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1Neon jewel cichlids, 1 Breeding pair and mixed males and females :Hi i have 1 Breeding pair of neon jewels and a number of mixed male and females all are 3-4inch and showing great colours I am after ...25/09/09
2Corys ( Peppers, salt and peppers, bronze) 4-5cm :Hi i have a number of corys to thin down. I have a large number of each I will post some photos over the weekend I am after 1.10 eac ...25/09/09
3FREE greshakei babys :as above must go free to who can pickup call 01323 49132024/09/09
4swap my mbuna :hi i want to swap my mubuna cichids for some haps peacocks to go in my 6ft tank if you have any to swap call 01323 49132024/09/09
5aulonocara hansbaenschi red zebras and loads other fish :aulonocara hansbaenschi male large copadichromis borleyi red fin kandango male and also some mixed mbuna your welcome to come view fis ...24/09/09
6FLUVAL FX5 WANTED :HI IM AFTER A FLUVAL FX5 PLZ EMAIL ME [email protected] or call 01323 491320 with price must have all pipe work24/09/09
7Green Terror :6/7'' green terror for sale, pick up only, check my youtube video for reference, he is a chunky brute and needs rehoming because fights dail ...24/09/09
8Green Terror Juvinilles :Hi, selling all my Green Terror juvy's got about 30/50 of them and about 20mm in lenth, will do a good deal if you take them all but your we ...24/09/09
9Rainbow Cichlid (Herotiliapia Multispinosa) :Hi, selling all my young Rainbow Cichlid (Herotiliapia Multispinosa) Got three different batches, one batch 10/20mm and two a little smal ...24/09/09
10Rena 240 :Rena tank ,240 litres, beech trim on matching , unusually attractive cupboard stand with sea grass basket drawers,Eheim Classic external fil ...16/09/09
11Arcadia series 3 twin 150 halide :Arcadia series 3 twin 150 halide complete with timers and twin T8 actinics. The unit is in A! workign order but would benifit from new lamps ...13/09/09
12Sturgeon specialist :One of the largest Sturgeon farms in the UK, with over 10,000 Sturgeon in stock at any one time. With 7 species and a variety of sizes to ch ...12/09/09
13DWARF GOURAMIS IN SUSSEX :I'm desperately after a female Dwarf Gourami as I can't seem to find any in local retailers. I have a male building a bubble nest in my ...08/09/09
14tank for sale 5ft 2ft 18inch swap for fx5 :hi i have a 5ft by 2ft by 18 tank just the tank no hood swap for xf505/09/09
15Angels fish :Hi i have many Angel types available. 4.50 each for adults I have some pairs With many young angels including platinums Contac ...04/09/09
16Convicts cichlid breeding pair :I have a number of pairs of convicts 4.00 each pair04/09/09
17AGASSIZI CORYDORA Only 10 left :Hi i have 1 breeding groups of wild caught Agassizi Corydora with 10 corys in the group and i am after 20.00 Sizes are approx 4cm body s ...04/09/09
18TANK EQUIPMENT FOR SALE :hi i have some heaters 4 each loads ocean rock and lime rock small powerheads from 4 each light starter units 3 each maybe other bits to ...03/09/09
19sturgeon :i have a siberian sturgeon for sale which is geting to big for my pond it is 3ft plus i am looking for 15003/09/09
20male cichlids for sale :Melanochromis auratus male would sell or swap for female Zebra Obliquidens male offers hongi male would also swap for female Gresha ...03/09/09
21wanted sp44 :hi im after some more sp44 plz email me with pics and price must be good size30/08/09
22moving house- homes wanted :Due to house move, I am looking to re-home one mirror carp(about 16yrs old and 24" long), also a selection of goldfish (about 30 betwee ...22/08/09
23WANTED - 120L+ Tank West Sussex :Looking for 120 litre plus tank in sussex, reasonable price, with or without accessories.21/08/09
24Ph Meter :Brand new,boxed,never used,Hach Sension 156 Ph Conductivity Dissolved Oxygen Meter.Complete with instruction manual. No probes but these ...20/08/09
25wanted polystyrene boxes :hi i need loads of polystyrene boxes ready for when i move home as i have alot of fish to move aswell plz let me know what size and how man ...18/08/09
26Free to good home...........JackDempsy 4in.... :Upsidedown catfish 5/6 in and a small convict 2 inches16/08/09
