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1wild peru oscar babys coming soon :Will be avaliable soon at 5 pounds each or 3 for 12. Anyone interested can reserve now. Will be selling about 20 to start with.22/03/17
2Lake Malawi cichlids :Pseudotropheus Socolofi breeding group of 4 for sale 24.00 also 7 socolofi juvenile 3/4 cm 3.00 each Contact Chris on 07824399190 Col ...19/03/17
3Juliedochromis Dickfeldi :Juliedochromis Dickfeldi group of 9 for sale 50.00 Neolamprologus leleupi yellow 3 fish left 5.00 each collection only will not post Nor ...19/03/17
4Neolamprologus leleupi yellow :Neolamprologus leleupi yellow 3 fish left 5.00 each Juliedochromis Dickfeldi group of 9 for sale 50.00 collection only will not pos ...19/03/17
5Cherry shrimp :1 each collection only corby plenty avaliable Would prefer that you text or email me.18/03/17
6FRONTOSA BLACK WIDOW :F1 Black Widow Frontosa 7-10cm 90/each 6 available 2m/4fm I can send pictures. Only message please.07795102930 Thanks for looking Tim.16/03/17
7mystus wyckii catfish plus set up :mystus wyckii catfish about 14 inches long. comes with tank with external pump. plus lots accessories inc water chemicals and testers. loo ...12/03/17
8Trigger :3/4inch underlate trigger free13/02/17
9Red Sea Max 250 media basket :Looking to buy a Red Sea Max 250 media basket. Text me on 07849365474 if you have one.08/02/17
10GUPPIES FOR SALE :I have over 200 adult, sub-adults and fry, male and female, mix-breed endlers and electric blue guppies. Need to clear my tank, willing to s ...06/02/17
11Mature Female Bristlenose wanted :My boys are getting randy, and I've got the wrong split of boys and girls currently. The lucky girl is going to have three handsome guys ...03/02/17
12JBL Artemio Brineshrimp hatcher 15 :Used for approx 2 weeks. In great condition. Retail for 35. Comes with two airpump as I seem to have acquired a second! Will delive ...02/02/17
14All glass tanks. :I have some tanks for sale. 3x12"w x12"h x15"d @ 10 each.1x40"w x 18"h x15"d @30.2x30"w x 18"h x15"d @ 25 each. 1x44"w x15"h x18"d @ 25. ...28/12/16
15Mopani and bogwood. :Hi.I have several pieces of mopani and bogwood.Sizes vary so contact me on the piece you like and I will give you the size.Can be collected ...28/12/16
16Stunning Breeding group of 6 F1 Adult Ps Saulosi - 40 :I'm selling an absolutely stunning group of 6 Ps Saulosi Malawi Cichlids. All pics are of the actual fish, (see link for pics as can't ...27/12/16
17Rena tank (empty) :Thank you for your interest this has now been sold.26/12/16
18Tropheus Moori for sale :HI.I have the following Tropheus for sale; F1 Tropheus Kiriza Gold 4-5cm 25/each (40 available) 10 for 230 20 for 400 Tropheus ...20/12/16
19Tropheus Green Murago :Tropheus Green Murago F1 FOR SALE.25/each(80available) 10 for 250 20 for 450 Collection from Kettering or I Can post same day de ...20/12/16
20Aquaverse 110 Tank and stand :Tank and cabinet in good condition priced to sell 100 Cost 250 + 0797387943919/12/16
21Paratheraps synspilum ( SOLD ) :Red head Synspilum 11 inches in size Only selling as Knife fish DOES NOT like him any more and even the arowana is starting to make move ...15/11/16
22Aequidens rivulatus ( SOLD ) :Male green terror 6 inches in size Nachul hump starting to form Gonna be a stunning boy Selling as have two Currently in a 5x3x ...15/11/16
23Amphilophus labiatus ( SOLD ) :Red devil cichlid 10 inches Amazing quality specimen Proper fin extensions and good size Nuchal hump Very orange with no blemishes ...09/11/16
24Wanted malawis from babys to adults :Hi to all I'm looking for some malawis for my tank can pick up from with Northamptonshire or so looking for a 5x2x2 fish tank and stand don' ...09/11/16
25WANTED fluval fx4 - fx5 - fx6 :Hi to all I'm on the look out for one of the above items i.e. A fluval FX4 or FX5 or FX6 it must be working order don't mind if some of th ...05/11/16
26Wanted Ocean rock :Hi to all I'm after some Ocean rock if you have any your looking to sell please let me no thanks all05/11/16
