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1CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS, 2.5 INCH, £15...3 INCH..£20 4 INCH,, £25. APC overnight se ... :Description: hi there 2.5 to 4" discus, body size, 2.5" to 4 " head to end of tale there are about 14 different type ...28/03/17
2100 s of DISCUS @ CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS from £15, APC overnight service :hi there 2.5 to 4" discus, body size, 2.5" to 4 " head to end of tale there are about 14 different types checkerboar ...28/03/17
3Petricola catfish/ abino catfish :Thinning out petricolas so I have 5 petricolas for sale aprox 3 1/2 inches £50 also buyer can have 5 abino bristlenose for free. phone or te ...28/03/17
4Tropical Fish International - Newly set up UK Wholesaler :Tropical Fish International (Europe) Ltd is a newly set up UK based wholesaler. Part of CIS International group, well established network o ...28/03/17
517 Pleco caves Hypancistrus, Peckoltia :Hi all For sale 17 pleco caves. Different shapes and sizes. 6 slate caves with removable tops- 16 cm long 11 ceramic caves- black 10 ...28/03/17
6Fluval Q2 air pump :Hi all For sale very very good Fluval Q2 air pump. Perfect condition with original box. £30 posted Please check my other ads, lots ...28/03/17
72 books :Hi all For sale these 2 great books in perfect condition. £20 for both posted Please check my other ads, lots for sale all top qual ...28/03/17
8wc frontosa Mikula :I have 10 male 18 female adults and wc.there is 2 breeding groups that have successfully breed and left to go full term without striping,ph ...27/03/17
9Ghost carp wanted :Hi im looking for any unwanted ghost carp/koi to go in my large natural pond27/03/17
10Fishcove Warrington - Fish List :Drape Fin Barbs Botia Kubotai Cardinals Blue Neons Black Neons Assorted Mollies Assorted Guppies Assorted Platies Zebra Danios Gold ...27/03/17
11low price heaters 25-300 watts all one price £10 ea at Fishcove :low price heaters 25-300 watts all one price £10 ea at Fishcove, Warrington. 01925423652 .27/03/17
12RO water £2.50 , Salt water £4.50 in Warrington. :RO water £2.50 , Salt water £4.50 per 25 litres at Fishcove Warrington. 01925 423652 Unit 3 St Peters Way Off Orford Lane , Warring ...27/03/17
133 x Good quality Clown Loach for sale. :Quality Clown loach for sale great colourings. I have a Trio and are only selling due to tank size they are amazing fish with great characte ...26/03/17
14H FUSCUS SEAHORSES IN STOCK :H fuscus in stock stunning seahorse £45 each we also have adult pairs at £120 a pair.We have spent years sourcing healthy seahorse stock com ...25/03/17
15H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW :We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ...25/03/17
16Rainbow cichlids for sale :Rainbow cichlids for sale. Fry grown out to around 2 inches. Growing well and beginning to show adult colurations. £3 each. Collection or ...25/03/17
17Large Tropheus ikola group cheap :Hi I have around 25 tank bred Tropheus Ikola from Mikes Rifts. £200 for the whole group I'll also throw in 5 Juli 2 are the parents the othe ...24/03/17
18pond fish/koi :Hi im looking for any cheap koi goldfish and any other pond fish and equipment. Thanks22/03/17
19box jelly fish available :hi we have available box jelly fish £39.99 stunning species very dangerous call or message for further info20/03/17
20Pond fish WANTED ( will not be sold on) :Hi i'm looking for Any free or cheap koi and other pond fish for a good home in my large natural pond20/03/17
22blue-spotted stingrays :Hi we have two blue-spotted stingrays available approx 6" very healthy great feeders £85 each delivery can be arranged16/03/17
23horsefield tortoise :we have horsefield tortoise available £70 each 5 years old male and females available16/03/17
24Baensch aquarium atlas great book :Hi all For sale this very good and sought after book. Perfect condition. £20 posted Please check my other ads, lots for sale all t ...15/03/17
254 sponge filters :Hi all For sale 4 air driven sponge filters £12 for all 4 posted Please check my other ads, lots for sale all top quality Thank ...15/03/17
