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1[SOLD] BLONDE (Gold) ENDELRS. Adults. 1. St Albans :'Gold' strain of pure black bar Endlers. Never mixed with guppies or non-black bar endlers. Adults. Unlike almost all other endler or gup ...13/11/10
2fluval 205 external exellent condition :selling my filter due to a upgrade in tank and is too small for it, excellent condition onmy three months old. 35-40 ono and enquiries c ...11/11/10
3ALBINO BRISTLE NOSE PLEC FOR SALE :I am rehoming my albino bristlenose due to stock changes. He is about 3/4". Eating well. Kept in a well maintained planted tank. ...02/11/10
4fish tank juwel 4x2x2 feet bow front tank :i have a juwel 4ft x 2ft x2ft bow front fish tank used once for around 6 weeks comes with marine light unit witch is fine to use for tropica ...25/10/10
5rio 400 fish tank + cabinet and external filter :great condition, fluval 405 external filter and air pumps, digital heater can sell seperately, if brought all together ill throw in 2 60 lit ...23/10/10
6Bristlenose Plec :Albino bristlenose plec for sale. About 3" long. Happy chappy, eating well etc. From a well maintained planted tank. Only for ...19/10/10
7Approx 15 Various Japanese Koi ranging from 12-24". :Approx 15 Various Japanese Koi ranging from 12-24". You can identify the types from the pics (Apologies for the quality). The fis ...07/10/10
8Rena Aqualife 150 Panoramic Beech Tropical Aquarium and Cabinet :40 Gal (180L). 101cm (40") Bowfront aquarium complete with Aqua Vital Rena external filter AVEX800, lighting and fish. Excellent con ...06/10/10
9looking for all fish to buy or rehome , especilly koi :i have a rather big pond and have a lot of space in there so if your fish are getting too big or you want to get rid of them im your man , i ...01/10/10
10fish tank :6ft x 2ft 18" tank on purpose built stand with shelved cupboards, all lights, electrics, power pump and filter, 3 x 300 watt heaters, c ...30/09/10
11Excellent Variety of L Numbers :L Numbers Papa Panaque, L090 - 14.95 Bola Plecostomus, LDA30 - 24.95 Royal Panaque, L191 - 29.95 Flash Pleo (Peckoltia Vittata) 4 ...25/09/10
12Excellent Varierty of Corydoras :Corydoras Arcuatus 3.50 Corydoras Rabauty (L) 4.50 Corydoras Leucomela 3.95 Corydoras Agasisi 3.50 Corydoras Punctatus 3.95 Corydo ...25/09/10
13Specialist Cichlids for sale :Aulonocara Firefish 4" Pairs 59.99 Pseudotropheus Nmkomo Lime (F1) 2" 7.50 Pseudotropheus Nmkomo Lime (F1) 3.5&qu ...25/09/10
14JUWEL RIO400/VISION 450 T8 MARINE LIGHT UNIT :Just over 1 year old. Marine white and blue actinic Arcadia tubes only 3 months old, used just for 6 hours per day on my fish only system. E ...23/09/10
15WANTED - Girardinus metallicus & Heterandria formosa - MUST POST :Am looking for adults/juveniles/fry of Girardinus metallicus (aka Black Chin Livebearer / Metallic Livebearer) and/or Heterandri ...23/09/10
16reverse osomsis system 300gpd :300 gallons per day unit retails at 290 15021/09/10
17vectron v2 400 sterilizer :3521/09/10
18aqua mecic titan 2000 chiller :titan 2000 chiller 1 year old great piece of kit retails at 850 includes ocean 3500 pump 80 400 for both21/09/10
19large redbellied piranha for sale :2 large redbellied piranha 130 for the pair.eating well and in very good condition!!call for more details and pics 07908649407 HODDESDON HE ...20/09/10
20WANTED; Tunze/Hydor Koralia :i want Tunze 2025-2045 maybe 2065 for cheap/reasonable prices, or Hydor Koralia 3/4's as i am in the middle of setting up a new tank, tha ...20/09/10
21corals :ice blue zoas approx 70 plus heads 20 ,hammer coral appox 12 heads x 4 30 each, monti plating coral 10 each x 3 large leather 16" on larg ...17/09/10
22serpant starfish orange rare :serpant star fish orange 4017/09/10
23marine fish :firefish 10, regal tang 20, yellow tangs x4 20 each, sailfin tang 20, clowns x3 25 ,bi colour blenny 10 ,bengal cardinal 1517/09/10
24[SOLD] Grindal Worm starter culture + clean cultivation instructions. 5 :You will receive a Grindal worm starter culture and instructions on cultivating and harvesting the worms using a method derived through tria ...15/09/10
