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1Flame scollops :forsale i have large electric flame scollops. I have had these in for 2 weeks now, they are very healthy and look great, i have 3 available ...29/11/09
2Reef safe lobsters :for sale are reef lobsters, i have them in a red and a purple colour and are perfectly healthy. Please feel free to ask any questions. i ha ...29/11/09
3Wanted return pump and or plumbing for sump :Hi I'm after a return pump of 2500 or more or two at 2000 plus any plumbing equipment ie durso stand pipe return pipe so I can plumb in a 5x ...27/11/09
4cleaner wrasse :For sale is a cleaner wrasse. i have had him in for 2 weeks now, he is very healthy, eating fine, these are great for cleaning up parasites ...24/11/09
5Electric Flame scollops :forsale i have large electric flame scollops. i have had these in for 2 weeks now, are very healthy and look great, i have 3 available at 1 ...24/11/09
6Long spined sea urchin :For sale is a black long spined sea urchin, he is very healthy and is forsale at 15. i have many more items forsale. Any questions pl ...24/11/09
7Regal tang :For sale is a regal tang, she is 2inches, very good colouring, eating well and is very healthy. I have many more fish and inverts for sale ...24/11/09
8Pink sea slug :for sale i have pink sea slugs, very healthy, a bright colour and look great, i have 2 of these available for 20 each. i have other types ...22/11/09
9Brittle star fish forsale :for sale is a black brittle star fish, he is large, he is forsale at 8. i also have meduim sized green brittle star fish forsale at 8. ...19/11/09
10Blue star fish forsale :for sale is a 3-4 inch blue star fish, iv had him in for just over 1 week now, he is very healthy and looks great. please feel free to ask ...19/11/09
11anemone crab for sale :for sale is a anemone crab, i have had him for 1 week now, he is very healthy and looks great. he is for sale at 8. please feel free to as ...19/11/09
12Reef lobster forsale :for sale are reef lobsters, i have them in a red and a purple coulour, i have had them in for over 1 week now and are perfectly healthy. ple ...19/11/09
13Giant snails for sale :for sale i have giant smails, they are VERY large, about 2.5 inch round, great for cleaning up tanks, they are forsale at 5 each. i ahve m ...19/11/09
14Sea Hare for sale :for sale i have a 2-3 inch sea hare, i have had him in for 1 week now, hes great for cleaning up tanks, he is for sale at 12. i have man ...19/11/09
15Hermit crabs forsale :for sale are hermit crabs, they are 1 each, please feel free to contact me via email or phone on 07854849533. i have many more items forsal ...19/11/09
16GIANT TUBE WORMS :for sale are giant tube worms, they are very big, look beautiful when they come out, they are normal coulours, brown and white. please fe ...19/11/09
17Chocolate chip star fish :For sale is a Chocolate chip star fish, they are about 3-4 inches in size, i have 3 available, they are forsale at 12 each. please feel fr ...19/11/09
18Cleaner Wrasse for sale :For sale is a cleaner wrasse. i have had him in for 1 week now, he is very healthy, eating fine, these are great for cleaning up parasites o ...19/11/09
19long spined sea urchin :For sale is a black long spined sea urchin, i have had him in for over 1 week now, he is very healthy and is forsale at 12. i have many ...19/11/09
20Yellow tang :For sale is a Yellow tang, she is very healthy, eating fine, shes a bright yellow colour and is 2inch in size. i have 3 of these available. ...19/11/09
21Tube worms for sale, pink, yellow :I have for sale pink, green tube worms. They are all different sizes ranging from 3 inchs long to 5 inchs long. This is a hobby to me so on ...19/11/09
22Royal gramma :For sale is a royal gramma. She's good colouring and very healthy. Would be a nice addition to any tank. 1719/11/09
23cleaner shrimp :For sale is a 2inch cleaner shrimp. I also stock other marine fish, inverts and corals. Can do discount for multiple purchases. Delivery ...19/11/09
24common clown fish (nemo) :For sale is a 1 inch true common clown fish. Hes eating well, healthy and great colouring. I can do discount on multiple purchases. I s ...19/11/09
