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18x RED TINFOLD BARBS FREE TO GOOD HOME :8 x 4inch tinfold barbs free to good home you need a large tank this fish grow to a large size.18/09/19
2Red tinfold barbs free to a good home. :8x red tinfold barbs 4inch size free to a good home you need a large tank.fish will grow to very large size18/09/19
3Price Reduced SPINY MONSTER PLECOS :Hi, I have for sale my breeding group of 4 L160s. All of them are around 10+" with 3 females and 1 male. All 3 of the females bred before ...16/09/19
4American cichlids and predators. Tank closure :Closing down my tank for a while as having house renovated so up for sale are the following Jack Dempsey blue gene from 4 inch to 7 inch ...15/09/19
5Wanted Tropheus Ilangi :Does anyone have Tropheus Ilangi for sale Thank you11/09/19
6Asian red tail :Albino Asian Red Tail cat approx 12" up for sale £50 best kept on gtp own or with larger fish very aggressive06/09/19
7Selection of Rare Cats :With reluctance up for sale a handful of very hard to find fish. More to follow- *5 "Hemibagrus Filamentus (Uber rare in the UK) £60 (ex ...03/09/19
810x Pairs [Adult] Pure Black Bar Endlers. US imported strain. St Albans :Black Bar Endlers. Pure bred, never mixed with guppies, from pure Endler stock originally imported from the US. These fish are extinct in th ...01/09/19
9Reluctant sale - large female Lyonsi :After much consideration I am now selling my stunning female Lyonsi. She is 9inches, fin perfect and full of colour! I brought her at ...14/08/19
1019inch Polypterus endlicheri :19inch Polypterus endlicheri Good size nice chunky will eat pretty much anything. Good condition £100.00 0753000623512/08/19
11Large Datnioides (tiger dats) NTT :2x 12inch NTT - thin bar £140each Or swaps for something different rays, cats predatory. 0753000623512/08/19
12Juwel Rekord 600 (60litre) and Cabinet :Juwel fish tank with cabinet. In good condition, does NOT include heater, filter , lights etc... I think the model of the tank is Rekord 600 ...10/08/19
13Blue Cobalt 7-8 + ... another one for free :As I need to move out urgent I'm selling my Blue Cobalt + another Blue Cobalt /not that beautiful/ for free. On the picture is with his fema ...08/08/19
14Selling my Blue Cobalt 7-8 + GRADE A due to urgent moving out :As I need to move out urgent I'm selling my Blue Cobalt + another Blue Cobalt /not that beautiful/ for free. On the picture is with his fema ...08/08/19
15X3 Big Eheim cannister 30ltrs with media and taps. :All media and taps. Very powerful filter. £150 each Thanks.02/08/19
162x Red tiger Oscar Cichlids for sale 6 and 8 inch :Hi I’m selling my 2 red tiger oscars as change my direction on the fish tank , both are properly cared and treated. Always fed VITALIS Cic ...28/07/19
17Pond items :Sand Filter £35 - SOLD Charcoal Filter £35 protein Tower £250 Eazipod £125 Both protein tower and eazipod come with media22/07/19
18Large anime :Large anime need gone by 2 very nice peace on a large rock £5021/07/19
192 tanks :Juwel trigon 190 complete with light unit, filter and heater. Very few scratches but does need a clean. £40 36x12x12 tank used condition. ...20/07/19
20Peacock bass :Not a desperate sale but could do with some space. Willing to let the following go as he is maturing and pairing with my kelberi female. ...17/07/19
21Large pond fish :Selling a few pond fish. White koi, Ron chagoi, albino grass carp, large white goldfish, bronze ghost koi. All fish very healthy, need gone ...09/07/19
22the safe tank :Hi so you have come too my page. My name is James and I take unwanted and ophan tropical fish in. I have a community tank for the peaceful o ...07/07/19
23offering a home for.unwanted fish :Hi we have 2 really big ponds that are empty and we are able to offer a home to anyone who has any unwanted fish we are in harpenden04/07/19
243.5/4” L114 Leopard Cactus Pleco :3.5/4” L114 Leopard Cactus Pleco. Moving house so sadly the Plecos have to go. Also have a 5” L018 golden nugget pleco for sale an ...03/07/19
255” Roughly L018 Golden Nugget Pleco :5” Roughly L018 Golden Nugget Pleco. Moving house so sadly the Plecos have to go. Also selling a 3.5/4” L114 Leopard Cactus C ...03/07/19
