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1JUWEL RIO 240 IN BEACH WITH STAND :here i have a juwel rio240 2x fluval 205 lava rocks marine sand bog wood heaters plz inquire for pictures my email [email protected] ...26/05/08
2LARGE BLUE & ORANGE LEG HERMIT CRABS :I have 6 beautiful blue legged hermit crab and a few orange legged ones for sale. These are large more suited to fish only tanks due to siz ...23/05/08
3STUNNING RICORDEA COLONIES FOR SALE :I currently have some 10 ricordea colonies for sale. Pictures are of actual corals. Please visit website for details.15/05/08
4Giraffe Catfish 14-16" :Beautiful hand tame Giraffe Catfish for sale near Gatwick Airport 50 requires a large tank09/05/08
5Frags ideal for Nanos lots to choose from. :I currently have some nice frags for sale. These are ideal for nanos or ideal for starter corals.Pictures are of current stock. Please see ...09/05/08
6Beautiful corner fish tank 260.00 pounds :I am selling my corner tank which I bought off ebay a few months ago as I have been given a brand new 6 footer and am not allowed 3 fish tan ...09/05/08
7ROUND KOI HOLDING TANK AND EQUIPMENT :Round black plastic holding tank 87" x 43" deep fitted with 4" bottom drain surface skimmer and 110mm ball valve Black plastic 4 bay filter ...01/05/08
8LOTS OF CHEAP FRAGS FOR SALE IDEAL FOR NANOS!! :I have lots of cheap frags for sale at the moment to make way for some new corals. Please check out the link below. Thanks29/04/08
912 2inch clowns full of colour :hi there i av 12 2 inch clown loaches full of colour.feeding well . there are 4 females and 8 males all 2 be sold toghter offers28/04/08
10high protein fish flake :hi there i am closing down my fish house so please see other ads .. i av 40 x 1000g of high protein fish flake suitable for all types of fi ...28/04/08
11fish house closer please make offers.tanks/fish/uvs and stock from wholesale :hi there due 2 alot of time wasters im re advertising my setup. 2x7x20x20 foot tanks diveded in two 2-3-2 with back hole . 7x13x13 with ce ...28/04/08
12Black Percula 120 or Anthias 120 :Wanted Black Aqua Medic Percula or Anthias Aquarium including base24/04/08
13Alenquer Discus :Young Alenquers for sale,about 3 inches feeding well on beefheart and pellets,recently wormed and colouring up well,15.00 each23/04/08
14synodontis angelicus :he about 3-4 inch make an offer though email16/04/08
15parrott fish :6 parrott fish all yellow and two tyre track eels make an offer email16/04/08
163 x DISCUS FOR SALE (40) :We have 2 x Large Discus and 1 x Medium Discus for sale. All three of them are in good health. 40. Please see photo. Collect ASAP email: ...08/04/08
17Sturgeon wanted :Sturgeon and large Koi wanted for new pond, would prefer from the Sussex area but would consider anywhere. Cheers Merv.08/04/08
18White Spot, need marine quarantine tank asap BRIGHTON :If anyone has got a really cheap tank that I can move my fish to for copper treatment, i have full reef in the display tank and have just bo ...05/04/08
19Stenker Blue Diamonds 2.75" :Stenker Blue Diamonds 2.75", 10 are available, all are very good colours and shapes 9.00 each 07796 176 307 or 01903 20139002/04/08
20Book for sale :Corals: A Quick Reference Guide book by Julian Sprung asking 10.00 + p&p29/03/08
21juwel rio 180 :juwel fish tank rio 180 in beech with cabnet, lights, pump, heater,and gravel,may have bogwood too.Just add fish! 10 months old selling due ...27/03/08
22Stenker Red Marlbour Breeding Pair :I am selling a pair of red malbours of which the female is 5.5" and the male is near to 8". I brought the female in in a batch of sixteen at ...21/03/08
23Stenker Blue Diamonds 2.75" :I have 18 Blue Diamonds all of very good colour and shape direct from stenker just three weeks ago now for sale. Also may pairs and other di ...20/03/08
24Stenker discus ( Red Alenquers) :A pair of stenker red alenquers between 7 and 8 inches. Currently they are laying and rearing a batch every month of between 100 and 300 fr ...19/03/08
25Grass Carp :Help ! We need some Grass Carp to help us clear our pond of weed. We have removed as much as possible by hand but now need some hungry carp. ...02/03/08