26boxing shrimp :For sale is a very nice boxing shrimp. Hes about 2 inch and is very healthy. I also stock other inverts, corals, marine fish and tropical fi ...15/11/09
27Christmas tree coral :For sale is a 6inch christmas tree coral. I have had this for about two weeks now and is looking great. This is a hobby to me so only go ...15/11/09
28live rock wanted stoke-on-trent area :anyone closeing tank or selling live rock please contant me need some to spike new tank thanks o783070171114/11/09
29mushroom coral :For sale is a green mushroom coral. It comes on a piece of live rock. There is about 10 heads on the rock. QUICK STATS Care Level: Ea ...14/11/09
30cichlids and datnoids :Hi, im an small online seller , Im offering you some south american and madagascan cichlids for sale and some datnoids. 63 x Polleni cic ...09/11/09
31discus :Hi , im a small online seller , and im offering you some discus for sale , i have some very nice one that will be here in the next month or ...09/11/09
32large koi 30 each :hi , ive got a japenes koi ogon and a maylasin and 2 ghost koi for sale . 30 each japanese - 40 - 19" ghost koi - 30 - 13"-16" ...09/11/09
33wanted : 6 x 2 x 2 fish tank . :hi , im after a bare 6ft x 2ft x 2ft fish tank for my fish room . no standed needed. bare but u can through in equitement if u want to . ...09/11/09
34fish tank. :free3 ft fish tank with pump,heater and gravel,please phone if interested.09/11/09
35Stingrays and oddballs :Hi , Im a new small online seller ,Im currently offering up for grabs some of these stunning rays. I will be bringing in some of these r ...08/11/09
36Juwel 3D Tree Root Bacground + Bark (4ft) :This is a genuine Juwel 3D Tree Root Background + Bark components. It is 4ft long in total. (47 inches long/ 21.5 inches deep approxiamte ...08/11/09
37cheapest worm cultures on ebay :i have on ebay microworm banana worm and walter worm starter cultures for just 99p and 65p p+p i also have full kits available just see my ...08/11/09
38Eheim 1048 and 1060 return pumps :I have two Eheim return pumps one is a 1048 660 Lt/h 20, and a 1060 2280 Lt/h 25, both used an in good working order, the 1060 has slight ...07/11/09
39turbo snails and turbon turbos :For sale are large turbo and turbon turbo snails. They are between 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch in size. I have 50 of these left now. This is a ...06/11/09
40fire shrimp/blood shrimp :For sale is a fire/ blood shrimp. Very healthy, great colour. This is a hobby to me so only good healthy live stock will be sent. Coll ...02/11/09
41reef lobster :For sale is a 2inch reef lobster. These look great and are reef friendly. He is in the tank now with other inverts and fish and is doing wel ...29/10/09
42marine fish and inverts :Hi im looking for a wholesaler to supply me with marine fish, inverts and corals. I am in the staffordshire area.27/10/09
43tropical fish for sale. guppies, mollies etc :I have different coloured mollies, male and female guppies, cat fish for sale, I can also get a large section of fish so if theirs somthing ...27/10/09
44ARAWANA :hi i have an ARAWANA for sale it is silver with a bit of red in it. It is 12 inches maybe 13 inches long and need to sell asap as my tank is ...20/10/09
45marine set up on beech stand :3ft jewel fish tank includes prism skimmer, internall pump, roughly 30 kilo of living rock which is being used as the filtering system, a fe ...20/10/09
46tank for sale :i have a tank for sale its a 45 ltr tank no hood in very good con no marks come with 2 t5 lights with clip onto the top of the tank and a he ...17/10/09
47plattys :wanted blue plattys male and female and guppys14/10/09
48fluval 3 internal filter :fluval 3 internal filter no sucker bracket gwo swap 4 comunity tropical fish email with what u have thanks burton13/10/09
492 small internal filters :1 sacem gemini 400 with bracket 1 filter dont know what sort no sucker bracket would swap 4 comunity tropical fish email with what ...13/10/09
