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1F1 Tropheus Malasa ( yellow rainbow ) :I have F1 Malasa fry off my Wild group 8 each or 20 for 140 3-5cm pick up Hartlepool message me if interested or phone 07506713953 The pho ...24/05/18
2Tropheus Chikonde :I have F1 Chikonde fry off my Wild group 8 each or 20 for 140 3-4cm pick up Hartlepool. Message me if interested or phone 0750671395324/05/18
3THE BEST VALUE AND QUALITY DISCUS FROM CHILTON AQUATICS. BIGGER SIZES AT BETTER ... :BIGGER FISH AND BETTER VALUE!! ALL PICS ARE OF OUR ACTUAL FISH. We have the following top quality discus now in stock from our exclusive ...24/05/18
4THE ENTIRE JUWEL AQUARIUM RANGE IS ON OFFER AT CHILTON AQUATICS WITH FREE CABINE ... :Juwel Special Offers. Full range available at special prices for May & June ALL Rio Vision Trigon & Lido Aquariums are now on off ...24/05/18
5COPIDOCHROMIS AZURUS MALES IN STOCK ONLY 20 EACH :We have in stock some stunning Azurus males at only 20 each. These are 3" fish and not old adults. They will grace any african cichlid aq ...24/05/18
610 - Bogwood :Piece of bogwood for 10, see photos...nothing much else to say! Texts prefered, delivery possible.23/05/18
8Blue giant gourami 10 . 50. Hand feeds :Excellent fish Beautiful pet.22/05/18
9FISH DR. LOADS of tropical fish. Selling quick :Hi, I have loads of fish for sale - small, medium & large. All in excellent condition. 15" Gibi plec = 15 5 clown knife fish = 12 ...22/05/18
1010 blue cobra snake head. 55. :Beautiful fish, very healthy Gets along with other similar sized fish well.22/05/18
11FRONTOSA F1 MPIMBWE YOUNG :I have around 60 young from my wild caught adults purchased from mike rifts these are only small at about a cm but thought I would give some ...22/05/18
12240 litre aquarium / cabinet :Full setup, fluval 406 external filter, all pond solutions external filter, eheim 300 watt heater and a wavemaker, led lights, fine gravel, ...19/05/18
13Fish tank ornament rock :Ideal as centre piece , grey rock 819/05/18
14Aqua one 55 watt heater :Ideal for the small tank 55 watt aqua one heater 719/05/18
15Malawi mbuna for sale whole group only.will not split 180 takes all :Group of 5 adult afra cobue 2xmales 3 x females German import. Young pair pseudotropheus Chewere German import f1. Young trio msobo male 2 ...19/05/18
16full sell up no spliting :no splitting tanks its all goes in one job lot fish fish there is 7 full set up's 14 tanks altogether loads of filter and equipment we are ...16/05/18
17Super Red Bristlenose Pleco normal, long and young male available :Super red normal fin juveniles from my long fin females and a normal fin red. Photo is off one of the fish that is available. 1 x 5 e ...15/05/18
183 x 18 x 12 x 12 Barr tanks. 35 :3 Fish tanks with glass tops Ideal for fry or small fish.14/05/18
1950p-1.00 RED TAILED BLONDE KING COBRA GUPPIES :fancy guppies young adults ! they have a blonde snakeskin pattern on the body and a bright red tail,picture is of parents,fish are young adu ...14/05/18
20Aquarium +stand 50 :Juwel 100cm 180lt tank working lights with tubes No filter with Original black Juwel stand all not in first class condition but good for fir ...12/05/18
21malawi :approx 30 dolphin fry for sale 25 ring or text 0792171080712/05/18
22JMC Frozen Fish foods :JMC Frozen fish foods in stock at Dandy Cichlids 100g Blister packs 2.00 each or 10 for 15 Artemia (Brineshrimp) Bloodworm Cyclops ...11/05/18
