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1AQUARIUM STOCK CLEARANCE --- ND Aquatics Ltd :ND Aquatics Ltd Stock Clearance All our measuremens are in following size (Length x Height x Width) 12" x 24" x 28" Tropical Glass ...28/03/17
2Solid Turquis circa 6.5 inches , Blue Diamond, Red Turquois :Far Sale my: (reserved)6.5" Solid Turquis x1 (110GBP) (Reserved)6.0"-6.5" Blue Diamond x1 (120GBP) 4" - Red Turquis x2 (60-70GBP per fish ...27/03/17
3Adult Bristlenose ancistrus - Available :Extremely large mature adult male ancistrus easily 6" 25.00 (top pic) Adult male ancistrus 5" 20.00 (bottom pic on eggs/fry) Adult f ...27/03/17
4Green Phanton Pleco- L200 & Mango/Magnum L047 pleco :Hi, I got this trio of wild caught L200s for sale. The large one is a male at around 7-8" and 2 small ones of 6" each. Selling them as a ...26/03/17
5Cuban Cichlids- Breeding pair :Hi all, I got this pair of Cuban cichlids for sale- male around 9" and female around 5". Stunning pair which i brought from Lincs fish. ...26/03/17
6Porcupine puffer :Hi for sale is a lovely porcupine puffer. Very nice fish very play full especially when hands are in the tank will let you rub his belly. I ...26/03/17
7Live rock with over 10 green ricordia corals :Piece of live rock with over 10 various size ricordia corals on. Rock approx 8'inches by 2-3 inches. Happy to send photos. 60. Also selling ...26/03/17
8Live rock with pulsating xenia some with green striped mushrooms :Various sized pieces of live rock with pulsating Xenia and some wit green striped mushrooms. 20 and up. Happy to send photos.26/03/17
9Show piece of live rock covered in green stripe and blue spotted mushrooms :Amazing 'show piece'of live rock approx 10 inches x 5 inches with over 60 green stipe mushrooms and 6 blue spotted mushrooms of various size ...26/03/17
10African Land Snails - full set-up with two adult snails :Complete set-up. 12" cubed glass tank, cover, substrate, cuttlefish bone and water bowl. Two giant African Land Snails that are abou ...23/03/17
11Green cabbage leather coral :Large (5-6 inches) green cabbage leather coral attached to piece of live rock. £35. Happy to send photos.23/03/17
12Alta Pike pair :Hi all, I got this pair of Alta pike cichlids- 5" for both of them. Stunning colors and eating well. Selling them as they are not getting ...22/03/17
13Taeniochromis holotaenia :I have an adult Taeniochromis holotaenia male for sale, really big about 18 cm in size. You will require a big fish tank to keep this fish. ...22/03/17
14Green striped mushroom coral :Amazingly coloured green striped mushroom corals. Various sizes and numbers available. 5 to 25 depending on size and number. Happy to send ...21/03/17
15Blue spotted mushroom coral :Amazingly coloured tan and blue spotted mushroom coral approx 1 inch diameter when expanded. Sold individually 15. 3 available. Happy to s ...21/03/17
16Thick finger leather coral :Finger leather coral with yellow polyps approx. 4-5 inches tall. 25. Happy to send photos.21/03/17
17Nd tank :For sale is my nd aquatics tank it's 4x2x2 ft bare tank with sliding glass condensate lid comes with no hood or stand bought brand new from ...21/03/17
18Tiger pistol shrimp paired with male Randalls goby :Paired tiger pistol shrimp (~2 inches) with male Randall's goby (~3.5 inches). Been in my tank for around 3 years and both eat just about an ...20/03/17
19Orchid dottyback (Pseudochromis Fridmani) :Fully grown (~3 inches) orchid dottyback captive bred. Amazing colour and eats just about anything. Has been in my tank for over 3 years. 3 ...20/03/17
20Pond gold fish :Beautiful Gold fish from a pond need re-homing. Also available pond children's safety net/grid.20/03/17
21rutunga tropheus :I have 25 _30 redbelly rutungas 1 12" to 2" all feeding well starting to change colours want 5 pounds each also breeding group of 11 3" p ...19/03/17
22Outdoor pond fish for sale :My dad is selling his house and he can't bring the fish with him. I'm selling roughly 30 garden pond fish on behalf of my dad. He h ...18/03/17
234 X 250g Hikari cichlid gold baby pellets, 1kg :4 X 250g Hikari cichlid gold baby size, 1kg, 22.99 free delivery Cheapest on eBay Click on link below http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3 ...11/03/17
