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1breeding treo of wild caught ocellaris clowns for sale :im breaking my tank down so have these for sale female about 3 1/2 inch and males about 2 1/2 inch stunning fish fat and healthy im looking ...26/05/11
2x2 tunxe 6060 powerheads :im breaking my reef tank down and have these for sale excellent condition im looking for 50 each or both for 90 call me if interested on 0 ...26/05/11
3tmc v2 skim 1000 skimmer for sale :i have my v2 skim 1000 for sale upgraded to a 3500 eheim pump which is awesome looking for 90ono for it call me on 07988997442 thanks mark26/05/11
480+ kilo a grade liverock for sale :im selling up so have 80+ kilo of superb puple livrock been in my tank for 5 year now and is bursting with life 5 per kilo also have an i ...26/05/11
5STUNNING 6x2x2 marine tank and sump with equipment complete setup :hi iv decided to sell up so i have for sale my 6x2x2 pride and joy it been up and running for over 2 year included is 6x2x2 tank in ex ...26/05/11
6STUNNING 6X2X2 AQUARIUM WITH SUMP AND ALL EQUIPMENTAND LIVESTOCK :hi iv decided to sell up so i have for sale my 6x2x2 pride and joy it been up and running for over 2 year included is 6x2x2 tank in ex ...26/05/11
7‎5x pirahna :‎5x pirahna for sale exellent feeders inbox me for more info 10 each :D25/05/11
8breeding bristlenoses :i have 5 adult brown bn 2 albino adult bn 3 females brown bn about 30 younger bn, some subadults all must go offers welcome ed12/05/11
9fluval 200l corner tank for sale :200 ltr tank for sale been used for breeding past 2 years so have been running tank on huey hung filters and 4 way airpump (will chuck in fl ...12/05/11
10bristlenoses including breeding pairs and adult :almost everything gone as shutting tanks gone got about 40 bristlenoses various sizes selling adult males 10 females 20 or a pair 25 ...11/05/11
11fluval 200 corner tank unit brand new :Hi I have a brand new fluval light unit to fit the fluval 190/200 lty corner unit bought it for spare for tank as keeping marines and thoug ...11/05/11
12wanted L46 zebra pleco :looking for a zebra pleco 2+ inches in the northeast please email me if you have a one for sale10/05/11
13Branching Euphillia Frags :I have a very large branching hammer coral which is now to large for my Percula 90 aquarium.I have frags [not mounted on rock] 1.50 per hea ...10/05/11
14fluval corner marine tank, corals and fish all must go :im shutting down my marine tank selling all corals and livestock including vampire tang, foxface koran angel, blue starfish sea urchin, ...09/05/11
15bristlenose pairs, l144s l144 longfins plus others :decided to sell the lot BN pairs 25 males 10, L144's albino lomgfins l270's l333 young bristlenose bith brown and albino08/05/11
162 L144 Longfin Breeding pairs :Yes 2 breeding pairs, these were simons from mboro, who sold a young sexed pair for 117, these are his 2 breeding pairs and are stunning ...08/05/11
17WANTED - Sponge Filter and Small Heater (Fish Trade?) :I'm after a sponge filter and a small heater for a 1 foot breeding tank. (Would also take a tank if it had a lid) If you have them and can p ...07/05/11
18Red Tailed Black Sharks For Sale :Two red tailed black sharks for sale. Both around 4-6cm. Can view if needed, in tank now with malawis. 2.50 each, Open to sensible offers. ...07/05/11
19Datnoid Tiger Fish :I have a wide selection of good healthy Tiger dat's ranging from 3in to 13in all eating well on prawns, anchovies, muscles, and lance fish!! ...06/05/11
20angel fish :baby angel fish growing fast 10p / 50p in size 1.00each04/05/11
21Amazing Aquatics - North East Aquarium Leading Specialists :An aquarium is the ideal addition to any modern work space. Creating an air of tranquillity, the calming presence of an aquarium is a great ...03/05/11
22Food Grade 25 Litre Water Containers :5 x 25 Litre Food Grade Water Containers 10.00 Each. Ideal for storing HMA/RO water for Marine tanks.03/05/11