262 Hailea air pumps :Hi all For sale 2 great air pumps The smaller one with 1 outlet and the bigger one with 2 outlets Both in perfect condition. £30 f ...15/03/17
27Large Polypterus ornatipinnis £60 :Large polypterus ornatipinnis 19-20" and very chunky not often seen at this size. eats mussels,prawn and pellets £60 will put pics up soon a ...15/03/17
28African Cichlids :Many sizes of fish, please feel free to get in touch around 40 fish with the option of tank with them, I have a 65 lt and also a 165 lt tank15/03/17
29100 W Eheim Jager heater :Hi all For sale 100W never used Eheim heater £15 Collection from Warrington please Please check my other ads, lots for sale all ...14/03/17
30Marina breeding & holding box :Hi all For sale marina breeding box, used but in good condition. A small plastic peace at the water outlet missing.Easily replacable. ...14/03/17
31Why buy secondhand filters? :Why buy secondhand? Our best sellers are these 2 filters the 600 is £11.95 and the 800 is £13.95 back in stock again from Fishcove, Warring ...14/03/17
32Koi Pan Net for sale :Koi Pan Net 28" good condition £2514/03/17
33Elecro electric Heater 3kw :Elecro Heater 3kw in good condition £17914/03/17
34Kent Marine 900g Reef Salt Mix :Kent Marine 900g Reef Salt Mix per bag £4 per bag can be delivered Product Description Kent Marine Reef Salt is the perfect foundatio ...13/03/17
35KENT marine reef salt mix 200 gallon mix 26.3kg £65 :KENT marine reef salt mix 200 gallon mix 26.3kg £65 delivery availabe13/03/17
36water containers all new never used :water containers for RO and Salt water etc Weight: 275g Features: 5L capacity Din 51(53mm) screw cap Overall dimensions 255h x 146 ...13/03/17
37TMC V2 Pure Advanced 100gpd RO Unit £130 :Description: TMC V2 Pure Advanced 100 gpd RO Unit V²Pure "Advanced" Units The "Advanced" models have all the benefits of the standard m ...12/03/17
39New home needed by me and the fish :Add removed new home found.11/03/17
40Malawi Mixed Cichlids for sale :A mix of large and small cichlids, about 25-35 in total. I've had them for three years and want a change of set up. Needs to be in a big tan ...11/03/17
41Corner Marine Tank complete live system for sale :fish include regal tang 6 inches powder blue tang 4 inches foxface 8 inches pair of clowns copperband butterfly 3 inch plus some other fish. ...10/03/17
42RO AND SALT WATER IN CHESHIRE AREA/ RO £1.50 SALT £4 :I can supply RO and Salt water allways at 000 TDS water goes through a 6 stage RODI unit. I use aquaforest reef salt 25L of RO £1.50 ...05/03/17
43Large Vortex Koi (Price drop Bargain ) :Any Serious Pond/Koi keeper would benefit from this at the front line of there filter system 4ft round and stands just over 4ft high its ...05/03/17
44RO AND SALT WATER IN CHESHIRE AREA/ RO £1.50 SALT £4 :I can supply RO and Salt water allways at 000 TDS water goes through a 6 stage RODI unit. I use aquaforest reef salt 25L of RO £1.50 ...05/03/17
45Various fish Tetras / Harlequins / Cardinals :I am selling my fish to make way for a project Approx 25-30 Harlequins Approx 8 cardinals Approx 5 Rummynose £40 Snowb ...02/03/17
46fish tank with accessories and stand 45 pound and collection :25 litre fish tank with filter,gravel,food, air stone, white spot treatment, carbon pellets,gravel and new stand. All brill condition buyer ...28/02/17
47RO and Salt water :I can supply RO and Salt water allways at 000 TDS water goes through a 6 stage RODI unit. I use aquaforest reef salt 25L of RO £1.50 ...27/02/17
48wild ocellaris bass :world of water Manchester have some wild ocellaris peacock bass for sale contact store for details 0161 903 994425/02/17
49FLOWERHORNS FOR SALE :world of water Manchester have flowerhorns in stock contact store for details 0161 903 994425/02/17
50Jewel rio 300 gloss white and cabinet MINT :Jewel rio 300 gloss white with cabinet immaculate condition a large tetra external filter which cost £120 Plus 300w heater 2 air pumps ...23/02/17
512 foot long Red Tail Catfish for sale. :Red Tail Catfish. Eats Well. Hand feeding. Nice colours. 100 ONO. Any offers welcome. 0784984098520/02/17