27tank for sale 4ft :hi for sale is another tank its 4ft by 3ft by 18in this is just the tank no stand or hood offers15/08/09
28wanted :quantity of guppies must be cheap near brighton13/08/09
29very upset daughter help :my daughter went out to feed our one and only koi carp today! to find it had tried to swim upstream and ad died it was about 16", any u ...02/08/09
30Tunze complete marine aquarium filter system :Excellent Tunze filter system and protein skimmer including 29 x 21 x 18 sump tank, 2 fluidised sand filters, 2 Eheim sump pumps, 300w he ...02/08/09
313ft chiclid set up :Hi i have a 3ft chiclid set up for sale comes with tank with t5 lights over 200 worth of brigtly coloured malawi chiclid blues, yellows,ora ...15/07/09
323 ft marine set up :Hi i have a 3ft marine set up for sale including 22kg of live rock 1 coral garden 1 green trumpet frag has 3 heads 1 sun coral 1 yello ...15/07/09
33tropheus :I have 3 red tropheus adults,not sure of sex excellent condition, bought them in local pet shop who did not know what sort of tropheus they ...14/07/09
34Blue damsel :I have a pair of blue damsels that have done extremly well. I am changing back to tropical set up as i find marine to demanding. Please enqu ...08/07/09
35Percular clowns x2 :I have 2 percular clowns that are doing well in my tank. I've decided to change back to a tropical set up though as i can't keep up with the ...08/07/09
36tropical fish and tank for sale 60 :tropicla fish tank for sale 60 you get tank,heater,filter,air pump,decoration,7 tropical fish (H 39cm) (L 58cm) (W 23cm) buy it now for 60 ...02/07/09
37A 22 inch South American Catfish for sale (Leiarius Marmoratus) :Owing to a change in the type of fish I am keeping to Stingrays, I have a lot of nice Catfish and Plecos for sale. All these fish are kept t ...02/07/09
38JAVA MOSS AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION FROM CRAWLEY :Ive got a fair bit of Java moss that I can offer. Small donations towards the upkeep of my fish tank are most welcome.. Crawley West Suss ...15/06/09
39Rena 350 Tank And Equipment :Rena 350 Tropical/Marine Tank Fantastic established Tropical tank complete set up to include all fish plants and equipment Equipment ...10/06/09
40lots of fish for sale :Hi,i have the following fish and bits for sale: Synspilum Vieja x 18 at 2 inch Green Terror's x 40 at half inch Green Terror x 1 at 1 inc ...07/06/09
41Assassin Snails from only 1.24 each, Crystal red shrimp from only 6.99 each an ... :Snail Shop has been running since 2002 and has a wide range of invertebrates for the freshwater aquarium for sale. We send all our order ...03/06/09
422x large aquarium s :1x 3.5ft - 180 litre rectangular tank 1x 4ft rectangular tank approx 240 litre,both tanks good quality with hoods looking for 40 each all ...01/06/09
43red crystal shrimp bee shrimp amano shrimp orange shrimp tiger shrimp green shri ... :Snail Shop are pleased to announce that they now have a wide range of tropical shrimp in store. All delivered safely and securely via overn ...20/05/09
44386ltr corner tank :i am selling my 386ltr corner tank due to an upgrade, it is a very nice tyanks and has housed my C and S/American cichlids for 9 months now, ...20/05/09
45rehoming of cold water pond fish :wanted all varieties of pond fish free rehoming. welcome to all fish shapes and sizes various ponds and species all ready situated all fish ...19/05/09
46Brand new in box fluval 2+, 100w heater and 60l aquarium stand :Brand new in box Fluval 2+ 17 delivered 100w heater 11 delivered and i also have a juwel rekord 600 stand one of these http://www.se ...18/05/09
47Wanted - Metal Halide Light for 5ft tank :Wanted a Metal Halide Light for a 5ft tank, ideally one that has fittings so that it can be attached to the tank. Willing to pay a fair pric ...14/05/09
48Fluval 204 external filter :Fluval 204 external filter for sale good working order. 45 ono.04/05/09
49Aquatlantis aquarium :Aquatlantis aquarium for sale Evasion 50. 50 x 50 x 60. Great used condition, comes complete with bespoke rock effect background. 150 ono.04/05/09
50Jewel Vision 180 litre :Experience the fascination of aquariums from a different perspective. The Vision aquariums bring a new dimension to fish keeping. The stunni ...02/05/09
