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112"tilapia buttikoferi :for sale my 12"tilapia buttikoferi is a stunning fish needs to be housed with large fish in a large tank as he is still growing.45.00. ...06/08/10
212 inches tilapia buttikoferi :for sale my 12"tilapia buttikoferi is a stunning fish needs to be housed with large fish in a large tank as he is still growing.45.00. o.n ...06/08/10
3White Faced Malbour - 2.5 inch :Description: i am having to move some stock around and have two young discus surplus to requirement. Fish is in good health and eating b ...04/08/10
4Brilliant Turk 2.5 inches :i am having to move some stock around and have two young discus surplus to requirement. Fish is in good health and eating bloodworm, veiw ...04/08/10
5Male Geophagus Brasiliensis SALE :I am selling my male Geophagus Brasiliensis, he is fin perfect and can be viewd by apointment. pic enclosed is of actual fish. any que ...04/08/10
66/7 inch Ghost knife fish :i have a 6/7 inch Ghost knife fish that is surplus to requirement. Only want 7 for him plus another 10 to post. interessted? he is a to ...04/08/10
7tilapia buttikoferi :for sale my 12"tilapia buttikoferi is a stunning fish needs to be housed with large fish in a large tank as he is still growing.45.00. o.n ...03/08/10
8tilapia buttikoferi :for sale my 12"tilapia buttikoferi is a stunning fish needs to be housed with large fish in a large tank as he is still growing.45.00. o.n ...03/08/10
9marine equipment :aquamedic starlight twin 150w halide, bulbs 4 monthes old 50. TMC V2 protein skimmer with pump 50. 30 watt UV steriliser, bulb 2 monthes o ...03/08/10
10marine fish tank :sebray marine fishtank for sale. dimensions are 5ft (l) 30in (h) 24in (d) on a cherry veneered 3 door cabinet.drilled in both corner weirs w ...01/08/10
11Geophagus Brasiliensis Male :I am reluctantly selling me Geophagus Brasiliensis, he is a male and 7inches, a real prize fish, fin perfect! had him for 4 years but cha ...29/07/10
1214KG FIJI LIVE ROCK FOR SALE :Mature Fiji live rock for sale due to tank shut down. ONLY 70 pick up only. Postcode BN11 2DU26/07/10
13Breeding pair of Jack Dempsey :selling a proven pair of JD, bpoth around the 6inch mark and very calm fish, not aggresive at all. buyer collects from mine in Rustington ...23/07/10
14Red Sea Max :We have for sale a Red Sea Max 130D. Looking to sell the complete set-up to include approx 30kgs live rock, some corals, critters and two l ...22/07/10
15FREE GOLDFISH :Approx 100 goldfish tiddlers free to good home in East Sussex. I have a wildlife pond and don't want goldfish which have mysteriously appe ...18/07/10
16Velvet Nudibranch Sea Slug wanted :Does anyone have 2 Velvet Nudibranch's for sale please? Need some Flatworms munched up urgently!!! Thanks Darren16/07/10
17Contents of Pond for Sale (20-25 fish) :Contains:- Ghost Koi, White Argon, Hariake, Kincari, Grass Carp, Magoi and Rudd, Offers? 01323 89890012/07/10
18FREE BLACK MOOR GOLDFISH :Healthy Black Moor in need of a good home. Please message tank size and tank mates to: e-l-i-s-e@hotmail.co.uk11/07/10
192x Blue Snakeskin Discus :Reluctantly for sale is a pair of blue snakeskin discus, 1x4" 1x 2.5". Bought at my local Maidenhead Aquatics however I have take ...06/07/10
20tropical blood parrot fish 20 ono :hi for sale is my tropical blood parrot fish,i am seeling due to him being a bit to aggresive in my tank and have just brough a baby fire ee ...01/07/10
22wanted any fish tanks up to 6ft :any fish tanks up to 6ft cheap as poss as my fish have cost me a fortune already especially my mbu puffer many thanks mel26/06/10
23FOR SALE - Female Clarius walking catfish :I am sellng my 12 inch walking catfish due to changing my stocking. she is pure albino, no other blotches or marks, a real show fish. off ...24/06/10
24FOR SALE - Male Synspilum / Fenstratum cross :i am selling my Male Synspilum / Fenstratum cross. He is around 12 inches and a real character, offers welcome as are viewings, certain f ...24/06/10
25FOR SALE - Male Flowerhorn Red Pearl :i am selling my male red pearl as changing the stocking of myb tank, he is about 4 inches and growing/feeding well. welcome to come view ...24/06/10
27Male Flowerhorn red pearl :I am selling my Male Flowerhorn red pearl Bought from LFS for 25 when he was only 2.5 inches, now best part of 4 inches and realy starti ...21/06/10
