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2Stockport Aquarist Society :Hi, I am currently looking to start up Stockport Aquarist Society and wandered if anyone would be interested ? I do not have a meeting ...01/03/10
3NEW HARD CORALS NOW :Hammer corals cream branching hammers Cream hammers Green hammers Cream branching octipus Green branching octipus Candycane corals01/03/10
4NEW STOCK IN NOW AT SIMPLYSEAHORSES :Heres a few pics of some of the stock just come in01/03/10
5FOR SALE COMPLETE AQUARIUM SET UP :I have a 6ftx2ftx2ft fish tank and stand for sale it also contains the gravel,plants,rocks heaters,air pump, light also large number of Ma ...26/02/10
6LARGE STOCK OF MARINE FISC CORALS CRITTERS :We allways have alot of marine fish corals and critters in stock25/02/10
7LOADS OF LIVE ROCK IN NOW :We have just had a vat full of live rock in some lovley colors24/02/10
8CORALS IN NOW :Heres the corals we have just got in24/02/10
9MORE NEW STOCK IN NOW :Heres some more stock in now20/02/10
10Blueringed angel :We have a really nice blue ringed angel forsale approx 5 inches 90 GBP20/02/10
11Pair of lion fish for sale :Pair of dwarf lion fish for sale 22 GBP each20/02/10
12Breeding pair of Bangaai Cardinals wanted :Hello Has anyone got a pair of Bangaai cardinals they wish to sell. I am in Cheshire but am willing to travel for a true pair. My mobile nu ...17/02/10
13NEW STOCK IN NOW :This is the stock we have just got in17/02/10
14wanted octagonal fish tank :hi i am looking for the above and i am willing to travel please contact me with a price if you have one for sale thanks16/02/10
15WANTED: Aquarium Lid/Hood :I need a lid for my tank which is 80cm (roughly 2.5 ft) high and 30cm (roughly 1 ft) in depth. Can collect from near Runcorn, Warrington, ...15/02/10
16German Red Wanted :Any one who has any female German Red's can you please list a price + shipment if you are not in the north west14/02/10
17Get your petstore online for free :Hi there fellow fish fans. I'm soon to be starting my own business in setting-up and running online stores. I write to you today for o ...13/02/10
18Wanted your fish corals rock ect in northwest :Let me know if you are braking down your marine tank fish corals live rock i may be able to buy in one lot depending on price thanks13/02/10
19Live rock for sale SOLD :4 large pieces of live rock for sale. Largest piece is 2kg. Other 3 slightly lighter. Loads of life in the rock including bristle worms e ...13/02/10
20wanted: female betta [siamese fighter] :Im looking for a female betta tail type: crowntail, HM, SD, rosetail colour: preferably white, no red please! any other colour welcome ...12/02/10
21STUNNING PURPLE TANG FOR SALE :Purple tang approx 5 inches 80 GBP NOW SOLD12/02/10
22Juwel Vision 180 fishtank + cabinnet + accessories in beech, excellent condition :as title, tank, cabinet, lights, heater, filter pump, air pump, gravel, bog wood, artificial plant, few fish if required... no marks ont ...11/02/10
23wanted fish column :hi i am looking for the above tank has anyone got one for sale if so please contact me with your details and price thanks09/02/10
24wanted fish coloumn :hi i am looking for the above tank has anyone got one for sale if so please contact me with your details and price thanks09/02/10
254ft x 1ft tank full setup for sale warrington, :HI i have a 4ft tank approximately 35 us gallons for sale, It comes with a fluval 3 plus, And interpet filter, and a spare fluval 4, all wit ...09/02/10
26for sale malawi pairs and breeding groups :i have for sale pair of livingstone female 4" male 5" 25 pair of red empress female 4" male 5" 25 breeding group of labidoch ...09/02/10
27NEW STOCK IN NOW :Her pics of some of are new stock09/02/10
284ft tropical fish tank in silver with stand and fish :i have a 4ft tropical fish tank with silver cupboard with plants,rocks,ornaments,filter,heater and fish. in excellent condition. 250 ono ...08/02/10
29NEW CORAL SHIPMENT IN NOW :We have some new corals in including Five types of mushrooms toadstool corals finger corals Polyps Rare blue polyps stunning Kenya tre ...08/02/10
30NEW STOCK IN NOW :New stock in now yellow tangs flame angels potters angels jewel puffers fire fishs flasher wrasse garden eels regal tangs purple ta ...06/02/10
31selection of tropical fish :i have got 3 silver dollars,1 full length silver shark open to offers.06/02/10
32orange parrot fish :i have a breeding pair of parrot fish for sale.they have made a few attempts and i have had eggs from them.would like a quick sale and i am ...06/02/10
34NEW STOCK IN AT SIMPLYSEAHORSES :Heres some of the new stock we have in03/02/10
35Special Offer H comes :H comes was 65GBP now 49.99 GBP a back in stock this week dont miss out on these great prices while stock lasts03/02/10