24Reducing stock so need these gone.. :I am currently reducing my stock therefore the following fish are free to a good home. Sajica cichlid (1.5 inch) Bandit cichlid (3 inch) ...11/03/17
25Reducing stock so need these cichlids gone.. :Sajica cichlid (1.5 inch) Bandit cichlid (3 inch) Golden ram (1 inch) X3 Serpae tetra (1 inch) I am currently reducing my stock theref ...11/03/17
26Purple pincushion sea urchin :Great coloured purple pincushion sea urchin. Had in tank for around 3 years and is great at eating algae and is a novel part of CUC! 20.09/03/17
27Purple brush/plume gorgonia :Purple gorgonia around 10 inches tall with two fronds. Has brown polyps and pretty sure is photosynthetic as has grown well and don't feed i ...09/03/17
28Cube aquarium and matching cabinet :Cube aquarium and matching cabinet all in excellent condition 22 " x 22 " 2 side shelves v shaped front and rear comes with ehiem ...09/03/17
29Fishtanks :Hi got fishtanks for sale some brand new others as good as new condition. Contact me for prices info etc.09/03/17
30Red Sea max 250 fish tank, including rock, corals, fish RO unit and chiller 100 ... :Red Sea max 250 black, includes live rock, corals, yellow tang, orchid dotty back, Bangai cardinal, Randall's goby paired with pistol shrim ...08/03/17
31WANTED Labeotropheus trewavasae zimbawe rock :I'm looking for Labeotropheus trewavasae zimbawe rock, the best F1 or F2.08/03/17
328 way Aquaray l controller :8 way controller with all cables.75 07958105396.02/03/17
33Clown loach for sale :Clown loach for sale 4 @ 5-6 inch 1 @ 3.5inch 60.00 for all 5. Bad 0753000623527/02/17
34Aquamax eco 12000 for sale :Brand new aquamax eco 12000 for sale All still in box never used. 200 Call 0753000623527/02/17
353 Malawi cichlid SOLD SOLD :I have 3 Malawi cichlid for sale Nimbochromis venustus, 3 inch female electric blue ahli, 3 inch male Male peacock, 1.5 inch male ...24/02/17
36PAINTED FIRE (SAKURA) ADULT RED CHERRY SHRIMP. St Albans, Hertfordshire. 6.50 e ... :Painted Fire and Bloody Mary cross Red Cherry Shrimps. Adults. Not tiny less than 1cm baby shrimps that will get eaten by even tiny fish as ...18/02/17
37Aquarium Manufacturers in UK . Bespoke Marine & Tropical Fish Tanks. Metal Frame ... :ND Aquatics Ltd, manufacturers of high quality Fish Tanks , are able to offer you a full range of Tropical and Marine Aquariums at realistic ...12/02/17
383 inch pigeon blood discus :Hi, For sale I got pigeon blood discus bred her in the UK. The fish are kept in normal, treated tap water with pH 7.5 and TDS 300. ...08/02/17
395ft fish tank and stand - 195 :Aqua One 5 ft fish tank for sale. Dimensions 150 cm x52x70 cm (58 x 21 x25 inches). Holds approximately 450 liters. Water thight has few scr ...06/02/17
40Juwel Aquarium 180 :Juwel Aquarium 180L 1 year old Comes with Pump/Filter very good condition.Selling for 180 ovno05/02/17
41Live rock :I have lots of live rock all shapes and sizes. Clean and ready to go. Bargain. 100. Was in a 300 litre tank.04/02/17
42Berghia Nudibranch sale/swap :I have many nudi's for sale. Did a great job clearing the aiptasia from my tank and are now in need of a good home. It took me a little b ...02/02/17
43COMPLETE SET UP FOR SALE :Complete Koi pond set up for sale due to house move planned for this year. Includes 13 large Koi, Ghosts and Carp. EVO30 UV Light Advanta ...30/01/17
44LOOKING FOR AN AQUATIC JOB :Hello everyone My name is Aydin Caliskan.33 years old wood crafter.I am looking for an job in Aquatic shop,fish husbandry or related with a ...23/01/17
45Ex Marine Fish Tank and Cabinet :For Sale is my old Marine bowed front fish tank and cabinet. Price 150. It's about 190litres in capacity. It has been used for about 6 year ...16/01/17
461 king king parrot and 1 blood red parrot cichlid :Kingkong parrot (35) 7-8 inch approx Blood red parrot (30) 4-5 inches approx I can meet half way If you are driving from far (10 miles ...15/01/17
47Black Bar Endlers. High Quality Breeding Adults. Extinct in wild. 20 for 12 adu ... :Black Bar Endlers. Pure bred, never mixed with guppies, from pure Endler stock originally imported from the US. These fish are extinct in th ...15/01/17
48Premium Activated Carbon Pellet 4mm Aquarium/Pond Filter Media 25kg :25kg Premium Activated Carbon Sourced directly from manufacturer Top Quality UK Stock GRADE A ACTIVATED CARBON PELLETS 4mm KEY ...09/01/17