25fish tank :For sale, 6ft x 2ft x 18" tropical fish tank with stand/cabinet,Tetratec power filter, three Delta Therm 300 watt heaters, coral sand, bog w ...09/09/10
26[SOLD] Vinegar Eels Starter culture+instructions. First food for small egg layer ... :This hard to find live food starter culture will provide the all important first few meals for bettas and killifish fry. Some egg layer fry ...03/09/10
27[SOLD] POND/TADPOLE SNAILS. LARGE. Algae eater,Puffer food. 5 inc p&p :These are pond/bladder/tadpole snails (Physa sp.) as shown in the item description. Besides providing another interesting dimension to ...03/09/10
28TANK AND ACCESSORIES FOR SALE :6ft x 2ft x 18" tank, hood with double tube lights,stand with cabinets each side, Tetratec pump/filter, 3 x 300 watt heaters,air pump w ...25/08/10
30plecos :three sailfin plecos 4"6"10"and a 13" pleco very nice fish offers need to rehome asap 07884007521 cheap????20/08/10
312 x breeding pairs of Clown Fish :Hi all, Both pairs have laid eggs. Due to a relationship break down I need to move these guys on asap so am open to offers. Current ...17/08/10
32POND CLEARANCE Large Koi Carp and Sturgeon For Sale :I have about 15 large, healthy, good quality koi carp for sale and 3 sturgeon. 2 x diamond sturgeon... about 17" and 25" 1 x Siberian st ...13/08/10
33aquarium set up ?(herts,beds) +immediate set up with mature water :hi all, bought a new set up and not sure what to do ? i have over 20years of experience and can come to your door and set it up for you, als ...10/08/10
34Moori (Blue Dolphins) :I have about 30 of these at 2 inches long. 4 each or less in bulk.. I also have a good selection of africans in grow out tanks that i'll be ...05/08/10
35WANTED - Rams :Im after some rams, a pair would be nice, but i have an existing female who needs some company! They will be going in my 700ltr discus ta ...02/08/10
36Fibreglassing :POND FIBRE GLASS SERVICE02/08/10
372x Tiger Oscars for sale :Two very beautiful fullly grown oscars. Kept since very very small. 1x female, 1x male. both 12" female 1 cm shorter. Have hand feed these m ...01/08/10
38Moori (Blue Dolphin) :I have about 30 of these at 2 inches long. 4 each or less in bulk.. I also have a good selection of africans in grow out tanks that i'll be ...29/07/10
39WANTED. Juwel Rio 400 T5 Light Unit :I am after a Juwel Rio 400 T5 light unit. Must be in good working order but does not need to have tubes. Will collect from a reasonable radi ...24/07/10
40XXL TINFOIL BARBS FOR SALE :4 beautiful huge tinfoil barbs for sale @ 20 each or 60 for all four! Excellent condition ready to goto good caring homes. I am willing to ...23/07/10
41Eheim Europe Wave 4FT complete marine set up :Description: Im selling my marine set up as i no longer have the time it deserves. Included is: Eheim Europe Wave 4ft 250l aquarium and be ...23/07/10
42Mbu (largest fresh water puffa fish) for sale (origin- Congo) 90 :We have had "Bob" for about eight months, and he was about three months old when we got him. He is a fantastic fish measuring now about 5-6 ...22/07/10
43look massive heliocopter :hi im changing my tropical fish tank to a cichlid and i have a massive helicopter for sale i paid 70 for it and have only had it for 2 mont ...15/07/10
44WANTED BLACK PACU :I am willing to make an offer on a medium sized black pacu (between 10"-15"). Offers from within or just outside the M25 band. Tha ...07/07/10
45Juwel Rio 400 5 foot fish tank, pump, slate and white sand :tank and base, i obtained it around christmas and cleaned it. took ages to get some egg crate, but finally got some. then purchased some nic ...20/06/10
46Bettas :Hi there i have a huge range of bettas for sale show quality and some discount fish as well come and check out my stock shop at www.pro ...12/06/10
47Moving abroad 25 litre tank for sale urgent 60 ONO :25 litre tank complete with lighting, ornaments/gravel, quiet filter, heater and air pump. Also included (if you would like them) are 7 whit ...09/06/10
