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1Buying Malawis and tanganyikans :Will pay for any Malawis and tanganyikans to add to my 600 ltr africain cichlid tank. I may swap. I can travel I'll if distance is resonable11/04/12
2Buying female alunacara (peacock cichlid) :Will pay as I am trying to breed alunacara and am thin on females. Don't hesitate to contact me. Can travel.11/04/12
3Deltec custom Aquarium, sump, hlp return pump. :Ive got a 63Wx31"Hx22-27"D ( bow front ) deltec tank. This was a display tank at one of my local fish shops. I bought it from them ...09/04/12
46x2x2 with aquarays and much more complete marine set-up :Aqua-one 1800R 6x2x2 600ltr aquarium in good condition no marks to the glass that stand out. lighting has been removed from hood but still ...09/04/12
5Picasso trigger :We have an 4inch Picasso Trigger for sale he loves to eat and And hide in live rock For sale 25 Hastings east Sussex 0779104803308/04/12
6Snowflake eel and a lunar wrasse :We have a snowflake eel for sale 25 very healthy over 1 foot long and also a lunar wrasse for 25 Hastings east Sussex 0779104803308/04/12
7Live rocks :14 plus kilo of live rock for sale the whole lot 60 Hastings east Sussex 0779104803308/04/12
8Oase Pondvac Classic for sale :I have an Oase Pondvac Classic for sale. Used once to clear silt from my garden fish pond. A great machine for doing this. Reason for sale i ...05/04/12
9red cheek tropheops :here i have baby red cheek tropheops, breed from my wild fish, dad and felmales can be seen, males staring to coulor up, 3.50 a fish any qu ...02/04/12
10Male RTM Motaguense for sale or swap :looking to swap for FH, Arowana, Pbass or texas, anything else considred please call or text with offers, collection from west sussex - w ...02/04/12
11Albino frogs x8 for sale :i have 8 albino fropgs for sale we have had then several years now and we have decided to move them on as we realy hav'nt the room 5 eac ...30/03/12
12WHITE CLOUD MOUNTAIN MINNOWS 50P EACH :White cloud mountain minnows.Hardy colourful fish,look good in a shoal. 50p each or 10 for 4. collection only30/03/12
13Jewel rio 400 with sump and 4.5ft glass tank with weir :I have a rio 400 with a custom weir with a 4ft sump finished in black. There is no hood as the tank was modified to take sliders and run a h ...27/03/12
144foot tank hull cupboard company :i selling a 4ft tropical fish tank, it measures 48x15x18 it comes on a well presented solid wooden stand with solid wooden lid (very heavy) ...26/03/12
15Selling Electric blue lobsters(Cray fish) 34 left :selling many electric blue lobsters for tropical freshwater environment will swap for malawis and tanganyicans. offers accepted. Might deliv ...21/03/12
162 pure japanease kois for sale :2 excellent pure japanease kois for sale cheap due to pond breakdown. now kois put in a temporary tank and need quick sale. will take offers ...21/03/12
174foot fish tank divived into 3 :i have 2 4foot fish tanks split into 3 i has a small crack on the bottom of the tank but easily fixable i would like 40quid for them ...17/03/12
18rocks and slate for malawi :having a clear out in my malawi setup and have some slate and rocks for sale will send pics once sorted from 1 to 5 no ocean rock !16/03/12
19Black tip reef shark :WANTED!!! two black tip reef sharks wanted for a 15ft tank. Will pay a good price.15/03/12
20Veija Argenta :I am selling my 5in thought to be male Veija Argenta, top quality fish but getting to much agro from my RTM pair that are pre-spwan. look ...15/03/12
21Malawi cichlids for sale :i have 8 malawi cichlids for sale 5 are yellow labs 1 is a red zebra 1 is a cobalt blue zebra and 1 i am not sure on the breed ...14/03/12
22lighting add on :Hello, I WANT to buy some lights to add to my Juwel Trigon 350 model! might need to lose top cover, I dont mind. as long as i boost wattage ...09/03/12
23Aqua Medic Percula 90 Aquarium + Sand, Rock etc - 300 ovno :Sad to see this go, but moving to a place that cannot house this gorgeous tank. Re-housed all livestock. Percula 90 in silver, 90x60x50cm ...05/03/12
