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1Fluval 405 with UV & In-Line Heater :New approx 7 months ago and running since. Multiple lots available. Fluval 405 external cannister filter. 4 baskets. 2 with ceramic med ...01/05/12
24 Parrot Fish Needing a Good Home :I have 4 beautiful Blood Parrot Cichlid for sale at 60 (although I would consider selling them as 2 pairs or swapping them for some Catfish ...30/04/12
3Full 4Ft Tank setup and more 100.00 :I have a 4 x 2 x 1 ft tank for sale. It comes with all the stones, rocks, thermometer, heater, 2 x filters, one standard 3 ft aquarium ligh ...25/04/12
4koi fry for sale :Taking orders for Showa koi fry,and doitsu Kujaku 500 - 90 1000 - 150 Jap English breed.. Top quality parents Pick up only ATM from Mi ...25/04/12
527" CUBE FULLY LOADED JOB LOT top setup OFFERS :Selling 27 inch cube aquarium in fantastic condition!!! fully loaded with masses of live rock! (top quality rock) hundreds of pounds worth o ...24/04/12
6Stunning golden angel for sale :A beautiful young angel for sale. Gold, Black and Silver with pearlscales. 1 pound21/04/12
7INTERPET PF1 SUPER-FINE FILTER PADS (PACK OF 5) / PF1 REPLACEMENT FOAMS 3 PACK ( ... :Have some ex shop stock to get rid of - Interpet PF1 filter foams. I have 1 pack of replacement foams (X3) and 7 packs of super fine pad ...13/04/12
8NEW INTERPET BIO FILTER REPLACEMENT FOAM - COARSE - (4 Delivered) :Brand new ex shop stock, boxes may have some damage but product itself never used. Interpet Bio Filter Coarse Foam (Pack of 1) 4 Deli ...13/04/12
9NEW INTERPET REPLACEMENT FOAMS FOR IAF10 AIR FILTER - RPF10 3 PACK ( 3.50 Deliv ... :3 Pack box of replacement foams for Interpet IAF10 Air Filter (product code RPF10) Brand new - ex shop stock, as picture suggests there m ...13/04/12
10NEW HAGEN TRIO 3000 FILTER FOAM - STEP 1 Mechanical Filtration - 4.25 Delivered :Hi, I have some ex-shop stock here, starting off with some Hagen Trio 3000 Filter foams. Never used though the packaging may be damaged som ...13/04/12
11Wanted 20+ common carp :Hi looking for a 20lb+ carp at a good price.. Thanks04/04/12
12Pseudotropheus Flavus F1 Malawi Cichlid :Fry & juvies available bred from my wild caught group. Collection only near Chesham, Bucks.02/04/12
13F1 Zebra Maison Reef Maisoni Malawi Cichlids :I seem to have sprung a leak and tank space at a premium right now. Think there's 100+ F1 from wild caught fish around 2cm+. I have 2, s ...02/04/12
1510 white balloon molly babies :10 babies free to good home. also if interested the breeding female and male are free too.01/04/12
164x Adult Pictus Cats :4x Pimelodus pictus Adults - approx 6" 30 Newport Pagnell - MK16 (M1 Junction 14) Collection or possibly delivery depending on locati ...27/03/12
173 x clown loach :i have 3 clown loach that im hoping to sell together, largest is about 6-7 inches then one about 5-6 inches and last one about 4-5 inches. ...25/03/12
18Bubble tip anemones only 19.99 :As above including A great selection of clean-up crew and corals at unbeatable prices. All available through our website and eBay store. ...24/03/12
19Quick Sale. :I have ten good sized cyrtocara moorii that I would like to sell to a good home. Unexpected house move forces me to sell my much loved fish. ...20/03/12
20WANTED: Demasoni Group :Looking for Demasoni will collect from the Bucks area if price is right.17/03/12
21WANTED: Pseudo Elongatus Neon spot :Will take anything from Fry to Juvies... Will collect from the Buckinghamshire area.17/03/12
22Job-Lot External Filters :Job lot of external aquarium filters. There are approx 18 filters (did the list a few weeks back so might be +/- Fluval 204 Fluval 304 ...14/03/12
23Collection of tropical fish goby shark catfish barb community cheap :Collection of tropical fish on ebay, collection from High Wycombe. For details visit: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item ...11/03/12
24Pair of common clowns for sale SOLD :Hi I have a pair of clowns for sale they are paired and doing there mating dance all the time.they will probable breed very soon I am lookin ...11/03/12
25Need to sell large Koi, Ghost Koi goldfish. :All pond equipment and fish large Koi and Goldfish, sensible offers only.11/03/12