28Blackbelt Cichlid :I am selling my Blackbelt Cichlid not sure if it is a male or female but it is a very healthy fish and in very good colouration, veiwings ...21/06/10
29Large Syspilum/Fenstatum cross :I am selling my Large Syspilum possible Fenstatum cross. when settled he shows a bright purple face unlike the rose colour of a typical syns ...21/06/10
30approx 100 unwanted goldfish to dispose of :I need to dispose of approx 100 goldfish from my garden pond. They are a mixture of comets, commons and shubunkins most about 5" long but so ...19/06/10
31300 LED T8 1200mm Fluorescent Tube :I am selling these T8 LED replacement tubes, they have 300 LEDS in them and are very bright, enough to illuminate any aquarium marine or fre ...18/06/10
32fish and tank for sale :5x2x2 foot tank for sale with marine sump plus heater,light unit 80 red spotted severum 5" 20 red neck severum 6" 25 re ...17/06/10
33300 LED T8 1200mm Fluorescent Tube :I am selling these T8 LED replacement tubes, they have 300 LEDS in them and are very bright, enough to illuminate any aquarium marine or fre ...16/06/10
345ft T8 fluorescent tubes :i have surplus to requirement two 5ft bulbs, only used for 3 weeks, crossing over to LED technology so looking for a quick sale, collection ...15/06/10
35Koi for free :Decommissioning a pond due to leak and seagull decimation. One koi (about 1ft long) needs good home (possibly another but not sure if surviv ...14/06/10
36Selling all my South and Central American Cichlids :Hi there, i have decided to cross over to an African Tank so now have lots of cichlids for sale! Please call or text with offers.... M ...14/06/10
37Small Fish Tank for Sale :Juwel Aquarium Rekord 60 60 x 30 x 38 (h) Black lid (Gebrauchsanweisung Monolux with light) No pump or filter 30 ono Shoreham area ...14/06/10
38Guaramis for sale/trade-open to offers :1 medium sized Opaline Gurami & 3 small Red Indian Guaramis for sale/trade, open to any reasonable offers,13/06/10
39White/Coral :I have decided to go from S and C american cichlids over to africans so would like to get hold of a bulk lot of white or coral sand if y ...08/06/10
40MATURED MARINE LIVE ROCK :Mature marine live rock for sale. Various quantities available. 9 a kilo. Discounts available on larger quantities. Collection or delivery. ...06/06/10
41Pond Clearance Sussex/ Surrey border :I have recently emptied a natural pond and have a large number of koi which need a new home. Sizes range from 3 inches to 24 inches. Need to ...03/06/10
42Synodontis Species/CATFISH :2 x Syno Notatus 5"-8" 1 x Syno Eupterus 5" 2 x Syno Sp(Nigrita?) 1 x Mystus Sp LAST CHANCE: MUST GO THIS WEEKEND,buy the lot for 4 ...02/06/10
433 tropical systems for sale :Due to family and work commitments, I am closing down my tropical tanks. These systems have been running for some 9 years. I can rehome ...02/06/10
44WILDS (Blue faced heckles) :Hi i have 6 blue face heckles. All between 4.5 to 6" body size I am happy to split as there are no solid pair although there are a go ...31/05/10
45Adult Blue Ram needs a partner :I have a strong young adult male Ram that needs a female.. if you have one please get in touch.. or if you desire the male in your set up.. ...27/05/10
46Leopoldi Stingray :10 inches disc Leopoldi stingray ready to go for a good price. I will ship to any location. email for details.26/05/10
47Various Koi For Sale :1 X 14" Shusui 40 + 2 14" Chagoi 50 each plus other fish like Golden Tench, Green Tench, Common Carp,Golgen Carp,Golden Rudd plu ...18/05/10
48Aqua medic ocean runner ph 2500 with needle wheel impeler and silencer :Aqua medic ocean runner ph 2500(skimmer pump) with needle wheel impeler and silencer for sale its in great condition and only 8 months old j ...17/05/10
49Juwel Rio 125 Aquarium in perfect condition - West Sussex :Juwel 125 fish tank and cabinet 80cm x 50cm x 35cm mint condition with t5 lighting unit, built in filter heater,bubble pump.comes with gra ...14/05/10
50rena xp3 external filter :i have for sale a rena xp 3 external filter in good condition and workin fine collection only 30.00 ono west sussex call 0190373323614/05/10
51lighting unit :15w ballast lightin unit with 24" lamp works fine collection only WEST SUSSEX 6.00 0190373323614/05/10
