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1juwel vison 260litre full tropical set up :for sale in my complete tropical set up with loads of accessories. juwel vision bowfront tank and stand black, 260 litres, internal and e ...26/01/15
3marine tank 6󫎾 :Hank made oak stand and lid by me 100 kg live rock skimmers led lights 5ft sump return pumps wave makers lps and sps corals and two fish and ...05/01/15
4Aqua Digital ORP Controller :Aqua Digital ORP 206 controller, hardly used. With case. No longer using oZone so not required. 5004/01/15
5Dead Live Rock :I have 4 huge pieces of rock from the breakdown of a large reef tank. I cannot tell you the weight because I have nothing that will weigh t ...22/12/14
6Jacks :4 off 12/13 inch jacks All in 8 ft acrylic tank that might be sold afterwards if any one interested. FISH HAVE BEEN REHOMED THANK YOU20/12/14
7Aquareef 275 - Full Set Up - IT2060 LEDs - Will split :For sale is my Aquareef 275 system that I bought off a member on here 6 months ago. Im only selling as im upgrading on the 15th December ...02/12/14
82 goldfish free to a good home :2 three inch goldfish free to a good home. Currently in a tank but would imagine they would be fine in a pond. I live in Upton Northampton N ...09/11/14
9fluval 405 external filter northampton :for sale is a fluval 405 external filter with pipework and a spray bar pwo for sale due too an upgrade 4528/10/14
10AI SOLS X 2 AND HANGING RAIL :AI SOLS in black with 4ft hanging rail anyone who knows about lights nos these are amoung the top in lighting, fully programmable with contr ...25/10/14
11v2 BIO REACT 500 :Reactor for sale perfect working order 5025/10/14
12DELTEC TS1250 :Deltec skimmer perfect working order and does what its ment to do 9025/10/14
13Pearl gourami harem for sale :1m3f harem of adult pearl gourami. All healthy, take any food, never had any disease, looking for 8 for all 4. Must all go in one sale, pic ...25/10/14
14wanted Queen Arabesque Plecos :hi im in the Northampton area and im looking to purchase a L260 Queen Arabesque Plecos at a reasonable price happy to travel for the right p ...25/10/14
15JEBAO WP40 :wavemaker for sale perfect working order 5024/10/14
164x2x2.5ft large tank and stand for sale marine 30 :4x2x2.5ft (LxWxD) tank and 3ft tank used as sump and homemade stand/cabinet also, tank is made of 12mm glass and has a double thickness base ...23/10/14
17NIGER TRIGGER :Due to selling up my marine i have a niger trigger for sale hes called dave and hes my fav fish by far i will be sad to see him go he feeds ...21/10/14
18PAIR OF BLUE THROAT TRIGGERS :Im selling up marine and have a pair of blue throat triggers for sale vary healthy fish and eat all foods that go into the tank, never touch ...21/10/14
20v2 iluminaires :2 weeks old so as new condition fully programmable with remote great lights only selling due to tank closure 30013/10/14
21Eazy pod and equipment :Job lot pond equipment includes the following Easy pod complete with media, hailea s10000 pump, pontec 8000 pump, both pump only 6 months o ...12/10/14
224x2x2 custom made marine set up :Gorgeous custom made 4x2x2 marine tank fully stocked with top corals and very health fish comes sumped with deltec ts1250 skimmer phosphate ...08/10/14
23seneye home and bellkin home base :seneye home with 2 mths slides with bellkin home base to connect wirelessly perfect working order 12006/10/14
24Red Line Torpedo Barbs - Denisons Barb - Puntius denisonii :I have 7 Red Line Torpedo Barbs for sale. All very healthy, beautiful, full-bodied fish. Approx. 3 inches, some a little bigger, som ...02/10/14
25TMC 30 LITRE NANO :complete with skimmer pump heater tmc aquaray tile can have blues on seperatly few scuff but cant be seen when filled 7024/09/14
26red sea max 130d :red sea max 130d no scratches to the glass no hood but has the back sump cover, comes with heater and pumps there is one small piece of wate ...24/09/14
27Breeding pair of albino bristlenose. Northampton :I'm Selling one of my pairs of albino bristlenoses. That can be seen with their young. Male 2 years old female 16 months approximately. 30 ...22/09/14