24Various tanganyikans :i have the below list for sale due to moving, 1x Tropheus duboisi 4inch 1x frontosa 6inch (male) 1x julidochromis 1inch breeding pair n ...05/03/12
2548 inches X20 inches X24 inches Fish Tank,Cabinet and sump tank :A very nice and tidy fish tank. No scratches on a silver cabinet. Though the tank was used in a open top setup, there is a cover for it. ...03/03/12
26vectron uv2 600 uv sterilizer :Brand new sterilizer, opened but unused. Comes with light key. Brought this from maidenhead aquatics 6 weeks ago but have decided not to use ...01/03/12
27Ati power module :8x80w power module 12months running time, 15 months old Tubes 5 months old, 3blue, 3white, 2 purple, all at. 2brand new 8800k bulbs ...28/02/12
28Wanted - 4ft tank :Hi, I'm looking for an empty fish tank with the dimensions: length = 4ft (no longer) depth = 12-16 inches, height = 18-20 inches + Needs to ...27/02/12
29BM QQ Nano Skimmer :This has just arrived from HK but in the time it took to post ive bought a bigger tank - run for about an hour to test it Stats: Hang ne ...27/02/12
30Braceless acrylic tank (600mm x 600mm x 340mm tall) & cabinet & Skimmer :This is an acrylic tank, custom built to include a rear sump area. Overall size: 600mm x 600mm x 340mm tall. Panel thickness is 10mm. ...27/02/12
31Big bit of bog wood, rocks and substrate :I have a large piece of bog wood/ drift wood for sale, has a hole in for fish to swim through. I also have some white rocks and substrate fo ...26/02/12
32African cichlids free to good home(GONE PENDING COLLECTION) :I am shutting down my tanks and have some fish i need to find new homes, i estimate i have about 10-20 fish all around 2-3 inches these are ...23/02/12
33unwanted fish re-homed :just set up a 5/2/2 and its only contents are a 8 inch TSN, any cichlids or catfish over the 4inch mark that need movng on in sussex area i ...23/02/12
34Tropical Fish Extras, Must go :After selling my fish yesterday i now have some extras still to get rid of. I have had the following items for less than two months. I am se ...22/02/12
35WANTED any unwanted fish :will rehome any unwanted fish, will collect in east sussex22/02/12
36bunch lots koi thing :Heres a bunch of koi things it includes : Kockney Koi 500v fibreglass filter pump fed 3 Pumps, 1 big pump that does not work used for spar ...21/02/12
375ft fish tank 400 ono :good condition 5ft tank plus with 9inch black tiger oscar, 5inch cigar cichlid, green bottle puffer, 15inch plec plus a 8inch plec and a foo ...20/02/12
38Tropical Extras, Must go :After selling my fish yesterday i now have some extras still to get rid of. I have had the following items for less than two months. I am se ...20/02/12
39Selling Stunning Hybrids Cheap :Convict x Zonatums for sale, Cheap for clearance. Need all gone by next weekend, can send pics if needed. Or will swap. Don't hesitate to ...17/02/12
40Malawis and Tanganykans Wanted :Will buy or rehome any malawis and tanganykans in Sussex. Don't hesitate to contact me.17/02/12
41fluval fx5 80 :Full of new media and foam Collection from seaford 0787571725217/02/12
425 foot with fx5 150 TEXT ONLY :60x18x18 tank on stand with hood that needs fixing, easy fix, the fx5 has no outlet although has all pipes and is fully working I just didn' ...17/02/12
439ft aquarium :I have a 9ft by 2ft by 2ft aquarium complete with cabinet and 4ft sump. This aquarium comes complete with 2x pumps 2x fluval electronic LCD ...14/02/12
44Convict cichlids for sale :Baby convict cichlids for sale about 1 inch 1 each. Brighton. 07711746584. Many thanks.14/02/12
45Large fish tank wanted :Hi I have a large goldfish which is approx 30cm. I am looking for a large fish tank for him to swim around in. The tank that i already have ...13/02/12
46Juwel Lido 120 170 ono :Lido 120L aquarium and cabinet in dark wood. Included with new internal filter elements, new unused heater and lighting. Only 6 months old, ...13/02/12
47Selling various cichlids, Cheap for quick sale :Selling cichlids included green terror, severums, hybrids ect. Please contact me for further information, will swap for Africain cichli ...13/02/12
48super red dragon flowerhorn + blood parrot breeding :here i have to sell my SRD FH because i just dont have the time for him atm, he is triple A grade very good quality big Kok he does have a f ...11/02/12