26American Cichlids :Lots of Americans. 8 inch male jag £20,4 inch carpintis £30,4 inch fire mouth £10,2 sevrums £20. Ask for pics north London 0756830245102/07/19
277 female Endlers livebearer and 1 Black bar male endler. :Proven breeders. Have had to break down my breeding tank and are not suitable for my community tank. All females presently pregnant. No gupp ...01/07/19
28GHL P4, Bubble King, Red Dragon Pumps :Following a change of direction I have the following items for sale: 1 x GHL P4 Megaset Complete with PH, Redox, Conductivity and temp ...30/06/19
29Fluval Evo 13.5 Saltwater Aquarium £175 :Salt Water Aquarium Less than a year old Come complete with: LED lights (white/blue) Light timer/dimmer unit Fluval PS2 protein skimmer ...26/06/19
30Fluval Evo 13.5 Saltwater Aquarium £175 :Fish included: Pair of Percula Clown Fish Yellow Watchman Goby and Pistol Shrimp Pair Coral Included: Torch coral Hammer coral Dunca ...26/06/19
31Wanted - Marine Inverts in the Hertfordshire area :Currently looking for any marine invertebrates people may be wanting to sell, particularly any hermit crabs, shrimp snails etc. I'm in t ...22/06/19
32Sera cichlid green xl fish food :3.2kg sera cichlid pellets xl RRP £50 See listing on eBay Link below; 20/06/19
33Emperor snakehead :22 inch emperor snakehead for sale 60 pound! Beautiful fish but an absolute monster. Would consider a swap also19/06/19
34Regal tang 4-5inch :Here’s my regal tang he’s 4-5 inch and I have a magnificent fox face that need new homes the fox face has taken a liking to my eleglance cor ...18/06/19
35Honduran red point x convict pair :Breeding pair have had many fry. Looking for £20. Sg9 post code 0756830245116/06/19
36Cichlids for sale :Lots of Americans. 8 inch male jag £20,4 inch carpintis £30,4 inch fire mouth £10,2 sevrums £20. Ask for pics north London 0756830245115/06/19
37Kasalakawi :I have 20 f1 kasalakawi mupimbe all feeding well on Sera flora and veggies can see the wild caught parents wanting £6 each please bring your ...10/06/19
38Sold - Discus Proven Pair Snow Leopards - 1st sold, second reserved :For sale surplus of Snow leopards, got two young proven pairs, two times fry from them. Pair one: Male 6", Female 5.5" - 300GBP Pair Two: ...09/06/19
3930,000L return pump pondexpert variflow only £100 :Only 6 months old works perfectly. 30,000l flow with digital adjustable controller. Can be used in a pond or aquarium. RRP£379 Selling th ...04/06/19
4030,000L return pump pondexpert variflow only £100 :Only 6 months old works perfectly. 30,000l flow with digital adjustable controller. Can be used in a pond or aquarium. RRP£379 Selling th ...04/06/19
41Wanted clown triggerfish :Hi I'm looking for a clown trigger fish if anyone looking to move there's on thanks03/06/19
42Chlorine dechlorination carbon filter only £80 :Fits to water source from tap and immediately makes water safe to use in tanks or ponds with no need for chemical treatments. Works perfectl ...01/06/19
43Water Dechlorination cylinder; carbon purifier only £80 :Fits to water source from tap and immediately makes water safe to use in tanks or ponds with no need for chemical treatments. Works perfectl ...01/06/19
44Discus Proven Pair Cobalts - sold :Got for sale 3 young pairs of cobalts surplus from my stock - no more space my end for pairs so have to sell those unfortunatelly. Pair 0ne ...29/05/19
45Adult Female Black Diamond hybrid stingray for sale only £500 :Beautiful markings around 16 inch disk. She is a proven breeder and has had 5 litters in the past last one had 6 pups. Welcome to come and v ...25/05/19
46Central American Cichlids for sale :I have the following for sale. X1 2.5 inch Grammodes - £10 X1 5 inch true Trimac - £15 X2 2.5 inch Midas - £7 each WhatsApp me for i ...25/05/19
4724 inch ripsaw catfish Free to a good home :Who’s after a gentle giant..... 24 inch ripsaw catfish for rehoming for free. Beautiful fish a true gentle giant. call or text for more deta ...22/05/19
48tank breakdown due to house move :i have to breask down a much loved reef tank system approx 1800litres tank 9feet x27" x27" whole system and equipment for sale an ...16/05/19
