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1Tilapia mariae. free to a good home. northampton area :I have been told that this what they are, please correct me if I am wrong. There seem to be hundreds of babies now about 2months old. they ...07/01/11
2WANTED 6ft x 2ft x 2ft fish tank and stand (Northampton) :i am looking for a 72" x 20" x 24" aquarium and stand for my turtles i will collect from northamptonshire or just outside05/01/11
3small external filter :hi im looking for a external filter any considered. can only travel within 60miles of nn11 0tp. phone me on 07510153794 thanks04/01/11
4Custom made acrylic aquarium wanted :A good friend of mine is looking to have a tank custom made for his house, he wants a bow fronted corner tank with an oak base unit and lid, ...30/12/10
54th bow fronted tank full set up :4ft bow fronted aquatlantis with 75 litre sump, 40mm piping Livestock, 1 Regal Tang, 1 Pyjama Cardinal, 1 blenny 1 Green Chromis, 1 Clown ...28/12/10
64 ft fish tank with stand :4ft fish tank and beech colour stand, fluval 305 filter pump, air block and air pump, heater, bag of fresh coral sand, background picture, l ...22/12/10
7Plecs For Sale :Hi, I have a great selection of Plec's for sale, including: Royals 3(great sizes) Golden nuggets Common Plec (great size) and a ...14/12/10
8Tiny small minature submersible water pump required... :Hi All, I have a small marine tank and am trying to make my salt water mixing process easier. I only need to mix my water in small quant ...26/11/10
9Large Pair of Breeding Severum For Sale. 50 the pair ono :We have a Large pair of Breeding severum. Male Golden, Female Green and both about adult hand sized. They have been spawning regularly for t ...25/11/10
103ft bow fronted jewel :3ft bow fronted jewel fish tank comes witheverything in pic (except toys) some fish will be included in the sale. The tank does have a z sha ...22/11/10
11Shovel nose Catfish :Hi I want to sell this large tiger shovel nose catfish i have , it is outgrowing my 4ft tank fast , and the tank cannot cope with the massiv ...21/11/10
12Free Fantail guppies :Giving away blue, black & orange fantail guppies after after an excess brood has resulted in a bit of over population. Guppies have r ...20/11/10
14Corner Aquariam in Black with Silver Doors :I have a Fluvel Venizia 190 litre corner unit with an external fluvel 405 filter for sale. This tank will also have a 300 watt heater, air ...07/11/10
15Asian Upside Down Catfish 10 :Hi i have for sale my upside down catfish. He is 8 inchs long eating well and lively. Only selling him because my husbands fish does not lik ...06/11/10
16pangasius catfish :hi i have a pangasius catfish who has outgrown my tank, he is about 15" now, can someone give him a good home thanks, i am in northampton24/10/10
17Crenicichla regani :Hi, I have for sale adult pair of dwarf pike cichlids Crenicichla regani. This is very rare fish unfortunately I have no room for them in ...16/10/10
18Skimmer :Skimmer for marine fish tank 6 months old 39.9908/10/10
19Halide light :Aqua one halide light 4ft in lenght 6 mths old 175.00 ono08/10/10
20One large koi FREE :I have a lovely orange coloured koi that needs rehomed. I acquired a couple of koi when a friend moved house and the new owner didn't want ...06/10/10
21parrots :I have three blood parrot cichlids for sale or swop as i want to stock other cichlids in my tank if i do not pick up the phone email me on g ...21/09/10
224ft Rena Prism Tank :4ft Rena Prism Tank. Hi this is used Rena tropical tank for sale, cabinet and arcadia lights. Holds approx 210l of water. Dimensions 120 ...19/09/10
23piranha :hi im looking to rehome piranhas must be cheap or free going to a good home as i keep thease fish my self . must be local as i dont drive. r ...02/09/10
24electric blue jack dempsey ( if you have one please let me know) :hi, i am looking for an electric blue jack dempsey, dont mind a male or female. please email me if you have one with price and info. many ...01/09/10
25RED SHRIMP :Red shrimp for sale all sizes from 3mm to near adult 20-25mm 50p each , please call between 6pm & 9pm..28/08/10
26bio-uv sterilizer wanted (not delta) & equipment :Hi, I am looking for a bio-uv sterilizer (not delta) also any other pond equipment, filters, air pump etc. Thanks, Andy23/08/10