52Neolamprologus Tretocephalus x5 :5 adult fish just coming to breeding age and starting to pair off. £30 for the 5 Collection only (great Sutton) Contact 0754582607 ...13/02/17
55URGENTLY LOOKING FOR A JUWEL RIO 300 TANK & CABINET :I am looking for a Juwel Rio 300 aquarium with cabinet in beech. I am based in Crewe and can travel to pick up. If selling, please call or t ...08/02/17
56Juwel 350 Frontosa complete Setup £450 :£450 to sell this weekend Complete Juwel 350 setup (Black) 8 large Frontosa, regular breeding T5 lighting FX5 Filter Vecton 400 UV £ ...04/02/17
57Juwel Bioflow 1500 Filter Pump £25 :Juwel Bioflow 1500 Filter Pump New Unused I bought this as a spare a couple of years ago never needed to use it. £25 0772540162104/02/17
58juwel Trigon 350 Frontosa complete setup £450 :£450 Ito sell this weekend 8 large Frontosa, regular breeding Houused ini Complete Juwel 350 setup (Black) T5 lighting FX5 Filter ...04/02/17
59Koi carp for sale.young fish.various colours. :Call for more info. 07488596481 also fish are in good health and have no health problems.photos available.26/01/17
602 Tank Breeding setup :2 X 18w x 15h x 12d Glass tanks with black vinyl backing and strips to top and side. *Glass is tinted on sides and rear. (Tanks made by ...26/01/17
61CO2 for planted aquarium :CO2 Art sodastream setup..... Comes with everything you need to get CO2 into your planted tank. I used this on a Juwel Lido 200 Cos ...26/01/17
62aqua one 1800r for sale :Well looked after 600l tank. Usual age related scratches on glass. Can't see them when aquarium is full. Their is a small dent on the right ...25/01/17
63Nice selection of soft corals :Got a lovely selection of soft corals, Toadstools, Leathers, Kenya, finger corals £5-£22 Lots of other corals are available Send text ...19/01/17
64Lots of Zoas for sale :Zoas from £5-£26 Lots available Also lots of other corals to choose from too Send text or message to arrange viewing If you are on f ...19/01/17
65Mushroom corals for sale :Singles from £5-£8 Mini Colonies £12-£15 Large colonies £23 Lots available Also lots of other corals to choose from too Send text or ...19/01/17
66Free artificial plants needed :Need some artificial plants if anybody wants to donate any please19/01/17
67Breeding net for fry :I have a load of fry around my tank in I could do with a breeding net cheep as possible or free please19/01/17
68Large rainbow fish wanted (4 inches plus) :I am looking for rainbow fish that are 4 inches or larger. Boesemani, reds, blues or banded are what I am particularly looking for. I am wil ...18/01/17
694ft Marine rimless braceless fish tank made by Aquarium Cabinet Solutions £450 :For sale is my lovely 4ft x 18"x 26" ACS marine tank, the tank is 15mm opt white rimless, braceless with beveled edges. For sale is the disp ...16/01/17
70Juwel Rio 300 WANTED :I am looking for a Juwel Rio 300 aquarium with cabinet in beech. I am based in Crewe and can travel within 50 mile radius. If selling, pleas ...15/01/17
71Adult Pair L270 :1 Pair F1 L270 £30.00 for the pair All in good health Buyer to collect from Stockport Area SK7 Call Chris On 07748 63125514/01/17
72Proven Breeding Pair Marlboro Red Discus :Proven Breeding Pair Marlboro Red Discus Young Pair 5" in size £100.00 Buyer Collection Only Call Chris 07748631255 Stockport SK7 Area14/01/17
73Large Male Leopard Skin Discus :Stunning Show Fish the photo does not do justice - Large 6-8" Leopard Skin Discus £75.00 Buyer Collection Only Call Chris on 07748631255 S ...14/01/17
74Rehoming 18 years old carp :Rehoming this carp. Bought new house and had been told there is a koi carp in the pond. Not sure if its koi, but sadly needs to go. For pic ...11/01/17
75Bristlenose plecos :I have over 70 bristlenose plecos, all from same parents but 3 different sizes, all under an inch in size (biggest are just an inch), around ...05/01/17
76Complete Bow Fronted Glass tank with fish :Bow Fronted Glass Fish tank complete with fish 102 Litres 80 X 35 X 40 CMs There are a couple of Tetra's, Cory's and a Bristle Nose ...02/01/17
