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1Fishes for sell :Melanitaenia boesemani-2males1 female- 5cm-12pounds Melanotaenia lacustris-1male-6cm.-8pound Melanotaenia praecox-1male-5cm.-5pounds Maro ...30/10/15
2Many Koi and goldfish plus pump :Have recently moved to a new house but due to wife and toddlers need to have pond removed. Looking for offers of around 200 for total clear ...28/10/15
3Marble fish tank and Base :280 litres aqua-one tank in good condition, base green marble with marble hood (weight when empty 300kg), height 165cm. Eheim 2215 filter. N ...26/10/15
4Flowerhorn,SRD monsterkok :Super red dragon monsterkok,12 -13 inch, imported from Thailand ,very friendly and interactive, Very rare this size and quality as seen fro ...23/10/15
5Peacock bass :Hi I have 14"Peacock bass for sale 150ono. Is to Bug for my tank.16/10/15
6Chiller/heater :DD DC4000 chiller/ heater heats and cools your water. It's in vgc and works really well. Not the time of year to worry about the cooling si ...13/10/15
7DD skimmer tc2560 :DD Protien Skimmer, in good working order. Not much to say about this item, other than the fact that it does what it says on the tin. A gre ...13/10/15
8Vortex have led lights :Vortex have led unit.1500x366 there are an extra 9 lighting modules installed, 5x multi colour + 4x uv so it is completely loaded. In vgc ab ...13/10/15
94ft racking 3ft racking 2ft racking..breeding..quarantine..treatment tanks :Hi I'm shutting down my fish room so have a few racking systems for sale Four foot racking system 1 ... 4x1x1 2 four fits decided in t ...13/10/15
10JUWEL 240 Tropical Fish Aquarium :Due to owner moving , this aquarium was only setup for a brief period of time (under 6 months). Previously a fresh water setup, glass and ca ...12/10/15
11Mcat zebra gold kawanga and ob female :Hi in selling my Mcat and ob kawanga These are a rare and sort after fish , most inporters have waiting lists for these for when and if th ...07/10/15
12Mcat zebra gold kawanga and ob female :Hi in selling my Mcat and ob kawanga These are a rare and sort after fish , most inporters have waiting lists for these for when and if th ...07/10/15
13tmc signature 30l microhabitat with skimmer marine tank aquarium :This is a full marine setup (NO LIVESTOCK) - The tank is a TMC signature 30l nano tank. Has been great and work wonders. The tank also comes ...07/10/15
1450 - 90lt rectangular glass fish tank :Looking for a glass tank to use as a quarantine tank, bare glass with or without accessories, 50lt but not too big. I live in Thornton Heat ...06/10/15
15Metriaclima long pelvic mdoka wc male and f1 female :Hi Have for sale a breeding pair of Metriaclima long pelvic mdoka they have bred numerous times the male is 8-9cm and the female is 7-8cm. ...04/10/15
16Mcat kawanga , fuelleborni katale Mcat, fainzilberi, msobo magunga, polit :Mbuna for sale Collection from fectham Surrey but may meet somewhere.. Msobo magunga 3m 7f....pond raised 130 there is another male to ...04/10/15
17Synodontis Angelicus Catfish :Hello all I am selling my beloved Angelicus Catfish. He or she is in excellent health with very clear markings. He or she is very shy crea ...02/10/15
18De Staco calcium reactor :De Staco, suitable for tanks up to 1400 litre. Includes dosing pump, calcorous medium 2 x co2 bottles, and regulater, spare tube for peri pu ...01/10/15
19Mcat zebra gold kawanga group :2 mcat zebra gold kawanga , one 3.5 inch one 4.5 8 obs , couple 2 inch rest 3inch and just over 1 wild male 230 2 mcat zebra gold ...29/09/15
202x 8 inch Fontosa Cichlids and 4ft Tank :2 x 8inch Fontosa Cichlids (possible male and female) One with huge hump on head. Selling with a 4ft tank, stand, heater and air pump. Su ...22/09/15
21Pond Fish :Wanted free pond fish We have moved to surbiton have now have a 10ft by 10ft 6ft deep urgent need for fish any pond fish can collect when ...10/09/15
22Kawanga Mcat, fuelleborni Mcat , Ndonga, polit etc :Mbuna for sale Collection from fectham Surrey but may meet somewhere.. Msobo magunga 3m 7f....pond raised Fuelle katale 1 6inch Mcat f ...09/09/15
23Jewel Rio 125 with stand :For sale is my Juwel Rio 125 (no cabinet doors) Very good condition with working lighting unit. Would be willing to exchange for a 2 ...07/09/15