28RED SEA MAX 130 :rsm 130 full set up complete with stock lights upgraded pump to a tunze 2 new wave powerheads heater lots of live rock corals comprise of xe ...10/09/14
29Custom made marine tank :Marine tank for sale 26x30x30 tank only, stand is 29x30x30 comes with sump pipework, few light scratches cant be seen when full, and cabinet ...10/09/14
30RED SEA MAX :RSM 130 full set up complete with stock lights upgraded pump to a tunze 2 new wave powerheads heater no skimmer as took it out due to noise ...07/09/14
31large ritteri nem :very large ritteri nem bigger than a dinner plate when fully open only selling due to it being to large for my tank and cannot fully open no ...01/09/14
32PURPLE TANG :Purple tang for sale very healthy and eats anything that goes into the tank only selling as he doesnt fit with current stocking 75 the pic ...22/08/14
33Large sailfin tang :Large sailfin hes around 5.5/6 inches very fat and healthy only selling due to him outgrowing my tank, he needs at least 6ft tank so please ...21/08/14
34TMC SIGNATURE :TMC Signature tank 450x450 great condition no scratches to front glass and a couple of tiny ones to one side panel that you wouldnt no was t ...18/08/14
35Guianacara :Hi I have 2 adults and about 12 juweniles of Guianacara Geyai for sale. There is also 3 plecos if someone interested. I have to close dow ...15/08/14
36LARGE BOGWOOD 2.5KG :Large Bogwood. 24" x 9" at highest point. 2.5kg Came out of my 3 foot cold water tank which burst recently. Very imposing ornament in f ...06/08/14
37WANTED :Rena aqualife 120 350ltr corner unit.23/07/14
385ft FISH TANK + STAND :I'm selling my 5ft tank, nice large tank in used but good condition. Glass has no major scratches or cracks Stand is like new with n ...19/07/14
39Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat, New 4th Edition: Ad konings :Brand New, this is the book to have if your into your rift cichlids. Priced cheaper than anywhere. 70 delivered to UK mainland07/07/14
40Malawi cichlids Northampton :Pseudo ndumi red top f1 7e Pseudo sp acei ngara 6e Pseudo sp demansoni Tb 6e Pseudo elong neon spot f1 7e Met aurora f1 6e Met ...04/07/14
41WANTED Male l398 plec :Hi I'm looking for a male l398 pan sp pleco if anyone as one for sale please contact me willing to travel reasonable distance for right fish ...04/07/14
42For sale LED lights, Fluval305 external filter NAND Elite stingray 15 internal :I have 2 identical LED 45" 3 bar units for sale off my 5ft they are fully submergable perfect condition and only 5months old they cost ...04/07/14
43GUPPIES/GUPPY WANTED-NN3 :Male & female guppies wanted, preferably 1male/1-2females or 2males/2-3females, any type & colour. Text me or email. Free or priced. ...01/07/14
45Koi Carp :I have 6 Koi Carp I have to sell, very large, assortment of colours, 200 each or buy 5 get one free29/06/14
46WANTED - Msobo Magunga - fry, adults anything considered :Hi guys, I'm looking for some Msobo magunga's I can collect Anywhere in the UK for the right fish; Don't mind if there are 1 or 20 or ...29/06/14
47Fish tanks for sale NORTHAMPTON :I have various used fish tanks for sale. Light wood/ silver Fluval bowed 3ft with Stand Black Hagen 2ft 6inches with original stand ...25/06/14
48Mississippi Map Turtles x2 Free to a good home Northampton :I am sadly re-homing my 2 Mississippi Map Turtles. They have outgrown my tank so youll need to have a minimun of a 4 ft tank to home them. T ...11/06/14
492 humbug/4 stripe damsels :not aggressive at all have been very placid for damsels only selling as need room in my tank for new stock 508/06/14
50Pair of clarkis :female around 3.5/4 inch male 2.5/3 inch health fish eat anthing that goes into the tank 2508/06/14
51piccasso trigger :very healthy fish he hasnt touched corals i purley purchased him to eat my xenia but hes not touched this or any other coral so now selling ...08/06/14
52WANTED: Ocean Rock - lots of :I'm looking for nice white ocean rock probably up to 50kg as local as possible. Let me know what you have and how much, must still be wh ...02/06/14