26PORTSMOUTH LOOKING TO BUY A 4 - 5 FOOT MARINE TANK :Looking to buy a 4 - 5 foot mature marine tank from around portsmouth. As soon as possible, preferably within the next few days, Just email ...29/02/08
27wanted 3ft or 4ft tank :3ft or 4ft tank must have cabient 07733217337 hastings or local please27/02/08
28wanted parrott fish :colourered parrott fish 07733217337 hastings27/02/08
29frontosa + jewel Rio 400 tank :i am selling a rio 400 tank 5ftX1.5ftX2ft on a black ash cabenet. also 8 Frontosa 5-13inches other mixed ciclids external filter internal fi ...23/02/08
30Brand New Fluval 205 :Brand New Fluval 205, boxed never opened, 680 L/H 180 Gph. 55 no offers23/02/08
31POND FISH FOR SALE :HI, Due to 8 month old twins I have decided to get rid the pond I inherited when we brought the house. It has around 25 fish made up of most ...19/02/08
32Garden pond :Garden pond (Mayfly 150ltrs) A durable preformed pond, 110x73x40cm, with uv filter and pump, comes as complete set up. 53 Hastings, East Su ...10/02/08
33Tilapia mariae cichlids ~free~ :Sorry had to change my ad as the fish I have are in fact Tilapia mariae. Thanks Rick. I have 14 Tilapia mariae cichlids ranging from 3 ...08/02/08
34osmose 120 unit for (Marine or tropical tank) reverse osmosis :The unit filters the water from your household taps ready to put into your tank. JBL Osmose 120 unit for the treatment of mains water, remov ...01/02/08
35mbu puffer :Yoda our mbu puffer for sale, tropical fish, gentile giant. approx 5 and a half inches friendly fish. will live peacefully with m ...01/02/08
364X2X2 Tank and Sump :I am looking for a 4X2X2 tank, drilled and with a sump in the South East. Or a 6 ft (l) X 24 - 30 (h) X 18 - 24 considered29/01/08
37Fish Tank 3ft L x 1ft W x 1.5 ft D and 3' Fish Tank and Purpose Built Pine Uni ... :Fish Tank 3ft L x 1ft W x 1.5 ft D and Purpose Built Pine Unit complete with: - Lid Tank light and bulb Power supply External Filt ...27/01/08
38Eheim Auto Fish Feeder :Battery driven electronically controlled programming allows up to 4 daily feeding cycles of flake food. Single portion, double portion serv ...17/01/08
39Koi for Sale :We're getting rid of our pond and need a home for our Koi. Any reasonable offers. Haywards Heath, West Sussex16/01/08
40Aqua One aquarium for sale :I have a 160L Aqua One aquarium for sale with beech cabinet, appr 2 years old and still in excellent condition. Consists of everything you n ...09/12/07
41fish tank and accessories :6ft x 2ft x 2ft fish tank Reverse Osmosis Unit Dennerle PH-Controller 588 and PH Sensor Dennerle Digital Thermostat Duomat 12 Night Ti ...29/11/07
42~COMPLETE MARINE/TROPICAL 3FT TANK SET UP - AS NEW~ :Currently used as a Marine tank but easy to convert to tropical. Seashell Tank in a dark wood (milk chocolate colour) cabinet with hood - 6 ...22/11/07
43Hydor Automatic Fish Feeders :2 Hydor Automatic Fish Feeders. These will feed flake and pellet and are very good quality. Both are as new and boxed.25 for the pair.18/11/07
443ft Fish Tank with Mahogany unit :3ft Fish tank with Mahogany unit comes complete with filter, heater and fish (if wanted) 50 [email protected] 01424 71760713/11/07
45KOI CARP :3-4 year old Koi Carp For Sale. House move forces sale. average size 25-30 cm 3 Sanke stunning spotted 3 black and red/orange mott ...08/11/07
46Give guppy fries :We recently had an 'arrival' of baby guppies (around 20), they are now 2 weeks old. Will give them against good care. collection only. Ask ...04/11/07
47Purple Monitpora Digitata :Quite possibly the best looking coral you can buy. This stuff is growing like a weed in my tank - want to get rid of a load of it. Got ...26/10/07
48Koi, Goldfish, lots of fish and equipment for sale :I am moving into a new house in Sussex in November. I am inheriting a large pond with lots of large Goldfish, some large Koi, and I think so ...22/10/07
49Red Bellied Pacus X 2 :I have for sale 2 red bellied pacus 8-9 inches in length, very healthy, peaceful, active fish with beautiful markings, kept with cichlids, c ...26/09/07
50marine fish :we have 2 percola clown fishes , 5 yellow damsels , 3 blue damsels , 1 3spot damsel , 2 pyjama cardinal , 3 humbugs , i firefish , 1 large h ...24/09/07