27koi :1 koi black and white 16in long 1 koi pure white 14in long 1 koi orange and black 15in long 1 koi orange and black 16in long14/08/10
286ft Aquarium with all accessories :6ft wide x 18" deep x 2ft high, includes all accessories hood, lighting unit with tubes, large external filter system, 6ftx2ft backgrou ...08/08/10
29MOLLIES :MOLLIES for sale, they are young healthy fish that have an active nature. They are about an inch in size and 6 weeks old and have a good app ...07/08/10
30Ricordea Florida Mushroom Corals From Northampton - 11.99 :Hello, I have quit a few Ric's that have divided and grown on to full size. Many colours to choose from such as blue, pink, orange, green a ...06/08/10
31Seashell Custon Built Marine Tank With Sump 550ono :SeaShell Custom Built Marine Tank With Sump 14mm thick glass 2x Twin T5 39w 3ft 'GLO' Ballast Lights Ocean Runner 6500 Return Pump Tan ...30/07/10
32Seashell Custon Built Marine Tank With Sump 550ono :SeaShell Custom Built Marine Tank With Sump 14mm thick glass 2x Twin T5 39w 3ft 'GLO' Ballast Lights Ocean Runner 6500 Return Pump Tank ...30/07/10
33serrasalmus compressus (compressus piranha) :I have a compressus piranha forsale. Eat's very well good condition he's about 8 inch in length. This piranha is totaly nuts and stupidly ag ...14/07/10
34Young Bristlenose Catfish :I have lots of Young Bristlenose catfish that I need to find homes for so that I can set my tank back up for my other fishes. They range fro ...08/07/10
35Mega Light Unit :This is a...Aqua One Metal Halide MG1500 3x150w 4x24w 2x18w Light Unit. It's sitting above my 5ft Fish Tank at the moment for safety reas ...08/07/10
365 large Koi, 3 tench, assorted goldfish / shubunkins :Koi carp / Ghost Koi assorted / tench / gold fish - assorted Around 5 + ghost koi / plus assorted / 3 tench / around 10 gold fish / shub ...06/07/10
37Free to good home :15-20 Outdoor fish. New house forces rehoming - Please ring 07818 450705. Northampton.05/07/10
38live rock :i am after about 6-8kg og cured live rock to start a tank up can travel about 15 mile radius of corby cheers03/07/10
394ft fish tank with Flowerhorn 50 :comes with light, filter, stand and a male Flowerhorn reason for sale : Moving and cant take it with us30/06/10
40wanted pond fish :I have just refurbished an existing pond in my garden I do not know very much about pond fish but i am learning, i have however descovered h ...30/06/10
41Koi carp equipment, filter, uv, air pump etc :I have recently moved house and am setting up a new koi pond (roughly 3-5000 gallons) I require preferably a full set-up incl. filter, uv, a ...25/06/10
42Koi carp Equipment wanted :I have recently moved house and want to set up a new koi pond (roughly 3-5000 gallons) I require preferably a full set-up incl. filter, uv, ...25/06/10
43PARATILAPIA POLLENI 5" looks like a female, strong character Any offers :Boisterous lady but lovely fish! She is attacking my silver dollars however enjoys the company of big catfish :) not too fussy with f ...24/06/10
444x Synodontis sp. 4" great health 40 for the group :Beautiful group of syno's very active shoal together nicely, possible breeding group, have seen them 'flirting' all are approximately 4-5&qu ...24/06/10
45Red Sea Pulsing Xenia--Northampton :Large pieces of live rock covered in stunning Red sea pulsing xenia.......Ranging from 10 to 25 dependent on size24/06/10
46SOLD Neolamprologus brichardi (fairy cichlid) breeding group of 8, :ive have quite a lot of fry from these which i have sold on to my local pet store, im getting rid of some of my tanks which is the reason fo ...17/06/10
47(Wanted) female Convict :i am looking for a female convict about 4-5inches am willing to paid a certain amount !15/06/10
48Aqua medic percular 120 :Aquamedic percula 120 fish tank, loads of live rock including Tongan branch, various sof corals, fish 2 blue yellow tailed damsels, 1 tomato ...09/06/10
49Wanted - CO2 System for Tropical Tank 120 Litre :Hi there I am looking for a CO2 System for a 125 litre tropical Tank. I have quite a large selection of Pond Pumps and aquarium Filters,(mai ...07/06/10
50New home required for Gus :We believe Gus is a ghost Doitsu (bronze colour with large scales along back, otherwise smooth). We have had him for about 10 - 12 years and ...01/06/10
