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1T5 lights :iaquatics, T5, 6 tube light unit 36 inch, only 5 tubes work,needs new conection on tube 6 (i have the new conectors )also has a crack ...09/02/14
2iaquatics T5 light :36" 4 tube,adjustable legs,2 power leads 60 newcastle -u-lyme staffs 0787081312109/02/14
3stc 1000 :Stc 1000 thermostat for sale still in box 1008/02/14
4wanted true p hystrix.. :hi all looking for hystrix stingrays good money now will travel all uk and Europe to collect cheers steve06/02/14
5Blue Dolphin (Crytocara Moori) Male 3.5 inches :I have a beautiful Malawi Dolphin Cichlid for sale very healthy and well looked after. Stunning addition to an all male tank or equally woul ...05/02/14
6red tail loach :four red tail loaches for sale two are approx 6 inch in length and two approx 5 inch buyer must collect 3029/01/14
7royal pleco :royal pleco for sale approx 6 inch length 30 buyer must collect29/01/14
8feather fin synadontis :lovely feather fin synadontis for sale approx 6 inches long buyer must collect 2529/01/14
9Flame scooter blennys for sale :Hi i have a pair of flame scooter blennys available. Theyre in great condition about an inch in size. 120 the pair no offers thanks. Ch ...28/01/14
10black ghost knife fish :Black ghost knife fish for sale approx 14 inch long 20 buyer must collect27/01/14
11clown loaches :for sale 6 x clown loach one is approx 8 inch long and thick bodied two are approx 6 inch three approx 5 inch and one approx 4inch all been ...27/01/14
13aqua one 1200 exsternal filter forsale :aqua one 1200 exsternal filter for sale with pipes and media working order 30.00 contact marc st521/01/14
14bumblebee catfish :2x south american bumblebee catfish approx 3 inch long 15 buyer must collect14/01/14
15blood parrot fish :blood parrot fish for sale approx 6 inch long 10 buyer must collect14/01/14
16Fish Tanks for sale :Fish Tanks for sale Size in inches Drilled Hole size Glass tank Thickness Price Tank Base Stock No 27 24x18x24h n 6m ...10/01/14
17WITTER TOW BAR FOR SEAT IBIZA 2011 .. will swap :Will swap for marine fish equipment. I have a Witter tow bar for sale. Only used a couple times. In as new condition. Was fitted to a Seat I ...07/01/14
18Mylochromis mola, juveniles for sale---- :A nice Haplochromine from the sandy areas of Lake Malawi, Mylochromis mola (locale - Gome Island). These are first generation from wild f ...28/12/13
19Lava rock caves 3 :As subject I am selling 3 Lava rock caves that were originally in my Cichlid set-up before I changed them over. 10 Buyer to collet ...27/12/13
20Spaghetti / tuffa rock (11 Mixed Medium / Large) :As subject I am selling 11 Mixed Medium / Large Spaghetti / tuffa rocks that were originally in my Cichlid set-up before I changed them over ...27/12/13
21Synodontis catfish for sale. :We have a good selection of Synodontis catfish for sale. Postage available if needed or collection at the weekends. Synodontis angelicu ...27/12/13
22Malawi Mbuna to clear:--- :A selection of adult mbuna including: Gephyrochrmois lawsii - large breeding pair - 15.00 for the pair. Pseudotropheus sp. Acei Senga ...26/12/13
23Synodontis multipunctatus juveniles available..... :I have 3 youngsters (all 6cm+ SL) from my breeding group ready to move on. 12.00 for all 3 fish. Pictures are of one of the fish for ...26/12/13
24AQUARAY AQUABEAM 600 ULTRA - REEF WHITE/ MARINE BLUE :I have for sale a BRAND NEW and boxed Aquaray 600 Ultra Double Pack, Reef White / Marine Blue combo. These are a really great LED system. ...24/12/13
25AQUARAY AQUABEAM 600 ULTRA - REEF WHITE :I have for sale a BRAND NEW and boxed Aquaray 600 Ultra in Reef White - Single unit not double like my other listings. This is a crystal cle ...24/12/13
26AQUARAY AQUABEAM 600 ULTRA - TWIN REEF WHITE :I have for sale a BRAND NEW and boxed Aquaray 600 Ultra in Reef White, this is a crystal clear white and a really great LED system. These ...24/12/13
27Fish house tanks and kit for sale:--- :Tanks have been drilled (27mm hole which is perfect for standard plumbers overflow pipe) as they are on a centralised filter system. If you ...22/12/13
28fluval 200l roma fish tank :Hi guys is any1 selling a fluval 200l roma fish tank??20/12/13
