel a reasonable distance to collect. Thanks ...07/07/09
33Tinfoil barbs :2 x Tinfoil barbs around 7 inches in size, desperately need to be rehomed for free. Pick up only in slough near heathrow. Number to call is ...02/07/09
346ft fish tank :wanted 6ft*2ft*2ft fish tank my 4ft is already too small for 18 goldfish. maybe swap and difference. [email protected]29/06/09
35Large Rena 200 fish tank complete with all equipment for sale :I have a Rena 200 (in beech) fish tank for sale. I have had the tank for 2.5 years and it is in good condition. I had it set up as a stingra ...16/06/09
36Live rock (Fiji - Grade A) 20kg plus free sand sifting star fish :I am breaking down my tank and so i have 20kg of live rock. This is premium rock purchased at 11 a kilo from my local aquatics. I will a ...13/06/09
37Live rock for sale (Fiji - Grade A) 20kg ---- 100 - no offers :I have 20 kg of fiji premium rock as i am closing down my tank. If you have any questions contavt me on:- 0 7 7 7 4 0 4 0 1 4 809/06/09
38Live rock for sale (Fiji - Grade A) 20kg :I am in the process of breaking down my tank and so i have 20kg of live fiji rock. The rock is grade A purchased at 11 a kilo.03/06/09
39Live rock for sale - 22kg (fiji grade A) :I will soon be closing down my tank and so i have 22kg of rock. I will accept 130 cash on pickup. If you have any questions contact me ...30/05/09
40WANTED : Deltec AP 1004 :Second hand but must be in good condition. Please email me if you have one stating your asking price - [email protected] Thank you Kei ...29/05/09
41need to re home my two Oscars 1x tiger and 1x albino :Ive had them for just over 2 years now, they are approx 8 inches..they've been together since i had them so need them to go as a pair to a g ...27/05/09
43fish tank :Rena Aqualife 100corner unit complete 1year old 146cm H-90cm W-60cm D cost 345 offers buyer collects27/05/09
44sell 25 to 35 convict cichlid fry 1.50 each :im selling loads of young convict fry that are around half a inch long and have nice stripes on there backs,they will be beautifull specimen ...24/05/09
45Tinfoil Barbs :I have two tinfoil barbs for sale that desperately need a new home and a much bigger tank, they are about 6 -7 inches in length ang rapidly ...18/05/09
46For Sale: 180Litre Aquarium and Fish :180 Litre Tropical Aquarium. Equipment Included: 1 Fluval U3 Filter, 1 Tetratec ASP50 Airpump, 1 tronic 100w heater Fish Included: 2 V ...17/05/09
48Various - Fluval - Zena :fluval 304 external filter fluval 404 external filter zena air 400 air pump 2 airstones net pipework water test kit some media, inclu ...27/04/09
49620T wanted :I am looking for a 620T tank (preferably black) along with a stand (black or dark wood). I would be willing to travel for an hour or so from ...25/04/09
50Biorb inteligent LED light WANTED :Biorb inteligent LED light WANTED cheers23/04/09
51Seio Controller :The new SEIO controller will change the speed of two pumps from low to high without causing any damage to the pump or rotor. The pumps w ...23/04/09
52Trigon 190 wanted..... :Hi, looking for a trigon 190 fish tank. Live in the windsor area. please contact if you have one too sell at a reasonable price.05/04/09
53Moonlight gouramis wanted :Looking for any larger sized ones as i have one and i think that he might like a tank mate, the petshop ones are so small, id like one simil ...04/04/09
54Neon tetras required :I decided to get a new little tank and fill it with tetras. I already have a 300 litre tank so looking only for tetras fr this tank. Glowlig ...04/04/09
55Free fish :Hi. We need to remove the pond from our garden, and hence need to find good home for fish. Approx 50 koi / goldfish. Good condition. For c ...27/03/09
56Lillies 5ltr pots good size tubers :ive amassed quite a few lillies which i now need to get rid off they are taken from existing plants and are large tubers so wont die off eas ...17/03/09
