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1Fish for sale or swop for stingray :Hello I have a 2 foot tiger shovel nose and a 2foot silver Arowana and 2 azul bass about 14 inches and 2 other bass about 13 inch to swop f ...19/08/17
25 pieces of bogwood for sale or swop for mollies,platties,guppies,swordtails :I have 5 pieces of med-large bogwood for sale 50.00 for all 5 pieces ranges from 2cm-5cms thick roughly 10cms long some are chunkier and hea ...17/08/17
3wanted mollies/platties/guppies/swordtails please :hi there just wondered if any1 has any spare please they are willing to get rid off any colours I don't mind just trying to get some fish ba ...17/08/17
4Mature Live Rock £6/Kg Live Sand £2/Kg :Final stage of 1000Ltr tank being shut down. Lots of rock, sand and reef bones. Discount of bulk purchase >50Kg Collection only. Please ...16/08/17
5red dragon OB alunocara :hi for sale is a make ob red dragon alunocara malawi chichlid, the male is very dominant and is constantly breeding with his females i have ...15/08/17
6black pearl calvus :large black pearl calvus, very active and in perfect condition. £25 collection only.15/08/17
7breeding pair of blue ahli :large healthy blue male ahli for sale £30 a very good pair the female is always holding and rears her own young without any issues. i will n ...15/08/17
8Chinese Fire Bellied Newts (Cynops orientails) :Captive bred by myself. CB Jan 2017. Terrestrial Juveniles for sale. Very healthy, feeding well on live and frozen foods. Experience or rese ...10/08/17
9Aqua One G220 Protien Skimmer £40 :Used for 12month prior to upgrading the complete system10/08/17
10TMC Vecton 300 UV £40 :Used for 12 months prior to upgrading the complete system. Good lamp :)10/08/17
11Golden Strain discus x9 :Golden strain discus- from "David Lai", Discus for the Discerning, Leopard sakeskin and Eruption, 5-6inches+ Kept in treated tap water at 2 ...10/08/17
12Captive bred Chinese fire bellied newts(Cynops orientalis) juveniles for sale :Captive bred terrestrial juveniles for sale. Captive bred and hand reared by myself. CB Jan 2016. Experience or research required, but happy ...10/08/17
13thinning out my garden ponds :lots of A grade Japanese koi for sale, mix of colours,3-4" , only £7 each. 5-6".only £15 each, 9-10" only £30 each, also got huge koi,If int ...09/08/17
14Beautiful 22 inches inches albino sterlet for koi/fish pond :I have got a beautiful 22"albino sterlet which has got red eyes for sale, price is £90, also got another one a bit bigger only £120. If you ...09/08/17
15Closing pond for refurb, lots of koi for sale :Got lots of koi for sale due to pond referb, koi are 12" up to 30" +, prices from £60. and there are a lot of them,If interested call me on ...09/08/17
16Tropheous Ikola :Young Breeding group of F1 10 fish plus 2 youngsters . £10008/08/17
175 ft 500 litre tank with 5 wild Caribe and 1 tank bees red belly :Imported these myself as juveniles, about 6 inches now one slightly smaller. The sale is for the tank and fish only Looking for a quick s ...03/08/17
1830l bow front tank with heater,filter£35.00 :i have a grey 30L bow front tank for sale has white light working order also comes with filter and heater no scratches or leaks email or ca ...03/08/17
19large flagtail :hi i have for sale a large flag tail, he has outgrown his home! he is a lovely fish eats well and always has great colours. he does need a b ...03/08/17
20aquatronica Plug bars and controller :i have for sale 2 Aquatronica plug bars in good condition and the new style control unit £100.00 for each plug bar £60.00 for control u ...29/07/17
21Eco Tech MP40 :MP40 Eco tech good condition no box reason for sale i have closed my tank down £140.00 onvo29/07/17
22biOrb Acrylic Aquarium Stand :biOrb acrylic aquarium stand in silver with assembly instructions. £50.00. I also have a biOrb 60 for sale with approximately £40 worth o ...29/07/17
23biOrb 60 :biOrb 60 for sale with silver base and top, complete with pump, ceramic media, three service kits, intelligent light (LED) unit, magnetic al ...29/07/17
24Tiger shovel nose silver Arowana :Hi I have a 2 foot tiger shovel nose and a 2 foot silver Arowana for sale27/07/17