29Ro and salt water for sale :Here I am selling ro water for 10p a litre and salt 25ltr for 5 just place your order before you turn up cheers Martyn 0742982359918/12/13
30Trade Bulk Aquarium/Pond Carbon - 10KG - Other qtys available. :Aquarium/Pond Carbon available in bulk at trade prices! - Listing is for 10KG Here we have for sale unbranded, unboxed aquarium carbon, ...17/12/13
31Looking for Cheap aquarium in Stoke :Looking for an aquarium a bit larger than my 2ft (84L) one that I can use as a breeding tank. Doesn't have to be perfect as it's not for dis ...17/12/13
32Neolamprologus buescheri, group for sale. :A rather rare Tang cichlid in the UK just now. Neolamprologus buescheri, this is a group of 5 fish (all pictures are of the dominant individ ...16/12/13
33Large exLamprologus multifasciatus colony for sale---- :The ever popular Lake Tanagnyika shell dweller, exLamprologus multifasciatus. For sale is a large colony of 10+ adults and associated you ...16/12/13
34Aulonocara sp. Stuartgranti Maleri, adult group for sale....- :The very attractive and bright Peacock from Lake Malawi, Aulonocara sp. Stuartgranti Maleri The group consists of 5 fish, the male is eur ...15/12/13
35Synodonti multipunctatus, breeding group for sale--- :Breeing group of Synodontis multipunctatus (3 male, 2 female) available. 50 for the group. Pictures are a couple of the youngsters I' ...10/12/13
36Telmatochromis sp. Schachbrett, rare Lake Tanganyika cichlid available--- :An unusual slender Lake Tanganyika cichlid, Telmatochromis sp. Schachbrett. One pair plus a spare for sale. 30 for the group. Picture ...08/12/13
37Lake Tanganyika - Chalinochromis sp. Ndobhoi for sale--- :Adult group of Chalinochromis sp. Ndobhoi (like an extra large Julidochromis), one pair with a single spare fish (3 total). 35 for the g ...06/12/13
38Tropheus moorii colony for sale---- :Tropheus moorii - Chaitika Blue Rainbow colony, F1 from wild. Purchased as juveniles in May 2011, currently the colony is 8 adult fish and 1 ...06/12/13
39Cyprichromis leptosoma Kekese breeding group for sale---- :Breeing shoal of Cyprichromis leptosoma (variant Kekese) available, comprises 4 males (2 yellow tail, 2 blue tail) and 3 females. 40 for ...05/12/13
40Aquarium 700mm x 400mm x 350mm with cabinet :All black fish tank and cabinet complete with hood and light and other accessories such as internal filter, 150w fluval heater, rocks, air p ...01/12/13
41Red Sea Max 250 in White 850.00 :This is a Red Sea Max 250 Aquarium in white. I have had it for less than 6 months and am sad to have to sell it due to personal circumstance ...28/11/13
42Acan frags loads of different types. :Hi i have loads of acan frags available. Pics attached 19.99 each Call andy 0779191847923/11/13
43Wanted: Clarias Catfish :Experienced home looking for a companion or two for our little girl 'Enya' she's 14 inches and a very mellow fish! But as a social species w ...10/11/13
44Boyu tl450 FULL setup - URGENTLY NEEDS TO GO :Hi i have for sale a Boyu tl450 marine aquarium. This tank has the following with it: Tank - 58 litres capacity - black Tankstand - ...04/11/13
45marine coral for sale :im making room in my tank so i selling the following 2x bright green mushroom colonys approx 10-13 mushrooms on each rock 30 quid each 2x m ...30/10/13
46Flame Angel Fish For Sale :Hi folks, I'm selling my Flame Angel, approximately 3 inches in length and very healthy. I'm asking 55 or exchange for some corals, tha ...28/10/13
47Tropical fish for sale 25.00 :1 silver dollar 5". 4 years old 1 clown fish 4". 4 years old 1 pink shark fish 4". 3 years old 4 harleqins fish 1&qu ...28/10/13
48Opaline Gourami :I'm selling my opaline gourami as he's become too territorial for my liking, would be ideal in a large well established tank with ample spac ...27/10/13
49Wanted Blue dolphins, phenochilus, mkoda :As subject above I'm looking for groups of Malawi cichlids must be of adult size and pairs, trios or larger groups Looking for blue dolph ...26/10/13
50MarineFishandInvert is Open in Stoke on Trent :Hi Iam a Fully Licenced Marine Fish Room/Shop Based in Stoke on Trent I Have Loads of Clean Up Crew for sale Clean up Crew start from ...25/10/13
