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1Koi carps for sale :I have three koi cards for sale, all 12.5-15 inches long, colour wise each koi carp is metallic gold, with small mixture of metallic silver ...24/07/16
2Metallic gold koi carps for sale :I have three koi cards for sale, all 12.5-15 inches long, colour wise each koi carp is metallic gold, with small mixture of metallic silver ...24/07/16
3Kribensis :I am selling kribs, 5 per pair or three pairs for 10. Buyer collect please.22/07/16
4Jade Eye Cichlid :I am selling adult Jade Eye Cichlids, 3 each or 5 for 10. Buyer collect please.22/07/16
5Redlace snakeskin guppies :I am selling redlace snakeskin guppies,5 for a trio or three trios for 10. 2 per individual fish, buyer collect please.22/07/16
6fish tank for sale SOLD :12 month old aquarium for sale built by ND Aquatics in June 2015 for 112.53, still have the paperwork. Tank was used as a grow on tank ...21/07/16
7Aqua One 5ft Aquarium and full setup :Sold10/07/16
82 Breeding pairs of Bristle nose Plecs 25 :2 breeding pairs of bn plecs, prolific breeders that carry the albino gene and most litters have a few albino fry in them. Both pairs are go ...30/06/16
9Match pair of Fish Tanks with stand 60 :A nice matching pair of tanks complete with a base cupboard with adjustable shelves. Each tank measures 13ins wide x 13ins deep x 16ins t ...30/06/16
101st quality Malawi juveniles THE CHEAPEST :I have for sale beautiful healthy malawi juveniles size 1.5 inch and more: - pseudotropheus socolofi albino - lodotropheus sprengerae 'r ...28/06/16
11acrylic aquarium for sale ... SOLD :Purchased as a job lot and simply don't have the space to keep it anywhere 24 inches high 18 inches deep 40 inches wide Comes with ...26/06/16
12tropical platys :7 baby plays 4 orange/yellow and 3 silver/blue 8 weeks old mums can be seen 6 for all cash on collection thank you for looking23/06/16
13Juvenile Malawi for sale. Lowest price :I have for sale beautiful healthy malawi juveniles size inch and more: - pseudotropheus socolofi albino - lodotropheus sprengerae 'rusty ...13/06/16
14Tilapia buttikoferi SOLD :around 8 inch currently in a 7x3x2 oddball community with no problems to any other fish but wont leave the vulture catfish alone ! so ne ...31/05/16
15Breeding Racking or Ex Shop Display :I have this shop display for sale, which is ideal to consolidate your tanks or for breeding Included 8 tanks and lighting (Some of the li ...30/05/16
16Paratilapia polleni SOLD :about 4 inch currently in a 6x2x2 not getting on with the the flagtail 10 or swap for bichir /polypterus NO grey senegalse thoug ...27/05/16
17SP 45 breeding trio :I have for sale a breeding trio of SP 45 cichlids. 2 x female 1 x male All are between 3 to 4 inches long. Open to SENSIBLE offers only. ...21/05/16
18Various malawi fry for sale :I have for sale beautiful healthy fry size inch plus: - pseudotropheus socolofi albino - lodotropheus sprengerae 'rusty' - labidochrom ...09/05/16
19Wanted 5ft sumped :Looking for good quality 5ft sumped tank with cabinet etc must be at least 5x2x2 (60x24x24) but would also like 60x30x24 etc can't go any mo ...07/05/16
20Lots of fish for sale today :I have lots of malawis for sale mostly haps and peacocks prices start from about 8 each and go up to 20 each got som breeding pairs aswell ...29/04/16
215ft rena :5ft rena bare tank for sale with stand and lights 350 also have filters etc that I'm selling seperate and fish etc29/04/16
22Marine :Looking for a 5ft tank with cabinet and sump pipe work and possibly everything else apart from stuff in the tank 0771563878628/04/16
235ft tank :Looking for a 5ft fish tank or slightly bigger with cabinet and anything else , already have a 4 ft so don't ask if I want a 4 ft , reasonab ...26/04/16
24Neon Tetra, Emperor Tetra, German Blue Rams for sale :Hi I have the following available for sale: 15 Neons approx a year old. 14 Emperor Tetra's approx 1 year old. 2 x German Blue Ram ...25/04/16