27Vortech MP40w Wanted :Looking for a Vortech MP40w wireless pump, must be in good condition, cash waiting, PM with pictures and price including postage to East Mid ...24/10/16
28Tropheus for sale :Hi I have 3 groups of tropheus for sale ,approx numbers 11 moori (firecracker) 12 orange Bemba and 15 dubousi . All sub adult . I have had t ...23/10/16
29Aquamanta Tank & Stand :Tank and stand complete with heater, pump/filter and lights. Tank is 98 cm wide x 39 cm deep x 50 cm high including the lid. Stand is 98 cm ...22/10/16
30WANTED Trigon 350 stand only must be black :As above looking for a stand to replace my water damaged one, for a Trigon 350, must be BLACK, can collect no problems, let me know what you ...19/10/16
31Fish for sale South American Cychlids fish fry ( Spectabilis ) 50p Each :I have loads of fry 6 weeks old, just starting to show their lines and colours. The picture shows one of the parents with their fry. The par ...13/10/16
32Fluval Roma 240 Tank With Oak Stand :Fluval Roma 240 fish tank with oak cabinet. Asking for 280 In excellent condition with no scratches on the glass. Comes with: J ...10/10/16
33Good quality koi carp wanted :I have recently enlarged my pond to 6000 gallons and am looking for some good quality koi carp, in the midlands area but willing to travel. ...02/10/16
34Tank breakdown :Selling the following fish and coral: 2 common clowns 2 for 30 2 green/blue chromis 2 for 10 Blue and yellow damsel 30 Regal tang 30 ...22/09/16
35Betta Splendens/Siamese Fighting Fish :Are you looking for that perfect Betta Splenden (Siamese Fighting Fish) ? We have plenty of male and female betta splendens for sale. All ...16/09/16
36DD Water Cooler DC 300 :Water Cooler for sale. As new, hardly used. 160 ovno.ideal for hot weather.15/09/16
37Wanted cory sterbai :I am after a few cory sterbai cash waiting11/09/16
38Breeding pair of Angels need re-homing. :I have a nice pair of black angels which are breeding in my community tank. They have managed to produce fry but of course none survived in ...28/08/16
39Platys For Sale :Hello folks.I have 60 or so 7/8 wk old Platy's for sale. Various orange colours ranging from very bright to Pale Lemony. Some are quite pale ...27/08/16
402 aquariums for sale :First tank 60 litres comes with filter,heater and gravel. You are good to go with this tank. 40 Second tank 27 litres comes with filter, ...27/08/16
41Guppies, Mollies and platies for sale :Selling the following: 20 guppies 1 each 25 platies 1 each 3 mollies 5 for all27/08/16
42TMC v2 500 skim compact for sale :Selling my TMC v2 skim 500 compact protein skimmer. I bought this thinking it'd fit my tank but it doesn't. These retail at 120, I'll accep ...27/08/16
43Redlace snakeskin guppies :I am selling redlace snakeskin guppies,5 for a trio or three trios for 10. 2 per individual fish, buyer collect please.04/08/16
44Wild type guppies :I am selling wild type guppies, descending from individuals collected in Mexico. Trios 5 pounds, 15 individuals for 20 pounds. Buyer collect ...03/08/16
45Redlace snakeskin guppies :I am selling redlace snakeskin guppies, 5 for a trio or three trios for 10. 2 per individual fish, buyer collect please.03/08/16
46Illyodon xantusi :I am selling seven of these rare wild type livebearers, looking for 15 for the group. Buyer collect please.03/08/16
48Juwel rio 300 :Juwel rio 300 in beech good condition No scratches etc Comes with original lights but no filter Collection fromm nn10 Northamptonshire ...30/07/16
49Koi carps for sale :I have three koi cards for sale, all 12.5-15 inches long, colour wise each koi carp is metallic gold, with small mixture of metallic silver ...24/07/16
50Metallic gold koi carps for sale :I have three koi cards for sale, all 12.5-15 inches long, colour wise each koi carp is metallic gold, with small mixture of metallic silver ...24/07/16
51Kribensis :I am selling kribs, 5 per pair or three pairs for 10. Buyer collect please.22/07/16
52Jade Eye Cichlid :I am selling adult Jade Eye Cichlids, 3 each or 5 for 10. Buyer collect please.22/07/16