51wanted large unwanted fish :we sponser aquariums in schools,rest homes, play centres hosptials etc and are always looking for new fish to add. so if you have something ...27/04/09
529" x 2" x 2" Fish Tank :Hi im selling my Fish Tank due to needing the space. It comes with a built in pump and also a Fx5 pump, 4 strip lights, gravel rocks and a l ...26/04/09
53Rena Aquarium For Sale :Rena fish tank 4ft x 1.5ft for sale with Fluval external pump. Also selling with all plant and bog wood. Various fish including 2 large whit ...24/04/09
54Horned Armour Snails now in stock Brotia pagodula :Massive amazing looking snails now in stock at Snail Shop! Please see link for details:22/04/09
55Apistogramma Cacatuoide :I have an ever lasting supply of mixed Apistogramma Cacatuoide Triple red's The dad is something else, never seen Apistogramma so mature ...15/04/09
56Herotilapia multispinosa "Rainbow Cichlid" :i am selling my Herotilapia multispinosa in small batches or as a job lot, they are 1.75/1.5'' in lenth and growing very fast! They are s ...15/04/09
58we supply and rehome koi for people for free :we do anything to do with ponds or koi , we supply koi free of charge and we also take un wanted koi for customers on a low budget to keep e ...10/04/09
59pond clearance and problems or build :pond clearance in sussex, we are pond specialists with over 15 years of experience, if you need a pond or having problems with your current ...10/04/09
60WANTED - 6/8ft aquarium :need a 6 or an 8ft tank foir my american cichlids that have outgrown there 400ltr corner and need a bit more room to swim lenths! I would ...09/04/09
61KOI CARP FOR SALE :A family of a dozen small and medium. Reasonable offers please?07/04/09
62Assassin snails, Tiger, Ruby & Bee Nerite, Sulawesi Elephant snails, Ramshorn & ... :Snail Shop has a wide variety of high quality freshwater snails and other invertebrates for the tropical aquarium. All at highly competitiv ...07/04/09
63Sulawesi Elephant, Bee, Tiger, Ruby Snails, Ramshorn & Assassin Snails for sale! :Snail Shop has a wide variety of high quality freshwater snails and other invertebrates for the tropical aquarium. All at highly competitiv ...07/04/09
64Koi equipment for sale-STILL LOTS LEFT READY FOR THAT SUMMER BUILD!! :My friends pond has now been closed down and the following kit is for sale. Cloverleaf CL3 Filter-SOLD Cloverleaf 72w smartstart uv lamp ...03/04/09
65large goldfish :I am clearing my pond i have approx 40+ goldfish ranging from 2inchs to 9inchs,black ones,white ones,different breeds,pure orange,orange and ...03/04/09
66sturgeon free 2 good home :siberean sturgeon resuced from a customers pond lovely fish just needs a good home02/04/09
67pond life , pond specialist :visit us at pondlife.vpweb.co.uk for all pond needs02/04/09
68filters for sale :filters for sale all sizes02/04/09
69wanted air pump :as big and cheap as poss will swap for filter or koi02/04/09
70sturgeon free to good home :sibrean about 16" free to good home02/04/09
71pond filters for sale :got a few filters i could do with selling , i have new and used filters from 30 - 8002/04/09
72koi for sale in sussex lovely need space :call for details thankyou02/04/09
73Chocolate angelfish wanted :I currently have 4 female chocolate and ghost chocolate angelfish and am desperately wanting some males. please contact me if you have any c ...28/03/09
74koi for sale :from 30 - 75 from 30cm - 50 cm all grade a jap from good dealers20/03/09
75grade a jap kois 4 sale :benikikumoryu stunning great shape 75.00 50cm al goromo sumi just coming through 60.00 30cm yamatnistki lovely shape n colour 45.00 30c ...19/03/09
76any pond work undertaken :koi health, pond problems give us a bell , blanket weed a problem no problem, filter advice or any queires feel free to ring18/03/09
77pond clearance in west sussex :good home offered to koi and sturgeon , in a 8000 gallon pond18/03/09
78koi filters :two koi filters for sale , 1 yamitsu black box large , plus new filter unused with built in uv at half the shop price , brought it for quara ...18/03/09