26DISCUS FISH FOR SALE :I am forced to sell all my discus fish as I am not able to look after them. 13 ADULT SIZE MOSAIC DISCUS - bought from RAK-AQUA winner of ...05/03/12
27Jewel trigon 190 for for sale :Comes with jewel filter +fluval 205 lots of rock work an decor. 199 without fish. Or 250 with, 5 demasoni, 5 brichadi, 3 Acei, 2 Estherea ...05/03/12
28Goldfish :15 goldfish about 5" varied colours. Free, pick up only from near iver. Call 0779524330203/03/12
32Breeding Albino bristle nose plecs for sale :Hi I have a pair of albino bristle nose plecs for sale they breed every 3 weeks and are due to lay with in 7 days they are active a keep my ...28/02/12
33Demasoni for sale :Hi I have 120mm demasoni for sale must be collected fro near high Wycombe Buckinghamshire About 10 for 10 Great to grow on and sell28/02/12
34Breeding Group of Cynotilapia Afra Whitetop for sale :hi I have a breeding Group of Cynotilapia Afra Whitetop for sale they are breeding regularly one spat 28 fry yesterday. the picture is of th ...28/02/12
35VENUSTUS wanted :Hi does anyone have a breeding pair/trio/group of VENUSTUS thanks please email me on Blakeley.c95@gmail.com28/02/12
364FT Rena Light Unit :Hi I am after a 4ft Rena light unit ASAP if anyone out there has one????? Neil if you see this advert please call as I lost your number. ...27/02/12
37Marine Fish, Rock & Coral For Sale :1 x Yellow Box Fish 10 1 x Royal Gramma 10 6 Kilo's Live Rock 50 1 Emerald Crab 3 1 Large Piece of Blushing Finger Leather Coral 20 ...25/02/12
38Tank WANTED - which can hold 60 - 70 gallons, :-24/02/12
394FT Rena Lights :Hi is there anyone out there that has got a rena 4ft light unit for sale with or without tubes please? Cheers, James23/02/12
40Fish tank for sale. :42 x 15 x 12 inch Fluval 200 fish tank with lights. No filter. Beech veneer cabinet. 80. Buyer to collect.22/02/12
41FREE to good home :2 Silver Sharks(about 4") Based in Buckinghamshire. Need these gone ASAP now!!!!!22/02/12
42Large Fish Tank & Accessories :Large Fish Tank for sale. Tank Section: D17 1/2in L39 1/4in W15 3/4in Cabinet Section: D26 1/2in L39 1/4in W15 3/4in 150 for just tan ...19/02/12
43Peppermint Shrimp only 6.99 each Plus much more..... :A great selection of clean-up crew and corals at unbeatable prices. All available through our website and eBay store. Courier charge is only ...16/02/12
44F1 fry from Wild Caught Malawi Mbuna :Fry currently available.. Metriaclima Lombardoi (Dwarf) Nkhomo Reef Cynotilapia sp. Hara Gallireya Reef Pseudotropheus Elongatus Ornatu ...16/02/12
45FOR SALE Bumble Bee Catfish :Bumble bee cat fish 10.00 Nocturnal clean up crew... Please note this catfish remains a small size no bigger than 8 to 10cm Collection o ...15/02/12
46RED LEG HERMITS - 5 FOR 8.99 PLUS MUCH MORE :As above with lots of others available. A great selection of clean-up crew and corals at unbeatable prices. All available through our we ...14/02/12
47wanted female aulonocara firefish :need some adult females if anyone has any... may take juvies dependent on size. In the Bucks area only please.14/02/12
48Fluval Roma 200 with Fluval 305 filter and cabient in oak/wenge :Fluval Roma 200 with Fluval 305 external filter and cabinet in oak/wenge. Aquarium is 6/7 months old and in excellent condition as is the ...13/02/12
49Looking for synodontis multis.. :I am looking for as many syno multis as poss...will consider young..i had them a few years ago and swapped for a large group of petracoli..t ...11/02/12
50Wanted..Copadichromis azureus..fry/young/adults??? :I am looking for a trio/quad or even a pair of cop azureus...will travel for the right fish..email/text 07950551009...thanks cash waiting... ...11/02/12
514ft tank, lid,light, filter and heater 85 ono :I have a 4ft fish tank in good condition. totally water tight. (Still in use until tomorrow 4/2/12) #will come with a Fluval 104 external ...03/02/12
52Wanted Tropical Fish (Community) :Large community fish wanted. Just to re-home any fish. I have a 55gl mature community tank with plenty of space for any newcomers. If you ...01/02/12