51Philippine Blue Angelfish For Sale. :Young blue smokey and chocolate angelfish for sale. 12 weeks old body size around 10p piece or just over. Also a small number of Platinum's ...24/10/13
5250 gph ro unit 50 :I have a 50 gpd ro unit with pressure gauge and taps only just over week old can be seen working 50 cost me 65 new phone 07999 95098919/10/13
532ft Metal Halide Light :Geisemann infinity metal halide Growth 150w metal halide with 4x24w Fluorescent tubes Measurements L 24", W 14", H 3.5" Comes with hangin ...18/10/13
54Marine frags, Soft coral, SPS :Marine soft coral frags: Sinularia brassica (Cabbage Leather Coral), 12 Briareum asbestinum, 5-8 Knopia octocontacanalis 10 ...13/10/13
55For Sale: Blue Zebra Angelfish - incl. breeding pair :I have for sale 7 angelfish - Estimated sizes 4-6 inch One definite pair spawning regularly but snails, other fish and lack of space have ...10/10/13
56Juwel Vision 260 :The black cabinet's is fair condition with some small water damage. the tank has a few light scratches from cleaning the internal glass. Li ...07/10/13
57Steatocranus irvinei Blue Lipped Blockhead F1s :We have just had a shipment of Steatocranus irvinei, these are a Blue lipped African Blockhead, a stunning fish quite a rarity in the UK. ...06/10/13
58juwel vision 450 full set up with cabinet :juwel vision 450 5ft bowfronted fish tank with matching cabinet in dark wood in very good condition.... two set of twin t5 lighting built i ...05/10/13
59koi pond filter :for sale cloverleaf compact koi filter 2 chambers in one an outer vortex and an inner bio chamber comes with new filter media and foams +8 w ...02/10/13
60Juwel Rio 240 full set up :Black trim, T5 lights, Juwel internal filter, heater, pump. Live plants, Juwel terrace cliff, 4 bog woods, Rainbows, Angels, Chains, Red ta ...30/09/13
61Berghia nudibranch for sale :Hi Berghia nudibranch for sale a great way to rid your tank of aiptasia ... They have cleared my tank aiptasia and bred well They now ...25/09/13
62custom made marine set up :hi 4 months ago brought a black wood stand which cost me 100 and I had a custom made 10mm thick 30x20x12 glass tank made by aqua seal again ...22/09/13
63All Pond Soloutions Aquarium External Filter 2000 L/H + 9W UV :All Pond Solutions 2000EF+ External Filter This 2000EF+ External aquarium filter with built in UV system from 'All Pond Solutions' uses a ...18/09/13
64tmc v2 600 skimmer :Tmc v2 600 skimmer for sale only 4 months old 3015/09/13
65aqua one AR850 :Hi I am selling my aqua one ar 850 tank the tank is only a year old and been used as a marine tank so may show signs of coraline algae.There ...15/09/13
66tmc v2 600 skimmer :Tmc v2 600 skimmer for sale only 4 months old 3015/09/13
674FT COMPLETE TROPICAL 250 :Here for sale is my 4ft tropical setup, which i have had up and running for the past 18mths, ive just decided to convert to marine and now n ...14/09/13
68Torch coral - Stoke on Trent :Have three 2 headed torches for sale The one on the far right has finally come out from sulking now and is not mounted yet. Also a nive pie ...14/09/13
69marine tank and sump plus extra s :For sale fish tank and sump The tank comes with the following Iaquatics t5 light unit that hold 6 t5 bulbs can run 3 or all 6. Tmc sk ...12/09/13
70wanted corner fish tank 350L and 190L :wanted two corner fishtanks , 350L and 190L, no fish just tank and equipment as close to stoke on trent as poss08/09/13
71live rock for sale 4 per kg (only 10 kg left) :I have live rock I'm selling from my marine tank. Has been in there for over 4 years with damsons, clowns and crustaceans. Slowly breaking ...04/09/13
72jewel rio 125 liter 100 ono :For sale is my jewel rio 125 liter tank its in superb quality no water damage what so ever the cabinet n trims all have beech effect finish ...31/08/13
73New Granular Food for Tropical Fish 100g, Discus Angelfish Community Fish Cichli ... :We are introducing our new granular tropical feed from Japan for Discus and Community fish aquariums to the UK market and launching our UK f ...30/08/13
74White minnow fish :Hi I am looking to rehome a tiny white mountain minnow fish. FREE to good suitable home stoke on trent29/08/13
75Aqua one Aquis 1250 pressurised external filter 50 ono :Aqua one Aquis 1250 pressurised external filter 50 ono st5 area 0773726308619/08/13