36NEW INVERTS AND CRITTERS IN NOW :Mussels clams thorny oysters bumble bee shrimp yellow nudebranchs thorny turbos anemone shrimp anemone crabs cleaner shrimp honey oyster b ...03/02/10
37SHIPMENT IN NEXT WEEK :We have a shipment of fish and corals in next week. Some larger angels butterflys tangs ect01/02/10
38tanks and equipment and food , accessories for sale. :6'x 2' x 2' tank and craftsmen built dark oak stained stand and hood , 3 doors , 4 fluorescent lights, 300w heater stat , sand , 2 x Eheim p ...31/01/10
39XL PURPLE LONG TENTICLE ANEMONE :Beautiful purple anemone for sale 65GBP27/01/10
40koi for sale in chester :Koi for sale in Chester. Lots of variety and sizes and all of the highest quality. Prices from 25 to 150. Please call Ashley on 078150 ...25/01/10
41NEW STOCK IN NOW :Hi heres the new stock in now MARINE STOCK Scientific Name Common Name Zebrasoma scopas (MD) Brown Sailfin Tang Escenius bicolor ...23/01/10
42New stock in at simplyseahorses :We have new stock in polyps soft corals cleaner shrimp moorish idols dwarf angels two pairs of blue throat triggers gobys b coral beautys co ...19/01/10
43Purple tile fish in at simplyseahorses :We have a purple tile fish in stunning fish .And two flashing tile fish19/01/10
44Panther groupers for sal :Two panther groupers for sale apporx 12 inches 20GBP each17/01/10
45NEW STOCK IN AT SIMPLYSEAHORSES :New stock coming in from next week corals critters fish berghia and new leds from 36 watts to 200 watts any next week hard corals and polyp ...16/01/10
46Small amount of live rock with aiptasia on wanted :Hi i need a small amount of live rock with aiptasia on to feed my berghia stock buy or swap for clean rock northwest15/01/10
47WANTED D&D NANO TANK NORTH WEST :hi i looking for a D&D nano in the north west area if you have one or know some one with one for sale please contact me thanks14/01/10
48Tropical and cold water now available :Trops and cold water now available at simplyseahorses11/01/10
49XXL BLOND LIPSTICK TANG 12 INCHES :Xxl blond lipstick tang for sale with streamers stunning sold can get more in to order11/01/10
50XXL BLOND LIPSTICK TANG 12 INCHES :Xxl blond lipstick tang for sale with streamers stunning11/01/10
515 foot 6 inch X 2Foot X2Foot :I have a Large tank for sale it is currently being used as a tropical fish tank and has no leaks there is no equipment just the tank and sta ...08/01/10
52austrailian duncan coral frags for sale :I have for sale over 150 austrailian duncan heads for sale. im looking for 6 per head. please contact me with the number a heads you requir ...07/01/10
53Simply Seahorses for a wide range of marine inverts, corals and fish :We have a large range of marine reef inverts, live rock, marine fish, seahorses berghia leds(our speciality) and so much more. Let us kn ...06/01/10
54Loads of now stock in at simplyseahorses :New in orange sponges yellow red pink corals in rare corals and lots of fish large angels copperbands blue ribbon eels pineapple fish seaho ...04/01/10
55Rare pineapple fish for sale :Pineapple fish for sale 120GBP now sold31/12/09
56CUTTLE FISH EGGS FOR SALE :Cuttle fish eggs for sale 35 GBP sold but available to order31/12/09
57Karan Angel for sale :Koran angel large for sale 70 BGP31/12/09
58tropiquarium 88, 130litre tank, stand etc :tropiquarium 88, fish tank, 130litres. black stand, pump, ornaments, needs new2 new lights and timer doesn't work. bargain price. coll ...30/12/09
59200l tank for sale :Fish tank and cabinet with ornaments and accessories inc. UV Filter, Mag-Float cleaning tool and more. excellent addition to any room. D ...27/12/09
60Wanted 3 or 4 ft tanks with stands fish house :im after 3 or 4 foot tanks on stands for my fish house anythink consided what have you got please email or txt what you have got im located ...26/12/09
61wanted 3 or 4 ft tanks with stands fish house :im after 3 or 4 foot tanks on stands for my fish house anythink consided what have you got please email or txt what you have got im located ...26/12/09
62Wanted 3 or 4 ft tanks on stands fish house etc...... :im after 3 or 4 foot tanks on stands for my fish house anythink consided what have you got please email or txt what you have got im located ...26/12/09
63New hard corals in tommorrow :New corals coming in wednesday bubble hammer candycane frogspawn brain slipper and many more NOW IN19/12/09
64TIGER COWRIE FOR SALE - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY :3" Tiger cowrie, really nice markings, shiny shell has mantle completely over shell frequently. Made short work of the masses of hiar algae ...18/12/09
65SHARK EGG FOR SALE :Shark egg for sale 25GBP17/12/09
66ocean rock :i have 150kg of ocean rock will sell for 1 per kg if all wanted will sell for 120 job lot thanks for looking16/12/09
67Breeding Pair of Discus :Wanted , Proven breeding pair of discus , pref Manchester area , Fair price paid , contact Phil.10/12/09
