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1Mithrax Crabs only 5.50 each :As above, courier charge only 9 for unlimited items. Also in stock- red legs turbos nassarius dwarf blues peppermints Coming nex ...19/05/11
2Peppermint Shrimp Only 5.99 :As above. Can be couriered to your door for 9 postage charge including poly box and heat pack.18/05/11
3Red Leg Hemits ONLY 1.80 EACH Postage available :As above great part of clean up crew for marine tanks. We stock various sizes so let us know what suits you. Other stock available as we ...17/05/11
4LOADS OF SOFT CORALS AVAILABLE FROM 7.99 UPWARDS :Loads of toadstools, pussey corals, finger corals, leather corals etc take a look and visit our ebay page.13/05/11
5Free Gravel (Chesham) :Nothing too fancy, but have stacks of the stuff. Free if you bring your own means to take it away (must be hundreds of kilos). All been used ...09/05/11
6#GREATLY REDUCED# Malawi tank full set up - 700.00 :#Huge Reduction# from 950.00 Selling the full set up, which is 5 foot Rena tank with loads of malawi fish (that includes frontosa,firefish ...09/05/11
7#HUGELY REDUCED #700.00 # 5 foot Rena Malawi tank full set up for sale :#Huge Reduction# from 950.00 Selling the full set up, which is 5 foot Rena tank with loads of malawi fish (that includes frontosa,firefish ...09/05/11
8Some lovely soft corals available - from 15.00 each :Along with these we will have 35 new softies in tomorrow, all around the 15 mark. Amazing value for money!09/05/11
9Trumpet frags from 5.99 for 2 heads :Got a few trumpet frags for sale 4 heads for 10.99 2 heads for 5.99 Any questions please contact me. Also available are 2 austrailia ...09/05/11
10Selling :I have convicits and they lay egg every 2 weeks. I have some frys that would be ready in a few weeks time. Anyone intrested and ring me on 0 ...03/05/11
11Red Sea Max Cabinet plus Exo Terrarium plus Four Large Red Crabs for sale :Red Sea Max Cabinet plus Exo Terrarium plus Four Large Red Crabs for sale...50 total.Collection only Wendover Bucks 0129662394401/05/11
13Stunning Zoanthids 29.99 :As above24/04/11
14Zoa Rocks only 29.99, 38.99 delivered :As above loads available24/04/11
15Marine Sump Tank - 3 Divides :MARINE SUMP TANK WITH THREE INTERNAL DIVIDES 3ft 6in long, 1ft wide, 1ft 6in depth UNWANTED GLASS TANK IN GREAT CONDITION COMES WIT ...24/04/11
16Red Trachys, Zoa frags, Maxi Mini Nems + Loads more at www.marinelivestock.co.uk :Red Trachys from 74.99, Maxi minis from 29.99 and Zoa frags from only 2.9921/04/11
17Zoa Frags from 2.99 @ www.marinelivestock.co.uk :Loads of zoa frags available, more to be uploaded soon.18/04/11
18Juwel 300 tank :complete with external filters, air pumps,live plants and inmates which include a pair of cuckoo catfish, 4 angelfish, 2 large clownloach, 1 ...12/04/11
19large full set up :5ft x 1ft x 2ft tank 5ft x 1 ft x 2 ft unit fluval 104 filter double tetratec AP150 air pump heater light rocks This is ...08/04/11
20 Red Trachyphyllias and Ultra Maxi Mini Nem :As above. Some stunning pieces. Red trachs 79.99 and Ultra maxis 29.9906/04/11
21Ricordea Floridas from only 9.99 :As above orange, blues and greens.03/04/11
22angel fish :young platinum angels and young gold angels size of 50p 1-25 each or 10 for 10 collect only near pinewood studios phone ken 0175365233003/04/11
23Tin Foil Barb :Free Tin Foil Barb only....To big for tank..Collection only.........Wendover Bucks [email protected] 01296 623 944 Will dele ...30/03/11
24Turbo snails only 0.95 each at MARINELIVESTOCK.CO.UK :As above as well as lots of inverts in stock. More corals coming this week as well!!29/03/11
25Sea shell 4x2x30 FULL MARINE SET UP FOR SALE bargin :I am selling my full complete set up the tank is a sea shell custom build tank 4x2x30 with black silicon blue background weir sump full cabn ...24/03/11