49WANTED RITERI ANEMONE, SEXY SHRIMP CASH WAITING :Hi if anyone has any sexy shrimp, riteri anemone please let me know 07478745593 will travel for the right stuff as frequent up north for wor ...12/05/19
50AQUA ONE AQUAREEF 195 SERIES :AQUA ONE AQUAREEF 195 SERIES 1 + EXTRAS This is the series 1 version of this tank with sump. As far as I am aware there are no scratch ...11/05/19
52HYDOR WAVEMAKER 2 WITH TWO HEADS :HYDOR WAVEMAKER 2 WITH TWO HEADS All in good working order and condition It comes with some new spindles. 1 additional top cover whic ...11/05/19
53Aquarium Manufacturers in UK . Bespoke Marine & Tropical Fish Tanks. Metal Frame ... :ND Aquatics Ltd, manufacturers of high quality Fish Tanks , are able to offer you a full range of Tropical and Marine Aquariums at realistic ...08/05/19
54Megalodoras irwini 22 inch for sale only £250 :Selling my megalodoras Irwin. Stunning specimen very rare to find at this size and price. A true gentle giant with prehistoric looks. Please ...02/05/19
55Free to a good home Tiger Shovel Nose :Stunning marking and great temperament 20 inch long. Free to a good home text or call me for more details25/04/19
564 large koi :4 large koi i would guess around 18" long £75 each or 250 for all 4 You can see in the pics only biggest 4 Message for more ...24/04/19
57Two musk turtles, 36L tank, Eheim water filter, heater, light and condensation l ... :I am selling two musk turtles and the 36L tank for £120. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email. D ...14/04/19
58Severums :I have 2 Severum for sale one 6 inch the other 8 inch. The larger is blind in one eye but still very active. Both fish £20 feel free to ...12/04/19
59Super Red full cross back Asian Arowna 21 inch :Looking for a new home........ a unique opportunity to own a 21 inch Super Red Cross back Asian Arowana. A stunning example of these gorgeou ...06/04/19
60Fish tank :Wanted 7ft 2.5 ft 2.5ft or 7ft 2.5ft 2ft fish tank with cabinet (LxHxW05/04/19
61Blagdon Koi Air 50 air pump only £40 :Perfect working condition Pls text or call for more info31/03/19
62Azul Bass 16inch for sale £50 bargain :Selling a stunning Azul Bass at 16 inch very placid and eats anything. Only £50 to a good home Message or call for further details31/03/19
63Large Polypterus Wanted :Is anyone selling a Polypterus endlicheri preferably over 10 inches or would be interested in Any other large Polypterus17/03/19
64WANTED Lepidiolamprologus kendalli/nkambae :Does anyone know where I can buy any Lepidiolamprologus kendalli/nkambae?13/03/19
65Fossorochromis rostratus cichlid (sold) :Large Male Fossorochromis rostratus for sale, 6 inch in size £25 Collect from Stevenage13/03/19
66Fish Tank and Cabinet :Fish Tank and Cabinet plus Filter and 2 Pumps. Fluval Roma 90 Litre Aquarium Tank Dimensions 60 x 35 x 45 cn Strip Lighting Filter and ...03/03/19
67Torch coral, hammer coral, leather coral for sale - nr Royston, Herts :- Green torch coral (3 heads). £30 - Green torch coral (5 heads). SOLD - Hammer coral (3 heads). £15 - Hammer coral (2 heads). SOLD ...26/02/19
68Bargain clear out loads of bits for sale :Fish house spring clean and have the following items for sale and no longer needed. All items work perfectly. 2x Eheim 300watt heater ...22/02/19
69Fluval vicenza 240l tank with cabinet complete setup :240l aquarium with cabinet, aquamanta efx 400 external filter, air pump duel output. Twin light unit but have replaced tube with new fluval ...22/02/19
70All pond solutions 2000ef canister filter for sale £25 :Used for a weekend comes complete with all hoses Call for more details16/02/19
71Tetra 500litre canister filter for sale £25 :Only used for 1 weekend at a show comes complete with hoses. Call for more details16/02/19
72Fluval Roma 125 Litre Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet :Fluval Roma 125 Litre Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet Condition is Used. This adverts is for the following items: Fish tank & cabin ...14/02/19
73Young fish 5 - 5.5 inch red white, red valentine :For sale batch of health young fish starting to pair up. Size form 5-5.5 inch (12.5-14cm), age 11,5 months. Very nice red colors, advertised ...12/02/19