25GORGEOUS BLACK AND WHITE ORANDA FANCY GOLDFISH. :For sale a simply stunning large Black and white 6 inch Oranda Lovely big Crown on him. Very Friendly. Young Male Fish COLLECTION FRO ...24/07/17
26Giant gourami and vieja argenta for sale :14 inch albino giant gourami 100 pounds 13 inch red tail giant gourami 100 pound 8 inch veija argenta 50 pound Need gone asap out grow ...23/07/17
28Turbo Snails (Turbo bruneus) :Turbo snails for sale (Turbo bruneus) £2 each or 6 for £10 collection from egham surrey thanks Dan 0790021187819/07/17
29marine cerith snails :marine cerith for sale £1 each collection from egham surrey thanks Dan 0790021187819/07/17
30marine spiny lobsters panulirus sp :absolutely stunning marine spiny lobsters rarely seen Panulirus sp please research theses lobsters 2x medium / large 3 to 4 inches £ ...19/07/17
31Various Tanks Available :As above, now selling some of my grow tanks. Available tanks: Jewel vision 180ltr (3ft long) in beech with black painted background, b ...12/07/17
3215 inch ted tail cat :15 inch red tail catfish great feeder best fish in my tank only selling because he's getting to big now for my tank and carnt aforde a new t ...11/07/17
33Silver Platys :Have approx 10-12 young Silver Platys free for collection. Wallington, Surrey08/07/17
34pseudotropheus galinos :1 breeding pair around 4", sourced as F1 locally, breeding regularly. Female is no longer typical pattern and is pale blue/grey. 4 to 6 aro ...06/07/17
355 Lovely Polyresin mopani bogwood sandblasted white :I have 5 of these, each cost me 25 quid when new! Looking for 50 quid for all of them; collection from Camberley, Surrey. Perfectly aqua ...30/06/17
36limnochromis staneri F1 Pair full grown £60 :Hi I have a Pair of limnochromis staneri, looking for a sensible offer. My phone number is 07922865109 i live in Addlestone.29/06/17
37veija flowerhorn :Have veija flowerhorn hybrids 6 months old ranging 3"to6"some pale orange some veija bifa markings £5.00 each call malc 0797368492 ...27/06/17
38a true pair of wild clown fish :we have our pair of wild clown fish that we had for 5 yrs and get on great feeding on flake and frozen would like £30.0024/06/17
39Aqua One 3 foot established tank, sump & livestock for sale :Happy healthy fish and corals for a bargain price! Fully established with coraline covering most of the back wall, sump with live rock a ...24/06/17
40Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Marine Stock List 23/06/17 :Hello from Maidenhead Aquatics Ashtead (5 mins off of Junction 9 M25). This is an update to our Marine Fish Livestock list: Tangs: Kole ...23/06/17
41Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 23/06/17 :A warm tropical welcome from Maidenhead Aquatics at Ashtead, Surrey, just off of Junction 9 the M25. Here is a current extensive Freshwater ...23/06/17
42API Reef Master Test Kit :This kit is brand new, still sealed. Never been used! Am willing to part for it for £20 delivered within the UK. :) This kit tests 4 key ...22/06/17
43Large aquarium full set up .... First with £600 secures. :My friend is giving up his aquarium due to health issues. The aquarium is very large so please only consider if you are able to house it. ...21/06/17
44Brand New Designer Aquarium - Ifalos Gaios - Price Reduction :We are reducing the price on this aquarium and ad below from £900.00 to £500.00 - we just want to make some room, it is a great bargain! RRP ...19/06/17
45Stendker Discus x9 in Redhill, Surrey - last few remaining :The last few remaining Discus from this post are left and to help us free up the holding aquariums, we will be doing them at a reduced price ...19/06/17
46Live Rock :We have stripped down an aquarium and have approx 150-200kg of live rock currently sitting in vats in our office. The live rock has been in ...19/06/17
47Fox face fish :I have a fox face fish for sale,very healthy and eating well,reason for selling is that he is eating my zoas, Only had it 3 weeks cost me £ ...14/06/17
48Marine livestock in Aqua One 3 foot established tank, sump for sale :Livestock: Approx 10-20kgs of live rock regal tang yellow tang 6 line wrasse percula clown 2 x ocellaris clowns sand sifting goby bl ...08/06/17
49Koi Carp for sale :I have 12/13 Koi for sale due to house move. Some quite large about 10 years old. All in good condition If you are interested please call ...07/06/17