57Wanted - Pulsing Xenia or Pom Pom Coral :I am looking for a piece of this lovely soft coral, will pay for it, (large or small piece). I cannot pay the high LFS prices. regards ...08/03/09
582 x Albino Clarias Batrachus Catfish, 8 inches long for sale :I have two Albino Clarias (Batrachus or walking) Catfish for sale, both in excellent health in a mature community tank Water PH is usuall ...27/02/09
59GHL Profilux Wireless LAN module :I have sold my GHL profilux and now have the WLAN unit i used within in (not wanted by the person that took the GHL as he had no PC at home) ...22/02/09
605ft + x2 fx5 filters and 60+ WC mbuna :5ft aqua one tank + stand x2 fx5 filters approx 60 wc mbuna all wild caught. unmarked tank no scratches filters perfect working order,a ...17/02/09
61Sargassum Trigger :My Sargassum trigger (15cm) for sale, collectiopn only from Reading, Berks 55 ONO Email for pics if required17/02/09
62Oscar :I have three oscars for sale, a red oscar and two tiger oscars, they are about 7 months old and have grown to about 6 inches in length, they ...07/02/09
63Fancy goldfish for sale :4 very healthy fancy goldfish for sale. Need a good new home as they are beginning to outgrow their tank and I don't have room for a larger ...06/02/09
64Oscar for sale :One red oscar and two orange and black tiger oscars for sale, can be bought individually for 7 each or as a group for 20, reason for sale ...05/02/09
65Oscars for sale :One red oscar and two orange and black tiger oscars for sale, can be bought individually for 9 each or as a group for 24, reason for sale ...02/02/09
66Marine reef aquarium fish tank :Complete marine reef/fish tank setup system; have been running for over a year now with no problem. Glass Tank Dimensions including top: 1 ...31/01/09
67Large trigon 190 jewell corner tank & equip, cheap quick sale wanted. :TRIGON 190 Corner Aquarium The aquarium size is Volume: approx. 190 Litres Measurements: 99 x 70 x 60 cm The Tanks retail best price ...06/01/09
68Cheap Fluval Duo Deep + Stand and External filters Available :Fluval Duo Deep + Stand + fluval 205 filter + Heater = 70 Rena XP1 Spares = 20 Tetratex Ex1200 Spares / Repair = 20 See here for ...04/01/09
69Free to good home :I have the following free to a good home. 1x Goldrush Tang(Ctenocheatus tominiensis) 1x Clown fish (Amphiprion ocellaris) 1x Orchid D ...30/11/08
70Black rays. :Hi i am looking for P13 and P14 only.Please send pics and price, i will get back to you ASAP. i can collect.12/11/08
71jewel rio 125 :iam selling my jewel rio 125 and stand in beech and fish due to upgrade.The tank has some scratches to glass due to transportation when movi ...09/11/08
72Live Fiji Rock Wanted :Hi, I am after 30-40 kilos of live fiji rock and would prefer delivery but am willing to travel within Berkshire. Please contact me via emai ...25/10/08
73Tropheus Wanted. :Im looking for a group of tropheus, am open to a number of varieties, can collect in berkshire/hampshire area, or delivery. please cont ...14/09/08
74SM700 Portable Lux Meter With Waterproof Probe :ONLY 96.98 SM700 Portable Lux Meter With Waterproof Probe DESCRIPTION Affordable LUX (Light) meter with waterproof probe Quick a ...05/09/08
75Wanted: all tropical fish of a small or medium nature will pay reasonal amount :hi wanted is any tropical fish (medium or small) within Reading uni area or tadley area. will pay around 5 mark for fish but would perfere ...25/08/08
76Aquarium Cabinate Stand With Open Top Hood for pendant lighting ( not supplied! ... :THIS CABINATE IS <><> BRAND NEW <><> NEVER BEEN USED AND STILL IN IT'S ORIGINAL PACKAGING! the Size : 48" long ...13/08/08
