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1KELO Light - Smart WiFi Controller :KELO Smart WiFi Controller for use wifi Kelo LED lighting. Brand new in the box and never been used. 40 (OVNO), postage is available at an ...12/08/16
2RO Unit with water storage :100gpd RO Unit with 210L water storage barrel + 3L of DI Resin with TDS meter 35 07730886970 Warrington12/08/16
3WANTED someone that can professionally clean 6 ft column tanks :Hi I'm looking for someone to clean out my 6ft column fish tank my son over fed my fish when I was on holiday and completely killed the tan ...10/08/16
4RO Water 0 tds :RO WATER WITH A TDS READING OF 000 2 per 25L Warrington 0773088796010/08/16
6Group of Wild Caught L404 Adult Hypancistrus For Sale :Group of 7 Wild Caught L404 Hypancistrus Rarely seen in the hobby. These are a minimum of 3.5" in size and have spawned once. Regular ...11/07/16
7Juwel vision 450 and equipment :1000 for all.. will need a large car or van to collect tank and stand. And at least 2 people. Or separately: Juwel vision 450 in beech ...10/07/16
8Aqua Medic Aquasunlight NG 2x125w halide 2x54w T5 - 250 ono :For sale Aqua Medic Aquasunlight NG 4ft marine light. This cost over 600 new Giving up my reef hobby open to offers fully working ( ...08/07/16
9Sturgeon [black] :hi sergei my sturgeon is now too big for my pond, he is approx. 3 foot long and quite broad. I am open to offers06/07/16
10Super RED Bristlenose plecos :I have some juvenile 1-1.5" Super red bristlenose plecos for sale. Please see link for more information.29/06/16
11Rainbow cichlid - Herotilapia multispinosa for sale :I have some good sized rainbow cichlids for sale, can post to any UK post code.29/06/16
13Koi wanted cheshire :Looking for some koi carp in Cheshire and surrounding areas for a good home23/06/16
14Marine equipment :Marine equipment Jecod 12000 pump and controller 70 New jet pump 1700 15 Hg-450 pump 5 Tmc v2 auto top up 25 Arcadia led lights ...18/06/16
15Wanted Malawi fish :Hi I am looking for malawi fish available from local breeders in the Cheshire Macclesfield area. willing to travel within 20-30 miles.Wish ...08/06/16
16Aqua one 275 and livestock for sale :I have Pearlscale butterfly 35 2 x cleaner shrimps 20 4 x percula clownfish 50 3 x blood fin anthias 60 Around 8 hermits red and bl ...24/05/16
17marine fish, inverts, corals, plus tank and contents for sale :I have Pearlscale butterfly 35 2 x cleaner shrimps 20 4 x percula clownfish 50 3 x blood fin anthias 60 Around 8 hermits red and bl ...24/05/16
18L029 galaxias plec 15 each upro an inch in size :Stunning galaxy plecs first uk captive breeding as far as i know feeding well and growing fast upto an inch in size 15 each collection only21/05/16
19Fluval 305 :Good used condition. Water tight Good working order 50 o.n.o20/05/16
20Fluval fx6 :Great condition Water tight Perfect working order. 150 o.n.o20/05/16
21Juwel vision 180 :Great condition, full set up for tropical fish, and external filter included. 200 o.n.o20/05/16
22Eheim 240 litre tank and cabinet with filter, LED lights, wave maker and heater, ... :I am selling a 6 month old eheim 240 litre tank with cabinet. Suitable for marine or tropical. The tank also comes with: Eheim professio ...19/05/16
23Eheim 240 litre tank and cabinet with loads of extras 600 :I am selling a 6 month old eheim 240 litre tank with cabinet. Suitable for marine or tropical. The tank also comes with: Eheim professio ...15/05/16
24Koi and ghost carp :Hi im looking for some koi and ghost carp free or cheap as possible for a forever home and will not be sold on Manchester cheshire area15/05/16
25blue malawi cichilds :I have two blue Malawi cichilds for sale both 3 inches long. 5 each text on 07562679996.10/05/16
26kribensis dwarf cichild fry :Kribensis fry for sale from my proven pair 1cm to 2cm long. 2 each. text on 07562679996.10/05/16
27Wanted bristle nose plecs :Anyone in the Cheshire Manchester area have any bn plec for sale all offers considered babies will be fine deals on multiple would be a bonu ...09/05/16