53WANTED: Pseudotropheus saulosi Adults or fry :As title says, I'm looking for a group of Pseudotropheus saulosi. I don't mind what size, how many or what sex they are just after quite ...02/06/14
54WANTED: Membe deep Fry or adults. Cash Waited :Hi, I'm looking for a group of membe deep. Don't mind adults or fry. Happy to travel for right group or don't mind them being posted. ...31/05/14
55Brand New Marine fish Tank 250x100x100 TOP QUALITY, Light LED Cree,Sump,Pumps :Welcome I'm selling Brand NEW TOP Quality fish tank made for salt water, but can also be used for tropical fish, with 4 door cabinet wit ...25/05/14
56Fish Tank Aquarium 3 foot long with project hood 25 Northampton :Up for sale is my 3foot long tank project, I was going to built this tank for my turtles but due to work I don't have enough time to complet ...21/05/14
57WANTED lemon l144 and super red longfin bristlenoses :Hi I'm trying to purchase lemon and super red longfin bristlenoses. I'm located in Northampton but I am willing to travel for the right fish ...20/05/14
58Veija zonatus for sale Must go by Friday :Loverly fish Veija zonatus .. 10" needs new home ASAP collection from nn14 1qw. 20 .... Will take 15 if taken tomorrow 074114078 ...19/05/14
59WANTED - Malawi Cichlids - Aulonocara Species :I'm looking for some nice Aulonocara malawi Cichlids. Mainly males of any species but especially fire fish and Rubin red. Don't mind a ...15/05/14
60WANTED marine items :We buy all kinds of marine items from single items to full set ups so if you need to rehome something please get in touch13/05/14
61live rock :approximatley 40kg live rock all mature with lots of live 5 per kilo13/05/14
62various fish :1 4inch regal tang,30 1 2.5 inch valentino puffer 25, 3 common clowns 2/2.5 inch 10 each all healthy fish and eat flake pellet and frozen ...13/05/14
63Aquamedic light :59.5cm x 35cm 2xt5 and 1 halide 4011/05/14
64Dwarf Puffers wanted-Northamptonshire :I'm trying to find a small group (4 or 5) of fresh water dwarf puffer fish for a species only tropical tank. I have kept them in the past ...09/05/14
65wanted bristlenose plecs please :Hi I've been looking for some different bristlenose plecs. Eg long fins callico marblea . lemons and reds. I have the browns so I don't need ...21/04/14
66WANTED tiger shovelnose :Am looking for. Tiger shovelnose and spotted gar or other predatory fish must be young jouviniles I'm in the northamptonshire area 07776178 ...20/04/14
67190 Litre aquarium with stand for sale 85 :12/04/2014 - still available, price dropped to 85 for quick sale - I need to get rid of this spare tank before moving house! Old style f ...12/04/14
68Malawi Eye Biters x2 Dimidiochromis Compressiceps :12/04/2014 - still available for sale, please contact me if you're interested! For sale x2 Malawi Eye Biters or Dimidiochromis Compressic ...12/04/14
69BioOrb fish tank For Sale :BioOrb tank purchased approx. 5 years ago and used for 18 months. Very good condition complete with filter system. Suitable for cold water o ...05/04/14
70tanks for sale rio 240 and a marina 60ltr :i have a juwel rio 240 for sale with lights and spares, external filter, heater, wave maker loads of rocks, coral sand, 2 nets and air pumps ...30/03/14
71Genuine K1 Media For Sale :50 Litres of Genuine Evolution Aqua K1 Plastic Media for sale. Dirty and will need cleaning before use. Collection from Kettering Nort ...28/03/14
72LED LIGHTS AI SOL X 2 & controller :Hi for sale 2 x ai sol led lights with a wired controller on a 3ft rail. Based in Northants but could arrange to be in East yorks. THese ...25/03/14
73Osphrenemous Gourami free to good home :Large Osphrenemous Gourami free to good home. Ozzy is approximately 7 years old and is approximately 18 inches long. Loves cucumber, peas a ...25/03/14
74FLUVAL ROMA 200l + NEW EXTERNAL PUMP :Selling my full set-up fluval fish tank previously set up for tropical, it's in great condition. Comes with: 2x built in lights (fully wo ...17/03/14
75Marine Fish For sale :Hi, I am reducing my stocking levels now all my fish are getting bigger. For sale Jigsaw Trigger 4" 55 Sailfin Tang 4" ...14/03/14