255 Huge Silver Dollars for sale :I am selling my huge silver dollars, roughly the size of your hand. The buyer will actually receive 6 silver dollars this size but as one ...12/04/16
26Fly River Turtle (Pig Nose) and more :Hi, I am unfortunately shutting down our very large tank to accommodate for a new extension for growing family, therefore need new homes for ...08/04/16
27Discus pair ( SOLD ) :Rose red melons 4 inch in size and stunningly amazing colours, especially in daylight Not a common variant purchased from a reputable fi ...03/04/16
28Lodotropheus Spregerae and Yellow Labidichromis :Young (inch/inch and a half) Lodotropheus Spregerae and Yellow Labidichromis for sale. Quality and healthy fish from beautiful parents (pict ...27/03/16
296 foot x 2 foot x 33 inch top to bottom FREE please read :Bottom sheet of glass has a crack haven't tested to see if water tight but as far as I can tell the top panel is fine will need 6 people to ...24/03/16
30Silver Dollars x 3 7 inches , 6 inches & 5 inches 10 :3 x Silver Dollars, 7", 6" and 5" long All a good silver colour with a red-tipped tail Have had them for a couple of years Live hap ...21/03/16
31Large Plecostomas (12 inches ) 10 :Large Plecostomus Catfish, 12" long and a good solid/wide body Had him around 3 years. He will still eat algae off the glass, but will ...21/03/16
32Angel Fish x 4 Silver and Marbled 5 inches tall 15 :4 x Angel Fish 2.5" long, 5" tall 2 x Silver/Gold, 2 x Black, Silver & Gold Marble Had them about 3 months from tiny Live happily i ...21/03/16
33Jardini Arowana ( SOLD ) :Text book Scleropages jardini At 12 - 14 inches Looked after him / her since 3 inches always with lots of buddies ( 18 months ) Only sell ...19/03/16
34HiFlo model B air pump. :Dual piston, quadruple outlet Model B Hy Flo pump, in splendid condition and perfect working order.Northampton.17/03/16
35Beautiful Basket Mouth Cichlid (Caquetaia spectabilis) for sale :Regrettably I'm having to sell my beautiful Basket Mouth Cichlid (Caquetaia spectabilis) due to his aggression to recent additions. He i ...16/03/16
362-4cm Bristlenose Plecos :The guys have been breeding :) Unrelated parents, dad is albino mum is brown, the babies are all brown. Feeding well on cucumber and a ...09/03/16
37SOLD Tropical fish for sale :7 x frontosa's 3 1/2 - 6" = 65 2 X synodontis catfish = 10 for both 1 X angelicus catfish 4" 15 1 X large (3") redtail shark 5 6 X ...05/03/16
38Malawi fish :Have lots of Malawi fish for sale more than what's in the pictures. 5 each all different sizes28/01/16
39Malawi fish :Have lots of Malawi fish for sale more than what's in the pictures. 5 each all different sizes28/01/16
40Northants Discus why not join us on facebook :Northants Discus why not join us on facebook we offer advice on all Discus related queries with some of the UKs top Discus experts. You can ...05/01/16
41WANTED - Female Psuedotropheus Elongtus Flavus :Good morning, I am looking for 3no. female Psuedotropheus Elongatus Flavus for my own Mbuna community. I currently have 3 males to 1 fema ...05/01/16
42Trigon 350 aquarium :Trigon 350 corner aquarium pine 4 way air pump Tetratec ex 1200 filter(with spray bar) 300 watt fluval digital heater One light unit not ...03/01/16
43Nearly full size frontosa male :He's a large Brundi frontosa around ft long including tail nice fish needs large tank open to senceable offers28/12/15
44Large tropical fish for sale :Got 2 tinfoil barbs around 6inch 10 each 2 Diamond tinfoil barbs around 7inch 15 each 2 jags for the pair 30 5 Jadeye cichlids around ...26/11/15
45After a RENA aqualife 120 cm fish tank - Midlands area - cash waiting :I need a tanks and cabinet between 120 cm and 135 cm wide. This is for Fancy goldfish. I need a tank between 330 and 400 litres. with cabine ...19/11/15
46Nd 400l tank with stand, filters, heaters plus cichlids :Nd 400 litre tank with white stand and hood 60x24x18, two fx6 filters, two heaters with lcd temperature display, ehim air pump, rocks and ...16/11/15
