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1Group of 15 panda corys :Group of panda corys all look great sellingdue to shuttling tank down had eggs off them most are adult and sub adults £25 the group Please ...01/11/19
2RED SPOT SEVERUMS, NOTATUS SEVERUMS, ROTKEIL SEVERUMS LOADS IN STOCK :We have a great stock of severum cichlids at the moment: Green Severums (S) £3.25 each 5 for £15 Gold Severums (S) £3.95 each Rotkeil ...01/11/19
3Jewel trigon 190 :Jewel trigon 190 in black with stand and new led lights , fee scratches in glass but not really bad , stand is in good condition .. Colle ...27/10/19
4L200 high-fin green phantom :High-fin green phantom for sale, around 3.5-4 inches in size Message for price20/10/19
5L190 royal :Lovely L190 royal pleco for sale Around 5 inches in size, message for price20/10/19
6L239 Blue panaque :Beautiful blue panaque pleco, around 3 inches in size, lovely fish. Message for price20/10/19
74 foot 350 litre aquarium with 30+ fish and accessories :This comes with all equipment plus spare filter, I have had this for a while but cant keep up with it now, cost £1200 new, asking for £400on ...07/10/19
8Baby Albino Bristlenose for sale :Feeding well on courgette and algae wafers. Over 3months old and most are bigger than 1” long. £1.50 each.05/10/19
9Marine Live Rock, over 50kg :Here is around 50 kg of live rock. I have closed my marine tank down and this is my rock which is well established. It is currently kept at ...12/09/19
10Looking a swap my 3ft tank for a larger one :3ft aquarium with stand and light wanting a swap for larger aquarium07/09/19
11Mascara barbs :Dawkinsia mascara barbs 6 large adults and around 10 juviniles, 3 redline torpedo barbs, green phantom L200 pleco all for sale must all go t ...05/09/19
12corydoras duplicareus :I have some young coryadoras duplicareus for sale @ £ 3.00 each for further details phone 01207 28425329/08/19
13chiltherina bleheri :I have some young pairs of chiltherina bleheri australian rainbows for sale @ £5.00 a pair. For futher details ring 01207 28425329/08/19
14pseudomugil luminatus :I have some young pseudomugil luminatus for sale @£4.00 a pair Please ring 01207 284253 for further details29/08/19
154 large discus :4 large discus for sale from Durham discus Only reason for sale is I am moving and have no room for my tank in new property. £120 ono also ...30/07/19
16Too many goldfish :We have a small garden pond which is now becoming too full with goldfish and we are therefore wanting to find a good home for some of them. ...29/07/19
17Mixed malawi cichlids :Giving up the hobby, clearing out all my fish. Yellow labs Electric blue alhi Red coral salousi Albino and powder blue scaloffi Albino ...24/07/19
18Wild Caught L114 Leopard catcus Plecos 12cm :I have for sale 3 Wild Caught (Brazil) Leopard Cactus Plecos all currebtly feeding very well and wel settled into domestic aquarium life f ...19/07/19
19Super Red Bristlenose Pleco young male available :Photo is off one of the fish that is Available Normal fin young male from long fin female and normal fin male @ 2inch body size (still gro ...10/07/19
20Young Adult Male Lemon Bristlenose Pleco :Young adult male lemon bristlenose. Tank bred from un related parents. Photo is off the actual fish for sale 2 1/2 inches already, still gr ...10/07/19
21Wanted Juwel Vision 180 / 260 :Wanted Juwel Vision 180 / 260. Email me or whatsapp me with photos and price please08/07/19
224ft Jewel full tank set up and Malawi fish :Here I have for sale my Jewel 4ft fish tank, comes complete full set up as pictured. Includes a large number of Malawi fish all breeding pa ...05/07/19
23Wanted Juwel Vision 180 / 260 :Wanted Juwel Vision 180 / 260. Email me or whatsapp me with photos and price please02/07/19
24Wanted - Softies\LPS Beginner Corals - Darlington Area :Martin 07876 70771701/07/19