49Carols /fish wanted. :Hi am looking for corals and reef safe fish for my aquarium in east Sussex area please text me photo's etc. On 07834956375. Thanks.J10/02/12
50Juwel Rio 180 Marine tank :Juwel Rio 180 on beech cabinet, 180 liter tank with hood (lights are currently not working but cheap and easy to replace), original internal ...10/02/12
544ft (400 litre) fish tank with cabinet + Fish :I Have a 4 ft (400 litre) fish tank for sale its on a cabinet with lots of storage, it has to external filters 1 cost 60 and the other cost ...08/02/12
554/5/6/7ft tank wanted :Looking for a 4ft/5ft/6ft/or 7ft tank only need glass, no hood needed or stand but will consider all offers. cheap as poss, can collect ...08/02/12
56deltec ap850 skimmer :deltec ap850 skimmer great skimmer was going to use 2 of these on my 10 footer but bought an aquamedic 5000 instead so am getting rid of thi ...04/02/12
57fluval fx5 filter :fluval fx5 filter 160 ono awesome filter the best i had but changing to marines and a sump so this is now redundant 01273 51743404/02/12
58Fat Clown Trigger for sale :5-6 inch clown trigger for sale. 90 pounds ono. Alan 07875416392 will consider swap for nice carpet anemone or clam03/02/12
59aqua medic,fluval and an 802 :hi having a clear out and got a couple of pumps for sale fluval2 plus internal filter 10 powerhead 802 21watt 20 aquamedic oceanru ...02/02/12
60Marine fish, corals, inverts + Juwel 125 litre marine tank and cabnet :For sale Juwel marine fish tank, been up and running over a year now. Has over 25 kilos of rock, lovely corals including a hammerhead coral, ...01/02/12
61MARINE NANO TANK, SOFT CORALS, EQUIPMENT. . :For sale is my nano tank open top comes with pumps, heater, skimmer.with corals, toadstool, brown star polyps,, kenya tree, mushrooms, hair ...31/01/12
6237 inches grass carp, 20 inches kujaku, 27 inches silver ghost :For sale i have the following, 37 inch grass carp a real monster will need a big pond to hold this fish. 100 27 inch silver ghost koi. t ...30/01/12
63live rock/ebones :after some reef bones or live rock please in sussex29/01/12
64Buying Marine setup :Paying for marine setups29/01/12
65Going Marine. Wtd marine items :Items Wanted Are: Marine setups Marine fish and invertabrates Mature Water RO Water Small Light Unit Small Internal Filter Live Rock ...29/01/12
66aqua medic,fluval and an 802 :hi having a clear out and got a couple of pumps for sale fluval2 plus internal filter 10 powerhead 802 21watt 20 aquamedic ocean ...27/01/12
67180l fish tank :For sale 180l fish tank including matching cabinet in beech look. The hood needs some repairs and new lighting comes with fluval external fi ...25/01/12
68MOTORO STINGRAYS ONLY 60 EACH :Motoro trio for sale all eating loads theres 1 male and 2 females txt only as my email isnt working thanks. Will accept 150 for all 324/01/12
69SWAPPING PURE JAP KOIS FOR MARINE EQUIPMENT :I have two stunning pure japanease koi's. One white and red the other silver/White/gold. I will take money offers or anything for marine fis ...22/01/12
70BUYING CORALS AND MATURE MARINE WATER :Buying all corals and live rock. Also in need of mature salt water and marine sand along with any other marine equipment. Dont hesitate to c ...22/01/12
71two yellow parrot fish FREE :I have two parrot fish one large one small free to good home.21/01/12
72Re-homing tropical fish in west sussex :Hi, I have a five foot tropical fishtank. It is beautiful with a very natural feel. If you are looking to re-home your fish for whatever ...20/01/12
73Large L114 :I have a very large L114 for sale, he measures about 10 inches. Very hard to find in this size. 150 collection only (Will not post)18/01/12
74King kamfa flowerhorn (For serious flowerhorn keepers only) :For sale is a top quality flowerhorn imported from Thailand. He's about 10" long maybe more. Hard to find this rare fish in the country, esp ...18/01/12
75Selling/Swapping a jewel tanks light unit :Selling/swapping a nice jewel tank light unit. Don't know too much about it but it is worth quite abit. It has two lamps obe is a natural co ...15/01/12
