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1Visit us now for quality Coral Frags and GOOD PRICES :We are based In Hailsham East Sussex and welcome people to visit our coral center (appointments only) Typical prices Torches from 17 ...18/10/11
2super red dagon flowerhorn cichlid. REDUCED :I have 1 super red dragon flowerhorn, he is about 5inch long, eating bloodworm, mysis and cichlid pellets VERY GOOD QUAILTY REDUCED 50 ...17/10/11
32 x Black clowns, 2 x Orange clowns, 1 regal tang, 1 foxface and 1 royal gramma ... :as listed above i am looking to sell all fish looking for quick sale, all very well looked after and have had for a few years but moving ...17/10/11
4Yellow Belly Turtles x 2 :I have 2 yellow belly turtles that need a new home. They have been picked up and are well behaved. I'm looking for 30 for them and thei ...14/10/11
5Yo Yo Loach :Single male yo yo loach, 6 inches, excellent condition 10 Mark 0753 864604514/10/11
6Roma 180 Aquarium 110 :Juwel Rio 180 with beech cabinet. The tank is currently stocked with various tropical fish, you are welcome to see this 'in action' but I ...14/10/11
7tunze 6080 +original bracket 60 :good condtion collection only12/10/11
872x24x12 high 10mm glass tank :.it is drilled in the left bottom corner and is in good condition cost new 250 80 please ring for more info 0132389040212/10/11
9aqua medic titan 500 chiller :aqua medic titan 500 chiller only ran for six mounths threw the last summer.200 colltion only12/10/11
10arcadia series 3 1x250 with 20k bulb :silver unit with wall brakets timers and a new 20k bulb. 100 pic up only 0132389040212/10/11
11ghost carp :i have roughly 20 ghost carp for sale they are growing very very fast grown to about 12 inches in 18 months. these will be available until p ...05/10/11
12BREEDING PAIR OF KOI ANGEL FISH :very nice peacefull community fish, have had for nearly a year with no problems, eggs every few months or so. 30 the pair - open to sensibl ...02/10/11
13SPS FRAGS FOR SALE - CAN POST :*EACH FRAG IS 1.5/4 INCHES WHICH REFLECTS ON PRICE* *POSTAGE IS 10 FOR AS MANY WANTED* Fluro Green Staghorn Acropora 2@6/ 1@10/ 1@ ...02/10/11
14Aqua One Evo 120 , 4ft tank T5 lights Beach inc stand :my 4ft tank with stand and lid and light bar , all in beach tank have no marks on it stand is fine never been water damaged ...27/09/11
15Tropiquarium 68 Aquarium :Tropiquarium 68 Aquarium with filter and gravel and heater light works fine also , all works fine no longer needed , good tank ...27/09/11
16cat fish for sale :hi as above i have four synodotis cat fish for sale if interested please email me thanks sam27/09/11
17Fluval Roma 125 and Stand :I have a Fluval Roma 125 in good condition. It come with a purpose built stand, 150w heater, light unit, Fluval internal filter, air pump an ...23/09/11
184 ft fish tank with loads of equiptment only 400 worth 700 NOW only 300. :4ft jewel fish tank 240 litres, + pond one extrenal filter 1000 litres per hour + tetra ex 1200 + uv steralising unit + tetra tex 300 air pu ...22/09/11
19Malawi tank clear out :hi i noticed in your add you were lookng for malawi cichlids to add to your collection? hope you still do! I have a number of fish i will ...19/09/11
20FISH COLLECTION with 4ft fish tank + equiptment :1x tiger shovelnose/red tail catfish aprox 1.4ft bought for 100 2xlemmon barbs bought for 40 medium large 1x asian redtail catfish arox 1 ...19/09/11
21Large Koi :Two very large Koi, one black/gold...one silver/black approx 18" each...Outgrown pond. Offers over 100.00 each16/09/11
22various Malawi fish and breeding pairs :Hi i am selling various Malawi fish and breeding pairs. 1 breeding pair of Cynotilapia Afra, white tops. proven twice and last batch 29 ...12/09/11
24fry for sale :hi i have some tilapia marie fry for sale if interested please email me thanks for looking sam10/09/11
25Show grade Flowerhorn :hes just over 4" and looks great has real kok potential finage is good and hes pearly......... . 80ono will send via APC couriers NEXT ...08/09/11