49Looking for an aquatic job... :Hello everyone My name is Aydin Caliskan.33 years old wood crafter.I am looking for an job in Aquatic shop,fish husbandry or related with ...08/01/17
50VLAMINGIL TANG FOR SALE 20 :6 inches big, had him for 18 months, reason for selling having a clear out of live stock.07/01/17
51Fish tank ornament Sunken ship XL :Extra large Sunken ship fish tank ornament. Dimensions 70x35x25 cm (L H W). Small figures on the photo not included in the price ( can be so ...03/01/17
53For Sale - 7 foot fish tank with pine cabinet and canopy :Tank needs to be resealed. 4 door front cabinet. Will try and move the sofa to get pics Collect from Radlett WD7 ASAP as i have a new tank ...24/12/16
54URGENT TANK NEEDED :Hi my 7 foot tank has just sprung a leak somewhere and is dropping water level like crazy. Anyone have 7 + foot tank for sale, based in hert ...13/12/16
55BLACK BAR ENDLERS. Fry. 20 for 20 fry. Pure strain. Strain imported from US. :Beautiful Black Bar Endlers. Fry. Pure strain. Strain imported from US. Never ever mixed with guppies. Adults from this ...04/12/16
56Baby koi carp wanted :Small koi carp wanted Will travel to collect04/12/16
5740kg of ocean rock for sale :2 per kilo Will take 45 for the lot 07951321461 Pictures on request01/12/16
58Red tail catfish for sale or swap also Jardani arowana for sale :As above 19" and hand feeding on many foods Will swap for ghost carp or fancy goldfish Any offers welcomed 07951321461 Text onl ...30/11/16
59N.D aquatics 6x2x2 full setup (6ft tank) :Hi all Sadly i'm having to put my complete setup up for sale, i just dont get the time to enjoy it or maintain it. Its in good overall c ...29/11/16
60Pearl Jardani :Perfect condition scales and fins are immaculate 12-15" long 120 Ono Pictures on request 0795132146128/11/16
61N.D aquatics 6x2x2 full setup :Hi all Sadly i'm having to put my complete setup up for sale, i just dont get the time to enjoy it or maintain it. Its in good overall co ...23/11/16
62Wanted Petrochromis Sp red bulu :Hello all im after a group of Petrochromis red bulu cash waiting Many thanks for looking 0771713665318/11/16
63ND Aquatics 6x2x2 :As Per title, can come with all equipment or sell on it's own... 275 ONO takes it17/11/16
64Koi & Freshwater Carp FOR SALE :Complete pond clearance due to a move abroad. Very sad to have to do this but I can't take them with me! Very mature pond with 30++ selectio ...15/11/16
653 Healthy Male Mollies for sale (5.00 for three) :Need to rehome our three mature male Mollies as we have accidentally ended up with way too many babies since buying 3 males and 3 females. ...09/11/16
66Juwel Rio300 tank with Cabinet :1 Year old Juwel Rio300 litre tank with base for sale due to moving abroad. 2 air pumps, heater, lights with over 1000,00 of accesories. A ...03/11/16
67AQUARIUM :100 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm.It does not have a stand.Comes complete with illuminated canopy plus 2 x spare fluorescent light tubes also comes wit ...02/11/16
68NOW SOLD: Two Clown Loaches Nr Hertford. :Our two beautiful Clown Loaches need a new home with a bigger tank as sadly they have outgrown our Juwel Rio 125. Bought approx 7 years ago ...27/10/16
69Rose Bubble Tip Anemone :I have several Rose Bubble Tip Anemone, different sizes, all naturally tank split. 15-25 depending on size. I can send pic via email. Steve ...24/10/16
70closing my pond down. :I have about 15 koi two large weighing around 15-18lb variously Rud and other carp.All together about 30-40 fish. 500 the lot worth havi ...19/10/16
718ft tank :I'm selling my 8ft fish tank and cabinet 15019/10/16
72Adult Razorback Musk Turtles and fish :I am selling two adult Razorback Musk Turtles believed to be one female and one male. They are 3 years old. They come with three fish that t ...16/10/16
73Tank breakdown various equipment :I'm starting the process of tank breakdown so here are some bits to begin with It's an Nd aquatics 24x18x18 with a 20x18x15 sump in oak w ...13/10/16
74N.D aquatics 6x2x2 full setup :Hi all Sadly i'm having to put my complete setup up for sale,It's in my mancave at the moment however since the arrival of my little boy ...05/10/16
755ftx17inchx2ft John&Allen aquarium with cabinet for sale. :Hi, Due to upgrading to a large aquarium. Really good condition, no scratches comes with Jewel lighting. Only year old. 300 no. Thanks27/09/16