26Sea shell 4x2x30 FULL MARINE SET UP FOR SALE bargin :I am selling my full complete set up the tank is a sea shell custom build tank 4x2x30 with black silicon blue background weir sump full cabn ...24/03/11
27marine full set up for sale :I have decided to sell my marine tank, it is a top quality tank made by seashell and from their elite range, it measures 36x24x28 length/wid ...24/03/11
28Large Hermit 10 Milton Keynes (see video) :Large hermit for sale, check him out in the video below!22/03/11
29Japanese koi carp wanted :Hi, anyone got any top quality koi 2-3-4 inch? Need a few thanks please ring 0779979185720/03/11
30koi doitsu sanke or showa wanted :hi, im looking for a few doitsu sanke or showa maybe kohaku, any size asap please cash waiting if you got any please get in touch thanks ...20/03/11
31Maroon Clown 10 Milton keynes :Got a 3 inch maroon clown needs rehoming. 1018/03/11
32Fire Shrimp Only 15.00 :As above, as well as loads of great priced inverts at the moment. Including special offer of 0.95 for turbo snails.16/03/11
33Large Cabbage Leather on Live Rock Milton Keynes 20 :Got a large cabbage leather on a big bit of live rock up for grabs. Great easy coral to keep15/03/11
34TROPICAL FISH FOR SALE Large aquarium full set up when gone... :Tropical fish for sale as listed various sizes have spent quite abit on them over the last few years.. SIZES ARE APPROX; 1x Leopard bushf ...13/03/11
35POND SET UP, FILTER, PUMPS, U.V, AND AIR :Kokney koi filter box, 2ft high, 3ft wide, 2ft deep. It is has two outlet's and currently 2 inlets which can be changed to one if prefered. ...13/03/11
36CORNER TANK, COMPLETE SET UP, :140 Litre corner tank with unit, Eheim external filter, twin output air pump, 300w heater, lighting unit with 2 lights, comes with backgroun ...13/03/11
37FISH TANK COMPLETE SET UP :160 Litre tank with twin light hood, twin outlet air pump with air tube and air stones, 2 fluval U4 internal filters, 300w heater, comes wit ...13/03/11
38MALAWI CICHLIDS. :There are approx 24 fish. They are between 2 & 4 inches long, many are paired, non are aggresive. Disability forces sale, i struggle wit ...13/03/11
39AQUARIUM WITH STAND, COMPLETE SET UP. :140 Litre tank on beech coloured cupboard stand, twin light hood, twin outlet air pump, air tube, air stones, 2 fluval U3 internal filters, ...13/03/11
40Wanted: Neolamprologus multifasciatus :Im after some Neolamprologus multifasciatus, preferably local - suffolk/norfolk area, especially looking for another male. To go with my ...12/03/11
41Loads of critters at great prices at MARINELIVESTOCK.CO.UK :Cleaner Shrimp 11 Fire shrimp 14.99 Sexy Shrimp 5.99 Peppermint Shrimp 7.99 Boxing shrimp 7.00 Nassarius snails 1.50 Astrea sn ...11/03/11
42Loads of Soft Corals Milton Keynes 15 each :As above making some room and have these for sale, Toadstool Cream finger coral Pussey coral Lobophytum08/03/11
43Pair of angel fish for sale :Hi guys Selling my pair of angel fish One is a platinum One is koi (mainly white with a few black markings) Would be great in a ...07/03/11
44hi live rock for sale :hi i have lots of rock for sale from a very mature tank i have about 80 kilos left selling for 5.50 per kilo collection in person or 8 deli ...06/03/11
45Various soft corals milton keynes only 15.00 :Need to shift a few softies01/03/11
46Twin Toadstool only 15.00 Milton keynes :As above26/02/11
47Red leg hermits 1.80ea, Turbo Snail 1.30ea and Nassarius snails 1.50 ea :As above all available at www.marinelivestock.co.uk22/02/11
48WANTED: veiltail gold rams :as title say will to pay good price and am willing to wait.22/02/11
49Zoa frags starting from 1.99 :As above. Check out on our website.17/02/11
50Savio F200 Filter & Large Skimmer Filter :FILTER IS SOLD, SKIMMER STILL AVAILABLE! These are massively popular in America, a bit less so over here. Might use them on a new-build, ...13/02/11
51Peppermint Shrimp 7.99 Loads available :As above all a very good size. Available to order online now.09/02/11