77Nannacara Anomala Golden Dwarf Cichlid Breeding Trio 1 male 2 females :Nannacara Anomala Golden Dwarf Cichlid Breeding pair 1 male 1 females £18.00 Collection Only Call Chris 07748 631255 Stockport Area SK701/01/17
78Adult Male and Female Bristlenose Pleco Ansistrus Temminckii :Several Adults available Ansistrus Temminckii Short Fin (3 to 5” available) From £5.00 each Collection Only Call Chris 07748 631255 Stoc ...01/01/17
79Whiptails Rineloricaria Parva :2 x Adult Wild Rineloricaria Parva 5 to 6" £5.00 each Collection Only Call Chris 07748 631255 Stockport Area01/01/17
80Apistogramma Trifasciatum young :Young Apistogramma Trifasciatum £8.00 each 1 pair left! Collect Only Call Chris 07748 631255 Stockport01/01/17
81F1 L260 Queen Arabesque Plecos :Over 30 no. Available All 1.5" to 2" £15.00 each 2" plus £18.00 each All in good health 4 or more £15.00 each Buyer to collect from Sto ...01/01/17
82Group of Wild LO46 Zebra Pleco 3 Wild Males 1 Wild & 2 F1 Females :All 2.5 to 3.5" in good health. I have bought the majority of them from Pier Aquatics in Wigan. Will only sell as group or Pairs £850.00 ...01/01/17
83jebao dc2000 :used for 6 months before upgrading to a bigger pump looking for £2501/01/17
84Aquamedic phosphate filter :For sale is: Phosphatfilter See attached pic. Can be posted or collected from Tameside, Manchester. £25 + Postage, Cash on colle ...27/12/16
85Aquamedic Nitratereductor NR 1000 :For sale is: Nitratereductor NR 1000 See attached pic. Can be posted or collected from Tameside, Manchester. £75 + Postage, Cash ...26/12/16
86Aquamedic Calcium Reactor KR 400 :For sale is: Calcium Reactor KR 400 No Media See attached pic. Can be posted or collected from Tameside, Manchester. £50 + Po ...26/12/16
87Wanted :Hi I'm looking for nice peacocks. dolphins.and couple of fronts around the Runcorn cheshire area others wanted let me know what you have tha ...26/12/16
8813 shop tanks good condition ending within the hour, grab a bargain :See ebay link below;14/12/16
89FLUVAL 303 / 403 spares GENUINE :Impeller cover, O ring Seal and pipe cleaner Can be posted or collected. Cash on collection. £10 + Postage13/12/16
90Various sizes of fish tanks available including coral tanks :Various fish tanks for sale, collection from Cheshire or I can deliver some tanks for cost of fuel. SEGMENTED FISH SYSTEMS All fish syste ...10/12/16
91Large 8ft by 2ft by 15 inches fish tank for sale :I have a large 8ft long, 2ft wide and 15" tall fish tank for sale, great condition with polished edges. Collection only Widnes, Cheshire ...10/12/16
92ALBINO BRISTLENOSE +YELLOW MALAWI CICHLIDS :For sale I have 30 yellow bristlenose none less than 1 inch some a bit bigger (red eyes) £20.00 also 4 3" yellow Malawi cichlids £10. ...10/12/16
93100 watt Eheim heater - Nantwich :Eheim 3614 100W Heater, boxed. Bought new as a spare and used for about a month - £15 collected10/12/16
94TMC Signature 90 tank, sump & cabinet - Nantwich :TMC Signature 90 tank, one small scratch on the front which barely shows when up and running. Includes sump, return pump (TMC 1500) and blac ...10/12/16
95H ERECTUS ON SALE NOW :H erectus in stock now09/12/16
96Lots of tanks for sale on ebay, 99p start coral tables, sumps ENDING IN 2 HOURS :I have lots of tanks for sale, all 99p start, grab a bargain!07/12/16
97Dans feed instock now :We have new stocks of dans feed in stock now.When this was tested against live phyto for enriching live food to raise fry dans feed won hand ...05/12/16
98Superfish Panorama 60 Tank :Tank for sale. Same as is link below but in black. Pictures available on request. Tank. Filter. Heater. Light bulbs replaced 8 months ago. T ...22/11/16
99Bristlenose plecs :Selling bristlenose plecs, browns and albino, an inch in size, not selling separately 10 for £10, will need own bags and will need to net t ...16/11/16
100discus setup :I decided to sell my discus setup. I am selling first.my breeding.pairs. 160£ for big pairs and 120£ red.marlboro young pair. Other discus a ...13/11/16
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