536ft aquarium set in solid pine unit, all fish pumps etc included 550 ono :this tanks includes angels, parrots, silver dollars chiclids, malawi, fire fish malawi around 15 clown loaches possibly more, many more that ...30/01/12
543 Large Clown Loach SOLD :3 large Clown loach for sale. 2x5inch deep bodied females 1x4 inch slimmer male All in very good condition and colour 39 for all ...29/01/12
55Wanted Coral Colonies and marine fish :Coral Colonies and marine fish wanted Large 7 x 3 x 3 tank needs stocking, interested in Corals especially large colonies SPS ,LPS and S ...28/01/12
56Brand New FX5 with media SOLD :SOLD26/01/12
57Fluval 306 New & Unused :I have a Fluval 306 (the latest model) external filter. New in box and unused. Collection only from near Chesham, Bucks 75. I can supply al ...26/01/12
58selection of cichlids for sale due to house move :I have a selection of 10 + cichlids for sale from fry (breading pairs included) to 5 inches long. pick up only from winslow mk18. offers w ...24/01/12
59severum :I would like to purchase a pair of red spotted severum around an inch in size or the blue faced spedies. Interested in all severum but not t ...22/01/12
60Malawis swapped for marine stuff for a ten gallon or money :Hi I have lots of Malawi fry, adaults and ocean rock for swap for any Marine aquipment for a 10 gallon. I need a nano external protein skimm ...19/01/12
61Looking for breeding pairs/trios/groups..malawis :I am looking to buy some different malawis to breed from..email with details or text 07950551009..will travel for the right fish..CASH WAITI ...17/01/12
62Looking to buy malawi fry.. :I am looking to buy fry to grow on in my fish house..will take fish at 1 cm in size..so if you dont have room i will buy them from you..!!!t ...17/01/12
63Complete Frontosa Setup :i have for sale a complete tropical fish setup including: 6ft x 2ft x 2ft glass tanks c/w hand crafted wood cabinet and matching lid with a ...17/01/12
64WANTED MARINE STUFF FOR A NEW 10 GALLON TANK :Hi I am wanting to set up a marine tank I all ready have the tank and light and filter but need every thing ealse thanks for looking Ema ...15/01/12
65Malawi adults, young and ocean rock to swap for Marine stuff for a ten gallon :Hi I have lots of Malawi fry, adaults and ocean rock for swap for any Marine aquipment for a 10 gallon. ( I need live sand and rock) and oth ...15/01/12
66Rainbow Cichlids For Sale :Adult Breeding Pair for 20.00 Stunning fish with great personalities but space is required for Malawi fry so these two randy fish need t ...11/01/12
67oscar fish :This group is for dedicated oscar lovers around the world,anyone is welcome to join and be a part of this group,our aim is to help people un ...05/01/12
68Wanted all types of alunacara peacocks :I am looking to fill my 5 foot display tank with colourful aluna peacocks...will even take fry/young to grow on in my fish house..wmail or t ...02/01/12
69Bulk fish food needed :Does anyone know where i can order bulk fish food from..ie spirunlar flake,discus granular,or similar...got hungry fish and not paying shop ...27/12/11
70WANTED: Melanochromis maingano :If anyone has any surplus or for sale in the Buckinghamshire area please get in touch... Ideally Juveniles would be good, looking for 4 i ...26/12/11
71WANTED: Melanochromis Johannii :If any one has any surplus juveniles or fry in the Buckinghamshire area please get in touch...26/12/11
72wanted montipora capricornis purple/ceriths/marine fish. :hi im after a frag of montipora capricornis purple,any cerith snails,and evn any fish?...gobys,dragonets,if anyone has any unwanted let me k ...22/12/11
73150w solana halide pendant :we have a 150w solana metal halide pendant for sale...hangs from cieling ,no hanging bracket ...prefer collection but can post at cost if ne ...22/12/11
74Large maroon clown for sale 15 milton keynes :Got a large female clown for sale around 4-5 inch. Any interest just get in touch!18/12/11
75Brand New Fluval 306 external filter :Brand new, boxed, sealed Fluval 306 filter. COLLECTION ONLY near Chesham, Bucks. 85 ovno (can also include enough media to fill it f ...18/12/11
76Brand New Fluval FX5 external filter :Brand new, boxed, sealed Fluval FX5 filter. COLLECTION ONLY near Chesham, Bucks. 175 ovno (can also include enough media to fill it ...18/12/11