24Mala wolf fish :Bout 8 inches very nice fish if kept with larger fish anything smaller he will eat Feeds on mussels prawns and white bait 30 Need gone h ...26/08/15
25fish for sale :Red tail cat fish 12 inch 60 pound Marmoratus catfish 2ft 60 pound 2xdiamond barbs 8inch 50 pounds Or buy them all for 140 Contact ...25/08/15
26POND FISH KOI CARP AND OTHER NATIVE FISH AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY :DC FRESHWATER FISH CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE!!! www.dcfreshwaterfish.co.uk DC fresh water fish was founded in 2009 by David Champio ...20/08/15
276ft marine aquarium :Up for sale is my established 6ft marine tank Tank dimensions are 6ft long x 2.5ft high x 2ft wide 10mm thick glass 12mm base from memor ...20/08/15
28PERFECT FOR BREEDING RIGHT NOW Breeding male 16 inches plus inches stingray henl ... :big proven male pearl ,still for sale 17" Henlei female still for sale Still taking offers Offers welcome Call 0797995389419/08/15
29Male pearl stingray :LAL call me on this number 07979953894 Cheers jay19/08/15
30Silver arow :Wanted sliver arowana hi I'm just setting up my new tank and wanting a silver arowana if any one can help out or tell me where I can buy ...16/08/15
31Red Spotted Green Domestic Discus - new fish. :Hi, I have for sale a few of selected RSG. As you can see they have all very good shape, rounded forehead, symmetrically grown fins both; do ...13/08/15
32Pond fish need a home/homes :A neighbour's pond had to be emptied yesterday as new residents did not want it. We took out 2 dozen pond fish (hybrids) seem fine - 4-8 inc ...11/08/15
33Pseudotropheus polit from F1 unrelated parents :As above, I have just ten Pseudotropheus polit remaining from unrelated f1 parents. 1-1.5" in size 3 each or all ten for 25. (Definite ...09/08/15
34Labidochromis perlmutt :As above, my Labidochromis Perlmutt are now ready. About an inch in size at 4 for 10. Pic of my breeder male. Collection or can d ...09/08/15
35Stunning Mbuna breeding pairs for sale :As above I am reluctantly moving on some breeding groups I've had for a while now, including: F1 metriaclima zebra gold Kawanga 3 pairs t ...09/08/15
36Otopharynx lithobates Zimbawe Rock Pair (croydon) :I have for sale a pair of Otopharynx lithobates (Zimbawe Rock) the male is now colouring up nicely and turning into a real stunner, I h ...07/08/15
37Protomelas Steveni Taiwan reef trio :Hi Have a trio to sell on as I need some tank space, I have bred these myself and grown them on but have decided to sell them, they are arou ...07/08/15
38Tropical fish free to a good home :We have two large 12 inch Pleco, 2 large bala sharks and 2 smaller tropical fish. They all live happily together. We need to close the ta ...04/08/15
39Marble female ray nature for breeding 220 Ono :Marble female ray mature 220 Ono02/08/15
40Zebra plecos L46 wanted :Adult zebra plecs wanted!! To add to existing small colony. Must be 3"+, so sexable, particularly females but will consider pairs/tr ...29/07/15
41Cherry Shrimp For Sale :Hi, I have a large amount of Red Cherry Shrimp for sale. 1 each, or 50 for 40.00 Collection from KT19, Epsom. Thanks29/07/15
42green swordtails for sale :young swordtails 1 each really must go soon! Apx 15- 2029/07/15
43275l Aqua reef cube marine set up :Heating 1 x 500watt Lighting 1 x led unit upgrade 1x Sump filter 1x Return pump 1x Protein skimmer 2x Hydor koralia wave maker 1x re ...27/07/15
44For sale pair of plecos. :I am selling my pair of plecos measuring at least a foot long each they are in lovely condition, I am asking 20 each for them or 30 the pa ...27/07/15
464 foot jewel :Free to good home 2 year old Jewel fish tank24/07/15
47Bichir :Not sure what type of Bichir this is bout 10 inches Feeds well on prawns pellets mussels 2018/07/15
485 Super Red Belly Piranhas :8-10 inches healthy well eating fish. 80 ono12/07/15
49WANTED 5ft RENA 450 AQUALIFE LID WITH LIGHTS :Hi i am looking for a lid to fit a rena 450 aqua life 5ft x 20".Cash waiting for the correct lid with lights..12/07/15
50Metriaclima zebra chilumba luwino reef male :I have too many males so selling on this f1 male, I had to buy him for the females. He is around 6cm and looks like he's going to be a crack ...06/07/15
51Placidochromis jalo reef females :I have a surplus amount of females, I have bred these from unrelated german F1 parents, they are up to 5-6cm plenty to choose from. pics of ...06/07/15