51LIMNOCHROMIS AURITUS :Wanted, a small group of 3 or 4 (2 females required) of these Tanganikan Limnochromis Auritus. Contact Chris Lister [email protected] ...27/05/10
52WANTED Limnochromis Auritus :Would like a small group of 3 or 4 (2 female) of theses tanganikans. Contact Chris on 01536 746739 or 07941080251. email chrislister2902 ...27/05/10
53i have 3 sets of breeding angel fish :hi here i have for sale 3 sets of angelfish see pics for details of fish 50 each pair19/05/10
546x80w 5ft T5 lighting unit (3 months old) :betta T5 lighting unit 5ft 3 months old,used for 12-15 hours reason im selling,is we have stuck with our halide unit this unit comes com ...30/04/10
55Good home needed for my fish :Hello, i have to close down my tank and im selling it. Unfortunatly the buyer doesnt want my fish so i need to find them a good home. I ...29/04/10
56Free Pleco (bottom feeder) :I have a pleco that has grown too large for the 60l tank. Am desperate for him to be rehomed to a tank of at least double the size.12/04/10
57Moving House :Hi, I am moving house and unable to take my wonderful setup with me. I have the following for sale - All of which are in A1 conditio ...24/03/10
58cichlid swop :hi, im looking to swap 2 x 4" tilapia mariae (tiger/ mangrove cichlid) prefer catfish around 5" not plec, needs to be close to nor ...07/03/10
59catfish wanted :hi, im after a couple of catfish for my american cichlid tank 4x2x2 not plecs and need to be 3" to 5" willing to swap for 2 x 4" tilapia mar ...07/03/10
60Wanted: Fluval 405 Lid / Top cover :Mine has split so I need a new lid / top cover (the part that the the aquastop valve plugs into, where the impeller is etc) I'm in Northamp ...19/02/10
61wanted 5ft+2ft fish tank stand wanted :5ft by 2ft stand wanted asap in or around northampton call any time 0791450304417/02/10
624ft 2ft 2.5ft -130 gallons 15off Red Bellies Piranhas :Hi i am selling my 4ft 2ft 2.5ft fish tank with 15off red bellies piranhas. 5 are bred in tank and 10 are wild, imported. (sizes are from 4" ...17/02/10
63Marine Atlas Volume 1 + 2 + 3 :These atlas's are in excellent condition and would be a supurb reference for any reefer. Would except 55.00 posted due to weight04/02/10
64Free to good home fish :Free to a good home as i,ve sold my tank 3 x piranha , 1 x plec , 2 x catfish Please call Paul 0778686578303/02/10
65Wanted 5x2x2 or 5x2.5hx2 Glass Tank :Having just cracked the base of my tank i am looking for a replacement. Willing to travel cash waiting. Phone or email Gary02/02/10
66WANTED 5x2x2 or 5x2.5x2 glass tank only :Having just cracked the base of my tank i am looking for a replacement. Willing to travel cash waiting. Email or phone Gary02/02/10
67Dwarf cichlids :Hi. I have about 10 apistogramma baenschi(1 male and 9 females) and 4 males of crenicichla regani ( 3 nearly adult 4" and 1 about 2&qu ...01/02/10
68Apistogramma baenschi :Hi. I have group of Apistogramma baenschi for sale. They just matured and present nice spawning colours. If anyone interested please contact ...22/01/10
69Few fish and long spined urchin :Have for sale 3 pyjama cardinals 1-2 inches in length. 1 Blue wrasse 3- 4 inches in length. 1 long spined urchin about 4-5 inches. ...21/01/10
70SIAMESE FIGHTER TRICOLOUR MALE - BETTA SPLENDENS :A lot more colourful and interesting than the humble goldfish, these hardy aquatic jewels originate from the paddy fields of Thailand. Pr ...17/01/10
71SIAMESE FIGHTER MALE BLUE - BETTA SPLENDENS :A lot more colourful and interesting than the humble goldfish, these hardy aquatic jewels originate from the paddy fields of Thailand. Pr ...17/01/10
72Rena Aqualife 350 350 ono :A Rena Aqualife 350 for sale includes, 1 heater, 2 lights and 1 combo filter includes all pipe work and parts very good condition 350 ono16/01/10
73Juwel Rekord 70 Black :I have juwel rekord 70 in black for sale with heat pump hood lighting and light cloured gravel in perfect condition only 3 years old 50 ono13/01/10
74Crenicichla regani :Hi. I would like to exchange 4 nearly adult males for 2 females of these dwarf pike cichlids. I`m willing to tavel to collect them. I can ...10/01/10
75Apistogramma baenschi :Hi. I have harem (1 male and about 8 females) stunning and very rare dwarf cichlids. They nearly matured and start showing spawning colours. ...03/01/10