48wantd 7 or 8ft tank :hi, am looking for a 7ft x2ftwide x 30 or 36" high,or 8ft with same dimensions, only looking for just the tank and maybe lights, and stand a ...05/06/10
49wanted massive koi :i would like to purchase very 2 3 or 4 very large koi,over 30inches with good colours.22/05/10
50Deltec Tank & Geissmann Halide Lights :I am looking to sell my one off Deltec tank and Geissmann lights, in the next month as it will take this time to empty and get ready. Thes ...18/05/10
51Various Discus for sale :After a lot of thought i have decided to sell my Discus set up. I therefore have for sale 13 various discus, strains and sizes. 5ft tank on ...14/05/10
522 fish tanks :i have two fish tanks for sale 1 comes with cabinet and lid nice dark wood large tank comes with filter lighting unit bulb rena air pump 600 ...13/05/10
53OFFERS PLEASE - had the contact details wrong - Whole set up tropical fish tank, ... :Fluval fish tank - 800mm wide x 350mm deep x 550mm high on beech effect stand/cupboard 1no 7inch Pleck 1no 5inch Silver shark 2no 3inch ...12/05/10
54Glass Tropical Fish Tank For Sale With Fitted Fliter And Light :i have a tropical fish tank for sale, its only a year old and working brilliently. i have two heaters to go with it (one spare) its about a ...04/05/10
55Aqua one 1530XL :This is a 400 litre tank at 5 ft long. It's only a year old and am selling needing some space im currently housing some large chiclid fish ...03/05/10
56Chiclids For sale :Hi I have a mixture of chiclids for sale. 1 red devil about 7 inches long, female. 1 green terror about 6 inches long. 2 jack Dempsey abo ...24/04/10
57Aquatlantis Evasion Horizon XL 200 6x2x2 Marine FW Tank :The tank itself is an Aquatlantis Evasion Horizon XL 200 in black and retails at around 1600. It is roughly 6ftx2ftx2ft (Length 200cm x Wid ...23/04/10
58columbian rhombus pirahna wanted :i am looking for a 10" plus columbian rhombus if anyone is interested in parting with theirs or has one for sale i will pay a good price tha ...22/04/10
59FISH POND/ STOCK TANK :For sale Fish pond/Stock tank, only used for six months as garden pond, good condition, measures 52in l x 28in w x 24in d. Hold 100 gallons ...19/04/10
602 X 30X15X12 Fish Tanks and Stand :Hi all, I have 2 x 30x15x12 tanks (one new) 1 hood with glass sliders and light 1 double stand Offers!18/04/10
61Carp :Hi there I have a large stock pond which I have recently required, planning to create my own lake very shortly. Im in need of some large car ...09/04/10
62Jewel RIO 180 - Complete tropical setup with 2x Fluval 305 filters :Due to having a baby i no longer have the time my aquarium deserves! so reluctantly forced to sell! 180L Jewel Rio 180 tank, in beach, wi ...23/03/10
64EXTERNAL FILTERS ON EBAY :follow link12/03/10
66EXTERNAL FILTERS ON EBAY :follow link below old externals going10/03/10
68trigon 190 black with free stand :have a trigon 190 in black has juwel backing glued in comes with lights pump filter black gravel ornaments air pump and lots more there is a ...10/03/10
69Wanted smallish aquarium tank in hertford :wanted a smallish aquarium in hertford for a quick buy as wanted to get one by middle of next week.With or with out lights ,filters etc.07/03/10
70Male Jaguar Cichlid :12"+ for sale. Only available as getting too big for my tank and other occupants. Looks better than photo shows! 25 ono Collection on ...07/03/10
7112" Tiger Oscar for sale :Sad sale - only available as my two Oscars fight, (I'm guessing they may both be male). Does have a couple of scrapes and slightly tattered ...07/03/10
72Tetratec APS 400 Air Pump :3 months use. 15 Collection only from High Barnet.Contact Paul: [email protected]02/03/10
73half moon tank for swap :hi here you have a halfmoon marine aquarium it is 1mtr across the back 19" front to back and 24" deep it has a small refugium buil ...27/02/10
746 outlet airpump :6 outlet air pump asking 25 due to weight collection from Watford Herts26/02/10
754 x 1 x 1 tank :I am selling a lovely tank measuring 4 foot long , 1 foot high and 1 foot deep. it has a painted blue background. The tank is watertight a ...26/02/10