23Fish Bowls :33cm x 28cm Fish Bowls ideal for keeping Goldfish. 16 bowls available great for wedding centrepieces. 15 Each. Could also be used for Flowe ...03/05/11
24TANK BREAKDOWN :Any sensible offers considered for the following:- 8" Gold Severum 2x8" Uaru 2x Chocolate Cichlids, one 7" one 6" 3x ...29/04/11
25TANK BREAKDOWN fish for sale :Still have the following left, due to a timewaster:- 8" Gold Severum 2x8" Uaru 7" Wild Severum ...29/04/11
26Adult brown and Albino Bristlenose :overran with males at present , I have 2 albino and 5 browns 15 each22/04/11
27L144 Females bristlenose plec :I Have 2 adult female lemon ( 144s Different bloodlines) and 2 younger female same bloodline as each other but different from above adults ...22/04/11
28TANK BREAKDOWN :Any sensible offers considered for :8" Gold severum, 2x8" Uaru, 7" Wild severum, 7"+6" Chocolate cichlids, 3x3" ...22/04/11
29large pleco for sale :hi i have a large pleco for sale approx 8" 5 ono would swap for guppies ect contact me on 0783735866420/04/11
30breeding trio tiawan reef 35 :have a breeding trio of tiawan reef these are from tony at bridlington awsome quality wanting 35 for the trio 0788339832318/04/11
31Mopani and Bogwood :Have lots of this stuff, cost me almost 400, its presently in a 2 metre tank, so there will be no Tannin coming out to cloud your water. Wi ...16/04/11
32Pacu,s :Three 9 inch Pacus FREE to a good home15/04/11
33Tank Breakdown :Any sensible offers considered for these:- 8" Gold Severum, 2x8" Uaru, 7" Wild Severum, 7" + 6" Chocolates, 3x3&quo ...15/04/11
34marine angel fish :Hi im selling a stunning marine koran angel fish approx 4in, only around 6 months old so another 18months to 2 years before changes its colo ...11/04/11
35Stunning Marine Angel koran Fish, co.durham :Hi im selling a stunning marine koran angel fish approx 4in, only around 6 months old so another 18months to 2 years before changes its colo ...11/04/11
36firefish young aprox 50 20 the lot :have a batch of fire fish young about 3/4 of a inch in size growing quick will sell for 50p each if buyer buys them all aprox 50 at a guess ...10/04/11
37adult brown bristlenose :over ran with males at the moment so looking to sell a couple, have already bred, but moved my group into smaller tank and too much competit ...09/04/11
38Large Black Frontosa for sale :My favourite fish sadly needs re-homing as he has outgrown the tank, and I would like him to go to someone with a large tank, ideally with o ...08/04/11
39Red tail catfish :Free to good home, 22in long 16in diameter, very large in very good condition07/04/11
40Malawi for sale :1Pr Dimidichromis Kwingi 8-9" SOLD SUBJECT TO COLLECTION 1poss trio Dimidichromis Compressicep 3-3.5" 1Pr Haplochromis Flameback 4.5" SOLD ...07/04/11
41angel fish :mixed young angels about 10 p size from 1.00 growing fast eating any think. pls call discount on bulk buy very health fish03/04/11
422 adult brown bristlenoses :ive overan with adult bristlenoses at the moment and as moving them into smaller tank need to thin out selling them 15 each or would swap ...30/03/11
43Jewell Vision 180 Full Marine Set Up :Jewell Vision 180 External Filter (Fluval 305) Prizm Skimmer Full of live rock, 3 corals, 1 large clown fish, 1 regal tang, 3 humbug dam ...29/03/11
44Jewell Vision 180 Full Marine Set Up :Jewell Vision 180 External Filter (Fluval 305) Prizm Skimmer Full of live rock, 3 corals, 1 large clown fish, 1 regal tang, 3 humbug dam ...29/03/11
45WANTED - Pond Pump over 3000 lph + Various pond items :Hi, Im after a spare pond pump, must be over 3000 lph, its for use as a spare so cheap as possible would be good. Can collect up to about 60 ...29/03/11
46L144 male wanted :as per advert looking for male L144 lemon pleco28/03/11
47moori dolphin male wanted :wanted male moori dolphin cichlid must be min 4" cash waiting25/03/11