74all gone - young blue diamonds and cobalt/fslash turquis sale :For sale last batch of 5 young around 3-3.5 inch discus. buy 5 for 50GBP, collection (Blue diamond, cobalt, flash turquoise), for more info ...12/02/19
76Fully rolled mature Male Pearl 12 inch £350 :Mature Male Pearl for sale; Superb breeding Ray with a light base and stunning patterns. 12 inch disc fully rolled £350 pm for more inform ...07/02/19
77Tetra Pleco Spirulina algae Wafers (1.75Kg) :Brand new sealed bucket of Tetra Pleco Spirulina Wafers 1.75kg Complete food for all herbivorous bottom-feeders, with algae protein and ...05/02/19
78Apristogramma kribensis For Sale :I have 15 x 6month (approx) JUVENILE apristogramma kribensis for sale beautiful colours just started to get there purple BELLIES and those d ...04/02/19
7920 Bristlenose pleco :Healthy. 2-3 cm in size. Sensible offers for the lot considered.03/02/19
80Kamoer 4 channel master doser :I have a new 4 channel doser for sale, it is the old style (not WiFi) £100 Please let me know if interested and I can text pictures C ...03/02/19
81Royal Exclusiv Double Cone 200 with RD3 :Description: Brand new Royal Exclusiv skimmer with DC pump, purchased for system but didnt go ahead with it. This has never seen water and h ...03/02/19
82Aquarium 4ft :4ft aquarium with lid , gravel and some stone, £8003/02/19
83Wanted Fuzzy dwarf lionfish :07973 52993928/01/19
84240L Rimless Tank & Loads More :Selling my Rimless tank, all in Opti-White glass, clear silicone & mitred corners. Also, for sale is a Seneye kit, with the extras to mak ...22/01/19
85Blue throat trigger for sale £40 :Selling my blue throat trigger. Had for 2 years. 4 to 5inches22/01/19
86Black Bar Endlers. High Quality Breeding Adults. US Stock. Extinct in wild. £20 ... :Black Bar Endlers. Pure bred, never mixed with guppies, from pure Endler stock originally imported from the US. These fish are extinct in th ...21/01/19
87Marine Mushrooms - WANTED :Looking for some marine mushrooms. Ideally looking for discosoma mushrooms but open to other types. If you have any for sale, let me k ...15/01/19
884ft by 15 inch wide by 13 inch tall tanks for sale only £25 each :4ft glass tanks available ideal for a breeding project. There are 5 available only £25 each or deals for more. Delivery can be arranged too. ...12/01/19
89Juwel Rio 450 tank/cabinet. :Four years old, white, good condition. Comes with all equipment, filter, heater, lighting. Option to get with full content of planted Amna ...31/12/18
90Wild caught Altum Angelfish - Pterophyllum altum :Wild caught Altum Angelfish imported from Columbia on 12th December 2018. Approx 6-7cm body length excluding fins. Excellent condition. Feed ...31/12/18
91Al sol :Hi I have 3 Al sol lights in black they come with the power packs. They are white and blue lights. Some makes on outer case but in good work ...18/12/18
92Tropical Fish Tank £ 3.00 :Tropical fish tank £ 3.00 I've used this aquarium for few years. The tank is completely watertight but, of course, does not show it ...06/12/18
935 Black & Dalmatian mollies for £1.00 :5 Black & Dalmatian mollies for £1.00 These are great colourful community fish and go well in almost any size of tank. They are easy to ca ...06/12/18
94Tropical Fish Tank £10.00 :TTropical fish tank (52.5x32x38) 63 Litre £10.00 I've used this aquarium for a n ...06/12/18
95Catfish :Due to my tank sprinting a leak I have to close down my tank I have the following fish to rehouse provided you can prove you have a tank big ...05/12/18
96Kamfa flowerhorn :Kamfa flowerhorn for sale. £6025/11/18
97Cryptoheros Cutteri and Geophagus Megasema juveniles :I have about 30 x Geophagus Megasema(£4 each) and around 20 x Cryptoheros Cutteri (£2.50 each). All eating and growing well.24/11/18
98Geophagus (varied species) :2 x Geophagus Abalios (bonded pair not proven)- £30 2 x Geophagus Megasema (proven pair) £40 3 x Geophagus Altifrons - £15 each 1 x Geoph ...24/11/18
99Reverse osmosis filtration system :ECOSOFT RO 6 stage system Brand new still in box Except offers over £200.0024/11/18
100Plec :I have a plec (think he's a common) that is approximately 12 inches in length, he was in a tank we bought with other fish, he has sadly beco ...14/11/18
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