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1Arowanas :£2100 for a group of 4 Asian arowanas. If sold separately each fish is priced below. Recently had another baby and need to convert the ro ...21/08/17
2Stingray :I have a male Mantilla Stingray for sale. He is approx 13 inches across his disc and fully rolled. He feeds well on prawn and mussel and ...21/08/17
3Evolution Aqua 1500s Set up :So unfortunately due to having to downsize my much loved tank is having to go up for sale. There will be no corals or livestock with it! ...21/08/17
410kg OF VERY GOOD QUALITY LIVE ROCK :Still in the tank, taken out briefly to photograph, No nuisance algae, priced lower than some of the rubbish you see on here. No offers £5021/08/17
5deltec apf800 skimmer reduced price :rated 1000litre tank impellor was changed 2 months ago at cost of 70 iam asking £14020/08/17
6Stendker young breeding pair. :Got one young breeding pair of stendker discus. Female is Alenquer 12-13 cm Male is Pigeon blood 12-13 cm Theyre kept in the community ...20/08/17
7Stendker discus for sale 11-15cm :Hello. Got 7 stendker discus for sale as i'm downsizing my tanks. Theyre kept in RO/tap water mix. GH 8, KH 5. 3 diamond blue 10-11cm. 1 ...19/08/17
848 x 30 x 24 marine tank complete set up for sale. Offers invited, :around about 40 kilos of absolutely pest free live rock. another 50 + kilos of bleached and dry dead live rock. Gauging interest in a c ...19/08/17
9Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC+ 5kg tub -NEW :A brand new unopened 5kg tub of Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC+ powder. Due to leaving the hobby I have this new tub available. Collect ...19/08/17
10Maxspect Razor Led 160w 16,000k with wireless controller (Bluefish) :Excellent condition Maxspect Razor light with 120 degree lenses and Bluefish wireless upgrades. Comes with original box, lenses and cont ...19/08/17
11juwel 190 trigon .190 litres corner tank with ocean free hydra 40 filter :juwel trigon 190 corner tank in beech ,comes with a ocean free hydra 40 filter worth £75, lights and airpump ,sand , rocks and wood . no ...18/08/17
12Bogwood :Unique piece of bogwood for sale. width - 39" height - 15" £35 - no offers please Collection only18/08/17
142000 to clear 10 Bays of John Alan Tank Shop Racking 2000 to clear :£2000 to clear !!!!!the lot!!!!!! Hi All I Have 10 bays of John Alan tank racks I have decided to sell, I have never really used them ...18/08/17
15Malawis, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids :The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available £16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 13:00 pm For Scotland please enqui ...17/08/17
16Various Tropical Fish for sale :The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available £16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire ...17/08/17
17Wild Caught South American Fish, Plecos, Corydoras etc :The Fish Barn Aquatic Store NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13:00pm For Scotland please ...17/08/17
18Corals, Marine fish, in Aquaone 275 complete setup :aquaone 275 full marine setup comes with everything in tank led lighting / auto toupup/ all corals and fish live rock £30017/08/17
19Free Fish Wanted , Mid Sussex Area :We currently have a 5 acre lake that need fish, so if you would like your fish to go to a fantastic new home, give us a call. We can collect ...16/08/17
20Large Marine Aquarium & Livestock :Hi, Due to work commitmentís Iím reluctantly selling my marine aquarium and livestock. The tank has been established for nearly five years ...16/08/17
22co2 bottles :got 3 full co2 fire exstingishers £30 the 3...15/08/17
23Pair of Adult Crossback Arowana :I have for sale a true pair of Crossback Arowana they are from a pond in Singapore & have bred many times in Asia. They are both Crossbac ...07/08/17
24For sale. 7 inch Synodontis Eupterus. (Featherfin Synodontis, Featherfin Squeake ... :7 inch Synodontis Eupterus. (Featherfin Synodontis, Featherfin Squeaker). These bottoms dwelling Synodontis catfish like lots of rocks an ...06/08/17