52120lt Aquarium - 90 :120lt aquarium for pick up only. Measures approx. 49cm (H) x 80cm (L) x 35cm (W). Comes with light, thermometer, RESUN autofeeder AF-2009D a ...03/07/15
53Various African malawi for sale :Needing tank space so condensing down I have approx 30 - 40 assorted Malawi ranging from .5"-3" in size various types inc white lab, black ...28/06/15
54Guppy fry. :Guppy fry. Free to a good home. Collect from Horley in Surrey. Some still available25/06/15
55New style bi orb halo 30l tank for sale :White four month old tank available with or without decoration and fish. Tank in near perfect condition as can be seen in photos upgraded to ...24/06/15
56Reef inverts, marine fish, live rock, in RSM250 for sale :Numerous inverts: crabs, star fish and various molluscs Yellow tang, dwarf African flameback angel, 2x Humbugs & 2x goldentail damsels. Mu ...22/06/15
57Fully stocked Red Sea Max 250 for sale :Hi, house move is reluctantly forcing the sale of my fully stocked RSM250 that has been matured over the past 4 years. Consists of; RSM250 ...22/06/15
58F1 pseudotropheus polit and cynotilapia sp. hara :As above, I am now selling 1 male polit at 3" and 1 male hara at almost 4". Polit male 10 Hara male 10 or 15 if brought together I ...22/06/15
59Rock, media, chemicals etc for sale :Hi All, I am having a clear out of all my aquarium bits as i have now closed down all my tanks. The following items are available: ...21/06/15
60Jardini Arowana :Hi I'm selling my jardini she's around 11-12 inch lovely fish feeds well on most foods! No drop eye 100 Any questions plz ask21/06/15
61Koi Filtration. Bubble Bead, Bakki Showers, Sieves :I am able to assist you in saving money on Koi filtration by getting the best deal. Bubblebead filters, Bakki Showers, Liners, Pumps and Sie ...19/06/15
62New Arrival Of Japanese Jumbo Tosai In The UK March 2015 :My friend received some lovely Japanese Koi two weeks ago from Japan. He has 30 Top Grade Koi from Sekiguchi & Marihiru Jumbo Tosai. They ar ...19/06/15
63Bubblebead filters :I am able to save you on bubble bead filters of all sizes for the real Koi enthusiast in the UK. I am not doing this as a business but onl ...19/06/15
64Pond Maintenance In Surrey :I am a professional who does Koi pond maintenance in the Surrey area any distance covered. Specializes in filtration, pond vacuuming, water ...07/06/15
65Azul peacock bass :Azul about 9 inches lovely fish feeds well on pellets and mussels Great markings and blue fins 100 ono07/06/15
66Polit,Membe deep, Hongi (croydon) :I am changing my tanks around so I would like to sell the following fish, collection from Croydon or I can deliver locally. 25 for the grou ...03/06/15
67MALE BETTA FISH, TONIGHT UP TO HALF PRICE, MANY JUST 7.50 :Please join us tonight at The Aqua Factor facebook page for sales tonight of these plus many more stunning male betta fish with up to half p ...02/06/15
68Red Sea Max 130D :Black Red Sea Max 130D in perfect working order - 3 years old. Includes: Cabinet, heating system and lighting, skimmer, filtration, testi ...31/05/15
69aqua factor facebook page - stunning male betta fish for sale :Please come and join us at the aqua factor facebook page for sales of the extrodinary male betta fish and many more. They are out of this wo ...29/05/15
70Aqua factor facebook page - Stunning female bettas at just 4.99 :Hi please come and join us at the aqua factor facebook page for sales of these gorgeous female bettas plus many more at just 4.99 each, go ...29/05/15
71Juwel Vision 260 tank and cabinet (croydon) :For sale vision 260 in black, The rear panel has a cut out for a filter and a few scratches that don't spoil your viewing pleasure. The cabi ...29/05/15
72150 litre corner aquarium :For sale Maidenhead aquatics corner aquarium with Cabernet complete set up. External filter eheim,heater, air pump, large slate rocks and fe ...28/05/15
73Wanted: Looking For 4ft LED Setup :looking for a freshwater LED setup, must be controllable (auto dimming up and down) thx21/05/15
74wanted common pleco :Hi everyone I was hoping that someone has a common pleco that they either don't want or has grown to big I would like one for my daugthers t ...20/05/15
75WANTED FREE PLECO :HI everyone has anybody have a free pleco in the crawley,gatwick,horley and redhill I will travel as well to collect the right fish thank yo ...16/05/15
