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1LABEDOCHROMIS PERLMUTT :Labedochromis perlmutt for sale 6cm plus 2.50 each. Tel: 0794724881507/11/03
2LABEOTROPHEUS TREWAVASAE CHILUMBA :Labeotropheus trewacasae chilumba 3.00 each. Tel: 0794724881526/10/03
3Tank Bred marine clowns :yellow banded variety. 10 months old. eat dried or frozen food. Very hardy. About 1" long, 2 each.Cheshire. If interested email eri ...25/10/03
4SCICIANEOCHROMIS AHLI :Scianeochromis ahli for sale 7 cm 2.50 each. Tel: 0794724881525/10/03
5LABEOTROPHEUS TREWAVASAE CHILUMBA :Labeotropheus trewavasae chilumba 7 cm 3.00 each. Tel: 0794724881525/10/03
6FOOSORCHROMIS ROSTRATUS ADULTS :Fossorchromis rostratus breeding group 10 in total 75.00 TEL: O794724881517/10/03
7QUALITY LAKE MALAWI CICHLIDS :Melanochromis CYANEORHABDOS (maingano) 6 cm 3.00 each Mayladia greshakei Copadichromis geertsii (virginalis blotch) 5 cm 2.00 each ...17/10/03
8discus book :this book is "all about discus" by dr.herbert axelrod the book size is 8.5 in.long and 6in wide and a very good book for discus keepers aski ...12/10/03
9MICROWORM CULTURE FOR SALE :Microworm culture for sale. Excellent starter food for fry and livebearing fry. Starter pack 2.40, includes P&P. Full instructions in pack. ...11/10/03
10FOSSORCHROMIS ROSTRATUS :Fossorchromis rostratus breeding group 10 in total. Picture can be seen at: http://uk.msnusers.com/_Secure/0XQDGAngaG9YTdiT!8prq57axNO7 ...04/10/03
112.5 - 3" Rose red and Pidgeon blood 30 ea or 4 for 100 :2-2.5" "Thai super red" 15 ea or 5 for 60. 2" Brown 12 each or 5 for 50. Will exchange for Ocean green of any size.03/10/03
12LAKE MALAWI CICHLIDS FOR SALE :Copadichromis geertsii (virginalis blotch) adults 5 cm 2.00 each <DIV> <DIV> Maylandia estherae Double Red 6 cm 2.00 e ...25/09/03
132" - 2.5" Imported young discus :Mixed colours, some brown, few rosered, red snakeskin and blue snakeskin. Most are "Thai super red" Bright red with blue faces a ...18/09/03
1418 x 3 inch discus :Top pic; 7 x Rosered 7 x Pidgeon blood 2nd pic; 4 x Supermelon 30 Each or 4 for 100.04/09/03
15Tank For Use As Sump :Looking for a tank 36 x 12 x any Height for use as sump. Sump tank would be even better with divider to allow for DSB. Collection no problem ...21/08/03
16BREEDING PAIR OF DISCUS :I have a breeding pair of Discus for sale. 70. Also 6 baby Discus approx 2" at 12 each09/08/03
17Tanks and Equipment :I am looking to buy any of your unwanted tanks (any size) and equipment for my fish house. I will take broken tanks off your hands. I also ...09/08/03
18Angels :From top to bottom; Adult female Marble, Adult female Zebra 8 each, 7 young zebra 1.50 each. Or 20 the lot.08/08/03
19TROPICAL AND COLD WATER FISH CLUB :Is anyone interested in sharing and receiving information on all aspects of fish-keeping. We are looking to expand a local fish club or sta ...29/07/03
20Serrasalmus Serrulatus (Piranha) :Are you looking for an unusuall piranha someting a bit different from the usuall red bellys then this is your baby. Rare rhombus shaped pir ...24/07/03
21POND AND TROPICAL FISH :Top quality Goldfish, 3" Koi and 3" Shuunkins for sale. 3" Discus and Tropical fish also for sale. Excellent Quality. Prices upon request17/07/03
22Free Sunset Platies :Free sunset platies to a good home. I have a heavily planted tank and my sunset platies have multiplied i need to thin them down. So if an ...08/07/03
23DISCUS from WET PETS - CHESHIRE :Blue Turks for sale. 2"-3" they are 3 to 4 months old. Lovely. 12 each or 5 for 55. Also pond goldfish, can supply to fairs ...06/07/03
24DISCUS TANK - WANTED :Looking for a growing tank for Discus size 4x2x2, must be reasonable price. Also selling pond goldfish - 85p each, discount for bulk.16/06/03
25MALAWI CICHLIDS FOR SALE :LAKE MALAWI CICHLIDS FOR SALE All the following cichlids are for sale. Discounts given for bulk orders. Copadichromis geertsii (virg ...05/06/03
26Complete CO2 unit for sale...! :D & D Aquarium solutions complete CO2 unit for sale only two months old. Only requires bew bottle of CO2 (approx 5). RRP is over 100 ...31/03/03
27TETRAS GALORE !! :Due to selling my five foot aquarium I must now move the stock and have 50 large Cardinal tetras and 50 large Rummy-nosed tetras for sale. I ...26/03/03
28Labeotropheous Trewavasae :for sale, barred and blotched, little cuties! 3.00 each to good home Call Gemma or Baz 01270 212231 (Crewe)24/03/03
29Complete 5'x2'x2' marine aquarium for sale.......! :Full systemised marine set-up for sale.... I'll be honest folks I'm thinking ahead here and am considering selling my pride and joy pendin ...17/03/03
302 Oscars and Tank :I have 2 Tiger Oscars, 1 is 8" and the other is about 4" Male and Female, both in good condition. Also a 5-6 inch Plec The T ...16/03/03
31Rekord 70 wanted :looking for Rekord 70 anywhere in the North West asap. Call me if you are looking to sell yours and you live in the North West.13/03/03
32wanted, tropical fish :anything considered,must be free and can collect locally otherwise you must deliver, will take almost anything and any accessories will be g ...04/03/03
33marron clowns tank bred :have some yellow banded marroon clowns for sale swops. These fish are feeding on dry food and live/frozen baby brine shrimp.02/03/03
34Serrasalmus Serrulatus (piranha) :RARE WILD CAUGHT piranha for sale 5-6" at the moment has potental to grow up to 24". Requires 60+ gal tank, feeding realy well nice specimin ...18/02/03
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