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1Sexed pair of Green Terrors :I am selling sexed pairs of Green Terrors, they are about 2/3.5'' amd feeing well on variety of dried and frozen foods, they have just start ...06/10/08
2specialists in hard to find fish and inverts :We are here at herstmonceux in east sussex and we deliver nationwide for 12.99. check out our site more fish than any oter site sharks wr ...04/10/08
3Tank Rental :Basic tank rental starts at 30 pounds a month this includes the monthly maintenence of us coming round to make sure all is ok. great for do ...04/10/08
4Pond Cleaning Specialists :We here at Ocean in a tank have specialised in pond equipment and installation for a while now and can promise satisfaction guarentee. chec ...04/10/08
5tank maintenence for reasonable prices. :Here at ocean in a tank we offer services on tank maintenance in your home or business. the cost will depend on the size of the tank and if ...04/10/08
6Large Marine Betta- rare :we have a large marine betta in store at the price of 100.00, he is a lovely fish and one that deserves a good home with an experienced mari ...04/10/08
7Managers Special this week from Ocean In A Tank :All Sharks and wrays 10% off This week check us out any thing not on our site we can probably get so send us an email. check out the site ...04/10/08
8pond equipment and instalation at low price. :we are ocean in a tank ltd and we sell pond equipment and carry out instalations around the south coast. we also deliver uk wide. check out ...04/10/08
9FISH AND INVERTS AT REASONABLE PRICES :We have a large selection of marine fish and inverts and also cold water and tropical. We specialise in the hard to get marine fish and inve ...04/10/08
10Custome Tanks Built :Here at ocean in a tank we built tanks and units to spec. We have an in house master craftsman Lee Smith who can build any design in any woo ...04/10/08
11Pseudotropheus Socolofi :I am selling one adult male Pseudotropheus Socolofi powder blue form, these have to be the most interesting Malawi cichlid in my opinion and ...01/10/08
122 x Mesonauta Festivum :I am selling two adult Mesonauta Festivum, they are difficult to sex, however, these two have recently been showng very posotive sighns of f ...01/10/08
13Geophagus brasiliensis :I am selling a adult female Geophagus brasiliensis, she is about 5'' in lenth and the most incredible colour form, she feeds well on a whole ...01/10/08
14Giraffe Catfish 12" :A very healthy Giraffe Catfish, 12" long, peaceful, feeds on many different types of food, inc. tropical flake, catfish pellets, prawns ...25/09/08
15l 25 scarlet pleco re ad due two time wasters,gota go with in 48 hours :hi there well i av a 12 inch male scarlet pleco who has lived with different types of fish large or small ,im moving soon so time 2 sell and ...25/09/08
16TANK SET UP 180L - 250.00 - BRIGHTON - GREAT VALUE - MARINE OR TROPICAL :Fish Tank Set Up available, currently set up for marine but could be used for tropical fish too. 1x Aqualantis Tank - 180L (3ft2 Long, ...21/09/08
17Oscars wanted :Wanted, red or red tiger oscars only, for new tank set up, tank fully mature, Brighton E. Sussex.19/09/08
18180L Tank Set Up For Sale - Brighton - Sussex - Bargain :Fish Tank Set Up available, currently set up for marine but could be used for tropical fish too. 1x Aqualantis Tank - 180L (3ft2 Long, ...16/09/08
19native minnows :minnows sought for native pond.15/09/08
20Alenquer Discus :Alenquers for sale,young fish just ready to start pairing up,lovely colour,shape and markings,about 4 inches,16 to choose from 15.00 each.C ...10/09/08
21Tropiquarium 88 setup complete :As above, all set up ready to go, includes many live plants, amazon swords and various others, includes a few dwarf rams too, including a pa ...09/09/08