77Marine set-up for sale :Hi, I have a full marine set-up for sale, was told this holds 490 ltrs, includes sump, pumps, lighting, LED lights contoller, filtration, ...17/12/11
78F1 Malawi Fry & Juvies :Fry & Juvies from wild caught Mbuna Zebra Chilumba 'Maison Reef' Dwarf Tropheops Red Cheek 'Mlowe' Lombardoi Dwarf 'Nkhomo Reef' Trew ...16/12/11
79Guppy fry for sale :I have several guppy fry for sale, they are 25 p each, free delivery in adstock, 50p in padbury, but otherwise collection only.15/12/11
8040 Frontosa Fry :Have around 40 (just over I think) Burundi Frontosa fry remaining from 2 different females. A few weeks since being spat, so still small, bu ...09/12/11
81Malawi Cichlids bred from wild caught parents :Fry & juvies from wild caught groups of mbuna. Some lovely groups including... Psuedotropheus Flavus Tropheops sp. Dwarf Red Cheek Cyn ...05/12/11
82Rio 180 for sale :I have a Juwel Rio 180 beech with matching stand in perfect condition for sale, Nearly full tropical set up, It comes with a heater, air pum ...26/11/11
83LARGE MALAWI CICHLIDS and 3 SYNODONTIS MULTIPUNCTATUS for sale :I have some very nice fish for sale which I sadly have to sell due to a lack of space x2 Aulonocara Orange Blotch 6' 15ea x2 Aulonocara ...22/11/11
84Fluval 305 External filter (established) :I have a Fluval 305 fitler which I've used for some rift lake cichlids. It is still running and will be left running for a few days to see i ...20/11/11
85Pond Goldfish - FREE to a good home :Approximately 20 pond goldfish need rehoming. FREE to a good home. Must be able to collect and transport using own equipment. Please contact ...09/11/11
86Longnose hawfish only 20 :As above collection from milton keynes08/11/11
87African Lake Cichlids. Juvies & sub-adults :Msobo Heteropictus F1 Pseudotropheus Flavus F1 Pseudotropheus Saulosi F1 Cynotilapia sp. Hara F1 Metriaclima sp. Membe Deep F1 !SOLD! ...31/10/11
88350L Marine Tank + Sump and Lights 450 :350L Marine Tank with 31L Sump. Comes with:AQUA-MEDIC Turboflotor Multi SL Protein Skimmer, METAL HALIDE AQUARIUM LIGHT 2x 250W / 2x 54W + ...26/10/11
89450L / 100 Gallon Marine Tank :350L Marine Tank with 31L Sump. Comes with:AQUA-MEDIC Turboflotor Multi SL Protein Skimmer, METAL HALIDE AQUARIUM LIGHT 2x 250W / 2x 54W + ...26/10/11
90External Filters... :Having a good old spring clean (in October!). Lots of external filters (used). They are all COLLECTION ONLY from near Chesham, Bucks. Have m ...26/10/11
91Red Leg Hermits 5 for 8.00. Turbo Snails only 0.99 each :As above with lots of others available. A great selection of clean-up crew and corals at unbeatable prices. All available through our we ...25/10/11
92Red Tail Catfish 6" :Unfortunately this guys been a victim of the red terrors breeding, sex unknown, but such a beautiful fish. 40 phone or txt me anytime ...24/10/11
93Male 3" Green terror :This guys been through the wars...tough guy just needs a new home. 15 Phone or txt anytime 0789667899524/10/11
94Paired Red Terrors :Male 6" Female 5" Successfully bred, unfortunately i dont have picture proof but am willing to wait till they spawn again in o ...24/10/11
95Amazing Prices on CLEAN UP CREW delivered to your door. :A great selection of clean-up crew and corals at unbeatable prices. All available through our website and eBay store. Courier charge is only ...24/10/11
966" Florida Gar :50 Phone or txt whenever. Thanks for reading tom. 0789667899524/10/11
97Pond filtration :I have emptied my pond and now have the filtration system available. system consists of; TMC Pond Pro UV110 Advantage (professional)Ultra ...24/10/11
98Fluval 404 external filter :In use until today - media included if required. 25 collection24/10/11
99Jack Dempsey Fry READY IN 3 WEEKS :Hello jack dempsey fry ready in 3 weeks to come collect, will not do delivery as the fry are very delicate at this stage. 2 each, I have ...22/10/11
100Lots of clean up crew available at great prices, Turbos only 0.99 each :Loads of clean up crew at great prices- Turbos from 0.99 Cleaner Shrimp 9.99 Fire Shrimp 14.99 Super Nassarius 2.50 ea Emerald c ...18/10/11
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