23JBL Novo Malawi & Tanganyikan Flake foods on special :JBL Novo Malawi Flake 860g / 5.5L 34.99 SPECIAL OFFER NOW 30 while stock lasts Contains 38 % high quality spirulina algae that are ric ...11/05/18
24Northfin Fish Foods :Dandy Cichlids are now stocking the full range of Northfin fish foods, Cichlid/Marine/Community/Goldfish etc, We are offering 10% discount ...11/05/18
25WATER LILIES ONLY 12.95 FROM CHILTON AQUATICS. POTTED AND HOME GROWN LILIES NOT ... :Our pond section is now open for 2018 and once more we have loads of home grown plants and water lilies grown and potted in our own holding ...11/05/18
26JUWEL LIDO 200 AQUARIUM AND STAND. MINT CONDITION SECOND HAND ONLY 250. :We have in stock a second hand Juwel Lido 200 litre aquarium and matching cabinet in beech wood. In mint condition comes complete with t5 ...11/05/18
27WHITE DIAMOND DISCUS ADULTS ONLY 49.95 ALSO STUNNING PAIR IN STOCK ONLY 150PR :We have managed to obtain from our exclusive source some stunning White diamond discus. We have 6 adults in stock at only 49.95 each and a ...10/05/18
28JUMBO LEMON FIN BARBS 12" 25.00 EACH :We have in stock two 12" Lemon fin barbs. These are in great condition but not for the smaller aquariums as they grow even bigger. On ...10/05/18
2918 inch cube tank only. Filter SOLD. 40. :Excellent cube tank Had very little use perfect condition No hood or cabinet09/05/18
31KOI 2 TO 3 inches 3.25 5 FOR 15 3 TO 4 inches 5.95 5 FOR 25 LOADS IN STOCK A ... :We have a large quantity of English Koi carp in stock at great prices: 2 to 3 " Koi 3.25 5 for 15 3 to 4 " Koi 5.95 5 for 25 These ...09/05/18
33MALAWI CICHLID YELLOW LABS :About 11 weeks old 10 for 10 pick up ne166eq Burnopfield09/05/18
34OUR POND SECTION IS NOW OPEN. KOI, GOLDFISH, STURGEON, PONDFISH, WATER LILIES AN ... :Our superb Pond section has re opened for this year with the usual best quality home raised goldfish, koi sturgeon and pondfish. ALL PICS A ...08/05/18
35STURGEON IN STOCK AT THE BEST PRICES AT CHILTON AQUATICS. :We have some lovely sturgeon in stock now at great prices!! Black Baeri Large only 25 each Gold Ruthensis Large 25e Ruthensis Large 2 ...08/05/18
36BARGAIN BLUE TURQUOISE DISCUS ONLY 34.95 OR 4 FOR 120. 10 TO 12CM FISH. :We have loads of Blue turquoise discus in stock. These are adults and breeding size and are for sale at only 34.95 each or 4 for 120 LO ...08/05/18
37juwel 180 full setup :i also have a juwel 180 for sale in beech colour with cabinet that will come with an external filter, heater and a blue and a white light ...08/05/18
38CARDINAL TETRA ON OFFER AT CHILTON AQUATICS. LOADS IN STOCK :We have some stunning cardinal tetra in stock at very special prices M 1.20 each 10 for 10.00 L 1.50 each 10 for 12.00 XL 2. ...07/05/18
39Aquarium ornaments :I have 2 ornament rocks, ideal for malawi tanks, 10 each06/05/18
40Fish cave :Homemade fish cave 506/05/18
41Fish cave :Used for breeding my bristlenose plecos 706/05/18
42Eheim 300w heater :Eheim 300 watt heater.selling due to finishing with fish tanks 1506/05/18
43MARINE FISH AND ALL MARINE EQUIPMENT AT CHILTON AQUATICS. FULL SEACHEM RANGE IN ... :Marine Fish Inverts and Live rock at Great prices!! We also stock all the main brands of Marine Goods and supply Marine salt at the best pr ...05/05/18
44Malawi cichlids :Elongatus mpanga 3-4cm 2.50 each Electric blue alhi 3-4cm 2.50 each (Sciaenochromis fryeri) Pics 1-4 are parents Pics 5-6 are f ...03/05/18
