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1Looking for a RIO 300 :I am looking for a Juwel Rio 300 tank and stand, preferably in Beech, although black would be considered. This is for a marine fish only se ...24/04/07
2Koi carp, ghost carp, albino grass carp and lots of coloured goldfish for sale :due to moving home and the new tenants wanting to just puncture the pond i have decided to sell my pond stock i have: 1 albino grass car ...15/03/07
3Bristlenose Catfish - Northampton :TANK BRED Common Bristlenose plecs for sale 1 each, buyer collect. My Ancistrus species have just blessed us with some children - there ap ...12/03/07
4LARGE SAILFIN TANG FOR SALE :I have a fairly large Sailfin Tang for sale, lovely stripes, and feeding well. At present is in a five foot tank, but with three other larg ...06/03/07
5Rena Aqualife 120 x 50 x70CM High Tank & Beech Stand :The best made tank available. Holds 380Litres with 10mm glass. With Beech stand.Excellant condition Including XP3 filter, two Rena 200 w h ...27/02/07
64ft Complete tropical setup :I am selling a complete 4ft tropical fish tank, setup. The tank is 48x15x12 on a Beech effect unit and hood with light in the hood. It comes ...23/02/07
760kg Rock :have for sale approximately 60kg of rock that came out of a 5ft Malawi setup. There is a mixture of calceous rock (good for Malawis I'm tol ...23/02/07
8PICASSO TRIGGER AND LIONFISH FOR SALE :I have for sale a fairly big Picasso Trigger and a Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish. Both in excellent condition. 40 for both20/02/07
9FREE DAMSEL STILL NEEDS HOME :We have a large Blue velvet Damsel approx 4" in length which must go today. My son-in law is changing to a reef setup and this fish is a bi ...04/02/07
10Does anyone have a sump for sale? :I am in desperate need of a sump for my five foot marine tank. A three to three and a half foot sump would be ideal, though I could stretch ...29/01/07
113ft sump needed :I am looking for a three to three and a half foot sump, complete. If you have one please contact asap. I do not need a complete marine sys ...27/01/07
12Marine fish and inverts needed :I am looking for more marine fish and inverts, I have two marine tanks, one of which is fish only. Whatever you have, let me know. If you a ...21/01/07
13Marine tank Overflow required :I am in need of a hang-on overflow to feed a sump for my 5ft tank. If you have one please het in touch. Albert11/01/07
144ft c/w fish swap for 5ft bare tank :I have a 48x18x12" tank on beech effect unit, lights, filter etc with the following fish: 1 large Tinfoil barb 4 Clown loaches, 5 Flyin ...05/01/07
15Approx 100 Malawis for sale :I have approx a hundred Malawis for sale as one lot. This breeding colony has sizes ranging from half an inch to about three inches in leng ...04/01/07
16Complete 4ft system :I have a 48x18x12" tank on beech effect unit, lights, filter etc with the followin fish: 1 large Tinfoil barb 4 Clown loaches, 5 Flying foxe ...04/01/07
17THREE OF FOUR FOOT SUMP :I am looking for a sump for under my five foot marine tank. Because of limited space the maximum dimensions possible would be 48" long ...31/12/06
18Snakehead Wanted :Looking for an obscure snakehead (parachanna obscura) any size! cash waiting for, can collect if not too far away! will go to a good home un ...29/12/06
19Green severums, :Green severum babies,30+ avaliable aprox 1 inch to 1.5 inch, nice colouring,feeding well,1.00 each,pick up northampton.tel 07721937586 i ha ...29/12/06
20MARINE FISH & INVERTS NEEDED :I need some more marine fish and inverts for a five foot marine tank. As far as the fish are concerned: I don't want any damsels, and any m ...27/12/06
21PICASSO TRIGGER FOR SALE :Fairly large Picasso for sale, lovely colours and feeding well. Presently in a four foot tank wth a large Blue-velvet Damselfish, not aggres ...22/12/06
22White Pearl Discus :x2 fish for 120 GBP approx 6 inch nose to end of tail fin. 18-24 months old, solid fish, regularly wormed, had since 2 inch. Denim colour ...26/11/06
23Zebra plecs :looking for a breeding pair of zebra plecs,or consider males and females seperatlly, good price paid.tel 0772193758617/10/06
243ft tank with accesories :3ft tank with accesories with heater, light, two filters air pump underwater gravel light with changeable colour lens includes hood and a s ...07/09/06
25Koi and Mirror and Common carp and Goldfish :I have 30 Koi for sale 12-24"50-100 each.And 2000 Common and Mirror carp and some Ghosties 3-10" 1-5 each.Also loads of goldfish 1 ea ...07/09/06
26Nitritech 5000 Koi filter for sale :Nitritech 5000 Koi filter for sale. This filter is great,I am selling due to upgrading my pond.Please have a look at the Spec for this filt ...05/09/06
28MARINE EQUIPTMENT/FILTRATION FOR SALE!!! :Deltec APF 600 Skimmer inc. pump 130 Schuran skimmer inc. pump 70 Fluidised bed filter(ideal for rowaphos)inc. pump 30 2 heaters 10 f ...22/08/06
29LIVE ROCK!!! AND MARINE FISH FOR SALE :EXCELLENT QUALITY LIVE ROCK!! 5 PER KILO. This rock conisits of various sizes and fiji plate rock,i have had it my tank for 3 years so i ...22/08/06
30Jewel 120 fish tank for sale, used for 3 months :We have a Jewel 120 fish tank, complete with pump& light system for sale. It is a big fish tank, suitable for any marine or tropical fis ...11/08/06
31GBDISCUS ******Online Shop Now OPEN******* :Our new online shop is now open.It is stocked the the common and not so easy to find products that can aid you with the keeping of these mag ...02/06/06