76WANTED Marine Aquarium and Cabinet :*No brace *NO pelmet *Cabinet preferably not black * 5x2x2" preferred *AT least 400L I have a 900 budget please contact by txt ...22/09/16
77Aqua one Aquamarine 900 aquarium :Aqua one Aquamarine 900 aquarium When setting it up I pressed the rocks too hard into the sand and the back seal has gone so it leaks, jus ...18/09/16
78evolution aqua filter :Pond filter 16"inch diameter 7"inches high stainless steel needs a pump you can fit any pump you desire tel 07949506439 3017/09/16
79red belly rutungas group of 15 :I have a group of 15_25 red belly rutungas good colours feeding well on Sera flora inch +half to 2 inch want 6pounds each pls bring own cont ...15/09/16
80redtail catfish :Redtail catfish wanted. Biger the better. Will pay good money for right fish.09/09/16
81cichlids :hi all i have babies Andinoacara Rivulatus Cichlids 1.00 each blue with yellow top fin r 5.00 Cichlids Pinks Albino r 5.00. brow ...08/09/16
82Aquamarine 900 light timer/ballast unit :Aqua one, Aquamarine 900 light timer/ballast unit Brand new Worth 150 Selling for 60 ono04/09/16
83Aquamarine 900 complete light hood :Aqua one, Aquamarine 900 replacement light hood complete Bulbs not included Brand new Black Worth over 200 with bulbs Sell for 70 ono04/09/16
84Fish need a new home :I would like to find a new home for my Koi and Goldfish. There is a mixture of sizes, some fairly large which are probably 20+ years old ...04/09/16
85fish to good home :I have 2 sturgeon about a foot long as well as some koi and grass carp. Thinning down my pond so they need to go to a new pond. Please only ...02/09/16
86FREE goldfish to good home due to pond clearance :FREE - Healthy, breeding goldfish for collection from St Albans by 18 Sep. due to pond excavation. Goldfish: X5 medium (orange) x6 small (ap ...02/09/16
87Tiger shovelnose wanted :Looking for a Tiger shovel nose catfish reasonable distance from Herts if anyone has one pls30/08/16
88Complete TMC Signature Aquarium Marine Tank :For sale I have my 120 litre TMC Signature tank, all complete with rock, coral, fish and equipment. FOR SALE ON EBAY: (link below) More ...27/08/16
89Marine Tank including corals & fish - Complete TMC Signature Aquarium :All corals and live rock you can see in the ebay pictures, several hundreds of pounds worth. I can provide further pictures of all the cora ...27/08/16
90green terrors females :hi got 2 female green terrors for sale 3-4" lovely fish 5 each, tel jerry on 07946519182, herts area26/08/16
91V2 ilumenair 1200 Top Spec Lighting :I have for sale V2 ilumenair 1200's Barely a Year Old Still with 2 yrs Warranty Left on it. These amazing lights offer Full Coverage & Ful ...23/08/16
92Bubble magus curve 5 for sale :Bubble magus curve 5 for sale little use excellent condition collection from hertfordshire area 40 thanks09/08/16
93Ai sol in white for sale :Ai sol in white for sale with controler and wire hanging kit excellent condition buyer collects hertfordshire area 120 thanks09/08/16
94Deltec SC1456 (SOLD) :Selling as is excess to requirements Used Briefly 200 From Deltec Dimensions (LxWxH) / mm - 260 x 140 x 525 Dimensions plus pipework ...05/08/16
952x hydra fiftytwo + controller :2 LED light units plus controller, units under a year old and in full working condition. Cost new 1180 Asking 650 but will consider rea ...30/07/16
96Collection of south american cichlids in 3ft tank :1 green terror, 2 Jack Dempsey's, about 6 albino convicts, a breeding pair off firemouths, Housed in a 3ft tank no stand. Looking for off ...29/07/16
973ft tank and south american cichlids :I have a 3ft tank no stand, with a green terror, 2 Jack Dempsey's, about 6 albino convicts, a breeding pair off firemouths, Looking for of ...29/07/16
98compressiceps, Leleupi :I have the following for sale 2 X altolamprologus compressiceps, 20 pounds for the pair 4 X Leleupi cichlid yellow(breeding) 20 pou ...22/07/16
99A group of Mbuna cichlids for sale :Due to a house move, I'm having to close down my mbuna tank for a bit. There are around 20 cichlids in the tank (and 3 fontosa which are ...18/07/16
100high quality discus for sale :Due to personal reasons I'm selling all of my discus I have them kept in HMA water and a pH of 7.8 they are all beautiful fish and gutted th ...16/07/16
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