45Filter :Overhead filter for corner tank ufo 550 aqua one collect only sale or swap03/05/18
46malawi rare :copadichromis midnight mloto melas f1 fry for sale ring or text 07921710807 cheers pete.03/05/18
47malawi :breeding group of lethrinops albus kande blue fin approx 4m 13f ring or text 0792171080703/05/18
48EBO Aquarist pleco food L46 L173 L201 L236 L260 L333 L399 L400 :Pro soft mussel 250g 15.00 500g 25.00 1kg 43.95 SPONGUE FOOD 250g 15.00 500g 25.00 1kg 43.95 MUSSEL STICKS 500g ...03/05/18
49Fluval 205 external filters x 2 35 each :Excellent fluval 205 external filters. 35 each or 60 for both.01/05/18
50ADULT GREEN MAP ANGELS. LOADS IN STOCK. 10 EACH . PAIRS 25.00. :We have a large quantity of Green map angelfish at adult size. These are very strong fish grown on by ourselves and are breeding size. Onl ...01/05/18
51Super Red Long fin Bristlenose Pleco @ 1 inch body size :Super red long fin bristlenose plecs, not able to sex at this size. Picture is of my male long fin 10 each. I also have normal fin r ...01/05/18
52JAPANESE KOI IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS. :We have the following genuine japanes koi in stock for sale at our shop: Special mix including lots of chagoi and saragoi at 5 to 6". Bre ...30/04/18
53Marble headstanders :7x marble headstanders medium to large in size collection Shildon 50 pound29/04/18
54guntheri swordtails :I have pairs of guntheri swordtails for sale @ 4.00 a pair ring 01207 284253 for further details29/04/18
55pineapple swordtails :I have some pineapple swordtails for sale @ 1.00 each. They are approx 50mm and are sexable29/04/18
56RED SAN MERAH ADULTS. LOADS IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS :We have a large stock of adult San Merah. These are 10cm body size and are pairing off. These discus are stunning when fully coloured. On ...29/04/18
57Dandy Cichlids Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids UPDATED LIST :Collection or courier service available GENUS SPECIES WILD / F1 / TB SIZE PRICE Cynotilapia Afra Cobue TB 4 - 5 cm 7.50 each 5 ...28/04/18
58DANDY CICHLIDS NEXT IMPORT 19th May 2018 :If you would like to order for my next import please call or email me Courier service available , and can also meet on my route over via D ...28/04/18
594ft fish tank and stand :I have for sale a beautiful 4ft fish tank with hood and stand, comes with everything required for a tropical setup including test kits exter ...27/04/18
60KOI GROWERS . QUALITY JAPANESE KOI GROWN ON AND FULLY QUARANTINED AVAILABLE IN T ... :Koi growers are part of Chilton Aquatics and where we grow on a huge number of Quality Japanese Koi in our massive holding facility. These ...27/04/18
61LARGE RED OSCARS IN STOCK 4 TO 5 inches ONLY 15.95 EACH. 2 FOR 30 :We have some stunning good size Red oscars in stock. They are 4 to 5" and great quality. Only 15.95 each or 2 for 30 COLLECTION ONLY.27/04/18
62second hand aquariums for sale :I have three aquariums to sell they are One glass aquarium custom 30 inch x 20 inch by 20 inch. One juwel 180 with stand slight damage ...27/04/18
63FLUVAL AQUARIUMS BEST PRICES AT CHILTON AQUATICS :We are selected dealers for Fluval Aquariums and offer the full range at the best prices. We also carry a huge amount of Fluval spares an ...26/04/18
64JUWEL VISION 450 FRONT GLASS PANEL BRAND NEW ONLY 40 ONO. :We have a brand new glass bow front from a Vision 450 Aquarium. It has no scratcheds or scuffs and was removed from a brand new tank deliver ...25/04/18