22320l seashell style aquarium setup :as above, comes with 300w heater, external 305 filter, canopy, cabinet, plenty of white gravel, approx 10 pieces of lava rock, and some fake ...09/09/08
23fish tanks for sale filters lights etc(tropical set up) and complete breeding st ... :hi i have a 7ft x 2ft x 3ft high fish tank complete with lights and heaters gravel cabinet,filter,also a complete breeding station,8 cubed t ...06/09/08
246ft john allen tropical tank and stand :6x2x18in fish tank and black ash stand with 2 externals,2 internals,2 air pumps,2 heaters,2 light units.bogwood rocks plants + loads of extr ...03/09/08
25New Store OPEN :Check us out at coopers croft nursery herstmonceux, we specialise in marine tropical and cold water fish and inverts. we also sell pond fish ...01/09/08
26Red Oscars - Red Tiger Oscars :Wanted, baby red or red tiger oscars or established pair, for newly matured 400 Ltr tank.01/09/08
27100's of Zoas for sale from 5 all must go, selling up. :Hi all, i have 100's of zoa frags for sale from 5. I am selling up and need to sell everything in the pictures. I can post smaller pieces ...29/08/08
28oscars :i have a pair of 1ft oscars for sale they are a good tempermeant and have been together for 2yrs now one of them has a dodgy eye due to a fi ...28/08/08
29Juvenile cichlids for sale :Here is my current stocklist. All fish are tankbred and healthy. Melanochromis auratus 2-3cm - 2.00 each Metriaclima estherae (Blue) ...27/08/08
30pair of oscars :i have a pair of white and orange oscars 1ft long i have had them for 2yrs now one of them has a funny eye due to being in a fight with anot ...26/08/08
31TANK SHUTDOWN FISH,CORALS AND TANK :Due to relocation I am sadly shutting down my tank. Stock must go first and is as follows: FISH: 1 Male & 1 Female Orange Anthias 18 the ...25/08/08
32Wanted Large japanese Koi-Ogons :14-24" Yellow/Gold/Plat ogons Preferably Sussex area20/08/08
33large corner 4ft tank complete :Im selling my corner fish tank which is a complete set up all in working order.Comes with 2 filters one which is a sump. its really really d ...14/08/08
34KRIBENSIS FRY WANTED :Hi, I am looking for some Kribensis fry, as much as 4. At the moment i have 2 kribensis in my tank and they get along fine. please can you ...12/08/08
35PUFFER WANTED :Hi, I am looking to buy a tropical (freshwater) pufferfish fry. i only want 2-4 as my tank is not too big. Send me Pictures and Info if pos ...12/08/08
36LEIARIUS MARMORATUS :Ten inch L.marmoratus,gorgeous specimen,25 to good home.02/08/08
37Free Goldfish East Sussex area :I have a pond that is badly overstocked ..I have managed to keep the fish healthy with a borrowed oversized Koi Pond Filter. The whole stoc ...29/07/08
38homes for goldfish :my pond is becoming a bit crowded with goldfish , so i`m looking for homes for some of them .If you can get to Crawley , and are willing to ...14/07/08
395 x Green Terror Juveniles :This is your chance to pick up 5 quality specimens of the Aequidens rivulatus. Parents full size and realy something special, I have a ran ...13/07/08
40fish house for sale cheap :hi i av 2 7foots divided and hole drilled . theres 1 6foot and another just under 7foot long tank .plus 8 1 foots 1 3foot heaters/filters ...13/07/08
41tmc p2 Uv steralizer {2x55watt}for sale :hardley used unit im selling and moving away so needs two go aswell 2x55watts unused new bulbs p2 uv = 13013/07/08
42marine fish tank :4ft tank,drilled,weir,sump,arcadia overtank luminaire,protein skimmer,pumps,uvc.200 ono10/07/08
4390 gal 4foot tank for sale 10 quid :hi for sale is my 4 foot tank as i recently downgraded my system to a nano. tank is absolut watertight and priced to go! call 0797079567808/07/08
44Captive bred tropical fish :Due to recent breeding success i have the following available for sale Large Congo tetras 1.50 each Medium sized kribs 1.40 Silver tip ...07/07/08
45Red Pearls discus :I have red pearls in 4" at 22 or 2.5" at 8. Stunning colours. Other discus available01/07/08