25P12 BIG SPOT AND KING HENLEI plus potamotrygon sp :Closing down tank and selling my beloved Henlei breeding pairs plus large oddball fish. 1.1 UKCB pure big spot Potamotrygon henlei (bre ...06/08/17
2672x21x24 tank :72x21x24 tank and 60x16x16 sump drilled with corner weir watertight few scratches from cleaning comes with timber stand been in my fish hous ...03/08/17
27Jaguar cichlids breeding pair :Got this breeding pair of young jaguar cichlids for sale. Male is about 7-8" long and female about 6-7" long. Asking £50 ono. ...02/08/17
28Wild clowns and BT anemone :Pair of wild clowns with Bubble tip anemone Large anemone about 5-6 inches at least when fully out It's split several times as well T ...31/07/17
29Midas Cichlids for sale :Midas Cichlid juveniles (Amphilophus citrinellus) These were breed in my own tank and are now between 5cm long. The Midas Cichlid is ...30/07/17
30EHEIM UV aquarium :UV. EHEIM complete with pump Used for 9 months part of tank breakdown Works very well. Bargain at 25.030/07/17
31Pellet reactor and pump :TMC pellet reactor with pump Great at reducing nitrate and phosphate Only been used for 4 months Bargain at 50.0 Comes with spare pellet ...30/07/17
32LARGE DORADO PLUS REDHOOK DOLLERS AND FLAGTAIL :Shutting down my tank I have for sale 4 large Dorado for sale (salminus franciscanus) they range in size from 12-15". They curently live ...29/07/17
33FIberglass Koi/Goldfish holding vat / pond liner - £35.00 :Hi , Ive had this for the past year or so while I sorted out my new pond. It kept my livestock very successfully. It will support itself w ...28/07/17
34EA reef pro 900 marine tank and set up :Reef pro 900 210 litre tank 70 litre sump Light blue cabinet In excellent condition 18 months old Great marine set up which has been ...27/07/17
35Vieja zonata :Selling my Vieja zonata. Is too agressive for my tank £2026/07/17
36geophagus brasiliensis for sale smaller variety, pearl Cichlid :I have a breeding pair that have spawned 3 times in 6 months, I am looking for outlets/shops that would buy in bulk. would be cheap prices a ...25/07/17
37Custom made tank and solid oak cabinet :Solid oak cabinet Sump tank Complete set up, heater, pump, air pump, u.v light, bog wood, silk plants, sump tank filtration. Tank is 43. ...24/07/17
38Aqua one 275 set up :Complete aqua one 275 aquarium in white. Upgraded protein skimmer to deltec sc1351. Plus original skimmer Upgraded lighting to v2ilumen a ...24/07/17
39Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral :Leather coral @ £25 I have for sale this amazing soft coral - pickup only from Brighton. The frag (junior) comes from a 17" by 13" host m ...23/07/17
40Cloverleaf cl3 pond filtef :Cl3 pond filtercomes with brushes,jap mat,sponges and alpha grog £280.22/07/17
41Fish for sale :Home bred fish for sale Sm Albino Bn plecs £1.50 sm Bn Plecs £1.50 Daisey's rice fish £1.00 Red Salmon Rainbows £2.00 Cherry Barbs 0.75 ...22/07/17
4210x yellow labs £25 malawi cichlids mbuna tropical fish juveniles fry :Hi For sale: I have around 30x yellow lab fry at 3-5 months old around 1.5-2.5cm £4 each 10 for £25 Also 25x fry 3 weeks old (1cm) ...21/07/17
436x SP44 juvs £15 young fish cichlid lake Victoria Haplochromis red tail haps juv ... :Hi For sale: I have 6x SP44 juveniles 3-4cm, 7 months old: £4 each £18 for 6 Also approx 15 juv's for £30 £3 each They are 1.5cm ...21/07/17
44Custom Marine Aquarium - 72 x 30 x 24 :***UPDATE*** Apologies to any who has tried contacting me. The number supplied is an old work number, I must have missed that. It's now u ...18/07/17
45Looking for Krobia Xinguensis :Looking for a pair of Krobia Xinguensis.17/07/17
46Interpret River Reef Marine tank for sale :Interpret River Reef L E D 94 litres Corals, critters and fish Open to offers16/07/17
47Live Corals, critters and fish in Marine tank :Live Corals, critters and fish Interpret River Reef L E D 94 litres Open to offers16/07/17
48Trophies Illangi :Breeding group of illangi, 34 fish in total, mixture of adults and juveniles, all healthy and feeding well. Looking for £450. For any more ...16/07/17
