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12 Sturgeons for sale :Two large sturgeons for sale. Over two feet long. The fish are healthy, but I will be moving house and want to make sure these wonderful ...07/04/13
2Need large pacu gone ASAP (Cheap ) :Selling large pacu open to offers or swaps for small cichlids/community fish or bogwood. Can email pics! Thanks, Kai05/04/13
3Selling beautiful red tiger Oscar :Will accept 7 for the fish or swap for dwarf cichlids or other small community fish! Can email pics! Thanks Kai05/04/13
4Entire Labeotropheus Trewavasae collection for sale (Marmalade Cat variant) :Last chance to put an offer in for these beautiful Trewavasae. The tank must be emptied tomorrow. There are approx 10 adults which were or ...05/04/13
5Buying dwarf cichlids and community fish :Need dwarf cichlids, small community fish and small catfish04/04/13
6Selling Large Pacu and red tiger oscar :Need them both gone ASAP so can sell them cheap. Or will swap for bogwood, small community fishes, etc. Thanks, Kai04/04/13
7Aqua one lighting system :aqua one aquarium light, Aqua one aquarium light. 3 ft in length but with the adjustable legs will fit smaller tanks. Comes with pl 24w whit ...03/04/13
8REDUCED - Three large pieces of live rock :I have three large pieces of live rock for sale, fully matured and plenty of life. To be collected as soon as possible. The reason for sa ...02/04/13
9Selling Large pacu and oscar (Need gone ASAP) :Need them gone asap, so will swap them for either small tropical fish, discus, community fish, etc or offer on both fish. Can email pics, ...02/04/13
10Selling or swapping my large 15" Pacu :Selling a healthy large 15" red bellied pacu, feeds on vegtables, shrimps, bloodworms, pellets, algea wafers. Can email pics, consider ...02/04/13
11Fluval 105 external filter :fluval 105 external filter used with pipe work and media. About 1yrs use. 35 ono01/04/13
12Selling stunning convict x zonatum cichlid :I have one last convict x zonatum cichlid hybrid for 10, offers or swaps considered. Can send pics by email. Thanks, Kai01/04/13
13Buying catfish, barbs, Jewel cichlid other fishes- :Buying tropical fish sizes 5"+ Money waiting. Thanks, Kai01/04/13
14Buying external filters :Buying external filter for my 500ltr01/04/13
15Lps, and Sps , corals and frags :Hello, I have some LPS and Sps corals and frags, also some soft corals, FOR SALE , acans, maze, frogspawns, tourch corals, and a good select ...31/03/13
16marine fish tank :Betta 4 foot marine fish tank with stand and hood , sump and haligen lights , heater, the tank is empty and ready to go to its new home , lo ...31/03/13
17Selling lots of rock :Selling lava rock, ocean rock, which would be great for Malawis etc. Also selling 2 prices of slate. Can send pics. Swaps for tropical fish ...31/03/13
18breeding pair of plecs :breeding pair of bristlenose plecs for 20 or have there 70+ fry aswell for 40 all in. good money making pottential30/03/13
19fish tank for sale :hi im selling my very large fish tank its four foot long by two foot high by two foot wide it has cabinet sump filter lights if interested ...29/03/13
20WANTED ANGELFISH :Hiya, I'm looking for blue angelfish. Preferably adults/sub-adults though juvenile groups will be seriously considered. I have been looki ...26/03/13
21ShrimpBay Tropical shrimp pricelist Limited Time Offer :ShrimpBay is a new business specializing in the supply of tropical shrimp, snails and crabs. www.shrimpbay.co.uk will be launching on the 31 ...25/03/13
22Red cherry shrimp going cheap :Various auctions going cheap! Also buy it now available! See link below. Limited time offer on buy it now 50 for 39.99!!! Please also feel ...25/03/13
23Buying cheap external filters :I need external filters as mine are starting to leak25/03/13
24fish for sale :due to an expanding interest in discus i have the following for sale 4 lovely good sized angels feeding heavily on flake, pellet and me ...25/03/13