77Tetratec EX1200 external filter *Mint* 45 Slough :Up for sale is my Tetratec EX1200 external filter. It was only purchased in February and has been kept in immaculate condition since. It ...07/08/08
784x2x2 complete with some cichlids all up and running :hi i have my beloved tank up forsale due to illness and injury i am no longer able to look after it so i have to say good bye. it is ...05/08/08
79free green tench :about 30 green tench 2-3 inches.29/07/08
80Looking for tunze nano streams :Hi. I am after some tunze nano streams, preferbly 6025, 6045 or 6055. They must be in good condition. Please contact me on:- 0 7 7 ...18/07/08
81LIVE ROCK ETC FOR ORCA 450 :I will soon be getting an orca and will be looking for live rock and sand. Also this is my first attempt to marine fish keeping so i am als ...13/07/08
8215x barbus arulius are going for free collection only :contact 07766302020 ...bucks area07/07/08
83STOP,Cheap koi carp and pond filter for sale :Kio carp golden orph some very big, for sale, all these fish have been in this pond for many years,also pond pump and filter system, everyth ...08/06/08
84200 koi carp for sale :200 different koi carp forsale to many to list, must go quickly as can not accomadate when move house, any others considerd, please call 078 ...02/06/08
85MBU Puffer Fish :10 to 12" MBU Puffer, show condition, bright black and yellow colouring, active fish, feeds well on cockle on the shell and anything el ...26/05/08
86Wanted Young Discus Cash Waiting :Hi Has anyone got any young discus available in the reading or surrounding areas, i have recently set up a new tank especially to grow on so ...20/04/08
87For Sale Common Plec About 8 Inches in Length Swap For Discus Or L Numbers :Hi i have for sale 1 common plec it is about 8 inches in length & in excellent condition very healthy & eating well on all types of food, wi ...20/04/08
885ft Rena Marine Setup OFFERS :150cmx50cmx50cm Rena fishtank with beech cabinet,TWO tube light units with bulbs and spare, Two FX5 Fluval filters with pipework,TMC 600 Vte ...19/04/08
89Two Ghost koi need new home :2 ghost koi - one large white/cream ghost 12" long approx and one gold/yellow ghost 10" approx. Have both outgrown small pond and urgently ...07/04/08
90270L Corner tank with Malawi colony :I have a 270 L Marine tank currently set up to house a growing colony of Malawi Cichlids. In particular there is a large number of Demasoni ...02/04/08
91Full Time Vacancy Available :We are currently in the process of recruiting a full time member of staff in our busy installation and maintenance department. The posit ...01/04/08
92guppy or platy fri :hi i am looking for fish or fri for my community tank and wandered if some one had some going spare i live in the ascot area can collect ...21/03/08
93free guppie fri ect for my new tank :hi i need some fish fri for my new tank can collect locally in the ascot area21/03/08
94comunity fish or fri :hi need some comunity fish or fri can collect in ascot slough area21/03/08
95seahorses :Hi , does anybody have seahorse fry or young breeding pairs for sale in berkshire area. please make contact15/03/08
96Rena 4 foot tropical aquarium :Rena 4 foot tropical aquarium, full set up external filter, lighting, decor pine effect tank stand, tropical fish included. Everything you n ...03/03/08
97pond plants :I am in desperate need of some pond plants. Any will do but if you have any watercress it will be much appreciated. I need to restock my po ...13/02/08
98RENA AQUALIFE PRISMA 120 AQUARIUM :RENA AQUALIFE PRISMA 120 AQUARIUM Complete with external rena Filstar XP2 filter (probably best filter available) , internal double lightin ...10/02/08
100Regal Tang 30 4" :Regal Tang circa 4" long http://groups.msn.com/My135R/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=15 Need to sell by Saturday or going back ...29/01/08
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