49Waveline DC Pump - 4000 :Two available. Operates at 4000 litres per hour at full capacity but can be turned down. Also has a 30 minute feed mode which stop t ...15/07/17
50TMC V2 Illumenair 900 :2 Units available. Price is for 1. Both purchased new two years ago at £400. Both look and work great. One unit has a minor fault in ...15/07/17
51For sale :goldfish kept in excellent conditions. Few different colours. Sizes 3"-6" app collection only Any size £2.50each except white they ...14/07/17
52Frontosa for sale :Hello, I have eight lovely tank bread frontosa for sale. Growing fast, now about 5cm13/07/17
53Visit The Fish Barn at www.thefishbarn.co.uk :Visit www.thefishbarn.co.uk to find out more about us at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £16.00 Guarant ...12/07/17
54Koi and carp :2 lovely ghosties 1 14" to 16" gold 1 silver about 10" 1 orange and black fantail koi 8 " 2 lovely commons 10" to 12" and one gorgeou ...12/07/17
55Fluval Roma 240 Tank and Cabinet £125.00 :Well used and is currently set up and running. A few minor scratches as would be expected, but is fully watertight. For sale is the tank, ca ...09/07/17
56Fluval Roma 240 Tank and Cabinet :Well used and is currently set up and running. A few minor scratches as would be expected, but is fully watertight. For sale is the tank, ca ...09/07/17
57Bow fronted fish tank :Juwel Triton 360 Bow Fronted Aquarium and Cabinet in Light Oak. Comes complete with new filter sponges pump and 300 watt heater and lights. ...06/07/17
58Pictus Catfish, Large clown loaches Severums and more.. :Due to house downsize I am having to part with my beautiful tank. For sale I have 3 Pictus catfish approx 6" £15 each Breeding pair o ...03/07/17
59Bubble Magus A8 Skimmer :Purchased new 4 months ago for £230. Rated for tanks up to 900L. Works amazingly well - any questions just ask02/07/17
60Live Rock :Roughly 60kg available. £5 per kg.02/07/17
615 x 25L Water Containers :£5 each. Collection from Bognor Regis.02/07/17
62Salted RO water :Is there anyone who delivers salted RO water to East Sussex?02/07/17
63Sciaenochromis Fryeri adult males and adult Bristlenose plecs Price reduced :Few Fryeri adult males full grown. Parents from Mike s Rifts so top quality. Thinning out as their appetite for territory grows. Best you wi ...01/07/17
64For sale sps and lps corals :I've got a nice selection of coral frags for sale . Blue montipora digitala £15 Euphylia £ 20 (2 head) sold On one rock 3x blue stylopho ...27/06/17
65F1 Metriaclima zebra gold kawanga juveniles 1-1.5 inches :10 available £5 each27/06/17
66F1 Tropheops sp. gome yellow juveniles :1-1.5 inches , 10 available , £5 each.27/06/17
677 x Synodontis multipunctatus and 1 x synodontis petricola 3-4 inches :£40 for the whole group , lovely shoaling catfish27/06/17
68Marine shut down :Live rock £4 a kilo Live rock covered in blue mushrooms £8 a kilo Pair of mature clowns £40 ono Frogspawn coral and blue mushrooms £30 B ...26/06/17
69Various Zoa Frags for sale BRIGHTON :Updated list of zoa frags still available. Collection BRIGHTON Candy Apple Red 2 heads. £20 Utter Chaos 1head +pu ...23/06/17
70Melanochromis Auratus - Ps Demasoni- Malawi Cichlid- Hove, E.Sussex :5-6cms Golden Cichlids, black, white yellow stripes. Like water PH 7.8 or so, pretty hardy mind 4 for £10, collection Chris 07850 840581 ...21/06/17
71Equipment for sale :Oase large pump MultiCyclone12 water purifier with UV light system EVO55 Lacron Waterco Pondmaster BioMec filter 16", 40 litre, to suit ...20/06/17
72Fish House Racking / Systems :5 x ex shop systems being sold due to re-fit. Ideal for a fish house. Complete with lighting, sumps, heating etc. Large sections of ...19/06/17
73Aqua One 400 - Black + liverock :I am selling my Aqua One 400 Marine tank. Complete with Tank Cabinet Sump Skimmer Reactor and media Return pump Auto top up Range ...18/06/17
74Large custom made aquarium with sump :Beautiful custom made aquarium with cabinet, metal frame and sump. Around 1 year old. Claded with black glass panels for durability and eas ...17/06/17
76Vector uv25 uv25 sterilizer :Vector uv25 uv25 sterilizer£20 newhaven east Sussex 0786404804715/06/17