76Turtle Tank & External Filter :I'm selling my turtle tank due to upgrading in size. This tank comes with a walnut cabinet and external filter (AQUIS 1000 rpp 130) The ta ...24/02/10
78WANTED 200-240l Aquarium with cabinet Herts/Beds area only :200-240 litre long or bow fronted aqaurium with cabinet. Must be in pine/oak/beech/light wood finish complete with light unit and preferabl ...19/02/10
79Wanted Yellow Labs :Hi Quality labidochromis caeruleus fry or juveniles wanted, empty tank waiting. I can collect from anywhere in London, or in the Watford a ...18/02/10
806by2by2 Lovely Metallic Silver Tank, Cabinet & Hood :Selling an N&D Aquatics 6ft by 2ft by 2ft fish tank with stand and hood. 2 years old and made with the following; Polished edges Cover glas ...16/02/10
81At least 11 large pieces of Live Rock :Collection from EN5. Just closed down a marine tank and I have many many kilos of live rock available for collection. I think there is ...16/02/10
82Portable Refractometer :CLosed a marine tank down and I have for sale a portable refractometer. Comes boxed and in good condition. Made by Deltec Aquarium Soluti ...16/02/10
83Community tropical fish wanted Watford area :Just set up a new planted tank and looking for any surplus fish people may want to rehome for whatever reason before I visit my local Maiden ...15/02/10
844ft fish tank setup for sale :I have a 4ft fish tank setup for sale it comes with all accessories, the stones,rock's,a fluval heater,air bubble tube's and air pump,fluval ...05/02/10
85Trios and Pairs of Cichlids :Hi all, For sale: Breeding pair of rams, these are very small and I bought them from ste1200 who is the most recognised breeder in the ...29/01/10
86200 litre/44 gallons planted tank. UV - ph metre - 4xT5 - ext filter 590 :Hello, I go back to France soon. I have a beautifull 200litre tank to sell, fully equiped for a nice planted tank: - aquarium curved from ...25/01/10
87TOP PRICE PAID FOR PAIRS OF CLOWN FISH AND BANGAIIS :Looking for the above - cash waiting.25/01/10
88WANTED: 30" TANK? :Hi all, looking for the above?!25/01/10
89Juwel Vision 180 Black with cabinet for sale :Juwel Vision 180 Black finish with cabinet also has 2 filter systems 2 airpumps and 2 heaters for tropical (needs new ligth unit 50-60) plu ...20/01/10
90For Rehoming: Harlequin Sweet lips (Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides ) :Very beautiful marine fish, circa 12cm and feeds very well on frozen foods. Need to re-home now to limitation of tank capacity. I am looking ...19/01/10
91pacus :pacus wanted 12" upwards bigger the better for trop pond .18/01/10
92Big pleco 9" for sale :I have a large pleco for sale. It needs a new home urgent. The price can be negotiated.15/01/10
93AULONOCARA :JACOBFREIBERGI 3" male i have two they fight great colour ready to breed with. this one needs to go sell for 10 or swap with a.firefish or ...09/01/10
94Tiger Oscars 3 :3 healthy and beautiful oscars- very active and feeds on almost any kind of food!! Looking to swap for any smaller fish or to sell (any reas ...05/01/10
95Fish Tank :24" wide x 18" high x 15" deep fish tank sits on maple two door cupboard. Overall height 48". Good condition includes pump, light etc. 70 o ...04/01/10
96Fluval Edge :Hi all, I am selling a fluval edge, it has never been used and is in burnt orange - a lovely tank but the gf has said no! A perfect xmas pre ...07/12/09
97automatic fish feeder(pond) :automatic fish feeder for grabs ponds only quite big once again brand new never used offers please contact asap!thanks06/12/09
98pump set 400 :i have pump set 400 any offfers boxed opened never used u can see it has never been used contact me asap06/12/09
99saltwater testing :i have also a saltwater testing kit please contact me never used still got plastic around it offers please06/12/09
100reef testing kit :i have reef testing kit never used not even open contact me for more detail06/12/09
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