25Wanted - 1 x Black Shelf for Trigon 190 :Martin 07876 70771701/07/19
26Lots of fish, tanks, filters, pumps decor etc. :18” giant blue gourmie 6” Apollo sharks x 4 5” green Severum Rockeil x 2 7” tiger Oscar 6” bumblebee cat 5” bumblebee cat 7” tinf ...15/06/19
27Enantiopus Melanogenys Kilesa & Xenotilapia flavipinnis :Enantiopus Melanogenys Kilesa 1 male 2 female 6-8cm £40 Xenotilapia flavipinnis Red Royal Kekesa 2 6cm £20 + 2 tubes flake £30 or all ...15/06/19
28Need to sell full set up :7 discus, corys, different terras,loaches, black ghost knife fish, rummys ... totalling over 200 fish . Tank is 6x2x2 with FluvalSmart lig ...09/06/19
297ft fish tank for sale :I am down sizing and and selling my 7ft bare tank £170ono / swaps considered03/06/19
30Juwel vision 260 :4ft bow fronted tank excellent condition Has a replacement light unit £15002/06/19
31Large snow pleco 16” beautiful fish. FREE snow plec :Hi giving away this beautiful pleco. Must have a large tank. Message me if your interested Thanks29/05/19
325ft solid light oak tank + :60”x18”x24” solid light oak lid & surround and unit Sump 36”x12”x15”. Full off Alfagrog 2 titanium heaters run off a STC- 1000 temperat ...28/05/19
33Adolfoi Corydoras :Available soon. From my wild caught parents. I will not be selling any others after these five as I will be just adding them to my group. 5 ...18/05/19
34Fish sale. :20” blue giant gourami 6” apolo sharks x 4 14” blue cobra. 6” tinfoil barbs x 4 14” clarius catfish 15” spotted Pleco Offers10/05/19
35guntheri swordtails :I have pairs of guntheri swordtails for sale @ £4.00 a pair ring 01207 284253 for further details03/05/19
36Large anemone :Moving my anemone on, its atleast 12 inch across. Stunning and healthy, fed twice a week £80 collected25/04/19
37Angel fish :I have 2 angel fish for sale/swap for some mollys or guppy’s collection only shildon County Durham dl4........0738864862924/04/19
38Axolotls for sale :Gorgeous baby Axolotls forsake - we have a variety of colour morphs available. Prices start from £10 for Wild Types These are a cold ...21/04/19
39Juwel 120 Lt tank for sale, :Great tank in goid condition, lights, filter and pump in good working order. No leaks, black stand with internal shelf, also in good conditi ...07/04/19
40Peacock Eel / Tire Track Eel / Fire Eel :Wanted Peacock Eel / Tire Track Eel / Fire Eel. Ideally wanting a Peacock Eel, must not be too big ideally looking for no bigger than 4-5 in ...20/03/19
41Wanted 6x2x2 tank :Wanted 6x2x2 tank County Durham area Call 07765783797 with details Thank you20/03/19
426 foot tank :Wanted 6ft length, 1ft high, 2 ft wide aquarium. Will consider 18 inch or 1 ft width.19/03/19
43Electric catfish :WANTED, malapterus electricus, electric catfish, any size any age. Fair price paid.19/03/19
44Fluval Venezia 350 :350 litre corner tank. All water tight. Has filter stack pipes installed. Great condition. Only selling as we wanted a bigger tank. Ma ...11/03/19
45For Sale: Juwel Vision 180 :Juwel Vision 180 bow front 3ft tank Selling my 180 litre tank with light hood and working lights. Also includes gravel. I have various s ...10/03/19
46Wanted 6x2x2 tank :Wanted 6x2x2 tank County Durham area Call 07765783797 with details Thank you25/02/19
47TANK CLOSURE/ APS HEATER/ LED LIGHT :As all the fish are now sold the other items are all available. Dual alloy strip LED light, 79cm long with power pack, £20 APS 300w he ...17/02/19
48Adult yo-yo loaches for sale :Hi I have four yo-yo loach for sale. About 18 months old , great condition and approx. 4” in length. £5 each or all 4 for £16. Please t ...11/02/19
49Frontosa :50 young burundi frontosa forsale 2-3cm in length £5 each 0744674454829/01/19
50Julidochromis ornatus :Young julies at approximately an inch in length £3 each Call or text 0744674454823/01/19