48Aqua One Aquis 1250 filter and Deltec 300 Mce Skimmer :filter works perfectly and is in good condition comes with complete with all pipework, runs effortless at 300ltrs pr hr. Cost 150.00 new loo ...25/03/11
49Labidochromis hongi young for sale :Labidochromis hongi young for sale x 24 all about an inch some bigger stunning colours even at this size have parents in my main tank for sa ...25/03/11
50trophues red milro adult group 19 in total :hi im having 2 sell my adult group of red milro there are a breeding group the fish are coming up 2 years old all young sold just need 2 sel ...21/03/11
51discus :hi i have lovely pair of blue diamond discus, 140 o.n.o. tel o751219904017/03/11
525ft jewel fishtank :i have a lovely 5ft bow fronted jewel fish tank. full set up, 2 external filters. air pumps,heaters. cabinet is dark chocalate brown with ch ...17/03/11
53Poly Boxes wanted in north east. :can anyone tell me where i can get poly boxes around the durham/sunderland area?16/03/11
54young malawi for sale 6 for 10 :i have the following fish for sale at 6 for 10 or 2 each all fish around 1" Firefish yellow labs saulosi electra growin ...16/03/11
55F2 hap ahli for sale :My male was stunning but lost him due toa heater problem, these fish will be a great Addition to any tank About 1" only 5 left 2.50 eac ...16/03/11
56koi angel babys :babys koi angels 10p size eating well growing fast 1.00 each nice fish need the space09/03/11
57Etropolus canarensis (Pearl Spot Cichlid) :Etropolus Canarensis needs new caring home. Currently residing in Darlington, Co Durham, time to move on the fish tank! Much loved family pe ...09/03/11
58convict cichlids babies :FOR SALE: CONVICT CICHLID BABIES 1-2 INCHES BIG 2 EACH IN SHILDON08/03/11
593ft fish tank (ask for photo) 80 :3ft tank with grvel, air stone with twop outlets, filter and shunk ship wreck ornament. has 2 lights in lid, one is white and other is neon ...07/03/11
60Red Rams horn and Malaysian Trumpet Snails :Loads of these really useful snails for sale all sizes. Good for keeping tanks clean and the trumpet snails burrow under the gravel to keep ...07/03/11
61metriaclima aroura 7-8cm 2 x Breeding pairs :2 x breeding pairs of Aroura for sale. Lovely healthy fish, eating well. Stunning colours 10 pair. Contact Kelly on 07793866886.05/03/11
62Wanted Female Colour select :Hi Wanting 2 female adult colour select. In the Durham area. Thanks05/03/11
64gold nugget plec wanted :as title cash waiting28/02/11
65amano/japonica shrimp wanted north east :will take any well priced shrimp, just no nano (cherry etc) thanks!28/02/11
66blue male siamese fighting fish :lovely looking fish, needs new home asap. free to good home.28/02/11
67Brucey baby :Very Very Large Red tail cat fish, 2FT long 17IN diamiter, FREE TO GOOD HOME ONLY...MUST COLLECT25/02/11
68Marine tank, fish, rock and corals, , bargain :I have for sale the following Jewel 350 corner bow front in dark wood. too big for my new home. this is a steal at 250 pound. with some ...25/02/11
69breeding pair of electra plus more :have a young pair of electra have bred 15 swap for venustus15/02/11
70breeding group firefish blotch :have 1 male and 3 female firefish these are the blue blotch variant very colourfull see pic these have all bred so 3 definate females 2 ...15/02/11
71male venustus wanted or swap for female :wanted male venustus about 4"to 6" i have 4 f1 about 4" but all look like females to me will buy a young male or swap for 1 of mine cheers11/02/11
72trigon 350 in beech cabinet , full set up,county durham :I have for sale a lovely 350ltr corner aquarium in a beech cabinet . take a look . http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Juwel-Trigon-350-beech-cabinet-c ...30/01/11
735ft Aqua one aquarium :For sale comes complete with stand and cupboard storage, has 2 external filters with spray bars, 2 heaters all gravel, hood and 4 lights. S ...27/01/11