50Koi Carp for sale :I have 12/13 Koi for sale due to house move. Some quite large about 10 years old. All in good condition If you are interested please call ...07/06/17
51very large fiberglass pond :strong fiberglass pond04/06/17
52lots of goldfish :I have loads of goldfish for sale, various colours and sizes from £1 each. If interested call me on 07946685936, collection only04/06/17
53fiberglass pond :very large fiberglass pond Atlantis I paid £1200 five years ago had it free standing no leaks very strong green gel coat is very good. very ...29/05/17
54Koi carp - need to relocate :A dozen Koi Carp which have outgrown their current pond; need to relocate by 01 Aug 2017. Most are 12+ years old; 4 are 5 years old, very l ...28/05/17
557x3x2 (LxWxH) 1200ltr 5 month old tank plus equipment :As above, reluctantly selling my 7x3x2 1200ltr tank plus all equipment and fish. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A SERIOUS SET UP AND ONLY SERIOUS ...25/05/17
56Marine fish, Inverts, Corals, in Aqua One 270litre marine tank :One clarkii clown, one percola clown, one emporer Cardinal, pistol shrimp, peppermint shrimp, pink urchin, elephant ear coral, pulsing Xenia ...25/05/17
577x3x2 (LxWxH) 1200ltr 5 month old tank plus equipment :As above, reluctantly selling my 7x3x2 1200ltr tank plus all equipment and fish. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A SERIOUS SET UP AND ONLY SERIOUS B ...24/05/17
58Pair of Clarke clowns :Perfect condition, would prefer to swap for other fish/frags or clean up crew WYG21/05/17
59STURGEON wanted :Looking for sturgeon Starlets albino Siberian Diamonds White Diamonds All wanted bigger than 2ft Cash waiting Well maintained ...09/05/17
60Surrey - Koi Carp etc. :We have two very healthy Koi Carp, grown from tiddlers (now 15 years' old) and about 18 to 20", along with three fluttery largish Goldf ...08/05/17
61Butterfly Splitfins (Goodeids) (Ameca Splendens) :I have 4 adult Butterfly Splitfins free to a good home. All are healthy and have been well cared for, I'm only moving them on because the ...07/05/17
62Vieja Synspilum juveniles :Vieja Synspilum juveniles for sell around 1,5"-2" Any question fell free to ask 07401959900 Mario Thanks03/05/17
63Koi carp and goldfish (approx. x20) for sale :Approximately 20 fish need rehoming as we have decided to get rid of the pond we inherited with the house. Fish are mostly Koi with a coupl ...19/04/17
64ToadStool :I have 3 Toadstools, each size of a dinner plates that are taking over my tank. If anyone has some live rock they'd like to trade please dro ...18/04/17
65Assorted Discus :Great new selection of Discus now in store. £39.99 -£69.99 Please contact us for further details; 01344 87503106/04/17
66L260 Queen Arabesque Pleco :2-3" £69 each Please contact us for further details; 01344 87503106/04/17
67Gold laser cory C-010 :3-4cm gorgeous gold laser corydoras. £18 each or 3 for £45 Please contact us for further details; 01344 87503106/04/17
68Garden Pond Koi :Hi Three 12" koi for sale, they have out grown the pond all three are healthy and still growing. A bargain at £40 for all three. Pleas ...31/03/17
69Breeding Gold Angels :A young pair of lovely Golden Breeding Angels for sale collection only from Croydon. Call Mike on 0772564147131/03/17
70Brochis multiradiatus / hognosed brochis :3-4" £25 each or 3 for £60 Please contact us for further details; 01344 87503124/03/17
71Anostomus anostomus / Striped headstader :2-3" - £12 or 3 for £30 Please contact us for further details; 01344 87503124/03/17
72Hoplarchus psitticus / South American parrot cichlid :We have two young H.Psitticus around 4-5" now in store. A gorgeous South American cichlid known by the locals in Brazil as the parrot f ...24/03/17
73complete set up,oak tropical fish aquarium :Im selling my Aqua Oak 110cm 200 litre Aquarium and Cabinet, included also is a Greenline crystalprofi 901 filter, heater, inline Vecton 400 ...21/03/17
74Tiger Shovel nose wanted , big preds wanted odd balls :Tiger shovelnose catfish wanted 1ft plus Pacu , Giant snakeheads ,golden dorados , big predators welcome ! Long term home given , Contac ...20/03/17
75Dorado wanted :Golden Dorado wanted 12" plus bigger the better , 0776451402420/03/17