531 x 22 " Shagoi 3 x 19" Koi for sale :Due to pond being too small I am having to sell the above koi, all must go together. Sensible offers. Telephone 07710 783777. Bexhill on s ...14/05/10
54POND BUILDING & CLEANING, we will beat ANY genuine quotation from simplypond ... :We offer a complete service to cater for all your Pond & Aquarium needs. Our vast range of services include pond construction, pond/ ...12/05/10
55Tunze 9410 Skimmer for sale :Hi - I have a Tunze 9410 skimmer for sale - in pristine condition as I only had it in my tank for 3 weeks. Super little skimmer but surplus ...09/05/10
56Looking for Flowerhorn :Hi, i am lookng to pick up some more FH's to add to my collection of only two, one male pearly 3'' and one female pearly 7'', male or female ...05/05/10
57Wanted malaysian trumpet snails :Can anyone donate some unwanted malaysian trumpet snails?03/05/10
58aqua medic percula 120 4x2x2 tank and stand :as above for sale comes with skimmer new 300w heater a rio 2100 return pump and a seio powerhead only 120 if it goes asap !!! also have a f ...03/05/10
59HMPK Bettas for sale :I have some HMPK for sale on my ebay account. They are from Thailand Show Lines. I will post more in the next days.02/05/10
60Live food fruit flies 3.85 FREE DELIVERY :All items are FREE, FIRST CLASS DELIVERY and posted next business day ----- Fruit flies and bean weevils 3.85 ----- Drosophila melanoga ...01/05/10
6115 Aquarium Fish Tank with filter, gravel and ornaments :Hi, this is a 5 gallon (22litre) plastic fish tank with a very quiet Elite Stingray 5 filter, gravel and 2 ornaments. The tank is easy to tr ...30/04/10
62Selling some Cichlids :I am selling the following fish due to getting pushed about by my new FH, i know at least a couple of these are worth a decent price, to be ...27/04/10
63JBL Aquatic Gardening Tools in Sussex :Straight Tweasers, Curved Tweasers, Scissors, Rake, All 12 inch and in good condition. 15.26/04/10
64CO2 JBL Twingauge Regulator and Solenoid in Sussex :JBL Twingauge Regulator and Solenoid Only run for 4 weeks, perfect condition. Also included 2 glass spiral defusers and aquarium gardeni ...26/04/10
65Following for sale or swap for male FH :Hi, i am selling a few of my fish due to recently obtaining a large FH female and want to pair her up with an equallt large male, the follow ...26/04/10
66Seahorses :Wanted 2 Hippocampus reidi male seahorses. I am in se england. Roy Lee 0142475676524/04/10
6714inch L25 Scarlet Pleco 4 sale. SOLD AWAITING COLLECTION :SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a large L25 Scarlet pleco around 14 inches in length. I have had this pleco for just under 10 years. S/he feeds well ...23/04/10
68Four Turtles free to good home :Missisippi map, 2 yellow bellied turtles and a red eared slider free to good home.17/04/10
69koi for sale :i have 17 big koi for sale and 2 pumps 2-4 bay filters and 2 150 uv call on 01424 871135 bob08/04/10
70red sea max 130 :Red sea max tank for sale New hood and lights as supplied by interpet Comes with black cabinet Few scratches on inside of glass All el ...03/04/10
71Juwel Vison 180 + Filters + Equipment + Fish For Sale :Juwel Vision 180 with stand in good condition. Includes built in Juwel filter plus external Tetra cannister filter. Lid, flaps, lights, air ...28/03/10
72sailfin tang yellowtail purple tang emporer tang :hi i am after a new home for my sailfin tang he is in good condition nice and fat with strong colours .he is geting to big for my small tan ...27/03/10
73for sale :beautiful blue zebras for sale varying sizes27/03/10
74Aqua one Aquis 2250 UV-C :approx one year old and has been running in a marine tank. selling due to down sizing of tank 150:0022/03/10
75Acadia over tank light :T5 Over-Tank Luminaire from Arcadia, the OT2 is only 40mm high and designed to be either mounted to the aquarium or suspended above it 2 x ...22/03/10
765ft Tank with stand and hood :5x2x2 tank with rounded corners stand and hood wier/overflow with pipe work and sump I have been running as a marine tank for the past tw ...22/03/10
77Arcadia twin 150 watt halide pendant light :the light is in very good condition and comes with 2 analog timers with 2 override switches and have 2 blue fluorescent lights. I changed t ...22/03/10
78plaese does anyone have any tropical fish they need to rehome around brighton ar ... :i can re home any tropical fish. i have a 3ft community tank various fish and i have just purchased a 4ft tank which i need to get fish into ...21/03/10