65GEOPHAGUS SURAMANENSIS IN STOCK GREAT PRICE ONLY 10 EACH :We have a large stock of Suramanensis in stock at 5cm size at a great price of only 10 EACH COLLECTION ONLY25/04/18
66Pleco slate breeding caves :slate breeding caves for sale 3.50 These are made to order various size so will suit bristlenoses and other small pleco species24/04/18
67Frontosa :15 young burundi frontosa forsale 3-4cm in length 6 each 0744674454824/04/18
68WHITE FIN BENTOSI TETRA IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS. :Since we have shown these stunning fish off in our counter display tank everyone is wanting them!! Great additions to any planted or commun ...19/04/18
69Silver arowana for sale :Perfect example high shine silver around one year old one foot plus. 70. No flash, this is what my aro looks like under aquarium light. Sad ...16/04/18
70X4 large parrot fish 6 inch x4 80 OR 25 EACH :Selling as getting to big for tank nice chunky fish pick up ne166eq or can deliver for fuel costs16/04/18
71X4 large parrot fish and x2 silver sharks :Nice chunky fish 65 pounds the lot13/04/18
72Aqua one 320 FULL SET UP FOR TROPICAL OR COLD WATER 30 :Come with heater filter light and x2 plastic plants excellent condition pick up Burnopfield ne166eq or can deliver for fuel costs13/04/18
73WHITE DIAMOND PAIRS AND YOUNG ADULTS IN STOCK NOW AT CHILTON AQUATICS :We have a stunning adult pair of white diamond discus in stock and also some young adults at 10cm size. Pair only 150pr 10cm only 39.9 ...08/04/18
74ADULT AULONACARA NEW IN STOCK TOP QUALITY DISPLAY FISH. :We are stripping one of our home display tanks and the following are in stock. Aulonacaras Marble and sunshine. Pairs available P. Salausi ...07/04/18
751450 LITRE FIBREGLASS KOI HOLDING VAT. SECOND HAND ONLY 150. :We have a second hand free standing fibreglass koi holding vat. Ideal for growing young koi or quarantine. Size is 64" long 40" wide and 31 ...06/04/18
76SPECIAL OFFER ON GOLD ROSY BARBS ONLY 1.25 EACH 5 FOR 5.00 :We have a good quantity of Gold Rosy barbs in stock this week. Usually 2.25e. Now only 1.25 each 5 for 5.00. Lots of other bargains ...04/04/18
77RED SPOTTED SEVERUMS . BEST QUALITY BEST PRICES. LOADS IN STOCK :We have some lovely Red Spot Severums back in stock. SM 10 each ML 25.00 each Jumbo Male 50 Loads of rare and unsual fish in ...04/04/18
78Mpimbe Blue Frontosa 2 only 25.95 4 for 100 :We have a good quantity of these stunning frontosa in stock . Collection only02/04/18
79corydoras duplicareus :I have some young coryadoras duplicareus for sale @ 4.00 each for futher details phone 01207 28425301/04/18
80synodontis multipunctatus :group of 5 synodontis multipunctatus (cuckoo cats)plus one unidentified species 50 the group,pair of compressiceps 4"-5" 20,5 fr ...24/03/18
81TMC Commercial UV Steriliser P4 220W :I bought a TMC Commercial UV Steriliser P4 220W last year to run on my system but never got round to using it Everything works as should ...23/03/18
82WHITE FACE RED MELONS IN STOCK ONLY 39.99 10CM FISH :We have some stunning white face Melons in stock now. Only 39.99 for 10cm fish and these can be included in our offer of buy 4 mixed 10cm ...19/03/18
83AULONACARA JACOBFRIEBERGI AND HAP LIVINGSTONI ON OFFER AT ONLY 10 EACH :We have some stunning male Aul. Jacobfriebergi and Hap Livinstoni male and female at only 10 each. Not many so be quick!! COLLECTION ...16/03/18