51Altolamprologus calvus :Extra large altolamprologus calvus about 6 inches in length Very rate to find calvus of this size forsale £3023/01/19
52WANTED 300-400l tank :WANTED 300-400 litre tank, must be cheap as I’m on a tight budget. Message me if you have anything this size under £100 I can colle ...20/01/19
53WANTED 300-400l tank :WANTED 300-400 litre tank, must be cheap as I’m on a tight budget. Message me if you have anything this size under £100 I can colle ...20/01/19
54Selection of very healthy cichlids :£15. 6” green terror male. Stunning £12. 5” Midas female £15. 8” synspilum female £25. 6” Rockeil Severums x 2. Sex unsure £50. For ...16/01/19
55Brown Bristlenose pleco :Brown bristlenose plecs @ 1 inch body size from un-related parents. Picture is off the brown juveniles. 10 for £15 Kept in treated tap ...13/01/19
56Malawi Cichlids plus tanks, racking and accessories for sale :Fish - Young 2-4cm Otopharynx lithobates Zimbabwe rock Protomelas similis Aulonocara OB Aulonocara Malauna Aulonocara Turkis Aulonocar ...06/01/19
57Fish, Fish tanks, racking and accessories for sale :Closing down my fish house so have plenty available for sale. Tanks and lots of fishkeeping equipment. Fish Young 2-4cm Otopharynx ...06/01/19
58L134 leopard frog pleco :3 inch leopard frog pleco Open to sensible offers06/01/19
59Bristlenose pleco :I've got hundreds of baby brown bristlenose pleco Really need to thin them out 20 for £528/12/18
60SOLD AIR PUMP :FOR SALE HIBLOW HP 200 £120 IF GONE BY XMAS pick up Hartlepool16/12/18
61Egg tumbler :Egg tumblers brand new £7.50 each15/12/18
62Large male venustus :Venustus forsale about 6 inches Open to sensible offers13/12/18
63The Natural Aquarium by Satoshi Yoshino and Doshin Kobayashi :Book on creating natural looking environments in aquariums T.F.H. Publications Guide using plants, stones and wood to create totally natura ...04/12/18
64Coloured Atlas of Minature Catfish :Book on keeping all species of Corydoras / Brochis and Aspidoras by Dr. Warren E. Burgess Hard Back book in Very Good Condition with 220 pa ...04/12/18
65Corydoras book :Great book on successfully keeping Corydoras by Werner Seub / Dahne Verla Hard Back book in Very Good condition with 218 pages £1504/12/18
66red spot severums :for sale 8 young red spot severums about 3" with the tank in the pics, but not the filter. pick up only dl16 7hr, 120 pound no offers 07435 ...26/11/18
67Vecton 600 water steriliser :Vecton 600 ultra violet water steriliser good condition £3522/11/18
68WANTED :looking for Enantiopus melanogenys Kilesa, Paracyprichromis nigrip. blue neon, Xenotilapia flavipinnis22/11/18
69Success with Cichlids from Lake Malawi and Tanganyika :Book by Sadine Melke, T. F.H. Publication Beginners guide to keeping Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids. Hard back book in good condition - 1 ...21/11/18
70Aqualog African Cichlid - Malawi / Mbuna :Book by Erwin Schrami covering all aspects of keeping Mbuna cichlids from Lake Malawi Hard back book -Very Good condition £3521/11/18
71Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat - 2nd Edition :Ad Konings book covering all aspects of Mbuna cichlids in Lake Malawi - 2nd Edition. Hard back book in Very good condition - 350 pages £1521/11/18
72Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat - 5th Edition :Ad Konings guide to all Mbuna cichlids in Lake Malawi. Hard back book in very good condition - 420 pages £3521/11/18
74TANKS FOR SALE :Tanks Fore Sale ALL SOLD  4ft L x 18”W x24" H 10mm Glass 340 Liters 75 gallons It comes with Heater & STC-1000 Temperature ...12/11/18
754ft lighting :4ft light fitting and flaps plus 2 x t8 tubes, white and pink, full working order. taken off a fluval roma 240. £40 collect from ferryhill ...12/11/18
76LONGFIN BRISTLENOSE :i'm looking for some youngsters--albino or brown can collect co durham / teeside / tyneside areas09/11/18