47marine fish tank with everything,water,fish,rock....... :MARINE FISH TANK AND STAND FULL SET UP (Rena tank) IN Beech Colour Comes with Everything : TANK Size: 100cm x 40cm x 60cm (40" x ...15/11/15
485x2x2 fish tank stand and sump 60 :5x2x2 fish tank with sump and plumbing will be empty from Monday no equipment included will no lights no rock no livestock just tank stand ...07/11/15
49Nexus Filter & Koi Wanted :Hi, I have enlarged my pond to 5000 gallons and am on looking for a nexus filter to upgrade my current filtration system. Am also looking ...28/10/15
50SOLD - Top End Tank and Equipment for sale (48x30x18 + Eheim) :The time has finally come to leave the hobby for a while and so I present for sale the following setup - all in fantastic condition: 48x3 ...25/10/15
51Tiger shovelnose :Hi looking for a tiger shovelnose between 6 and 10 inches in size21/10/15
52Baby swordtails free to good home :My only pair of swordtails have bred like crazy and I am looking to rehome several babies (around the size of adult neons) in fine health. ...21/10/15
53Wild caught kigomas :Hi all I'm sell all my frontosa's there is 3 wild caught breeding trio and 5 Burundi and I have also got 25 babies from the wild caught ki ...20/10/15
54Colourful Tropical Community Fish For Sale :I currently have Glow light tetra 1 each. X Ray tetra 1.50 each. Red phantom tetra 2 each. Sailfin mollies 6 per male and female pair ...06/10/15
55AQUA ONE Aquareef 275 Cube 350I Marine Aquarium Led Lighting and extras :I have a Koi pond which takes up all my time now and sadly need to sell this marine tank. This set has everything you need and more. It come ...06/10/15
56Live rock, Marine Fish, in AQUA ONE Aquareef 275 Cube 350I Aquarium Led Lighting ... :40 kg of live rock Live sand Large maroon clown fish Able fish blue and yellow 2 Azure damsel 1Chromis 1 goby 2 red legged hermit ...06/10/15
57Aqua one pump :Aqua one aquis 1050 pump 750L per hour please message for further info. Must go this week bargain to be had 6025/09/15
59Rocks & Wood :Rocks & Wood Needed For Tropical Set Up In Northampton ASAP15/09/15
60Shark Fish & Plec Wanted :Any Shark Fish And Plec Wanted In Northampton ASAP15/09/15
61Stunning tropical fish tank full setup :Stunning tropical fish tank for sale everything pictured is included fish filters ornaments etc the tank is 4feet wide and 62 inch in height ...15/09/15
62Eureka peacock cichlids :Stunning eureka peacock cichlids available 7 each. Corby area.13/09/15
63Electric Blue Rams :Electric Blue Rams for sale, Corby area. Stunning colours.12 each.13/09/15
64Sailfin mollies :Sailfin mollies for sale beautiful colours I am selling them as adult male and female pairs. Corby. 8 per pair12/09/15
65Tropical fish :Hi I have 10 tinfoil barbs around about 5 to 7 inches all in good health am looking to sell or swap anyone interested ?? Please text 07854 ...07/09/15
66Hagen T5 lights :1x Hagen T5 light unit for sale. 20 each ono Has 2x 39watt tubes 1 blue and 1 white. Will fit to the side of a tank with the adjusta ...03/09/15
67Live rock for sale :Live rock for sale Approx 15kg 50. If interested please contact after 6pm or email/message me and i'll get back to you asap.03/09/15
68Northants Discus The UK s sole supplier of Ricky Lim Discus :Northants Discus are Sole distributors of premium Discus from Ricky Lim, Ricky has some of the best Malaysian bred Discus available througho ...02/09/15
69Juwel vision 260L in beach 300 :Juwelvision 260 in beach. With working lights 300watt heater Fluval 304 external filter filled with bio balls and ceramic media. Vecton30 ...25/08/15
7050(ish) Baby Platys plus 2 Adult Males Free with Small Tank :These fry were born unexpectedly and need to go to a new home asap as I don't have the tank space to properly care for them. Free with tank ...18/08/15
71Polyboxes For Sale :Hi All Have a few polyboxes for sale looking for 20 the lot, Buyer collects Thanks.15/08/15
72Citron Goby :I'm selling my citron goby as it started nipping my SPS corals. I had him 9+ months, it eats frozen and flake foods. Price: 10 pick up on ...05/08/15