84AQUA-SHACK::::High quality African rift lake cichlids :Aquashack Seaham County Durham Specialising in only the highest quality African rift lake cichlids. Fully licensed with 25 years fish ...16/03/18
85Fluval Tank :Fluval Aquarium. ** NEW PRICE - BARGAIN** Measures 39 long (1 metre) x 21 high and 16 wide. Plastic trims and hood. Light (might nee ...15/03/18
86full set up of fish tanks for fish room fish house :fluval venezia corner tank immaculate fluval 306 external ocean free hydra 40 internal 40 or so adult peacocks and haps 16kg dragon ston ...09/03/18
87DLDISCUS Top Quality Discus To Both Trade And Retail :***NEW YEAR OFFER, GET 10% OFF ALL PURCHASES OVER 150*** We are pleased to introduce ourselves at dldiscus, at dldiscus we aim to bring y ...07/03/18
88NEW SHIPMENT READY NOW - September/October @ DL Discus, THE SOLE UK Importers Of ... :***NEW YEAR OFFER, GET 10% OFF ALL PURCHASES OVER 150*** New Shipment..... We have available a lot of stunning Discus/strains from Lawr ...07/03/18
892016 PFK National Discus Retailer Of The Year DL Discus - SOLE UK Importers Of S ... :*****MULTI AWARD WINNING FOR 2015 and 2016 ***** ***NEW YEAR OFFER, GET 10% OFF ALL PURCHASES OVER 150*** Voted by the public as 201 ...07/03/18
90Selling koi and carp :Koi x2 At least 20 inch Carp x2 about 20 inch Moving forces sale 100 each o.n.o07/03/18
91malawi mbuna adults now in stock at j2o cichlids :loads of malawi mbuna now in stock at j2o cichlids pseudotropheus elongatus chewere wild caught golden kawanga F1 pseudotropheus polit li ...05/03/18
92NOW IN STOCK AT DANDY CICHLIDS NORTHFIN FISH FOODS :Northfin UK preorder price list with introductory offer of 10% discount prices include free UK delivery (Northfin will be in stock from 25th ...26/02/18
93JUWEL BLACK BOX BIOFLOW XL FILTER WITH PUMP AND HEATER. SECOND HAND FROM TRIGON ... :We have a second hand Juwel Bioflow black box filter in stock. this comes with media, heater stat and an upgraded 1000 powerhead pump. Thes ...23/02/18
94j2o cichlids premium fish :we have loads of varieties of haps and peacocks in stock now prices from as low as 5 upto pairs for 25 a few rare species in stock that ot ...23/02/18
95JMC Frozen Fish foods :Now in stock JMC Frozen fish foods Prices 1.85 each or 10 for 15 Bloodworm Artemia (brineshrimp) Krill Mysis Malawi mix Lobs ...23/02/18
96Sera Flora & Tropical Spirulina Super Forte 36% Flake For Sale :200g Bags PICK UP HARTLEPOOL Sera Flora 7.50 Tropical Spirulina Super Forte 36% 11.50 Sera Flora 140g & Super Forte 60g mix 9 ...22/02/18
97DISCUS PAIRS IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS FROM ONLY 99.99 PAIR :We have a stunning sexed pairs of discus in stock. San Merah special offer 99.99pr Marlborough Red 100pr San Merah 120pr White Di ...20/02/18
98j2o cichlids new stock arriving tomorow :j2o cichlids have 80 new fish arriving tomorow prices start at just 8 up to around 20 for bigger more rare species please get in touch now ...19/02/18
9916" Sailfin Plec for sale :Hi, I have for sale a Sailfin Plec that is geting too big for the tank, also my clown loach are growing and there just isnt enough room for ...19/02/18
100j2o cichlids new stock 20th feb :attached is a photo of the list of fish that i have arriving on the 20th february, the fish will be quarantined for 1 week-10 days before go ...16/02/18
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