28Wanted filter media squeeze in Widnes area :Hi, I'm just starting my first tank and I'm looking for some good bacteria to help my fishless cycle along. I'm in Widnes so local would ...02/05/16
29Waterfall :Oase waterfall 900mm 10020/04/16
30Pond pump :Oase aquamax Eco premium 6000 Comes with manual Used dry so only 1 metre cable Comes with cage 15020/04/16
31New Stock :Butterfly Catfish Asian Bumblebee Catfish Hopolo Catfish Spotted Talking Catfish Walking Catfish ..................................... ...16/04/16
32Fish display tanks / vats :Shop display fish vats made by hendersons! There are 4 sections; each one is 3.6m in length there are 18 vat chambers for fish all with taps ...07/04/16
33Thorichthys maculipinnis Rio Tepango cichlid American live tropical fish :Got a few young Thorichthys maculipinnis from Rio Tepango. Nice semi rare central american cichlid. Follow link for more details. Live ...03/04/16
35Pets at home 64 litre aquarium :Inclusive of cabinet, lights, heater, air pump, aquarium sand, 1 ornament, filter (media not inc). Full working order, upscaled to larger ...28/03/16
36Juwel Rio 125 :125 litre aquarium with cabinet, lights, heater, filter (sponges not inc), air pump, 1 ornament, aquarium sand. All full working order, we u ...28/03/16
37Large leather toadstool coral 45 :Large tank cultured leather toadstool coral about 25-30cm across head when open. 45 Collection only Sandbach Cheshire27/03/16
38Bio churn reactor :Reef Octapus bio churn 150 external reactor. Bought brand new and never set up. Bought for 349.99 asking 250 Ono21/03/16
39fire eel or tyre track eel wanted :any unusual fish considered midas hogas any large cichlids stockport area. 0758009443221/03/16
40Large range of 45 Fish Tanks/ Coral tanks/Sumps for sale :SEGMENTED FISH SYSTEMS All fish systems include a corner weir, with 40 ml drains and 25ml returns. All tanks are segmented into 4 by divide ...15/03/16
4145cm x 45cm x 45cm Opti White Aquarium and Cabinet :45cm x 45cm x 45cm aquarium with a contemporary mirror pencil line board cabinet. I work for an aquarium manufacturer and this fresh wat ...15/03/16
42SPS CORALS - WARRINGTON :Lots of sps corals for sale. These are really nice healthy colonys and they are nice and cheap. Massive caliendrum colony 12" across ...12/03/16
43Full set up aquarium tropical :For sale my fluval Rio with ehime wet and dry filter and 3d background current cichlids set up collection only Stockport 25008/03/16
44Range of 50 Fish Tanks for sale :SEGMENTED FISH SYSTEMS All fish systems include a corner weir, with 40 ml drains and 25ml returns. All tanks are segmented into 4 by divide ...08/03/16
45Live rocks :Live rocks for sale 5 kg04/03/16
46bullseye snake heads :Hi I'm looking to swop my 5 12 inc bullseye snake heads for gars or silver arrowanas ect message me cheers02/03/16
47Live rock :Live rock for sale due to close down 7 foot tank. 5.00 per kg02/03/16
48axolotls :For sale - 2 leucistic and 1 albino axolotls - 10 each. Buyer must collect. Runcorn. Mobile no. 0795602922027/02/16
4920 absolute bargain : 2x Black Ghost Knife, Six Banded distichodus, Geophagus, ... :Selling tropical to start marine : 2x Black Ghost Knife (5-6"), Six Banded distichodus (3"), Geophagus (3"), 3x small parrot fish (1.5", ...19/02/16
5025Ltr water butts ideal for RO and Salt water :I have 8 25ltr water butts available. looking for a possible trade for any nice frags ( will conside anything) . Most have labels on them bu ...13/02/16
51tmc aquaray led lights :1 marine white tile 70 1 blue aquaray 600 25 1 TMC vector 600 clarifier plus new bulb 45 1 TMC 800 skimmer 70 2 Heaters 5 each 1 H ...13/02/16
52Light wood Rio 400 and cabinet :I have a Rio 400 tank and cabinet for sale. The brackets have been removed, internal filter removed, Will need a new light unit, cabinet is ...09/02/16
53Looking for frags or marine fish stockport :Hi, I have just recently set up my marine tank and am looking for : Frags Sea grass Angelfish Crabs / shrimps Etc tangs Please ...08/02/16
54Eheim pro 3 for sale 70 :Eheim pro 3 for sale. Used on marine tank. However not used for a while as I changed to sump. Really good reliable filter. The prime button ...05/02/16