26FaceRock 3D Aquarium Backgrounds :Moulded from real river rock. Capturing the beauty and mystique of naturally weathered stone. These durable lightweight modular epoxy/gla ...08/09/11
27wanted angel fish :hi im after a male and female angel to go with my other angel i have i also have two parrot fish for sale or will swap pls email if you have ...08/09/11
28Rare L.P.S.corals bargin prices :lots of rare, aussie acans,scollys,trackys,hammers,lobos,some big sps stags.lots of a grade live rock.06/09/11
29Pom Pom Xenia Coral for sale (soft coral)East Sussex :Frags for sale on rock 8.00 each also called Waving Hands Coral. Collection Only and cash on collection or by Paypal. Please contact me f ...05/09/11
30White Top Afra :i have around 12 young white tops for sale, top quality fish, parents can be seen, have them seperated in grow out tank so growing very fast ...05/09/11
31White top afra (cynotilapia) fry for sale :Got 10 White top afra (cynotilapia) fry for sale. They were stripped 3 months ago and are bright blue and very healthy. Parents can be seen ...05/09/11
325ft tank :5x2x2 tank and stand, tetratec external filter, wave maker, heater, air pump and stones, slate rocks and plastic plants, rgb led lighting sy ...05/09/11
33Giraffe catfish :Description: 8" giraffe catfish, lovely fish, very healthy, good markings, 35, collection from Brighton, East Sussex03/09/11
34Aqua One Cabinet Aquastyle 620 Black 40 :Aqua One Cabinet Aquastyle 620 Black, New. Cabinet only, no tank. Suitable for the Aquastyle 620 aquarium and the Aquastyle 620 Tall aqu ...03/09/11
35Fishtank. :Fluvial Venda designer aqurium 180.151 liters.with the fluval 205 filtration system and the stand it comes with.also thier is a heater with ...31/08/11
36Tanks :Good condition ex fish house tanks for sale. Four 48 Long 15 Width 12 Height tanks. Two 48 Long 15 Width 10 Height tanks. One 48 Lo ...30/08/11
37rare corals for sale at good prices :hello, i have a 6x2x2 reef tank full of rare lps corals im shuting the tank down so all must go! scollys,trackys,doughnut corals, rainbow a ...29/08/11
38Tropicals for sale :I have the following for sale, A pair of snake skin gourami 3" !!!!SOLD!!!! A sengal birchir eel 4" A tyre track eel 5" And 3 Siamese f ...27/08/11
39LIVE ROCK :MARINE LIVE ROCK, fiji live rock for sale , due to breaking down marine tanks, 8 PER KILO Peacehaven, 01273 583801 / 07734525896 E-Mail: ...26/08/11
40DOG FACE PUFFER FISH :MARINE FISH, DOG FACE PUFFER, approx 7 inches long, lovely fish, good eater, very healthy 30 Peacehaven, 01273 583801 / 07734525896 E-Mail ...26/08/11
41SNOWFLAKE EEL :MARINE FISH, SNOWFLAKE EEL, approx 12 inches long, lovely fish, good eater, very healthy 30 Peacehaven, 01273 583801 / 07734525896 E-Mail: ...26/08/11
42MAJESTIC ANGEL FISH :MAJESTIC ANGEL FISH, approx 5 inches long, lovely fish, good eater, very healthy 53 Peacehaven, 01273 583801 / 07734525896 E-Mail: angela. ...26/08/11
43SAILFIN TANG :MARINE FISH, SAILFIN TANG, approx 7 inches long, lovely fish, good eater, very healthy 35 Peacehaven, 01273 583801 / 07734525896 E-Mail: a ...26/08/11
44VOLITAN LIONFISH :MARINE FISH, VOLITAN LIONFISH, approx 8 inches long, lovely fish, good eater, very healthy 25 Peacehaven, 01273 583801 / 07734525896 E-Mai ...26/08/11
45PICASSO TRIGGER :MARINE FISH, private seller, PICASSO TRIGGER fish, approx 5 inches long, lovely fish, good eater, very healthy. 35 Peacehaven, 01273 583801 ...26/08/11
47wanted cherry shrimp :Hello, As above looking to get a shrimp tank on the go for my little girl as my oscar's will not permit any other fish at the moment. ...23/08/11
48Tropical Fish For Sale. :I have for sale the following tank mates. Kribinsis, x2 breeding pair 10 the pair. !!!NOW SOLD !!!! Kribinsis fry x11 (i think) 50p each. ...22/08/11
49Aqua one 620T :Complete set up for sale with fish! This is all tropical and a lovely tank, sadly i have to move soon and cannot take it with me. The cabine ...21/08/11
50JBL CO2 Profi Set 2 :hello , i have a full kit for sale , it is used but works fine this inc reg / shut off value / tubes / power unit / defuser for inside t ...21/08/11