46Emperor Angel and Koran Angel for sale :I have an Emperor Angel and a Koran Angel both juveniles for sale. Both happy and feeding well. The Emperor is just starting to show signs ...29/06/08
4710 Black Spikey Sea Urchin :I have a huge sea urchin, big and black and spikey. Getting to big for my tank, he is about 8" from fat golf ball sized body to end of spike ...29/06/08
48Stenker Discus Brilliants 2.5 :I have Stenker brilliants for sale. 13 at 2.5" and 4 at 16cm (young adults) for sale. The small fish are just starting to colour. They are ...29/06/08
49Tank fillings :I have 20-25kg sacks of tank sand Slate (can be cut and split to order). Contact for prices29/06/08
50Golden pigeon discus :I have for sale seven 4" golden pigeon all with no peppering 22.50. I also 2.5" goldens pigeons again with no peppering for 7.5 ...29/06/08
51MH Light pendant :I have for sale a brand new only used on my tank for 2 week metal H pendent. The unit has 2 250 watt MH Plus 2 42in atinic t5s the unit come ...28/06/08
52Lots of frags for sale, zoas, mushrooms, star polyps etc :I have a great selection of frags for sale from 5 - 12. Ideal for nanos and for begginers alike. Please visit www.freewebs.com/coolcorals ...16/06/08
53Derasa Clam Marine :I would like to swop for corals or 45 for this clam. For those who want more information about them, I copied this from the internet: C ...16/06/08
54MARINE FISH FOR SALE :I currently have some very nice marine fish for sale. See below: Tiger Queen Anthias Koran Angel Juvenile Orange Clownfish (Ocellaris) ...14/06/08
55Soft, SPS coral frags and colonies + Zoos for sale HOVE, SUSSEX :I am closing my tank down and have lots of corals for sale Several large soft coral colonies: 2 kenyan trees (8+), 25 each 1 sinular ...11/06/08
56Soft, SPS coral frags and colonies + Zoos for sale HOVE, SUSSEX :I am closing my tank down and have lots of corals for sale Several large soft coral colonies: 2 kenyan trees (8+), 25 each 1 sinular ...11/06/08
57Koi large :Looking to sell some of my large Koi due to house move. Offers considered from over 50 each-would cost in the hundreds from a shop. They a ...08/06/08
59whole marine setup :60" 5f marine setup tunze skimmer ro heaters 4f sump roughly 50 -60 kilos of rock double 150w metal halide email for more details02/06/08
60Tank Shut down HOVE :Due to a new job I unfortunately have to shut my tank down. I am only selling the livestock at the moment which consists of: At least 75 ...02/06/08
61Zoanthids, clean up crew and more :I currently have some nice zoanthid colonies, clean up crew and some really nicetubeworms for sale. The tubeworms arent on my website yet ...01/06/08
62Marine Caulerpa/Algaes and clean up crew cheapest prices. :I have a variety of Caulerpas/Algaes for sale, 5 different varieties all suitable for mairine set ups. Also I have clean up crew now in stoc ...29/05/08
63JUWEL RIO 240 IN BEACH WITH STAND :here i have a juwel rio240 2x fluval 205 lava rocks marine sand bog wood heaters plz inquire for pictures my email jamesyboii@y ...26/05/08
64LARGE BLUE & ORANGE LEG HERMIT CRABS :I have 6 beautiful blue legged hermit crab and a few orange legged ones for sale. These are large more suited to fish only tanks due to siz ...23/05/08
65STUNNING RICORDEA COLONIES FOR SALE :I currently have some 10 ricordea colonies for sale. Pictures are of actual corals. Please visit website for details.15/05/08
66Giraffe Catfish 14-16" :Beautiful hand tame Giraffe Catfish for sale near Gatwick Airport 50 requires a large tank09/05/08
67Frags ideal for Nanos lots to choose from. :I currently have some nice frags for sale. These are ideal for nanos or ideal for starter corals.Pictures are of current stock. Please see ...09/05/08
68Beautiful corner fish tank 260.00 pounds :I am selling my corner tank which I bought off ebay a few months ago as I have been given a brand new 6 footer and am not allowed 3 fish tan ...09/05/08