77Juwel 180 Corner Fish Tank - £100 :Juwel 180 Corner Fish Tank - For sale with lid and working lights - no filters or equipment. Tank been in daily use in-till today (3rd Nov). ...03/11/18
78Bristlenose pleco :Young bristlenose plecos approximately an inch in length Dad is a red and black Mam is a common £1 each Text or call 0744674454802/11/18
79Malawi cichlids :Elongatus mpanga 4-5cm£2.50 each Electric blue alhi 5-6cm £3 each (Sciaenochromis fryeri) White top afra maisoni reef- 3-4 cm £2.50 ...02/11/18
80Pleco slate breeding caves :slate breeding caves for sale £3.50 These are made to order various size so will suit bristlenoses and other small pleco species20/10/18
81Small tropical tank wanted :Looking to set up a smallish live bearer tank for my daughter free or cheap will collect around Teesside area13/10/18
825ft TANKS FOR SALE :FISH TANKS FOR SALE SOLD 2 5ftx18"x18" tanks £70 each OR WITH 2 heater with stc-1000 thermostat 2 inter ...25/09/18
83Large L14 Sunshine Pleco £150 :L14 in amazing condition, lives harmoniously with other plecs and Discus. His downside being that he moves all the sand substrate around in ...23/09/18
84Stendker clearout :Selling off some Stendker Discus as overstocked. Red scribbelt Fire red Leopard snakeskin Pidgeon blue Pidgeon Silver Pidgeon snakes ...23/09/18
8523cm 24K golden arowana fish :There are a few pieces left and we are asking £500 for each but price can be negotiated. I am saying no to time waters and will only attend ...20/09/18
86Young Pair of lemon bristlenose -breeding :Young pair of large breeding lemons with very good colour. Photo is off the actual fish for sale. Female is gravid again. £50 Kept in ...15/09/18
88Tropheus Chikonde :I have F1 Chikonde fry off my Wild group £7.50 each or 20 for £130 4-5cm pick up Hartlepool. Message me if interested or phone 07506713953.. ...12/09/18
89F1 Tropheus Malasa ( yellow rainbow ) :I have F1 Malasa fry off my Wild group £7.50 each or 20 for £130 4-5.5cm pick up Hartlepool message me if interested or phone 07506713953 Th ...12/09/18
90Young bn plecos :Around 1 inch some a little bigger. £1 each delivery can be arranged for cost off fuel10/09/18
91baby guppies for sale :7 3 week old guppies £1.50 each or all 7 for £7.00 Also available 50+ 3 day old guppy fry 50p each or 5 for £2.0008/09/18
92everything must go selling up clearing out :northeast uk for sale 4 x 4 foot fish tanks all set up and running will sell seperetly need gone this weekend if poss three planted tanks on ...25/08/18
93fish keeping books :fish keeping books for sale as job lot fresh water plec books discus books malawi cory books some old some new also old fishkeeping ma ...25/08/18
94Looking for some frontosa Moab blue :Looking for female frontosa moba blue about 3/4/5/6 in in size please24/08/18
95Breeding pair of red shoulder severums £60 :Male aprox 9 inch Female aprox 7 inch Big and chunky great colours Hartlepool area 0780141903021/08/18
9610 Clown loach forsale £50 :Aprox from 3 to 6 inch Txt 07801419030 Hartlepool area21/08/18
972 x black Ribbon eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita) £80 :Hi since i've shut down the tank i have 2 x black Ribbon eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita) for sale These went through full QT Christmas time ...21/08/18
98£200 Fish tank rack with tanks and 2 x T5 lights :Fish tank rack with tanks and 2 x T5 lights Selling my QT system this consists of 3 x 3 foot tanks and 3 x 4 foots tanks Tanks are pai ...21/08/18
995 Quality Koi for Sale :I am closing down my Koi Pond due to house move. I have had these fish for 10 years, two from being 2" babies, and I want them to go to a go ...15/08/18
100Geophagus :Anybody breeding South American cichlids ie geophagus etc in the Sunderland Durham area07/08/18
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