51JBL PROFI 3 KIT . CO2 Controler discus PH Controler :i have a FULL kit with a new CO2 Probe , that has been stored correctly in the storage fluid , i have the set up tests also for this kit ...21/08/11
52XF5 inc pipes :I HAVE A FX5 , THE FILTER IS AROUND 8 MONTHS OLD AND COME WITH ALL THE PIPES E,C,T inc the book, i have a spare shut of valve which has ne ...21/08/11
53JBL PROTEMP 250 UNDER GRAVEL HEATER :i have two of these kits for sale at the moment maybe more soon new and never used 48 JBL Pro Temp Basis 250 Heating Cable ...21/08/11
54complete fish tank for sale :hi i am trying to sell my cousins tank and stand for him its complete with fish and extras if interested please email me at samspetsupplies@ ...14/08/11
55MBU Puffer for sale :8-9" MBU Puffer for sale due to me unable to fit a bigger tank, I wasnt given the correct information when I purchased the fish. Lovely colo ...13/08/11
56Rena 50L Corner Unit Fish Tank with Cabinet 50 :Everything supplied except light fitting which is missing12/08/11
57aquaplancton (ideal for green ponds ) :i have a big tub of aquaplancton which helps with algae in ponds. no longer have pond therefore not needed. originally cost 65 for a 25kg b ...10/08/11
581x Krib - free to a good home :1 healthy Krib - free to a good home. Please contact me if interested - Currently in Chichester, can deliver to Portsmouth, or Littlehamp ...09/08/11
59Wanted baby Red tailed catfish about 3-6 inches :Hi there I am looking for a baby red tailed catfish for my new aquarium the fish needs to be 2-6 inches just to go in with a kissing goirami ...06/08/11
60Tropical fish :Red Prochilodos fish they look a bit like balba sharks or silver sharks there really lovely got one at maiden head aqatics but it kept jumpi ...05/08/11
61Tanks wanted :Hello I need big tank For my iridescent shark I need one between 50-100 if you show me a nice one I would be very great fulll thank you.05/08/11
62Iridescent shark :Hello I am looking for a baby iridescent shark about 5-10cm iv always wanted one so could you please show me it would be lovely of you thank ...05/08/11
63various Tanganyikans for sale :i have a selection of cichlids for sale, can be brought individually or all together for 35 1x Tropheus duboisi 4inch 8 1x frontosa 5i ...03/08/11
64Lemon fin barbs. :Bought as "diamond barbs" But I believe them to be lemon fin barbs. These fish are large and will grow larger! They are between 5 ...02/08/11
65Orca TL 450 nano reef aquarium :used but in good condition, a nice small ready to go set-up although there is no stand Specification pl light tube led light protein s ...01/08/11
66unwanted goldfish :We have a pond full of goldfish, healthy, too healthy and too many. If you want to come and help yourself we'd be grateful and so would the ...31/07/11
67Free goldfish :We have a pond full of healthy (too healthy) goldfish - too many. We are in Shoreham by sea, West Sussex - please come and help yourself we ...31/07/11
68Rio 400 halide uv ect 180 :I have for sale my rio 400 tank I used for marines but can be used for tropical as well It comes with Twin halide unit cost me 250 V2 ...31/07/11
69corner tank for sale 50ono :I have a nice corner tank for sale, has been a very good tank for me and is a lovely looking tank, as you can see it is a five sided tank an ...29/07/11
70Chinese fire belly newt :Fire belly newt and setup for sale. heater, filter, thermometer and 1 foot tank. there is also two red eye puffer fish sharing the tank betw ...28/07/11
71FOR SALE - 5 x Clown Loach 4 inches - 6 inches :For sale i have 5 clown loach, all in perfect health. The smallest of the 5 measuring 4.5" and the largest measuring 6". I'v had these fis ...28/07/11
72Acrylic Aquariums :All Sizes of New Acrylic Aquariums Available26/07/11
73Aquarium cleaning&maintenance, all your aquatic and reptile needs :We are your local supplier of quality aquariums, vivariums and custom installs. We also provide a fully isured maintenance service, so weth ...25/07/11
75Any free marine equipment thanks ... :I am after any free or cheap marine equipment if you have an old tank that has been broken down or are breaking Down and would like to shift ...15/07/11