25Providing a home for most unwanted fish. :I have a large 550ltr aquarium an am willing to provide a home for any unwanted fish. YouTube video is of the fish in my tank being fed. ...24/03/13
26fish tank for :hi i have for sale a four foot fish tank can be used for marine or tropical if interested please contact on 07548875084 thanks sam24/03/13
27fish tank for swap :as above am looking to swap my four foot big tank and cabinet for something smaller if interested please let me know thanks sam24/03/13
28Siamese tiger fish :For sale siamese tiger fish in hove. about 3 inches, 2023/03/13
29Fishey Business - Portslade :Fishey Business Portslade, prides itself on being able to provide the aquarist with quality advice, at all levels of the hobby. Fishey B ...23/03/13
30Buying knife fish. :Paying or can consider swapping for any knife fish. Thanks, Kai21/03/13
31Koi for sale :7 large koi for sale 13-22 inch 3 large golden orfe for sale 1 golden tench for sale 1 fibreglass pond for sale Text for details/pictu ...20/03/13
32breaking down marine tank southwick last few bits be system gos :large yellow tang 35.00 small yellow tang 30.00 2x sand shift star fish 12.00 each 2x anemone crabs 10.00 each 3x med leathers (toodstoo ...19/03/13
33Looking for large amounts of tropical fish planting and bogwood. :Tropical freshwater plants and bogwood wanted, Thanks, Kai19/03/13
34Looking for large bogwood to swap for my rocks. :I have various lava rocks (large) and ocean rocks along with some others which look great in a cichlid or community setup. Will swap for bo ...19/03/13
35Looking for large cichlids. :Email me if you have any large cichlids for sale. Thanks, Kai19/03/13
36Booster pump 40 :For sale booster pump for reverse osmosis machine never used brand new all fittings included. Bought it as thought water pressure wasn't go ...18/03/13
37200 ltr corner bow fronted aquarium + equipment + live rock + fish 350 :200 Litre Seabray corner aquarium on matching cabinet stand. Bow fronted glass has a few scratches on it although they are hardly noticeable ...15/03/13
383 ft aquarium :bow front with beach cabinet 8015/03/13
39Swapping various large rocks for bogwood/drift wood. :I have various sized ocean rock, slate, large lava rocks etc and am willing to swap for bogwood or oscar fish. Thanks, Kai14/03/13
40Looking for oscar fish. :Looking for a large decently sized oscar for my 500 ltr tank. Cash waiting! Contact by email only please. Thanks, Kai14/03/13
41Ghost Carp and pond equipment for sale 200 the lot :I am selling a selection of mature Ghost Carp. One of them is approximately 40 years old, the others similar. Large fish. Approximately 6/7 ...14/03/13
42Pond for sale :Fibreglass pond for sale.kidney shape,12 ft long 8ft wide at widest point,2.5 ft deep.approx 550 gallons.quick sale required.reasonable offe ...13/03/13
43Selling/swapping various aquarum equipment :I have one large hallide light uit with both blue and white lighting. This unit fits onto my 500 ltr aquarium and is in good working conditi ...12/03/13
44aqua one 3ft fish tank :aqua one aquarium and stand in beech. Thats it plain and simple, no accessories, just tank and stand 10011/03/13
45Tropical Fish rehoming :Providing a home for any unwanted tropical fish. I have a large 600ltr tank that has oscars in it already so any large or semi-aggressive fi ...10/03/13
46Wanted: oddballs, catfish and various others :I'm looking for any oddballs. I'm interested in knife fish, catfish, giant gouramis, eels, snakeheads, etc. Willing to pay or swap. Emai ...07/03/13
47SENGAL AND SADDLED BICHIR :Sengal and Saddled bichir at 7-8 inchs 10 for the sengal and 20 for the saddled or 25 for both. 0771174658406/03/13
48JUWEL 180 fish tank with stand and all the equipment to set up and go :Juwel fish tank with stand only 2year old. The light starter pack packed up so had to get into the lid and fit new one (photos on request). ...06/03/13