5226 litre BOYU Round front tank :hi i have for sale a 26litre boyu aquarium and cabnet (black) reason for sale is needed a bigger tank i had 8 fish in this one before i up ...04/02/11
53tanks :ihave one 48x18x30 tank with a glass slide lid 15 also one 30x12x15 10 and 39x12x18 15 also i have three 300watt heaters and fluval 3 an ...04/02/11
54Complete Jewul Trigon 190 Tropical Setup : High Wycombe :Complete Jewul Trigon 190 Tropical Setup Equipment: Jewul Trigon 190 Beach Finish 1 x Juwel 35W T5 Light Unit (includes 1x35W Tropic an ...31/01/11
55240lt fish tank with fish :240lt fish tank with cabinet stand and also a selection of tropical fish (if wanted) angles fish, ciclids, oscar, tetras. heater, pump, a ...31/01/11
56Zoa frags Milton Keynes only 5.00 each :As above, lots available30/01/11
57D+D 24gl Hood :Wanted. A replacement hood for a D+D Nano cube tank. Compact fluorescent preferred as price is important.28/01/11
58CUSTOM ACRYLIC AQUARIUM 16" HIGH x 12" X 12" :We've had an order cancelled and now have some surplus aquariums. Made from 8mm thick clear cast acrylic. We have 20 units avilable either ...28/01/11
59AQUARIUM JUWEL FISH TANK AND CABINET in black :Tank (L) 80cm (H) 40cm (W) 30cm Cabinet (H) 70cm (L) 70cm (W) 30cm comes complete with filter, air pump etc 40 ono can send photo via mobi ...27/01/11
60LARGE AQUARIUM JUWEL FISH TANK WITH CABINET in black :Tank-(L)4ft (H)2ft (W)1ft has a rounded front making it deeper in the middle.Cabinet (H)3 1/2ft (L)2 1/2ft (W)1ft. 2 doors comes complete w ...27/01/11
615 Red leg hermits for 10.50 :Available online....25/01/11
62Alfagrog :I have stacks of the stuff, hundreds of kilos. Some in bags, some used. All been out in the garden so needs a good clean up (I can boil some ...22/01/11
63SEASHELL 4x2x30 FULL MARINE SET UP :I am selling my full complete set up the tank is a sea shell custom build tank 4x2x30 with black silicon blue background weir sump full cabn ...20/01/11
64Duncan frags Milton Keynes :Have a few duncan frags available. Prices around 10 for 4 heads.17/01/11
65wanted single 150x or 250w metal halide :wanted a single 150w or 250w metal halide unit with t8s or t5s must have hanging gear e mail with what you have and price wanted would prefe ...16/01/11
66wanted any koi who need rehoming :need some koi any for sale cheap or need rehoming12/01/11
67looking for 24inch square aquarium :looking for 2ft square fishtank must have sump with or without equipment must be within 50 miles of high wycombe e mail with what you have10/01/11
68mollies :hi, just restocking my tank, has anybody got any mollies or other small livebearers please? thank you baz.05/01/11
69Some lovely Zoanthids available - mail order 9 postage :The following zoanthids are available - some real bargains to be grabbed!03/01/11
70Zoa frags wanted near High Wycombe :Hi, I am looking for colorful zoa frags. Drop me a txt or email with details. Cheers.03/01/11
71Wanted: Corner Fish Tank Aquarium :Hi, I'm looking for a corner tank, open to sizes and prices. Based in Milton Keynes and can collect. Please contact me21/12/10
72Live rock wanted, High Wycombe. :Hi All, I have just started into the world of marines. Does anyone near High Wycombe have any live rock they want to sell? Will pic ...18/12/10
73Scleropages formosus :I will sell this fish for a good price. It is 8 inches. Let me know if you are interested. Email: [email protected] for details.16/12/10
74Duncan frags and Watermelon Zoanthid frags Milton Keynes :Got some of the above for sale, duncans 15 for 4 heads. Zoanthids 10 for a good size frag. interested, drop me an email10/12/10
75cristal eye catfish :i have a cristal eye catfish with a bad attitude has to be kept by its self.would like sell or swop him offers.17/11/10
76bristlenose :i have about 200 bristlenose 1/2 1 inch they feed really well .1.00each or if you want more we'll come to a agreement thanks01/11/10