55Red sea t5 actinic coral spec :I've for sale 2 red sea actinic tubes in t5 39watt bought for my tank but was the wrong type only used for a week whilst I waited for new on ...31/01/16
56Discus pairs (Timperley) Altum stripe x 3 145 per pair. New video :I have 3 young potential pairs for sale. These fish are still young and are 5 inch. I would suggest growing these fish on to 6 inch. They ...31/01/16
57centromochlus perugiae honeycomb cats wanted :centromochlus perugiae honeycomb cats wanted 07734996313 or alan.weedon@tiscali.co.uk cheers Alan19/01/16
58T5 LIGHT UNIT EHEIM :EHEIM T5 39W 100CM LIGHT UNIT Complete with 2spare bulbs aswell Plus 2 T5 light reflectors 65ono collection Stalybridge06/01/16
59Fish tank in cabinet :4ft fish tank in cabinet, comes with, pump, filter, heater, light holder,ornaments,gravel and backdrop, all in good working order. Pick up ...02/01/16
60Large fish tank needed ASAP :Hi, I am in desperate need for a large fish tank, in or around the stockport,Manchester or Cheshire area please. As for am shutting my pon ...29/12/15
61Seahorse set up 190L 550 :190 litre aquaone bow fronted tank and stand, set up for sea horses, eheim 2075 external filter, 200w inline heater, 2 powerheads, beams wor ...14/12/15
6226 inch cube tank with matching cabinet and LED lighting unit 99p start :Got a 26" by 26" by 26" tank with cabinet, LED lights and heater for sale 99p start! Grab a bargain! More details on eBay link.08/12/15
63ex Cichlasoma Istlanum F2 Rio Balsas for sale :Very rare cichlids for sale, nice medium sized central american cichlid. Small juveniles 1" plus, great size to grow on and get a group.08/12/15
64TEN for a TENNER :Ten fish for Ten pounds... Choose from: - Cardinal Tetras - Neons - Long Fin Zebra Danios - Leopard Danios - Giant Danios - Pentazona ...07/12/15
65Seashell Thin 3d Background Aqua 65 15 :This background was bought from maidenhead aquatics to fit a superfish aqua 65 aquarium it has a 3d rock effect dimensions 56cm x36cm approx ...03/12/15
66Malawi blue cichlid 5-6 inch 10 or swap :10 a stunning malawi cichlid very chunky and healthy too big for the tank niw so will swap for smaller cichlids or cash offer needs a good ...23/11/15
67Polypterus ornatipinnis 12 inch beauty :For sale a stunning polypterus around 12" very chunky healthy fish too big for my tank 40 or swap for malawi cichlids19/11/15
68American cichlids for sale :Convict 1.5-3 cm 1 Convict x jade eye 1.5-3 cm 1 Honduran red points 2-4 cm 2 Myrnae 1.5 3 cm 2 Tapajos 2-3.5 cm 2 Rainbows 2.5-5 ...16/11/15
69Baby Cherry Shrimp w/ FREE java moss :I have a load of Red Sakura Shrimplets for sale with FREE java moss. 20 for 19.99 with only 9.99 for delivery Drop me a message at: ...16/11/15
70American cichlids for sale :For sale we have Convicts 1 each Honduran redpoints 2 each Rainbows 2 each Sajica t bars 2 each Ellioti 2 each Myrnae 2 each Ta ...07/11/15
71Andinoacara stalsbergi green terrors :Andinoacara stalsbergi true green terrors South american cichlids Quite rare in uk 3-4 cm in sizes 8 each Pics of actual fish mum and ...06/11/15
72Marine setup 150 pound :3ft white juwel tank 1 x aqua one day and night lights 1 x aqua one wave runner control box 2 x wave runners 1 x v2 200 compact protei ...04/11/15
73Closing down malawi tank Stockport :Site won't let me add pics or vids so gonna make it easy I have multiple breeds and sizes prices from 5-10 each or 200 for the lot sizes ...02/11/15
74Malawi adults :4xyellow labs 4x bumble bee 1x scolfi powder blue 5x Unknown peacocks 1x female thumbi west 1x male kenji 60 takes all31/10/15
75Malawi adults :4xyellow labs 4x bumble bee 1x scolfi powder blue 5x Unknown peacocks 1x female thumbi west 1x male kenji 60 takes all31/10/15
76Wanted redsea max 250 skimmmer pump :Does anybody have a redsea max 250 skimmer pump or impeller for same skimmer that thay want to sell please let me know my mobil is 07964962 ...30/10/15
77Lots of south african Malawi and lake Victorian cichlids :Victorians Ruti island Yellow belly Albert Rock kribensis Burtoni Crimima tide Mbuna-- Flavus Neon spot Afra mphanga rock Afra ...28/10/15