79WANTED YASHA GOBY :YASHA GOBY- Hi I'm currently setting up a new tank and wish to add a Yasha Goby. I am based in the Sussex area and can travel to collect (wi ...18/03/09
80Swap- 3 fluval internal filters for good external filter :I have the following that I would like to swap for a decent external filter. Must be in West Sussex area Fluval 2 + Fluval 3 + Fluval 4 ...13/03/09
81koi pond bits cheap :16" sand filter 25 500gallons black box filter 25 15000 litre pump as new 100 cost 25011/03/09
82hozelock prima 15000 auto :this pump retails between 195 - 275 , this is a great submersble pump with auto float ,it can pump upto 15000 litres a hour , its new in t ...11/03/09
83Ecosystem Miracle Mud Filter Sysyem 3012 - Brand New :Ecosystem Miracle Mud Filter System including : 30 x 12 glass sump, miracle mud, lighting, bioballs and full instructions. For aquariums up ...11/03/09
84Ross Charman Pond Restoration & Maintenance Ltd. - Pond Cleaning, Pond Repair, P ... :Pond Restoration & Maintenance Ltd. specialise in the ongoing maintenance of your water feature. We deal with onamental ponds of all sizes f ...05/03/09
85a selection of tetras and others :i have a selection of small tropical fish for sale a couple of black widow tetras some emporer tetras 4 siamese flying fox's 2 peppered cory ...02/03/09
86selection of chiclids and a few others :4 geopheagus 2-3 inch very friendly currently kept in my large tank with discus feeds greedily on beef heart prima and anything else that is ...02/03/09
87discus in sussex :4.5inch blue diamond and 4.5inch royal blue that have paired defend their own territory and doing the mating dance but have not spawned as y ...02/03/09
88Aquidens rivulatus fry(Green Terror) :Hi,i have hundreds of green terror's for sale ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED + 10.50 postage,they are about 2 cm long,eating most dry foods aswell a ...28/02/09
892 fish tanks for sale. :Jewel Rio 180 in black,bow fronted comes with gravel,plants and an external filter. 80ono. Aqua One cube on beech stand in fantastic condi ...27/02/09
90Large koi and selection of smaller koi and other pondfish for sale :We have about 25 pondfish including several small koi and 1 large koi(approx 15-16 inch) plus various other pondfish for sale due to the de ...20/02/09
91GIANT ramshorn & trapdoor snails for sale :HUGE Giant Ramshorn Snails for ponds. 1 for 1.20 10 for only 9.99! (equivalent to only 0.99 each!) Simply use the drop down menu abov ...18/02/09
92Malawi cichlids free to collector. :Melanochromis Maingano and Labidochromis Caeruleus Malawi cichlids free to good home. They will be ideal in a busy malawi community tank. I ...14/02/09
934ft Aquarium & Equipment For Sale :Aquarium 48" x 24" x 15" and all equipment. Was used for keeping Tropical Marine Fish. 125.10/02/09
94for sale jewell record 96 litre aquarium and equipment :jewell record 96 litre aquarium. Filters, heater, pump, day + night lighting, temp guage, substrate, algae cleaner, fish food, bog wood, bac ...08/02/09
95SULAWESI ELEPHANT SNAILS, ASSASSIN SNAILS & MOSS BALLS FOR SALE :Snail Shop Special Offers: Assassin Snails 5 for only 9.99! Moss Balls 5 for only 9.99! Ruby Nerites 5 for only 10.99! RARE Bee Ne ...05/02/09
96Black CRS Shrimp (S Grade) Blue Tigers (Golden eye!) Shrimp and more! :We have a selection of tank bred shrimp - orginating from high quality Japanese bloodlines. S Grade Black crystal shrimp 14.99. RARE blue ...05/02/09
97Selection of Pond Fish :Selection of pond fish offers excepted may in desparation consider the local Thia Resturant view by appointment.02/02/09
98Sturgeon :All sizes and species of Sturgeon available. Please contact us for more information. We are the only CEFAS registered Sturgeon Farm in the c ...01/02/09
99F1 tropheus moori mwerazi .....(RARE) fry for sale or swap..... :F1 tropheus moori mwerazi (Rare) looking for sensible offers or swap for other Tropheus species Wont be ready for 2 months If int ...01/02/09
100oceon rock :Hi i have about 200 worth of oceon rock going cheap say 50 the lot or sensible offer.buyer collects. Goring by sea,west sussex alanhomey ...30/01/09
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