77bristle nose :i have at least 200 baby bristle nose 1/2to 1 inch long feed really well infact there greedy i would like a 1.00each but if you want more w ...31/10/10
78Wall Mounted Fish Tanks / Wall Aquariums :iQuarium offers quality wall mounted fish tanks, which are a brilliant integrated solution, hiding away wires for lights, heat and filtratio ...25/10/10
79Peppermint Shrimps Available Rid Your Tank Of Aiptasia :Peppermint shrimps available great for getting rid of pest anemones All Prices inlude postage by courier at 9.00 UK Mainland20/10/10
80WANTED: siamese fighting fish (aka betta splendens) in buckinghamshire :I am looking to get a male betta but i'm really hoping to get a halfmoon or crown tail. Please email me if you are a breeder in or around hi ...18/10/10
81Aquarium :5ft Aquarium with full stand and 8 pyrana Call 01908 61105118/10/10
82Lots of Clean Up Crew at grear prices www.marinelivestock.co.uk :Green mithrax crabs:5.80 Red Leg hermits: 2.30 Dwarf blue legs: 0.99 Cleaner shrimp:10.00 Dancing shrimp: 10.00 Turbo snails: 1.6 ...16/10/10
84Killifish wanted :looking to buy several pairs of Killifish pictured here Thanks30/09/10
85Peppermint Shrimp + Lots of Inverts Available MarineLivestock.co.uk :Loads of different inverts available, have a look online: Nassarius snails Minstral Stars Turbo Snails Brittle stars Cerith snails D ...15/09/10
86various plecos for sale :hi i am shutting down my tropical tank and am selling all my fish royal plec 6-7 inches very fat 60 royal plec 5-6 inches very fat 5 ...15/09/10
87wanted corals :hi im looking for corals that are close to slough if any one is selling any email me [email protected] thanks jake13/09/10
88Clearout :Iam looking to get rid of my entire Koi equitment which consists of Pump uvc Air pump Filter housings pipe work etc all to work a pon ...08/09/10
89Lots of different corals at great prices at marinelivestock.co.uk :POSTAGE ONLY 9 UK Mainland07/09/10
90Paratilapia Polleni wanted :Paratilapia Polleni wanted. Would love to obtain the large spotted variety, but small spot also wanted. I have experience with these cichlid ...07/09/10
91Protomelas Blue Fire Male 5 inch :For swap or sale, only sensibly offers, hes an awesome looking fish but my last female died over the weekend, so let me know what u got. ...07/09/10
92Loads of beautiful soft corals for sale :Postage only 9.00 (UK mainland)by APC Courier Great selection of clean up crew, and inverts also available.31/08/10
9350 2.5ft Fish Tank/Cabnet With Fish And Full Set Up :30 x 12 x 18inches fish tank in good condition, comes with lots of extras including gravel, main pump, back up pump, heater, 3 orniments, ro ...29/08/10
94young Cyprichromis leptosoma and Julidochromis dickfeldi for sale :Hi I have about 25-30 Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu size about a 1/2in to 1in I have also got 15-20 Julidochromis dickfeldi about 1/2in ...25/08/10
95Lots of soft corals and inverts available :We have the following for sale Postage only 9.00 Mainland UK24/08/10
965ft rena tank and stand plus extras (beech) :Description: hi im selling my 5ft rena tank and stand due to it take up to much room. this tank is around 500 litres, it comes with: 2 l ...21/08/10
97Wanted marine tank corner set up :Hi I'm currently selling my 5th rena tank and looking for marine set up corner tank. Email me at [email protected] Or ring/txt me a ...19/08/10
98Arapaima for sale :Durable looking Arapaima for sale. This one is ready to go at a good price. Please contact me for details.18/08/10
99Leopoldi Stingray :8 inches disc leopoldi stingray for sale. very healthy and comes along with all required paperwork. Email for details.18/08/10
1005ft rena tank and equipment :hi im selling my 5ft rena tank and stand due to it take up to much room. this tank is around 500 litres, it comes with: 2 light units, ea ...18/08/10
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