78Very rare F1 Brachyraphis roseni livebearers for sale, 99p sexed pairin 3 :I have listed a pair of F1 offspring from my wild breeding group of Brachyraphis roseni on eBay for 99p starting price. 1 male 1 females. ...27/10/15
79LIVE FOOD :Live food for loaches and larger fish. You can order 10 - 100 per pack. Prices negotiable if over 100. All pre-quarantined and treated. ...20/10/15
80FRESHWATER FAHAKA PUFFERFISH. ....FOR SALE. :8,,9inchs fahaka pufferfish,great condition ,feeds well,..90 pounds, knutsford,Cheshire.20/10/15
81Large Custom Aquarium Aquariums4Life Reef Tank :1,600 PRICE IS FOR THE TANK, STEEL FRAME, CUSTOM SUMP AND CUSTOM HOOD, AND THE AQUAROCHE (livestock and equipment have been sold) PLE ...16/10/15
82Limia melanogaster sexed trio for sale 99p start :Sexed trio of Limia melanogaster aka black bellied livebearer for sale, 99p start! Can ship to any UK post code.14/10/15
83Xiphophorus variatus Rio Nautla wild type platy for sale 99p :I have 5 good sized Xiphophorus variatus 'Rio Nautla' x5 a wild type platy, easy to keep and breed. Rarely offered for sale. I can sh ...14/10/15
84CHEAP TROPICAL FISH DUE TO HOUSE MOVE will swap all for a few nice discus :3 imperial barbs approx 2-3" 10 Black-Banded Leporinus Approx 4-5" 10 Beautiful Spotted catfish not sure on name please see pic appr ...13/10/15
85Sexed pair of F2 Brachyrhaphis rhabdophora for sale, 99p start :Only pair I have for sale of these for the time being, so don't miss out. 99p start!11/10/15
86Wanted - fish north west :Hi guys, I anyone has any fish for sale in the northwest, near Widnes, Cheshire, could you pm me please with what you have and prices ple ...04/10/15
87Complete 6FT x 30in x 30in Freshwater setup. :ND Aquatics tank 6ft x 2.5ft x2.5ft 5 LED cool light spot lights Two Huge pieces of bogwood (cost 250) Loads of Plants including floweri ...29/09/15
88Juwel Vision 260 Bow Front :Juwel Vision 260 4ft Bow Front Tank Very Good Condition Ready To Go Comes With Fluval 3 Filter And 300 Watt Heater also Comes With FLuval 4 ...16/09/15
894ft Aquarium with filter, heater and lights 150 :House move forces sale, amazing aquarium, just over 4ft wide with hand built pine cabinet and canopy. Includes everything....filter, heater ...16/09/15
90tank wanted :Hi I'm looking for a marine tank atleast 350 liters with sump and nice stand in the widnes area or with 30 miles of there and under 300 pl ...14/09/15
91Discus Spotted Leopard x Albino snakeskin pair 100 Timperley :Albino on the small size hence price. Not proven or confirmed however paired naturally. Pick up only12/09/15
92sold - Discus Proven Reds - 140.00 Timperley Altrincham :Proven Reds 5 inch 140 They currently have 1 day old wrigglers. Gutted to be selling my discus but looking at moving to Spain towards ...12/09/15
93Angel fish \ken Kennedy\ blue smokeys 45 fish for 45 :Lovely Ken Kennedy blue smokey angel fish at 20 to 23mm body size ( size not including the fins). Bred in the UK so are good quality. Pick u ...26/08/15
94wanted aqua ray led power supply units :wanted aqua ray led power supply units 01925 411649 give us a call please us as we only check computer at night25/08/15
95lights :various aqua ray led lights 35.good condition can be viewed warrington area 01925 411649..best calling as we only check the computer at n ...25/08/15
96sterilizer :vecton 600 u v water sterilizer 25 watt plus new lamp still in packet good condition 50 please call 01925 411649 if interested plus he ...25/08/15
97Myleus schomburgki 80 for 3 great deal :3 Myleus schomburgkii (Wide Bar) for sale. Largest fish around 8" other 2 around 6-7" all are very chunky fish that will eat anything provid ...20/08/15
98WANTED......CLARIUS CATFISH. . :Wanted,,,,clarius catfish 6 inch plus,,,knutsford, Cheshire.19/08/15
99Yellow Tang :2.5 inch in length Yellow Tang, needs to be in 5ft plus tank, please enquire only if you have this set up or bigger, Thank you (40).14/08/15
100tmc v2 protien skimmer 800 :tmc v2 protein skimmer 800 excellent condition selling due to sold our 8ft marine tank so we are now selling the equipment cost 135 when b ...13/08/15
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