53Redlace snakeskin guppies :I am selling redlace snakeskin guppies,5 for a trio or three trios for 10. 2 per individual fish, buyer collect please.22/07/16
54fish tank for sale SOLD :12 month old aquarium for sale built by ND Aquatics in June 2015 for 112.53, still have the paperwork. Tank was used as a grow on tank ...21/07/16
55Aqua One 5ft Aquarium and full setup :Sold10/07/16
562 Breeding pairs of Bristle nose Plecs 25 :2 breeding pairs of bn plecs, prolific breeders that carry the albino gene and most litters have a few albino fry in them. Both pairs are go ...30/06/16
57Match pair of Fish Tanks with stand 60 :A nice matching pair of tanks complete with a base cupboard with adjustable shelves. Each tank measures 13ins wide x 13ins deep x 16ins t ...30/06/16
581st quality Malawi juveniles THE CHEAPEST :I have for sale beautiful healthy malawi juveniles size 1.5 inch and more: - pseudotropheus socolofi albino - lodotropheus sprengerae 'r ...28/06/16
59acrylic aquarium for sale ... SOLD :Purchased as a job lot and simply don't have the space to keep it anywhere 24 inches high 18 inches deep 40 inches wide Comes with ...26/06/16
60tropical platys :7 baby plays 4 orange/yellow and 3 silver/blue 8 weeks old mums can be seen 6 for all cash on collection thank you for looking23/06/16
61american cichlids for sale ...SOLD... :Common Synspilum 9 inch 20 4 inch 10 3 inch 10 Synspilum Bifasciatum 7 inch 20 Synspilum Shine spot 8 inch 2 ...16/06/16
62Juvenile Malawi for sale. Lowest price :I have for sale beautiful healthy malawi juveniles size inch and more: - pseudotropheus socolofi albino - lodotropheus sprengerae 'rusty ...13/06/16
63Wild discus for sale :Eleven wild discus for sale. Four Rio Nanay red spotted green, two Rio putamayo, two Airo Novo heckel, one semi Royal Nahmunda brown and one ...12/06/16
64Blue & Yellow apple snails :Larger than a pea, smaller than a marble (the blue one in the middle). The one in front is just to show difference in colour and size when g ...12/06/16
65White seam starlight ancistrus :Juveniles 4cm + 10 Collection from Northampton01/06/16
66Tilapia buttikoferi SOLD :around 8 inch currently in a 7x3x2 oddball community with no problems to any other fish but wont leave the vulture catfish alone ! so ne ...31/05/16
67Breeding Racking or Ex Shop Display :I have this shop display for sale, which is ideal to consolidate your tanks or for breeding Included 8 tanks and lighting (Some of the li ...30/05/16
68Paratilapia polleni SOLD :about 4 inch currently in a 6x2x2 not getting on with the the flagtail 10 or swap for bichir /polypterus NO grey senegalse thoug ...27/05/16
69SP 45 breeding trio :I have for sale a breeding trio of SP 45 cichlids. 2 x female 1 x male All are between 3 to 4 inches long. Open to SENSIBLE offers only. ...21/05/16
70Various malawi fry for sale :I have for sale beautiful healthy fry size inch plus: - pseudotropheus socolofi albino - lodotropheus sprengerae 'rusty' - labidochrom ...09/05/16
71Wanted 5ft sumped :Looking for good quality 5ft sumped tank with cabinet etc must be at least 5x2x2 (60x24x24) but would also like 60x30x24 etc can't go any mo ...07/05/16
72Lots of fish for sale today :I have lots of malawis for sale mostly haps and peacocks prices start from about 8 each and go up to 20 each got som breeding pairs aswell ...29/04/16
735ft rena :5ft rena bare tank for sale with stand and lights 350 also have filters etc that I'm selling seperate and fish etc29/04/16
74Marine :Looking for a 5ft tank with cabinet and sump pipe work and possibly everything else apart from stuff in the tank 0771563878628/04/16
755ft tank :Looking for a 5ft fish tank or slightly bigger with cabinet and anything else , already have a 4 ft so don't ask if I want a 4 ft , reasonab ...26/04/16
76Neon Tetra, Emperor Tetra, German Blue Rams for sale :Hi I have the following available for sale: 15 Neons approx a year old. 14 Emperor Tetra's approx 1 year old. 2 x German Blue Ram ...25/04/16
775 Huge Silver Dollars for sale :I am selling my huge silver dollars, roughly the size of your hand. The buyer will actually receive 6 silver dollars this size but as one ...12/04/16