769 Koi (small) need gone asap. 100 the lot, plus free food. :I have 9 small Koi in my indoor pond, but wife wants to go back to keeping catfish. So i need the space. Hence why 100 for the lot, plus so ...10/03/14
77Looking for ocean rock, Northampton :Looking for some ocean rock for a 4ft Malawi tank07/03/14
78GUPPIES FOR SALE :Hi we have a number of Guppie fry for sale. lots of different colours Male and Female availiable. Call Matt on 0755788626102/03/14
79biorb life 45 :Black comes with intelligent light and original biorb air pump. Corby, Northants. 13025/02/14
80juwel trigon 190 with stand full set up :Im selling my juwel iv got two on this due to moving home the tank is perfect except when I bought the tank the hood was damaged and imnow u ...24/02/14
81juwel vision 180 :I am selling my loved fish tank its in perfect condition with stand brand new filter .. well I got it 2 weeks ago its a flavul 240l one heat ...24/02/14
82Synodontis granulosus牋 :As above. Reluctant sale due to closing down tropical tank. 2 1/2 - 3 inches. Sorry about the pic but refuses to keep still! . Northants. ...23/02/14
83Various koi carp needing rehousing near Kettering :I am in Grafton Underwood outside Kettering and am looking to sell my 9 fish I have had for over 12 years as we are moving and they cannot c ...17/02/14
84Red tail Shark :Hi, I have got Red Tail Shark 2.5 inc approx need to re-home asap. 3 0796979333813/02/14
85Good quality African rift cichlids in Northampton. :For a selection of decent african rift cichlids visit www.northantsmalawis.co.uk02/02/14
86Wild breeding group of synodontis multipunctatus x10 :I have a breeding group of 10 wild multipunctatus for sale. Very Very reluctant sale. Truly beautiful catfish 140 ono Collection from N ...02/02/14
8725KG of coral sand :Approx 25kg's of coral sand, nice and clean. 15.02/02/14
883 large silver doller :For sale my 3 large silver dollers Healthy, feeding well Pick up from northampton kingsthorpe Call- Thomas 07985121958 25.00 for 328/01/14
89Blue Ninja Angel Fish-For Sale :Hi all, I have 2 Blue Ninja Angels for sale, as its a quick sale, I need 25.00 for both fish. They are a health pair, and are feeding we ...17/01/14
90Large Regal Tang For Sale :Got a lovely regal around 6-7 inches at a guess, got to go due to sorting tank out, will be sad to see her go! Looking for around 50 ono! ...13/01/14
915ft fish tank with everything you need :Selling our 5ft fish tank with cupboard. Comes with internal and external pumps, filters, air pump, heater, gravel, bog wood, stones, fully ...02/01/14
92Wanted coral frags :Wanted, coral frags any shape or size, looking to fill my established tank with coral and life. Have had the tank for 3 years and am just mo ...28/12/13
93WANTED 6 foot tank MONEY WAITING :Looking for a 6ft set up with lighting and external filter/sump please contact27/12/13
94many cichlids for sale :I have 10 yellow labs cichlids, one peacock cichlid, two large convict cichlids, two beautiful fire mouth cichlids, three common plecos, one ...17/12/13
95Tank stand and equipment 200 ono :Hi for sale is my juwel rio and stand in dark wood holds about 120l it is aprox 3ft in length it comes with a heater,t8 lights 1 blue 1 whi ...06/12/13
96WANTED 6 foot tank MONEY WAITING :Anyone selling a 6 ft tank with cabinet and hood (and preferably with lights and external filter)?26/11/13
97WANTED 6 or 7 ft tank stand and hood 150 waiting :I have 150 to spend on a tank wold like a tank stand and hood ifyou have one for this price please email me.19/11/13
98Aqua sunlight :Aqua sunlight available for sale or swap. 4ft two tubes and two metal haliedes. Great condition took out due to upgrade too LEDs. Would ...19/11/13
994ft cichlid tank with stand and fish :4ft cichlid tank and stand for sale, 4ft tank, stand, two light power units, one day light bulb, one moon light bulb, air pump with air ston ...18/11/13
100120 litre b shaped fish tank :i have for sale 120 litre b shaped fish tank need gone asap as i have another tank arriving weekend will come with the blue gravel and light ...15/11/13
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