77Phosban 150 reactor :Phosban 150 reactor good order missing one bend if i can find it will add and take another pic £20 ono newhaven east sussex 0786404804715/06/17
78Kent marine reactor :Kent marine reactorin good order ideal phosphate or bio pearls £20 ono newhaven east Sussex 0786404804715/06/17
79Southdown aquatics ( Aquarium hoods) :Southdown Aquatics Building Vivariums and aquarium products for over 8years under the Southdown name manufacturing to suit all types o ...15/06/17
80Southdown Aquatics, Bcuk frozen foods BULK FROM £37.50 inc postage :Stockist for BCUK products Now with a full range of rodent products. Postage discounts below Stocking Blister packs in Bloodworm ...15/06/17
812ft x 2ft REPTILE VIVARIUMS :2ft x 2ft REPTILE VIVARIUMS Southdown Aquatics Building Vivariums and aquarium products for over 8years under the Southdown name ma ...15/06/17
82American Cichlids at The Fish Barn :We have a range of Central American and South American Cichlids in stock at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAI ...15/06/17
83full marine setup £600 ono :im selling my full marine setup the whole lot needs to go. It is a well established aquareef 275 cube tank that has been setup for about 4 y ...14/06/17
84Aquareef 275 cube tank full marine setup £600 ono :Well established Aquareef 275 cube tank that has been setup for about 4 years. Selling my full marine setup the whole lot needs to go. it ...14/06/17
85Rena 6 6 2m 700litre fish tank in beech inc filters heaters and equipment :NB discus already sold, this is for tank and equipment only £350 Rena 6'6 tank 700l and stand, drilled at top for overflow £100 each Flu ...14/06/17
86Aquarium hoods (from £21.50 ) :Aquarium hoods All size available and manurfactured in high quality 18mm boards. Oak finish Maple finish 36" x 12" £21.50 ...11/06/17
87SOUTHDOWN AQUATICS, Aquarium hoods and vivarium manufacturer :Southdown Aquatics Building Vivariums for over 8years under the Southdown name manufacturing to suit all types of reptile and exotic an ...11/06/17
88Aquarium hoods :Southdown Aquatics Building Vivariums and aquarium products for over 8years under the Southdown name manufacturing to suit all types o ...11/06/17
90Pair of Super High Back Red Tail Golden Arowana :Hi I have a stunning pair of Super High Back Red Tail Golden Arowana. They are around 7" in size , they have been together since Novemb ...11/06/17
91VIVARIUM AND AQUARIUM HOOD BUILDS :Southdown Aquatics Building Vivariums for over 8years under the Southdown name manufacturing to suit all types of reptile and exotic an ...07/06/17
92Aqua medic inline reactor :Aqua medic inline reactorgood order ideal for carbon £20 ono newhaven east Sussex 0786404804703/06/17
93Coral table :Coral table with stand and sump £50 or swap for marine equipment or fish 48x24x14 07864047048 Newhaven East Sussex SOLD03/06/17
94Shop display system :Shop display system for sale comes with pipework good order approx size of tanks 46 inches by 16 inches by 14 inches high £100 ono newhaven ...03/06/17
95Deltec mce600 external protein Skimmer :Deltec mce600 external protein Skimmer in working order has slight crack at top of collection cup but this does not affect usage.Best extern ...03/06/17
96P14 pure black stingray SOLD PENDING COLLECTION :Possibly for sale baby female pure p14 Pup approx 5-6" Parents can be seen in main profile pic Only selling her as I think the mum i ...31/05/17
97Two large tanks for sale Sussex :- 2 aquariums: 24' x 24' x 66' or 60cm x 60cm x 167.6xm Both drilled with black background painted. Double bottoms so very strong. Strain ...29/05/17
98arcadia t5 plant pro 39w new and unused :arcadia t5 plant pro 39w new and unused £2 each 4 for £5 got a few deal for lot newhaven east sussex 0786404704829/05/17
99Tmc v1500 fluidized reactor :Tmc v1500 fluidized reactor £t20 leak free Newhaven East Sussex 0786404804729/05/17
100aquastar 28w marine t5 tube new and unused :aquastar 28w marine t5 tube new and unused got a few £2 each 4 for £5 or swap for fish or anything marine related newhaven east sussex 07864 ...29/05/17
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