50Pseudotropheus msobo "Magunga" :Does anyone have any of the above for sale in the uk, prefer to collect in the midlands area but if to far will pay postage. ideally looking ...12/10/09
51marine fish / inverts wanted :Im looking for unwanted or cheap marine fish or inverts. I am willing to travel around staffordshire or the surrounding areas. Anything cons ...11/10/09
52Juwel HIgh-Lite Marine Tubes :Hi guy's I have 6 Marine Tubes that are surplus to my requirements because i am upgrading and they wont be long enough for my new tank. ...26/09/09
53Juwel Rekord 800 Tank + cabinet (Black) 150 or ovno :Juwel Rekord 800 Tank + cabinet (Black)150pound I have for sale a Juwel Rekord 800 tank with cabinet. The complete set up is only 10month ...24/09/09
54Midas Texas Malawi Cichlids :ive got all sorts sizes from 10cm to 30cm call me for details 01889576345 Steve (rugeley Staffs)20/09/09
56Red devil & flowerhorn cichlids for sale :flowerhorn 2" 4.50 each Red devils 1" 2.50 each 10mm red devils 50p each pick up only from Rugeley Tel 01889 576345 please leave a mes ...20/09/09
57Platies for sale from 75p each :I have a number of Platies for sale from juveniles at 75p each to adults at 1.25. Multiple discounts will apply. Various colours. Any qu ...18/09/09
58WANTED UNDERGRAVEL FILTERS :I am altering my fish house in a little over a week (11th - 14th sept) i'm looking for 10, 2ft or 3ft undergravel filter plates with uplift ...02/09/09
59 ALBINO AULONOCARA EUREKA REDS :Does anyone have SMALL FRY or young of these available, looking for 15-20 young fry to bring on for a breeding group. please email me with d ...02/09/09
60WANTED - 5 foot x 24 inch x 36 inch :Hi there , I am after a large tank that I would like to be 5ft long 2ft high and 30-36 inch wide would apcept a 6ft long tank with a 30-36 ...29/08/09
61coming soon jet black angel fish 1"-1.5" :Hi i am ordering in 40 x black angel fish there 1"-1.5" long . im looking for 35 for 20 fish . please email me i can ship aswel ...26/08/09
62WILD motoro stingrays for sale . :hi im selling 4 x wild motoro stingrays 1 male and 3 females im looking for 280 ono , i need to order them in stock yet though but i can ta ...26/08/09
6340 x geophagus balzianii 1 inches -1.5 inches fish .... :Hi, Im offering up for grabs 40 x geophagus balzianii - Argentine humphead . im looking for 50 for 20 fish or all fish for 75 . I can s ...26/08/09
6414 x mixed colour koi 3 inches -4 inches :HI, Im offering mixed grade B koi up for grabs . these fish are stunning in garden ponds , im looking for 70 for all fish . I do need a ...26/08/09
6520 x assorted grade A koi 3 inches -4 inches :HI, im offering for sale 20 x assorted grade "A" koi , stinning in the garden pond , im looking for 100 for the lot . a 50 deposit is ne ...26/08/09
66HUGE black moor goldfish 8 inches LONG :Hi, I have for sale 2 x black moor goldfish that is huge ! there around 8" mabey tuching 9 inches long im looking for 40 for both fish ! ...26/08/09
67albino giant gourami 7"-8" - 30 :Hi, I have a albino giant gourami for sale hes a nice fish great personalty looking for 30 for him . i can ship for 20 or pick up . th ...20/08/09
68peacock bass - ocellaris mixed sizes . :hi , im looking to sell some peacock bass ocellaris , they come in mixed sizes from . 2" 3" 4" 5" they all wo ...19/08/09
69Wolf Cichlids :I have 2 x 4-5 inch Wolf Cichlids for sale. I would like to take 35 for the pair. These are a good looking pair and feed on Cichlids pellet ...12/08/09
70Juwel Rio 180 for sale Brand New :Item Name: - FOR Sale Brand New Juwel RIO 180 full trop's set up Quantity for sale - 1 How long have you had the item: - 3 weeks - Sti ...09/08/09
715ft fishtank and unit :i have a 5ft fishtank im parting with,it comes with a unit but doesnt have a hood unfortunately as this is how we bought it,im open to any r ...07/08/09
72koi carp :2 large koi for sale 1 gin rin chagoi about 26 inch 1 large sanki about 30 inch any reasonable offer accepted must be collected27/07/09
73Lighting :*BELOW HALF PRICE* x1 250w Lumenarc Large s/e Kit, complete with hanging kit & Ballast. Cost 250 new, will take 115!! It needs a new ...25/07/09