737ft tank for sale :This tank is 78 inches long and is 20 inches high with a width of 15 inches it appears in great condition. It has been used for several year ...03/08/15
74aquareef 300 :Tank and stand in white sump and plumbing 400 no scratches Can't upload pic from phone so message for pics25/07/15
75live rock :Live rock 5 a kilo25/07/15
76Moba Frontosa (Cyphotilapia gibberosa) F1 2 different spawns so 2 bloodlines :F1 Moba Frontosa (Cyphotilapia gibberosa) for sale. Free swimming as of of December and January and now at 1.25-1.75 inch. Fed on NLS gro ...19/07/15
77Proven Bristlenose Male :Mature male Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus) Has mated and cared for eggs/young successfully Active chap, eats very well :) 5 Stri ...12/07/15
78L144 Blue Eyed golden Bristlenose Plecos :Young Blue Eyed Golden Bristlenose Plecos for sale. Around 2-3 cm in length, very healthy and active! Bargain at 6 each or 2 for 10.23/06/15
79Aquarium oak :Oak aquarium from Maidenhead aquatics, approx 200 litres beautiful piece of furniture, comes with external filter and lifts and heaters. 45 ...20/06/15
80Around 70 3-6inch malawi cichilids 140 :I have a mix of peacocks and mbuna for sale. All above 3 inchs most around 4-5 inches some bigger some smaller. Lots have been breeding. I a ...15/06/15
81Malawi Cichlids for sale :A selection of Malawi cichlids for sale. Damaged my other tank whilst moving so would require a new home as I have too many in my temporary ...08/06/15
82Fluval FX5 External Filter :For sale is my used Approximately 3 Yr old Fluval FX5 external filter. In full working order, although some of the insert for the Locking sc ...08/06/15
83Young guppies :Young guppies available 2-3cm feeding well and growing rapidly 4 for 5 fish. Strictly collection only from Kettering Please no t ...05/06/15
85MARINE FISH TANK TOOLS :Aqua 1 1050 750 litre per hour used once04/06/15
86African Cichlids for Sale Lake Malawi, Tanganyikan, Victoria :African Cichlids for sale such as from lake Malawi, Tanganyikan, Victoria. Feel free to email me [email protected]25/05/15
89Looking to buy South American cichlids in Northampton :Setting up a South American cichlids tank. Prefer to source locally to Northampton. Will collect. Green terrors, serum, loach, convict, ...17/05/15
90Large Silver Dollars / Large Bala Sharks / Spanner Barbs :9 Silver Dollars / 3 Bala sharks / 2 Spanner Barbs need to sell asap in next few days. Ideally as a complete lot. Best offer accepted - no m ...15/05/15
92various Malawi cichlids for sale :Hi I'm thinning out my tanks so various Malawi for sale mainly mubuna but few others definitely 3 male kingsizei others not sure Of but loca ...15/03/15
93Biotodoma, Nanochromis, Crenicichla for sale :I have for sale a few cichlids 5 of Biotodoma cupido wc for 20 Trio of Crenicichla compressiceps wc 1m/2f for 20 Pair of Nanochromis tran ...15/03/15
94BOYU TL550 TANK FOR SALE WITH ACCESSORIES 130 :A good condition Boyu TL550 tank for sale. In full working order apart from not having a lighting system as was sold separately to a friend. ...26/02/15
95synodontis polli white :synodontis polli white wanted group if possible, please contact me on the mobile number, cheers Chris23/02/15
96Black diamond stingray pups :available pure black diamond pups bred by a friend of mine high quality males only 450 each pics of actual pups PIC 3 IS SOLD ...14/02/15
97aqua nano 130 aquarium :Brand new,never used comes With out cabinet. All filters and led lights and pump included,2 sponges, lookin for 14005/02/15
981 common plec approx 3.5 inches near Kettering NN14 :1 lovely common plec about 3.5" 5 Near Kettering NN14 Buyer collects01/02/15
99led lighting unit :6 month old led lighting unit! Perfect condition selling due to tank closure, come with a remote control! Length is 80x21cm Lights have d ...01/02/15
100Tank closure :live Rock 4 a kilo 3ft sump tank (sump has a glued up crack, doesn't leak) with Return pump, uv steriliser, heaters, protein skimmer and ...01/02/15
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