76fry for sale :hi a have lota of tilapia marie fry for sale if interested please email me thanks for looking at my ad14/07/11
77V2. 800 skimmer and pump 45 :V2. 800 skimmer and pump 45 Call dan on 0799908151213/07/11
784 foot silver twin metal halide new bulbs 4months ago 95.00 :4 foot silver twin metal halide new bulbs 4months ago 95.00 Call dan on 0799908151213/07/11
79Large external filter 20 with media Ehim 2225 :Large external filter 20 with media Ehim 2225 Call dan on 0799908151213/07/11
80Uv 15 uv steriliser with pump and tubes bulb 3months old :Uv 15 uv steriliser with pump and tubes bulb 3months old 30 Call dan 0799908151213/07/11
81Rio 400 tank black good condition 130. . :Hi I have for sale a rio 400 tank 4 foot in black for 130. Call dan 0799908151213/07/11
82koi clearance :many koi for sale from 6 call joe 01424 85598313/07/11
83pond filter :blagon pond filter and uv sterilizer perfect condition 40 call joe 01424 85598313/07/11
84hey i have many fish that are for sale...worthing pick up only :1x synaspillium 7-9 inches 1x fire eel 7-10 inches 1x african pike 8 inches 2x jack dempsy 1 is 2" the other 3.5-4" 2x tsn (tiger shov ...12/07/11
85MBU PUFFER WANTED :hey im after a MBU puffer of any size thanks :D worthing based maybe able to pick up if in worthing but would have to find other transport i ...12/07/11
86Rena Aqualife 200 tank :It's a Rena 200 in Dark wood and is a great tank.Tank Spec:- External measurements; length 101cm x width 41cm x height 61cm. The aquarium co ...11/07/11
87Fish to Rehome :We are breaking down our tanks so have the following fish free to good homes (in established mature tanks only please with experienced keepe ...11/07/11
88FISH TANKS :We have 2 4ft tanks with lids for sale must be collected from crawley west sussex 50 the pair. Please call 01293552878.(SOLD BUT WILL HAVE ...09/07/11
89RE-HOME ANY UNWATED FISH...in sussex,surrey and kent areas :We Re-Home Freshwater Fish GOLD FISH, KOI, TENCH Any other coldwater fish.We can collect anytime that suits yourself.Please contact Nigel 01 ...08/07/11
90Aquarium ornaments - build a wall :I bought these a while ago but never used them in my tank. Made of a hard resin type stuff they fit together to make a nice feature and pro ...08/07/11
91Eheim Professional 2224 :For sale an eheim 2224 professional external canister filter. This is a great filter and never let me down for the 6 months i had it runn ...08/07/11
92Aqua One Aquis 1200 Filter :For sale Aqua One Aquis 1200 Filter In good condition but with no pipework. Taps included. 24.99 local pickup from Horsham onl ...08/07/11
93bogwood for sale 30 for lot no tanning now cost 80 :8 or 9 large bogwood pieces for sale 30 pound cost me 80 no tanning into water now and looks great call 07702546502 crawley based nr gatwick07/07/11
94senegal birchir for sale 5 pound :For sale small senegal birchir 5 pound will reach a foot or more call 07702546502 based in crawley07/07/11
95irridescent sharks 5 pound each :For sale 3 irridescent sharks at 6-8 inches will get to 4 foot so you do need a big tank 5 each cll 07702546502 based in crawley07/07/11
96giant gourami all 3 types good prices :For sale 3 giant gourami one at a foot is gold variaty 40 pound one is blue at 9 inches for 25 and ones a redtail at 6 inches for 10 all get ...07/07/11
972 large plecs 20 each :For sale two large sailfin plecos over a foot 20 pound each paid double so v v v good deal plz call 07702546502 crawley07/07/11
98black fhost knifefish, 8 inches for 20 pound :Black ghost knifefish for sale Currently 8 inches but will get to over a foot 20 pound ono stunning fish so please prepare to take good care ...07/07/11
99good size fire eel 20 pound :For sale fire eel 10 inches long will reach 40 so you need space 20 pound very good price for such a fish based in crawley call 0770254650207/07/11
100tinfoil barb and silver sharks bargin :For sale two silver shark and two tinfoil barb 10 each or 30 for all will get to over a foot so must have room they are about 5 inches atm i ...07/07/11
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