746 ft fishtank 450 ono :i have a 6ft by 18inch by 2 and half foot deep it includes to heaters 3 filters 2 airpumps., it also has a black knife fish a large red tail ...25/07/09
75wanted malawi mbuna cichlids stoke on trent :hiya im starting up my own malawi tank and am looking for some fish to put in it,dont have a lot of money (does anyone lol) but am willing t ...21/07/09
76Fish Tank :Open top fish tank. 36" with lights and pump. Any sensible offers considered20/07/09
78Lighting :HALF PRICE* x1 250w Lumenarc Large s/e Kit, complete with hanging kit & Ballast. Cost 250 new, will take 125!! It needs a new bulb as the ...16/07/09
79Fluval 404 :WANTED a fluval 404 canister or even the full 404 at the right price....THANKS !!!!13/07/09
80Prizma skimmer for sale :Motorised prizma skimmer 12month old working order 25.00 cost 120 new call mark 07597731984 Stoke staffs11/07/09
813ft TANK, STAND, FILTER ETC :here i have a 3ft fish tank on wood effect stand, complete with heat light, new filter, ornaments, fake plants. in brill condition.10/07/09
82HELP NEEDED HELECOPTER CATFISH....... :Hello there i am new to the website i have beed told about it by a freind. i am currently in posession of helecopter catfish aka "Walla ...09/07/09
83koi :Just built fab pond, if anyone has any unwanted fish they will go to a fab loving home 01782 779247 stoke-on-trent05/07/09
843FT FISH TANK and STAND :3ft fish tank, with beech effect stand. including new filter, heat light, big rock & net. good condition. cash on collection. 150 OVNO30/06/09
85Unwanted Gold Fish :I have approx 30-40 goldfish, approx 4-6 inches long, some mixed with Koi and some with fan tale. For sale for a minimal cost - to be arrang ...29/06/09
86Wanted :ro unit wanted must b in stoke also fish and corals .20/06/09
873ft tanks x 3 plus stands :1 x fish tank and black ash type stand approx 3ft x 15inch x 18inch, comes with lid which has two working light tubes & starter in(this ha ...16/06/09
88Midland Reefs :Founded in 2001 by marine aquarium writer and author, Tim Hayes, Midland Reefs has many years experience in the marine aquarium industry, an ...12/06/09
89Vectron UV25 :No longer required, the bulb is approx 3 months old. Make me a sensible offer Andy 07824 88788107/06/09
90Discus wanted stoke on trent area :Blue colour strain ( cobalt, blue turq etc ) discus wanted in stoke on trent area. Willing to pay around 20 or more if exceptional fish. ...06/06/09
91500 NEW LOWER PRICE BARGAIN FULL MARINE SETUP :I have an Aquaone Aquamode 900 (280ltr) bow fronted tank with stand and external filtration system. It cost 700 new a month before xmas. ...31/05/09
92bargain 5 foot fish tank :hi ive got a five foot fish tank good condition needs cleaning asiveonly just emptiedmy malawis out imin stokeon trent must go this weekend ...28/05/09
93for sale 2ft tank complete set up 25 .stoke on trent :i have a 2ft tank with everything with it eg.heater, filter, light, gravel, a peice of bogwood. ive also got some baby platties if you want ...28/05/09
94KOI POND BIO FILTER SYSTEM FOR SALE :Bio -Filter Koi Pond Filter 1 set 4 bay to filter 12,000 gallons and 1 set 3 bay to filter 1,000 gallon .Very good condition 500 for the 4 ...27/05/09
95aquarium and tropical tank set up :3ft x 2ft aquarium in a lovely light wood cabinet comes with 2 large filters, thermostate, heat eliment lots of plants, ornaments and a holi ...26/05/09
96SIBERIAN LONGNOSE STERGEON FOR SALE :i have 1 sturgeon for sale, its 24 inches long and in very good condition,witha white tipped nose, AND CAN BE HAND FED AND TICKLED 60 PO ...22/05/09
97WATER LILLY :i have 1 established water lilly for sale, IT HAS 13 PADS ALREADY AND PRODUCES LOVELY PINK AND WHITE FLOWERS, 15 POUNDS,,READY TO GO STRAI ...22/05/09
99marine complete fish tank for sale :rena calvados 400ltrs with storage space underneath, aqua medic turbo filter protein skimmer,and everything else that comes with a fully mat ...20/05/09
100Ocean Rock 23kg's :Hi Following an upgrade I've got 23kgs of Ocean Rock up for grabs. The rock has been used as base rock in a marine tank for about a year, ...20/05/09
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