49FRONTOSAS and many more tanganyikan :A group of 5 frontosa's for sale all between 3-5 inchs 60 the lot. Lemon cichlids x2 @ 2inchs,5 for both. Tropheus duboisi x1 @ 2inc ...06/03/13
50Regal Angel :After yellow bellied indo or red sea eating Angel, willing to travel.04/03/13
51Moorish Idol :After a established Morrish Idol, willing to take coral nippers, just needs to be eating well and fat :) Call me happy to pay top and t ...04/03/13
52Wanted various types of tropical fish, money waiting... :Buying silver dollars, oscars, catfish, pacu, piranhas, large cichlids, catfish, eels, snakeheads and other large fish. Also providing a ...03/03/13
53V2 uv steriliser wanted :Wanted v2 uv steriliser for Marine tank . Will pick up in Sussex or happy to pay postage via PayPal .txt me uv to 07871607914 and I will pho ...03/03/13
54Around 40 tropical fish to go open to offers :Hi I have around 40 to 50 tropical fish for sale there is 4 silver dollars, 5 corydorus, 2 large common plecs and 1 brown and black plec, al ...28/02/13
55Large clown loach group of 9 from 5 inches to around 11 inches open to offers :Hi as above I have a group of 9 very healthy and happy clown loaches the smallest is about 5inches long ranging up to the largest which is a ...27/02/13
56malawis wanted please :as per title malawis wanted please 0786404804726/02/13
57live stock for sale southwick :LIst of live stock left pair of common clowns 20.00 pair (orange) 1x med size bi colour angel 15.00 pair of yellow tail damsels for 6. ...26/02/13
59Buying large tropical fish and oddballs. :I am currently in need of some large tropical fish, preferably fish like red bellied piranhas, oscars, snakeheads, spotted gar, knife-fish a ...24/02/13
60REIDI giant brazilian seahorses :pair of giant reidi seahorses for sale, superb condition, male and female breeding about once a month, stunning size 8 inches plus, very rar ...18/02/13
61Siberian Sturgeons :2 x Siberian sturgeons. Both over 2 ft long (probably nearer 2ft 6). I am selling my house and new owner does not want pond. Selling ...16/02/13
62ocean rock and rocks + ceramic tubes + large bog wood :About 15 pieces of rock. Big and small and also ocean rock. Also 3 ceramic tubes for fish to hide in. You get more than whats in the picture ...16/02/13
63Vectron v2 600 uv steralizer only used for 6 weeks complete with pipework and pu ... :Vectron v2 600 uv steralizer complete with feed pump at the correct flow rate only used for 3 weeks while a bulb was on order for my d&d ...14/02/13
64co2 system for sale :I have a jbl 500g bottle (empty but I can get ot filled if needed) Regulator with solenoid and needle valve all in working order Im after ...13/02/13
65Rainbow snakehead (Channa bleheri) for sale :Beautiful snakehead for sale Great colouration and lots of personality eats fresh/frozen or live small fish and sinking pellet 4-5inches ...13/02/13
667 koi for sale :Range from 13-22 inch also 3 large golden orfe and two golden tench.can email pics if interested.west Sussex area text me on 0790202394013/02/13
67Wanted: Shoal of Neon or Cardinal Tetras, 20+ :Wanted a nice shoal of neon or cardinal tetras, will pay reasonably and collect near the worthing/brighton area, Thankyou Please text on 0 ...12/02/13
68Garra rufa fish :very healthy fish, Have about 80-100 that need to go to a good home, would accept reasonable offer05/02/13
69CO2 system for tropical fish :We are selling a used CO2 system. This includes; bubble counter, 1.5m hose connections, pin wheel adjuster, solenoid valve, controller with ...04/02/13
70TMC AQUABEAM 600 ULTIMA + 600 ULTRA AND MULTICONTROL 8 :Newly released Aqua beam 600 ulitma (un used) I x marine white 5 x reef white 130 pair with PSU Aquabeam 600 ultra ( between 3month ...03/02/13
71WANTED breeding pair of clowns percula or ocellaris sussex area :(designer clowns also considered for right money) just in the process of cycling a tank in preparation for a pair of clowns and my first ...29/01/13