51MP (Eheim) Brillant 110 Aquarium complete with Fish :Complete tropical setup. MP Brillant 110 Corner Aquarium with matching cabinet and all contents. 275 Litres Lighting (W) 2x30 1x15 Tank ...19/09/07
52fish tank :large fish tank and cabinet with storage brand new used for 1 week only with built in light and filter cost arond 200 pounds new will accep ...15/09/07
53Large Male Aulonocara German Red :Here i have for sale a large male german red at approx 6 inches in size. Offers please. Please contact me on 07858804235 Collection ...27/08/07
54Mbuna Starter Pack :18 Young Mbuna ranging in size from 1 to 2 inches. You will receive a mix of the following. Yellow Labs Cynotilapia afra (Minos Reef) ...27/08/07
55Cynotalapia Afra Minos Reef :For sale 6 Cynotalapia Afra Minos Reef from Wild parents. Currently between 1 and 2 inches in size. 18.00 for six. Should you have an ...27/08/07
56Large Male Pseudotropheus Acei Ngara (White Tail) :Here i have for sale a large Ps Acei White Tail at nearly six inches and absolutely beautiful specimen to which the photograph does no justi ...27/08/07
587inch Proven Pair Of Discus Grab A Bargain :proven pair of marlboro x brilliant turq discus originally purchased from a GB Discus so they are from good stock. They paired up in my comm ...22/08/07
59juwel vision 450 :Beautiful juwel vision 450 wth curved front and cabinet dark wood excellent condition, (internal filter removed) now with fluval fx 5, 2 hea ...19/08/07
60Brand new Clear-Seal Tanks 24" x 12" x 15" Great for Discus Breeding :Brand new Clear-Seal 24" x 12" x 15" aquariums which come packaged with strengthened cardboard ends and rigid P.V.C. attached to the bottom ...09/08/07
62High Quality 2 inch red / blue pigeon blood discus for sale :German 2 / 2.5 inch+ red / blue pigeon blood discus for sale from stunning quality parents (can be seen) 8 each. Kept in HMA water PH 6. ...04/08/07
634 foot tank with black ash cabinet :i have for sale a 4 foot tank with black ash hood/cabanet have to sell by weekend due to moving good value at 5001/08/07
64Complete Pond Equipment :Vortec 16000 filter system. Complete with pumps for waterfall and pond filter. Atlantis large waterfall x 2. Lighting for surround pond ar ...30/07/07
65Rena 120x40 Tank & Cabinet in Beech & Silver :Tank comprises of: Enheim external filter, Internal fluval 3 filter, heater, airpumps and tubes, ornaments, submersable red LED lazer light, ...16/07/07
66Proven pair of stunning imported High Body Mosaic Leopard Discus :For sale a Proven pair of stunning imported High Body Mosaic Leopard Discus pictured with eggs and fry (pictures taken with fry today) unlik ...08/05/07
67Proven Pair Of Mosaic Leopard Discus :For sale a Proven pair of stunning imported Japanese Mosaic Leopard Discus (bred by Yoshihiro Oka). The female is 5.5 inches and the male is ...27/02/07
68Neetroplus nematopus wanted :Still desperately seeking Neetroplus nematopus, small, aggressive, grey, central american cichlids. Anybody seen any or got young for sale? ...01/01/07
696x2x2 still for sale another idiot let me down :I still have this 6x2x2 with cabinet, sump and hood.Pics found on ebay,item number 280044945311 but has finished. Offers invited as i move ...07/11/06
70For sale again 6x2x2 plus cabinet, hood and sump :I have been let down again with selling this tank so it is relisted on ebay.Open to sensible offers as i am moving house.Collection must be ...02/11/06
71Sump wanted prefer 3.5'x 1.5x 1.5' :I am looking for a sump roughly above size.I only want 2 or 3 compartments for lr and algea plus return section. Anyone got any suggestions ...27/10/06
72I cant believe it its still for sale :6x2x2 tank with sump, cabinet (needs hinges and handles) and hood (needs staining) I will sell to the 1st person at my house with 200.I ne ...22/10/06
736x2x2 with hood cabinet and sump :Still for sale is my 6x2x2. cabinet needs hinges and handles and the hood needs staining.Open to offers as long as you can collect soon!!19/10/06
744x2x2 ish wanted :As above plus dark oak cabinet.Open to suggestions please contact me Thanks Karen14/10/06
756x2x2 still for sale Offers as must sell :6x2x2 + large sump with many sections.Oak cabinet that needs handles and hinges, 4 doors each side so ideal for room divider.Tank is blue at ...12/10/06