32RENA PANORAMA 120 :i am after a RENA PANORAMA 120 or similar size tank VISION 250 in the NORTHAMPTONSHIRE area. thanks GET IN TOUCH WITH ME AT [email protected] ...21/03/06
34Reef one Biube Biorb tank plus loads of accesories :Selling on ebay would hear offers from interested parties though cheers12/03/06
356' x 2' x 2' Tank & Stand :Hi, I desperately need to re-house 'Randy" my Osphronemus. He's out grown his current Tank (4'x20"x2'), and he needs one at least ...24/01/06
36Wanted 10kg of fiji live rock for nano :Hello, i would like 10kg Would possibly take 15kg if the price is right, Am based in northampton and willing to travel.18/12/05
37Nice Fish Tank! :I have a 2ft by 1 tropical tank at the mo and am looking to upgrade to something bigger or nicer! has to be cheap as am on a very tight budg ...11/12/05
38juwell 350 :I have a juwel 350 tank with black ash wooden cupboard/stand complete with a few catfish and a few other fish . Currenly working as topica ...30/11/05
39juwel vision 180 tropical tank :juwel vision 180 bevelled front aquarium complete with beech coloured cabinet, also with external fluval 304 filter system, 200w heater, dua ...08/11/05
41WANTED 5 OR 6 FOOT TANK :Wanted 5 or 6foot x 2foot x 15" tank with hood.Wanted in Northampton area,many thanks matthew. Contact via e-mail or phone 07876 46826408/08/05
42Yellow Labs (Babies) :Yellow Labs (Babies) approx 4 Months Old & 1 inch long. 11 in total (must go together), 30 the lot. Kettering Northants 07876 46826408/08/05
43seahorses wanted northampton uk :i have a 125 gallon set up currently housing 4 seahorses, i am looking to buy a few more. If you have any for sale or know where i can purch ...19/07/05
44giant gourami wanted :wanted giant gourami thats not giant yet between 6-12" in Northampton don't want to travel too far cheers28/06/05
45perruno wanted :wanted perruno cat want something around the 6 to 10" size I'm in Northampton so not too far away please25/06/05
46Reverse Osmosis Units & Filters :5 Stage Reverse Osmosis units suitable for all tanks. All makes of in-line filters also available. Ball-valves included.02/06/05
47REVERSE OSMOSIS (5 STAGE) WATER FILTER :Removes chlorine and 99% off all tap water contaminents. 275.00 Installation, service & replacement filters available.21/05/05
48i want free tropical fish please got to live close :tel 01327878056 or 07910057076 26 the severn the grange daventry northamptonshire09/05/05
49Doubletail male betta :i have a doubletail male that needs a new home he is a very pretty betta, he is a nice red and blue multi. feeds well on bloodworm brine shr ...09/02/05
50microworms :anyone in need of fry food i have plenty of microworm cultures for sale 4 a big tub includes P&P06/02/05
51Giant female plakat bettas :i have 2 giant plakat female bettas for sale,i would like 6 each for them or 10 the pair. please email me at [email protected]06/02/05
52Giant female plakat bettas :i have 2 giant female plakat bettas that i wanna traid for eather 2 normal females or a male and female. but i dont want veiltails. thanks05/02/05
53MICROWORMS :For all you people who have fry or are planning to have fry, i have plentry of microworm culture for sale, the best food for fry you just ca ...04/02/05
54MICROWORM CULTURES :anyone in need of fry food have have plenty of microworm cultures for sale.they are the best fry food u can get. 4 for a big tub includes ...01/02/05
55Female siamese fighting fish **bettas** :i have some female bettas that can go for sale now i have 3 fully coloured females and they are crowntails 5 each, also have a male witch ...24/01/05
56Refillable 10" Deionization Cartridge & 2 Refills :Refillable 10" Deionization Cartridge & 2 Refills DI RO http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4346676255 F ...02/01/05
57Parrots For Sale :Red Blood Parrots for Sale 90 each picture unavailable but identical to any on the net. Can post email for best pricing.28/10/04
58I'll buy books :I'm looking for english books about Lake Tanganyika. I'm particularly interested in Tropheus species. I live in Northampton area and I am ke ...18/10/04
59Marine Set up Wanted :Would like to purchase a marine set up.Tank 3/4 feet at least 15" high.Live in the Northampton region,will pay up to 250.Thanks15/09/04
60Bow fronted Fish tank and cabinet full set up exept the fish :L 48 D 18 H 24.5 with cabinet 49.5, 407 filter, lights etc. etc. 250.00 ono.27/08/04
61community fish :selection of community fish for sale - 2 swords, 6 neons, 5 platies, 4 tetras, 3 mollies and approx 25 baby platies and mollies - 15 the l ...18/06/04
62clarias Batrachus :12" long super fish with loads of personality in super condition. buyer collects 2518/06/04
63juwel trigon 350 for sale :juwel trigon 350 plus all original equipment and handbuilt stand. two years old.275.if picture required contact [email protected] or c ...23/03/04
64juvenile redtail :4 inches long, beautiful condition - super specimen. buyer collects 35.21/03/04
65angels wanted :i am looking for a pair or even two pairs ov proven breeding angels, pref both matched varietes and to be a proven breeding pair ie hatched ...24/01/04
66Wanted: Rummy Noses etc... :Hi, I am looking for someone who has around 40 mexican rummy nose's, 40 Neon's and 10 Zebra's. Also, I am seeking 4 klown knives, 6 hatchet ...25/08/03
67Clear Seal Tank and Equipment :I have a Clear Seal fish tank for sale, which measures: 4ft (L) - 1ft (W) - 1ft/19" (H). It comes with water heater, hood with lights, ...25/08/03
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