78Fly River Turtle (Pig Nose) and more :Hi, I am unfortunately shutting down our very large tank to accommodate for a new extension for growing family, therefore need new homes for ...08/04/16
79Discus pair ( SOLD ) :Rose red melons 4 inch in size and stunningly amazing colours, especially in daylight Not a common variant purchased from a reputable fi ...03/04/16
80Lodotropheus Spregerae and Yellow Labidichromis :Young (inch/inch and a half) Lodotropheus Spregerae and Yellow Labidichromis for sale. Quality and healthy fish from beautiful parents (pict ...27/03/16
816 foot x 2 foot x 33 inch top to bottom FREE please read :Bottom sheet of glass has a crack haven't tested to see if water tight but as far as I can tell the top panel is fine will need 6 people to ...24/03/16
82blue eye panaque cochliodon ( SOLD ) :Panaque Cochliodon for sale Not its sister the Suttonum Approximately 10 - 11 inch Believe it to be a male due to whiskers Work commitme ...22/03/16
83Silver Dollars x 3 7 inches , 6 inches & 5 inches 10 :3 x Silver Dollars, 7", 6" and 5" long All a good silver colour with a red-tipped tail Have had them for a couple of years Live hap ...21/03/16
84Large Plecostomas (12 inches ) 10 :Large Plecostomus Catfish, 12" long and a good solid/wide body Had him around 3 years. He will still eat algae off the glass, but will ...21/03/16
85Angel Fish x 4 Silver and Marbled 5 inches tall 15 :4 x Angel Fish 2.5" long, 5" tall 2 x Silver/Gold, 2 x Black, Silver & Gold Marble Had them about 3 months from tiny Live happily i ...21/03/16
86Jardini Arowana ( SOLD ) :Text book Scleropages jardini At 12 - 14 inches Looked after him / her since 3 inches always with lots of buddies ( 18 months ) Only sell ...19/03/16
87HiFlo model B air pump. :Dual piston, quadruple outlet Model B Hy Flo pump, in splendid condition and perfect working order.Northampton.17/03/16
88Beautiful Basket Mouth Cichlid (Caquetaia spectabilis) for sale :Regrettably I'm having to sell my beautiful Basket Mouth Cichlid (Caquetaia spectabilis) due to his aggression to recent additions. He i ...16/03/16
892-4cm Bristlenose Plecos :The guys have been breeding :) Unrelated parents, dad is albino mum is brown, the babies are all brown. Feeding well on cucumber and a ...09/03/16
90SOLD Tropical fish for sale :7 x frontosa's 3 1/2 - 6" = 65 2 X synodontis catfish = 10 for both 1 X angelicus catfish 4" 15 1 X large (3") redtail shark 5 6 X ...05/03/16
91Malawi fish :Have lots of Malawi fish for sale more than what's in the pictures. 5 each all different sizes28/01/16
92Malawi fish :Have lots of Malawi fish for sale more than what's in the pictures. 5 each all different sizes28/01/16
93Juwel Rekord 80 aquarium :Juwel Rekord 80 aquarium (30"x12"x12"),in good condition but no longer needed, with lid, light, filter,and Juwel black cupboa ...12/01/16
94Northants Discus why not join us on facebook :Northants Discus why not join us on facebook we offer advice on all Discus related queries with some of the UKs top Discus experts. You can ...05/01/16
95WANTED - Female Psuedotropheus Elongtus Flavus :Good morning, I am looking for 3no. female Psuedotropheus Elongatus Flavus for my own Mbuna community. I currently have 3 males to 1 fema ...05/01/16
96Trigon 350 aquarium :Trigon 350 corner aquarium pine 4 way air pump Tetratec ex 1200 filter(with spray bar) 300 watt fluval digital heater One light unit not ...03/01/16
97Nearly full size frontosa male :He's a large Brundi frontosa around ft long including tail nice fish needs large tank open to senceable offers28/12/15
99Large tropical fish for sale :Got 2 tinfoil barbs around 6inch 10 each 2 Diamond tinfoil barbs around 7inch 15 each 2 jags for the pair 30 5 Jadeye cichlids around ...26/11/15
100After a RENA aqualife 120 cm fish tank - Midlands area - cash waiting :I need a tanks and cabinet between 120 cm and 135 cm wide. This is for Fancy goldfish. I need a tank between 330 and 400 litres. with cabine ...19/11/15
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