764x2x2 wanted :Hi I am looking for a 4x2x2 (ish) tank with a dark oak cabinet if possible.Please contact me with pictures if you have them with your sugge ...09/10/06
776x2x2 tank + Handmade oak cabinet + 4' Sump :I am selling this set up due to house move and i dont think i will be able to cope with it.The cabinet needs hinges and handles.The tank is ...09/10/06
78EHEIM 2226 Professional :External filter, with filter media and all pipes & fittings. Current 2026 equivalent, for aquariums up to 350 litres. In very good condition ...12/05/06
79REEF ONE BIORB :30 litre globe aquarium, brand new unused Tetratec Whisper air pump (not the useless one that comes with it!), filter and media, light. 40 ...12/05/06
80Tunze Classic Protein Skimmer :Bought used by me and only used briefly. Works fine. I think it is a 7400/6, equivalent to current DOC 9210. Speed controllable. Will handle ...12/05/06
81SNAIL SHOP - FOR FRESHWATER SHRIMPS AND SNAILS :Visit us online, for a wide variety of freshwater invertebrates to include, apple snails, ramshorns, clams, mussels, cherry and aqua blue ...07/04/06
82Big Koi - Quick sale :10 big koi for sale. Hove, Sussex tel 07921866473. Collection only I'm afraid29/03/06
836' Aquarium, full setup :6ft aquarium,black wooden cabinet, black lid, lighting, heating,large external filtration, lots of ocean rock, sand bottom, air pumps with o ...16/02/06
844FT TANK FOR SALE :48X12X15 tank plus hood,lights and stand for sale. 2years old Please phone eves only 75 ono room needed for fast growing child!!!12/02/06
85piranha related items for sale. :I'm retiring from the piranha keeping hobby after forty years, and in that time I've collected a few interesting bits and pieces that I'd li ...11/02/06
86Juwel Vision 260 Fish Tank - Black - 121 x 46 X 73 :I am selling this wonderful Curved Aquarium as I don't have the time to look after it that I used to have, & my husband would like to get a ...04/02/06
87Red Tail Cat(Phractecephaulus Hemilopterus) :My company has installed a 84" x 30" x 30" Fish Tank in our shop with the sole intention of Housing a large unwanted Red Tail ...30/01/06
88Four foot tank with stand :4 Foot Fish tank. 48*15*12" With black metal stand, complete with Lid, Therm/heater, Fluval Pump, Gravel, Ornaments, Light etc. Good Co ...29/01/06
89'NEETS'- Neetroplus Nematopus wanted :Does anyone have any of these vicious little central american cichlids in sussex/kent/surrey?05/10/05
91BEAUTIFUL AQUARIUM SNAILS DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR :Beautiful, colourful and an interesting addition to your aquarium.....apple snails for sale direct and safely to your door from www.applesna ...13/05/05
92fish tank for sale :record 96 fish tank two foot six by 18 high by 15 wide built in filter heater pump and lights stii unboxed so new moving so wont have ti ...05/04/05
93Eheim external filter :eheim thermo filter model 2324 worth 199.99 will sell for 169.99 bognor regis area contact [email protected]21/03/05
94EHEIM CARBON :Hello i have a few boxes of eheim carbon ehfi aktiv. They sell for 23.99 im selling them for 12 ( bognor regis , west sussex area) please ...21/03/05
95BRAND NEW RIO 180 BARGIN :Hello i have a brand new rio 180 aquarium and cabinet in black. This includes twin lighting and a 7 stage filtration system , it also has a ...21/03/05
96help tropiqaurium timer wanted :can anyone help me i need a timer unit for a tropiqaurium 68 the timer unit from a tropiqaurium 88 also will fit i have the tank and lid but ...17/03/05
97Fish :If you are looking to re-home your fish then please email me. I am happy to collect any free fish and/or equipment from Worthing,Brighton,Ea ...03/02/05
98TROPICALS WANTED :Looking to re-home unwanted fish and fish keeping equipment, wether your fish are large or small, babys or adult i can offer them a superb n ...26/01/05
99zebra plecs around 70 :i have been looking for some zebra plecs for a long time. so if anyone has any for sale please could you email me! thanks28/10/04
100tropical comunity fish :i am looking for any tropical comunity fish for my 3ft tank.27/10/04
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