76HOME UN-WANTED FISH FRESHWATER OR TROPICAL :Good home waiting for any unwanted pond fish Good home waiting for any unwanted koi,sturgeon,pond fish ,if your closeing down pond or movi ...11/05/15
77HOME UN-WANTED FISH FRESHWATER OR TROPICAL :Good home waiting for any unwanted pond fish Good home waiting for any unwanted koi,sturgeon,pond fish ,if your closeing down pond or movi ...10/05/15
78Fluval Roma 240Litre Tank/ Cabinet :Complete Tank/Cabinet, 300 Watt heater, Tube lighting. Fluval 306 external filter, All in perfect working order. 20009/05/15
79Marine Mini LED 500HD Lighting Tile :Perfect for Nano tanks less than 50 Litres, Also suitable on larger set ups along side other Aquaray lights. Hardly used as upgraded to big ...09/05/15
806ft fish tank :Hi I know this will be cheeky but has anyone have a large tank 6ft or 5ft very cheap or for free I can collect please give fish a loving hom ...08/05/15
81nexus 210 :for sale is a nexus 210 with k1 meida and lid 400 pounds ovno need gone today or asap 0779657805008/05/15
825 shellies, 6 sardines 2 comps for sale 50 :Trying to sell all my aquarium setup, starting with the fish. for more information please email me.06/05/15
83Wanted: Endlers guppy pairs or juveniles :Pure bred Endlers varieties wanted to complement and enlarge my existing small population. Black Bar, Red, Blue or Tiger Endlers especially. ...29/04/15
84Internal UV Sterilizer ( Green Killing Machine) :UV Sterilizer, Ideal for aquariums up to 100 Gal/ 400 Litres. Used In perfect working order, in original box. 2527/04/15
85Barrel Pond with EasyClear Pump and Antique Pump :Barrel cut out and lined with stand to make attractive and unusual fish pond. Dimensions are L2.5ft, W3ft, H2.5ft. Comes with EasyClear200 ...27/04/15
86Red Sea Max 250 plus full marine set up - 450 ono :Black Red Sea Max 250 which is 5 years old but no noticeable scratches on glass. Both water circulation pumps recently replaced. Everything ...26/04/15
87Free Fish :i am looking for some free fish to rehome in my 6x 2x2 aquarium if you have any large cichlids or catfish arowanas clown knife fish or any t ...20/04/15
88Custom Super Mario Lego Aquarium Decoration Ornaments :Yes, you read it correctly. If you want an aquarium that looks like no other, here you go. Took me ages to make. I had it in my tank for a g ...09/04/15
8972x24x30 fish tank :Complete set up inc 72x24x30 tank drilled with a 48x 18x 18 sump tank and media 5ft twin tube light plus a aqua blue led light , 4 he ...06/04/15
90Jebao WP25 wave maker + controller :h performance, powerful, water flow combined with low energy consumption Low voltage, safe, reliable power supply Ceramic shaft for long l ...06/04/15
91Live rock for sale, Chessington :I have 50kg of liverock for sale, it's been in my display for 3 years and is covered in coraline algae. My Po4 and No3 levels are close to ...05/04/15
92Labidochromis Mbamba Bay Male (croydon) :I have for sale a cracking male Labidochromis Mbamba Bay, he's 3.5" and living peacefully with my other Malawi, only selling as I am ch ...03/04/15
93Cynotilapia afra Jalo Reef MALE (croydon) :I am changing my tanks around so I am selling on a few of my Malawi. This listing is for a male Cynotilapia afra "Jalo Reef" he's arou ...03/04/15
94Albino and common pleco :Albino pleco about 12 inches and common pleco about 8 inches looking for new home. Asking for small donation or swap with any live bearer fi ...03/04/15
95Protomelas Steveni Taiwan Reef Juveniles(croydon) :I have for sale some Taiwan reef 1-2" 4-5cm 2 each I also have some larger Taiwan reef from an earlier batch 2 for 15 plenty to choose f ...03/04/15
96Otopharynx lithobates (Zimbawe Rock) Juveniles(croydon) :I have for sale some Otopharynx lithobates (Zimbawe Rock) I also have some larger Zimbabwe rock from an earlier batch 2 for 15 1-2" 4- ...03/04/15
97Various Tropical Fish :WANTED Guppys / pure endlers / Galaxy rasboras : I have a 300L community tank for fish 4-6cms, in Sussex area thank you. I will pay for the ...02/04/15
98Wanted Tropical Fish :WANTED Guppys / pure endlers / Galaxy rasboras : I have a 300L community tank for fish 4-6cms, in Sussex area thank you. Regards Jenny02/04/15
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