793 foot full marine set up 250.00 :full set up including 3 foot tank and cabinet approx 1 year old rock skimmer external pump some salt minerals and ph buffer food flak ...20/03/10
80CHEAP 3ft x 1 1/2 ft marine tank with weir and sump + old fliter media :I have a large marine tank with a weir and sump for sale. the tanks has no stand or lid. this is jus for the tank, sump and media. 100 or b ...18/03/10
814 ft Fish Tank & Stand. Going Dead Cheap :I have a 4ft by 1 ft tank and stand. the stand need a bit of tlc and tank needs a clean. call me (george) for pics 07983617235. 100 or best ...18/03/10
82Small bow fronted fish tank :ft by ft cube ish, with hod and build in light & filter only used for 1 week so pretty much new and in very good condtion 30 call 07890 ...06/03/10
83Fish tank 4 sale :Glo light fish tank 2 x 1.5 foot ish with black hood and Glo light fitted no filter or stand tho, but very good condtion 40 ono call 0789 ...06/03/10
84Juwel Rio 180 Fish Tank for Sale 100 ono :180L aquarium. Beech effect stand and trim. Tank and stand in top condition. T5 light fitting and lamps included (very good for growing plan ...01/03/10
85240L Eheim Maple Effect Tank and Stand 115 ono :Tropical lamps installed. No filter included. Gravel free if wanted. Lovely tank. Very heavy, will need two strong people to collect. Call/t ...01/03/10
86Juwel Rio 125 Fish Tank for Sale 75 ono :125L aquarium. Beech effect stand and trim. Tank and stand in top condition. Lighting ballast in working order, but needs new lamps (these c ...01/03/10
87large common plec :hi i@m looking to re-home my large common plec she's about 14 inches total length, i'm completly open to sensible offers price wise or poss ...24/02/10
88Hagen Fluval Light-Glo 1200 Aquarium / Fish Tank 80 ONO :I have for sale my 1200 (4 Foot) Light-Glo aquarium which holds around 180 litres.I have recently changed to a corner aquarium which has rep ...23/02/10
89Aqua One-AquaStart 320 Aquarium / Fish Tank with equipment 55 ONO :I have for sale this small starter aquarium which is used but in good condition. This tank is around 1 year old. Included is: AquaStart ...23/02/10
90Very cheap Aqua-one 55 cube tank- plus the puffers if wanted. :I am advertising my brand new condition (one year old) Aqu-one cube tank. Its 55cm x 55cm x 55cm. 165litre tank. It comes with complete r ...21/02/10
91black mollies and silver shark :i got for sale black mollies which are 4 weeks old and silver shark 18 month old and about 20cm long.all my fishes are healthy mollies 1 po ...20/02/10
92for sale :34" tyre track eel 150.00 15" red head cichlid 15.00 tel 07930144826 .buyer need to bring large poly box for eel20/02/10
93Healthy Angels for sale in Crawley. 1 month old good size 1.50 pound each. :Angels bred in the community tank and survivors are up for sale now.. really nice looking healthy fish.. koi and marbled.. 1.50 pound each ...18/02/10
94Is anyone interested in getting Ro water IN CRAWLEY ? 2 pounds per 25L donations ... :I just forked out on a really expensive Ro unit and would like to offer Ro water for donations towards the cost of equipment. Anyone inte ...18/02/10
95Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus Fry :I have about 25-30 Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus that will be ready for collection after the end of february or earlier if they are in a tank on t ...15/02/10
96Bcuk frozen foods :Description: We offer a large range of BCUK frozen food products Blister from 1.48 Bulk slabs 500g 6.95 Bulk 1kg 11.6507/02/10
97aqua one aqua reef 200 :hi im very reluctantly selling my aqua one aqua reef due to a change in circumstances. it is in very good condition hardly a mark on it in ...06/02/10
98guppies :baby guppies one week old today and need to know if anyone wants some as i have 2ft tank and looks like at least 40 or 50 of these if you mi ...06/02/10
99Arcadia Series 4 Slimline Pendant (Marine) :This is an Arcadia Series 4 Slimline Pendant light with 1x150w Metal Halide Lamp and 2x24w T5 Actinic Tubes. Each lighting system is control ...04/02/10
100Jewel Rio 180 :I am reluctantly selling my Jewel Rio 180 tank complete with around 20 fish. The tank includes the filter, lighting, air pump, bogwood, grav ...03/02/10
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