72breeding severum wanted :i am looking for a pair of breeding severum preferably red spotted gold sevs but any considered in west Sussex call ross on 078245324 ...27/01/13
73coral sand and rock free :Just sold the contents of my tank but a fair bit of coral sand and some rocknrubble left think there sre a few detached mushroomsand a hermi ...26/01/13
74Marine lighting for sale :Giessmann teszla 66 watt LEDs in white x 2 purchased 30/10/12 cost 365 each asking 300 each or near offer Receipts and unregistered guara ...25/01/13
75parrot fish :orange parrot fish about 5 inches 1024/01/13
76rainbow cichlids :for sale proven breeding pair of rainbow cichlids , 1524/01/13
77marble angel fish :black and white angel fish for sale approx 2 inches 2 each24/01/13
79white biorb life 45L :arctic white biorb life 45L comes with white gloss stand and everything you need. immaculate condition24/01/13
80Fluval 240 tank and oak cabeint :I have a Fluval 240 tank and oak Cabeint for sell at 225 ono tank is only 10 months old. comes with Heater, 305 external filter(no Media)p ...23/01/13
81Turtle & tank free to collector. :I have terrapin type turtle & tank set up free to collector. Turtle is about 5 inches big!!!! Any questions please call 0773466785 ...22/01/13
82FO+Reef Fish for sale. :Queen Wrasse (Coris formosa)4inch+ 30 Passer/King Angelfish (Holacanthus passer) 5inch 130 Vlamingii Tang (Naso vlamingii)6inch+ 45 Sc ...19/01/13
83WANTED Piranha 7/8 inchs long :Hi Im after a Red Belly Piranha or a Black Rhom 7/8 inchs long. Im in east sussex Cheers19/01/13
84Wanted: dwarf corydoras/aspidoras in Cambridge/East Grinstead :I am after: C. hastatus C. pygmaeus C. habrosus Any Aspidoras sp. Within collecting distance of Cambridge OR East Grinstead. Ple ...15/01/13
85Free Free Free Free Free :A 2inch yellow tail damsel, goin to set up more of reef tank, so needs to be gone, never had sick fish so it's healthy& eats well, MSG ...14/01/13
86salvini cichlids :salvini cichlids for sale approx 1 inch 1 each .13/01/13
872 plecs :2 plecs needing new homes about 7 inches roughly each.10/01/13
88Wanted :Wanted 10" large tilapia butterkoffii. . Large male v.godmanii . Can home any large cichlids or catfish.09/01/13
90Lights :Giesemann teszla 66watt led lights x2 in white Purchased on 30/10/12 cost 365 each 300 each06/01/13
91Lighting :Maxspect razor 160watt 16000k Cost 399.95 Purchased on11/10/12 320 Maxspect razor 120watt 16000k Cost 365 Purchased on 06/10/12 ...06/01/13
92WANTED L270 female or group :L270 Chocolate Zebra Pleco female or group wanted. I have a proven male and he needs a new partner or group to form a breeding group. Cash ...05/01/13
93Toadstool Leather coral - Lovely home for clownfish 8 Inches wide :For collection only from Horsham - A lovely leather coral. Polyps extend to about an inch. Firmly attached to about 1/2 KG of Live rock. M ...05/01/13
94Marine equipment :Hydor 505 wave maker kit used for 2 days so like new condition 80 Ono. Was 149.99 new Aquamedic 120cm 4 x t5 lighting unit again us ...05/01/13
954ft Fish tank and stand 150 :Rena bow front Needs to go, call 07554 99287004/01/13
96wanted: Angelfish :Hello, I'm looking for a couple of angelfish to add to my tanks. I'm interested in red shoulder angelfish (eg manacapuru/tapajos) and also ...01/01/13
97Moray Eel :Zebra Moray Eel sadly having to sell as he is to big for my tank now and it's not fair on him looking for a good home with a nice big aquari ...31/12/12
98Crossback Golden arowana(Malaysian breed) :Healthy and cute Cross Back Golden arowana up for auction at 6-7''.cute pics for your viewing.mail back now at [email protected]08/12/12
99Fluval filter :Brand new still in the box Fluval u2 filter 110l for sale got with new tank but not needed as already got a external filter. 2007/12/12
100Fish tank :I have a 75 litre fish tank for sale (selling due to upgrade) - previously used as marine, with t5 lights and heater and the stand. The meas ...07/12/12
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