76My American cichlids for your Africain cichlids :I have several americain cichlids such as green terrors, hybrids, green sev, ect. I am willin to start a Africain cichlid only tank. Dont ...15/01/12
77YOUR ROCKS FOR MY FISH :Giving up around 20 convict x zonatum hybrids for some nice rock as I am going to mbuna now. Don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks.15/01/12
78Complete Marine Setup - 20 Gallon 300 :I am selling my much loved marine tank with everything included. This is for the complete setup, the tank Boyu MT-80, 20 gallon, Built in su ...09/01/12
79tropical set-up for sale :i have a tropical set up for sale due to wanting a up grade, tank is in great working order and can be viewed while set up. it comes with fi ...08/01/12
80WANTED FISH :Hi I am now in a postion to offer a home to any unwanted fish as i now have part of my fish house up and running. I WILL NOT BE SELLING THE ...08/01/12
82SMALL TANK NEEDED (NANO SIZE) :Will pay if needed and can collect. Dont hesitate to contact me06/01/12
83Buying Marine Equipment. :Items Wanted Are: Mature Water RO Water Small Light Unit Small Internal Filter Live Rock Live Sand Sea Salt Wave Maker/Power head ...06/01/12
84WANTED: MARINE STUFF :I want to start a marine setup, I would like to buy; a nice small nano type tank Small fish RO water Live rock Rock Marine sand In ...06/01/12
85malawi fish wtd :malawi fish wtd swap for reef bones or large fish06/01/12
86Juwel Trigon 350 black :350 black Description: i have the trigon 350 that comes with 60ltr sump(has all the media ya need), 3000ltr/ph underwater sump pump, has ...04/01/12
87Looking for swap :Hi, i have a 9in tiger Oscar (Albino Gene) 9in Tiger shoevel nose both fin perfect. looking for swaps of silver Arrow, any ...03/01/12
88Swapping to pure Japanese kois for Cichlids :Description: Hi! I have two pure Japanese koi's, both showing excellent colour but I want to keep another tropical tank. A change in inter ...03/01/12
89Swapping 2 pure Japanese koi for tropical fish :Hi! I have two pure Japanese koi's, both showing excellent colour but I want to keep another tropical tank. A change in interest has lea ...03/01/12
90Buying Africain cichlid fry, juveniles and adults :Will pay for or accept any Africain cichlids!! Will collect or pay for postage, I would prefer fry as they would be cheaper. Don't hesitat ...01/01/12
91clown loaches wanted :hello im after some clown loaches longer then 3 inches but anything considered. please email me with pictures if possible. [email protected] ...28/12/11
92WANTED: All Africain cichlids, :I am looking to dill my new 600ltr aquarium, the fish I am looking for are Mbunas, malawis, tanganykans, Haps, ect. I will buy tank bred bu ...28/12/11
94Juwel 240 with cabinet and rare plecos reduced to 150 for a quick sale :Selling Juwel rio 240 tank with matching beach cabinet, external filter, heater, external lights. Fish included are a 10 inch L114 leopard ...26/12/11
95Juwel rio 240 tank with 10 inches l114 pleco plus extras reduced to 150 :Selling Juwel rio 240 tank with matching beach cabinet, external filter, heater, external lights. Fish included are a 10 inch L114 leopard ...26/12/11
9612" silver Arrowana for sale or swap :12" beautiful arrowana, showing some pink/pearl marking on its body and fins. Sale due to fast growth and overpopulated tank. Will acce ...25/12/11
97Selling various cichlids and tropicals :1x Silver arrowana 12" pearl fin tips 1x frontasa 2-3" 12x 3-12" convict x zonatum hybrids 1x 7" sailfin pleco 1x ...25/12/11
98 BUYING ALL CICHLIDS :Im in desperate need of cichlids, please don't hesitate I text or email me if you have some. I will pay if the price is reasonable and I can ...24/12/11
99oddball fish wanted please :oddball fish like giraffe catfish,niger catfish large fish like jags,quetzels,eartheaters,pacu etc wtd please anyone got anything please? 0 ...13/12/11
100oddball fish wanted please :oddball fish like giraffe catfish,niger catfish large fish like jags,quetzels,eartheaters,pacu etc wtd please anyone got anything please? 0 ...13/12/11
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