76placidochromis jalo reef large male(croydon) :I have this stunning large male placidochromis jalo reef, he has bred for me many times but I no longer have any femlaes for him, shows grea ...19/03/17
77Protomealas virgatus Pombo Reef yellow chin male(croydon) :this male has just started to show great colour in the last few weeks but still has a lot to come, he is a good size , I am only selling as ...19/03/17
78Homebred Baby Golden Bristlenose Pleco :Home Bred Bristlenose Plecos that are now 2-3 months old, and ready to go to their new homes. Plenty available at different sizes ranging fr ...19/03/17
79Aqua One 5ft tank with iquatics aqualumi lighting :This is a lovely aqua one 5 x 2 x 2 tank in great condition, It comes with iquatics lighting system( link below) although the reflective tap ...17/03/17
80placidochromis jalo reef group of 5 juvies :I have a group of 5 young jalo reef that I have bred from my group, I think its 2 males and 3 females, the pic is of one of the males that h ...12/03/17
81Aqua illumination 48" rail with 6" extension :Excellent condition. Collection Lingfield06/03/17
82Black ghost knife fish 10 Inches :I am baised in epsom surrey and I am shutting down my tank will unfortunately have to sell of my fish. I am also selling a 15 inch ornate bi ...06/03/17
83Arowana Wanted :Looking for a nice Asian Arowana big RTG of blue base something a long them lines , Budget max £600 0776451402402/03/17
84Fahaka Puffer 3-4 inches :Hi I have one Fahaka Puffer for sale he is 3-4" and will ultimately reqiure a large tank. He has killed some other smaller fish so you n ...27/02/17
85FREE Rehome three large goldfish :I have three fairly large goldfish in a tank they have outgrown. Looking to give to anyone wishing to stock a pond. I know nothing about ...25/02/17
86Black moor :I have 4 black moor 18-22 months old had them since babies.They range from 4-6" long.Saddens me to part with them but due to the loss o ...25/02/17
87For sale John Allan fish set up 2 teir 6 foot :Here for sale is my 6 foot 2 teir John Allan shop system. Both tanks are drilled . The tanks and stand are in excellent condition . The T ...23/02/17
8825kg of base rock dead live rock :Approx 25kg of dead live rock fills a 40litre flexi tub £100 collection ash vale20/02/17
89surrey fishi rescue and pond maintenance-07764457896 :hi there,i provide a free rescue service for pond fish in and around Guildford and Surrey. please feel free to call me to discuss your dilem ...17/02/17
90Kent marine 94l tank and stand (starter marine) :Kent marine 94l tank everything to start you off except sand Looking for around £110 Skimmer Heater 2 peices of arka rock Wavemaker ...15/02/17
91Aqua One Cube 180L Aquarium with cabinet in silver/grey :One tank with cabinet, watertight, solid cabinet. Tank Measures: H 648, D 626, W 624. Cabinet Measures:H D 742, 652, W 652. Overa ...09/02/17
92Various sps & lps frags :Having rescaped my new 8x2 an added additional corals to the tank, I've had to thin back some of my original colonies as they was well encru ...05/02/17
93Marine Fish Tank £750ono :Below is a list of what I'm selling and the price I originally paid for them. I will be selling the tank as a complete set. 1 x tank and ...30/01/17
94Free live rock and inverts (Box Hill, Surrey) :I have a hermit, turbo snail and another snail plus about 3 kg of live rock that I need to get rid of. If you're local you can come and pick ...27/01/17
954 x Discus for sale :4 healthy discus for sale 3 are approx 4 inches the other is smaller 2.5 inches. Can be delivered within 15 miles of Esher, Surrey or pic ...14/01/17
96Goldflake angel looking to buy :Looking for marine golflake angel. Please send photo and price Email [email protected] Phon 0784890287913/01/17
97Protein skimmer Bubble Magus C6 :Excellent skimmer for aquariums from 400litres to 700litres New original pump just fitted so skimmer same as new Skimmer is used New cost ...10/01/17
98Brackish water fish :Three silver Scats about 8 cms each, one Mono for sale.£30 the lot. Godalming Surrey area.08/01/17
99co2 bottle :pro flora co2 m500 bottle empty £20 collection Guildford o778897158705/01/17
100steel shelving :steel shelving suitable for 3 rows of tanks 80in high (39in wide can be cut down to fit )80in long very strong designed for 1000kg load id ...05/01/17
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