68for sale :red headed severum - stunning uaru oscars juwel cichlids silver scats mixed discus WE DO NOT POST FISH for any more info and pric ...07/12/09
69new arrivals :TROPS: L018 teacup rays black callychtys geophagus jupari heckel discus corydorus julii MARINES: sally light foot pink tip ...07/12/09
70Beautiful blue spot ray for sale :Blue spot ray for sale the disk size approx 7 to 8 inches 100GBP05/12/09
71Turtels for sale 2 15GBP each :I have for sale two turtles aprox five inches 15 GBP make good christmas presants05/12/09
72Moorish idol for sale :Beautiful moorish idol for sale eating frozen food 52GBP05/12/09
73NEW STOCK IN AT SIMPLYSEAHORSES :New stock in including fish corals and seahorses.05/12/09
74fish for sale (priced lowered) :Oscars (most of them fully grown) 4 albino 3 red tigers (6 each 40 for the lot) Convicts (Fully grown) a mix of albino and striped a ...04/12/09
75for sale :world of water widnes has one of the largest stocks of community tropical in widnes Tetras/Rasbora:-, neon, black neon, rummynose, bleedi ...30/11/09
76Red Tiger Oscar :12 inch (30cm) Red Tiger Oscar. Answers to the name of Ozzy. Likes live food, lots of attention, and being on his own. Does NOT mix wi ...30/11/09
77Juwel Trigon 350 :Black Juwel Trigon 350 corner tank. Complete with Tetratec EX1200 external filter, lights, heater, and some decor. Excellent condition ...30/11/09
78for sale :we now have for sale batfish puffers clown fish variety of angels wrasse damsels shrimp a variety of corals and some special offer i ...30/11/09
79special offer :SPECIAL OFFER`S nile birchir 8" was: 15.00 now: 12.00 mixed malawi cichlids was: 8.95 now: ...30/11/09
80amazon :world of water widnes has a sale on all amazon aquariums sets. 20% off all Amazon Aquarium sets(tank and stand, filter, heater, lighting) ...30/11/09
81110w Pro Pond UV Light :selling for 180 free postage,purchased in error has an rrp of 249.99 Brand new box never been opened, full warranty . Heres the spec. ...23/11/09
82Yellow Crystals :Lovely 2.5" - 3" + Yellow Crystals Very Good colour and shape Feeding on everything given to them. Only 20.00 each21/11/09
83Red Cherry Shrimp wanted in the Cheshire region :Hello, I am looking for around 10 - 15 juvenile or adult Red Cherry shrimps. If anyone is breeding or just gettin rid of some please emai ...17/11/09
84pets, koi carp :hi,large koi carp for sale up to eight fish all good size sorry to big for my pond exellent condition.just want a good offer must be seen.17/11/09
85Live Rock Wirral and tunze :I have somewhere between 20 - 25kg of live rock for sale 5 per kg Also have tunze 6060 and 6080 and magnetic holder for sale and tetrat ...10/11/09
862ft x2ft x18 inches tank bargain REDUCED :really nice big tank with lights heater gravel and some jewel 3d backing absolute bargain 20!! buyer to collect please phone thankyou 07789 ...03/11/09
8718 inches tank with pigmy puffers :stunning set up without taking up much room 18" tropical tank with heater filter lighting gravel bogwood plants and 3d backgroud with 2 love ...03/11/09
88Penang Eruption :Adult Penang Eruption for sale Stunning fish 4.5" Only 50.0001/11/09
89Thinning out tank (Ellesmere Port) :Hi My tank is getting a little overcrowded so I need to move some fish on, here is a list of fish for sale Breeding pair of convicts ...21/10/09
90Xl Queen angel :True queen angel for sale about six inches 140GBP sold18/10/09
91water purifier :i have for sale 1 water purifier 9" by 35" the biggest one they make 70.0017/10/09
92xxl black spot puffer for sale :This puffer is the biggest we have had in about 11 inches stunning 120GBP15/10/09
93XLTrue queen angel for sale :Queen angel for sale 140GBP15/10/09
94Rare blue palm coral for sale :We have only two of these palm corals for sale grab them while you can 25GBP sold15/10/09
9564 Litre bow front tank. Interpet Fishbox :Only 6 months old so nearly as new. Very nice tank. Interpet Fishbox 64 litre, including gravel, twin lights (blue night time and bright day ...11/10/09
96NEW SHIPMENT OF SEAHORSES IN :We have a new shipment of seahorses in barbouri Pottbellys and taeniopterus04/10/09
97Wanted john allen or casco stacked aquriums and vivariums :Wanted john allen aquariums coral tanks vivariums for shop fit no silly prices please02/10/09
98tank for sale :tropical fish tank 80cm40cm30cm lid light filter gravel heater no leaks just bought bigger tank good starter tank 60 o n o 01625 42924730/09/09
99Marine Aquarium Vision 180 complete setup with Livestock :Here I have for sale my pride and joy Maine Aquarium, the reason for sale is we are expecting our 1st baby and need to buy baby furniture! ...28/09/09
100Aqua-medic Anthias :500 litre marine tank, with all equipment, skimmer, lights etc. everything you see in the picture is included, except livestock and rocks. ...27/09/09
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