76Tank: Aqua One Aquarium 400L , including Cabinet 150 ONO :Tank: Aqua One Aquarium Aquience Cube 550s , including Cabinet Tank Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 65cm Cabinet Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 75cm ...19/08/13
77an Aqua One MG-600 70 ono :I also have an Aqua One MG-600 Metal Halide Luminaire Featuring a single 150 watt, 15,000 Kelvin metal halide bulb and two 24 watt high ou ...19/08/13
78Fluval Roma 240 with Cabinet/Stand. MUST GO THIS WEEK 100 :Unfortunately selling my aquarium due to moving home! Fluval Roma 240 with stand / cabinet Comes with : Fluval 305 external filter ...15/08/13
796ft Aquarium for sale :6x2x2.5 aquarium for sale 500 ono Cost over 2000 only a year ago - only selling due to downsizing Comes with two sumps, all pipe work an ...13/08/13
80external filter :Hi here I have a fluval g6 filter for sale excellent condition comes with everything needed to set up straight away these retail at 350 new ...09/08/13
81assorted large cichlids firemouths jack dempsy & frontosa cichlids :jack dempsy around 5.5 inches salvini around 5.5 inches and 3 frontosa cichlids one around 6.5 inches one around 5.5 inches the third around ...05/08/13
82cichlids :large 8-10" red tiger oscar 2505/08/13
832 x EBJD (Electric Blue Jack dempseys) For sale :Currently 4 inch long, perfect condition. Reluctant sale but switching to communal set up. Pictures will be going up with evening 1/08/13. ...01/08/13
84KENT RIVER REEF 94L MARINE TANK 150 OVNO :I have for sale my fantastic condition River Reef 94L tank and cabinet. Its the harder to find black backed version and comes with upgraded ...30/07/13
85KENT RIVER REEF 94L MARINE TANK 150 OVNO :I have for sale my fantastic condition River Reef 94L tank and cabinet. Its the harder to find black backed version and comes with upgraded ...30/07/13
86Malawi cichlids fry for sale :For sale: Yellow Labs and Auratus fry (2-3 weeks old) 1.00 each All colouring up beautiful and growing fast. Collection Stoke-on-T ...29/07/13
87Niger / Ripsaw Catfish Wanted :Niger / Ripsaw catfish wanted between 12 & 18 inch. Thanks29/07/13
882 humbug damsels need new home :Hi I have 2 humbug damsels that I need gone asap (ideally before Friday 02/08) I want to put other fish in tank but can't due to these guys ...28/07/13
89largetank.with extras :5x2x2 tank for sale home made stand and lid with 4t8 lights n.units fluval 406 externaland a biopro external does 2200lph and 300 w heater. ...23/07/13
90KENT RIVER REEF 94L MARINE TANK :For sale is my River Reef 94L marine tank by KENT. I've had this from new and only used it for a year. Its in fantastic condition. In the ...21/07/13
91Cathedral coral frag :Here I have a cathedral coral frag for sale this is on a piece of live rock 10 also have another one for 8 call Martyn 0742954101419/07/13
92Sterbai :Wanted Sterbai local to Stoke on Trent any amount considered. Breeding groups preferred. email, [email protected]17/07/13
93WANTED: Grade A Picasso Clown :I would like to find someone who can sell me a Grade A' Picasso clownfish in the hope that I can pair it wish a regular Perc that I have. ...15/07/13
944ft fish tank XX sale XX :4ft tank plus rocks 40.00 0784143097513/07/13
953ft fish tank :hi its a 3ft fish tank with hood but no light.03/07/13
96Juwel Fish Tank and Stand :Juwel Aquarium plus stand; comes complete with filter, heater and light for tropical fish, just remove heater for coldwater fish. Includes g ...02/07/13
9725 litre fluval chi in box :25 litre fluval chi Comes with original box 25 watt fluval edge heater Remote control led lighting Spare filter pads Black gravel P ...28/06/13
98Full marine aquarium setup :Up for sale is my complete marine aquarium, spec as follows: ND aquatics custom made aquarium Water volume: 250 litres Width: 33inche ...20/06/13
99pearl stingray - male reduced :This is a beautiful male ray lovely markings feeds well on mussel, prawns, cockle, lance fish and is about 8" to 9" in diameter lookin for ...20/06/13
100jag ray big male quick sale :I am selling my orange spot jag ray he is about 13" with very large claspers. He is ready to breed, quick sale 100 swapping to reptiles che ...20/06/13
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