76WANTED PLEASE :hi, im looking for a lighting unit with T5 tubes, I have T8's at the moment, for my juwel vision 180 bow fronted tank.if you have one tucked ...01/01/10
771300 Litre Marine Aquarium System :Due to work commitments I am moving out of the country and unfortunately I will not be able to take my 1300 litre system with me. I designed ...14/12/09
78syncrossus berdmorei :syncrossus berdmorei really gorgeous fish extremely rare not suitible for community tank you may view this fish on ebay item no 26052117738710/12/09
79bow front fish tank :I am looking for a bow frot tank approx 350ltrs for around 250 pounds if any oe can help07/12/09
80Looking for piranhas :Looking for piranhas, 1-3 inch, approx 20-30 required for new tank.02/12/09
81Red sea xenia Northampton :I have several very good size frags of the very nice red sea pulsing xenia for sale from 5 to 10 these are very generous size frags & as s ...06/11/09
82pair of large red bellie pirahna :bout 7 inch long and 2 inch wide very healthy gud looking easy and cheap to keep,eat any raw meat.please phone or email for more detailed in ...27/10/09
833 Red Bellied Piranahs :3 Red Bellied Piranahs for sale, 12 months old.perfect condition. includes 150 litre tank and stand. built in light with filter, heater and ...25/10/09
84fluval 4 plus filter x2 :2 fluval 4 plus filters 30 i will post19/10/09
85YELLOW BELLIED REGAL TANG :My yellow bellied regal tang is 5 1/2 unches and in good condition - always eating and gets on with the other fish in the tank. I am look ...17/10/09
86FLUVAL 4 INTERNAL FILTER BARGAIN :i have 2 fluval 4 internal filters for sale 20 each or both for 3515/10/09
87paratilapia polleni :i have a paratilapia and i have no more room in my tank for him he is a nice fish but he as got to big for my tank he is about 5 years old i ...12/10/09
886ftx2ftx2ft compleat aquarium BARGAIN 170 ono :here is my setup for sale it has 2 fluval 4 internal filters,heater,light unit and bulb the set up is about a year old and in good condition ...11/10/09
896ftx2ftx2ft compleat aquarium BARGAIN 170 ono :here is my set up for sale due to moving out it has 2 fluval 4 internal filters,heater,light unit and bulb and an aggressive red devil.it is ...11/10/09
90tank and marine equipment :4x18x18 tank on black cabinet one door needs reattaching. back of tank painted black. fluval 305 and 104 filters. brand new and unused red s ...06/10/09
916ftx2ftx2ft :1yr old complete with two fluval four internal filters and 300 watt heater home made hood,on home made stand. Has one caribe piranha and one ...03/10/09
92WANTED Gold/Red Spotted Severums. Pair/Trio Northamptonshire :As per the title, we are looking for Gold / Red Spotted Severums. Trio prefered or pair. Drop an email, cash waiting. Thanks24/09/09
93BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE 6FT AQUARIUM 72x36x20 :HI!!! I am selling this amazing 6x3x1.7 tank! It is special due to its 36inch high glass. This is rare as you normally come across 24inc ...22/09/09
94wanted small anemone :require a small anemone for nano reef, plus small fish such as fire fish, damsels and gobies!! in norhamptonshire/warwickshire, will travel ...19/09/09
95looking for interpet river reef :hi i am looking for an interpet river reef tank either the 48l or the 94l!! anyone selling one near daventry, northants please contact carl ...19/09/09
96bow fronted fish tank with lots extras :Bow Fronted Fish tank (350L) on stand, comes with light tubes & external double choke, 300 Watt heater, Eheim external filter, hood, 2 x ...18/09/09
97Hagen GLO 52 W starter unit and 2 x 28W T5 lamps :Hagen Glo 52W starter unit and 2 28W marine T5 Lamps Used for approx 2 weeks then removed. As new, includes fixtures & screws for ...18/09/09
98juwel 190l :i have a juwel 190 litre corner tank with pine finish cabinet for sale it comes with external filter,lights,spare lamps,heater,oxygen stone, ...18/09/09
99Wanted 3 to 4 ft tank set up with stand (Northants) :Looking for a 3 to 4ft tank with black or silver stand/cabinet can collect16/09/09
100Rena Aqualife 300 Corner - 500 ono :A Rena Aqualife 300 Corner in excellent condition complete with: 1 Rena external filter, 1 filter mass, 1 Rena Smartheater 300w heating syst ...13/09/09
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