74young labs and obledigens 15 the lot :8 young yellow labs good colour about a 1" mark also aprox 30 obledigens good colour parents under a 1" but growing fast the lot for 1 ...26/01/11
756ftx2ftx2ft tank for sale :with uvb lights 2 external filters, gravel. basking ramp, heat lamp, stand, heater and 2 turtles looking for 200 ono will consider sellin ...20/01/11
76Large Branching Euphillia :I have a large Euphillia 30cms when polyps fully extended which has outgrown my Perc 90 aquarium.Don't have a second aquarium to frag it wou ...19/01/11
77fish tanks :i have 6 bare fish tanks lids) ideal for breeding. 3ft long, 1for sale(no 2inches wide, 15 inches high. 15 each or 75 the lot. 0751219904 ...19/01/11
78FISH FOR SALE :hi i am looking to sell all four of my severens as my tank is getting crowded. 40 for the lot or would swap all four for a large frontosa. ...09/01/11
803 foot or 3 half & foot Fish Tank wanted - Darlington area :Hi, Im after a cheap as possible 3' to 3 1/2' tank (with hood). Can pick up from anywhere "nearish" to Darlington. Mick 07973 222842 ...07/01/11
81green severins :breeding pair of green severins about 6inches in length, lovely looking fish, why not call and make an offer? 0751219904003/01/11
82Tropheus Bemba REDS :HAVE 30+ RED BEMBAS RANGING FROM 5 MONTH OLD TO 3 WEEKS. PRICE RANGE FROM 5 TO 10 EACH. PLEASE CONTACT 01915693032 OR 0779660617303/01/11
83aquamedic shorty 5000 :aquamedic shorty 5000 used for only 1 year. Used condition.Open to offers.03/01/11
84FREE Large Lionhead Fancy Goldfish to a good home :I have 3 Lionhead goldfish. About 4" long. In very good health as I feed them with Hikari food, Bloodworm, and Pea's. And they're live in a ...31/12/10
86marine tank for sale :perc 90marine tank for sale 305 new filter v2400 skimmer metal halide lights and t5 lights korolia 3 pump heater 150 or swap for 4 or 5 foo ...23/12/10
87swordtails, guppies, plattys and mollys for sale :only 1.25 each can deliver20/12/10
88bristlenose plecos for sale :only 1.50 each about 2-3 inches long can deliver localy20/12/10
89cherry red shrimp :only 1 each can deliver20/12/10
905ft tank :5ft tank on mahogany cabinate complete tropical set up just add water n fish contact by phone only please no time wasters 140 o.n.o 0784583 ...15/12/10
91silver sharks :i ve got 2 silver sharks for sale about 8-10inchs long excellent condition 12 each or 20 the pair phone number 07947983563 mobile 01388731 ...13/12/10
92breeding group of lab carulius :i have a breeding group of 8 there maybe 9 4 females just released fry 2m 6f also 2 young so 10 in total looking for 35 or swap for h ...06/12/10
93Sunsun filtration pump JUP-02 :Brand New inside power filter with uv Sunsun Filteration Pump Jup02 Capable Of Pumping 500 Ltrs Per Hour Yet Only Consuming 5 Watts ...29/11/10
94Fish :14inch dovi male mint fish and redtail catfish Just under to foot.nice fish and some size open To offers or swap for peacock bass 075524 ...24/11/10
95for sale :3 xxl plecs and 4 xxl phrianas no time wasters plz 170 Also 5ft tank in mahogany cabinate with heater light gravel 2 power heads 2 fluval 4 ...22/11/10
96Aqua Medic Chromis marine 55cm cube and stand (beech) Teesside Area :Aqua Medic Chromis 55cm Marine cube 140 Litres (35 Gallon)tank and Beech coloured stand. RRP 730 complete Overall height including stand 1 ...17/11/10
97trigon 190 in black :trigon 190 corner fish tank in black. comes with working lights, background, airpump and airstone, heater and fluval 405 external filter wit ...15/11/10
98looking for flying fox :hi i am looking for some flying fox a group would be good if anyone has any for sale and quite local i will be intrested thanx in advance15/11/10
99Fish ForSale :I have the following forsale as im upgrading my tank and need the space 1st before buying the new tank. 8 x Angelfish (small/medium)4 ...14/11/10
10024x12x12 cracked tank :has a crack in the base should be a easy repair 513/11/10
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