69ROUND KOI HOLDING TANK AND EQUIPMENT :Round black plastic holding tank 87" x 43" deep fitted with 4" bottom drain surface skimmer and 110mm ball valve Black plastic 4 bay filter ...01/05/08
70LOTS OF CHEAP FRAGS FOR SALE IDEAL FOR NANOS!! :I have lots of cheap frags for sale at the moment to make way for some new corals. Please check out the link below. Thanks29/04/08
7112 2inch clowns full of colour :hi there i av 12 2 inch clown loaches full of colour.feeding well . there are 4 females and 8 males all 2 be sold toghter offers28/04/08
72high protein fish flake :hi there i am closing down my fish house so please see other ads .. i av 40 x 1000g of high protein fish flake suitable for all types of fi ...28/04/08
73fish house closer please make offers.tanks/fish/uvs and stock from wholesale :hi there due 2 alot of time wasters im re advertising my setup. 2x7x20x20 foot tanks diveded in two 2-3-2 with back hole . 7x13x13 with ce ...28/04/08
74Black Percula 120 or Anthias 120 :Wanted Black Aqua Medic Percula or Anthias Aquarium including base24/04/08
75Alenquer Discus :Young Alenquers for sale,about 3 inches feeding well on beefheart and pellets,recently wormed and colouring up well,15.00 each23/04/08
76synodontis angelicus :he about 3-4 inch make an offer though email16/04/08
77parrott fish :6 parrott fish all yellow and two tyre track eels make an offer email16/04/08
783 x DISCUS FOR SALE (40) :We have 2 x Large Discus and 1 x Medium Discus for sale. All three of them are in good health. 40. Please see photo. Collect ASAP email: ...08/04/08
79Sturgeon wanted :Sturgeon and large Koi wanted for new pond, would prefer from the Sussex area but would consider anywhere. Cheers Merv.08/04/08
80White Spot, need marine quarantine tank asap BRIGHTON :If anyone has got a really cheap tank that I can move my fish to for copper treatment, i have full reef in the display tank and have just bo ...05/04/08
81Stenker Blue Diamonds 2.75" :Stenker Blue Diamonds 2.75", 10 are available, all are very good colours and shapes 9.00 each 07796 176 307 or 01903 20139002/04/08
82Book for sale :Corals: A Quick Reference Guide book by Julian Sprung asking 10.00 + p&p29/03/08
83juwel rio 180 :juwel fish tank rio 180 in beech with cabnet, lights, pump, heater,and gravel,may have bogwood too.Just add fish! 10 months old selling due ...27/03/08
84Stenker Red Marlbour Breeding Pair :I am selling a pair of red malbours of which the female is 5.5" and the male is near to 8". I brought the female in in a batch of sixteen at ...21/03/08
85Stenker Blue Diamonds 2.75" :I have 18 Blue Diamonds all of very good colour and shape direct from stenker just three weeks ago now for sale. Also may pairs and other di ...20/03/08
86Stenker discus ( Red Alenquers) :A pair of stenker red alenquers between 7 and 8 inches. Currently they are laying and rearing a batch every month of between 100 and 300 fr ...19/03/08
87Grass Carp :Help ! We need some Grass Carp to help us clear our pond of weed. We have removed as much as possible by hand but now need some hungry carp. ...02/03/08
88PORTSMOUTH LOOKING TO BUY A 4 - 5 FOOT MARINE TANK :Looking to buy a 4 - 5 foot mature marine tank from around portsmouth. As soon as possible, preferably within the next few days, Just email ...29/02/08
89wanted 3ft or 4ft tank :3ft or 4ft tank must have cabient 07733217337 hastings or local please27/02/08
90wanted parrott fish :colourered parrott fish 07733217337 hastings27/02/08
91frontosa + jewel Rio 400 tank :i am selling a rio 400 tank 5ftX1.5ftX2ft on a black ash cabenet. also 8 Frontosa 5-13inches other mixed ciclids external filter internal fi ...23/02/08
92Brand New Fluval 205 :Brand New Fluval 205, boxed never opened, 680 L/H 180 Gph. 55 no offers23/02/08
93POND FISH FOR SALE :HI, Due to 8 month old twins I have decided to get rid the pond I inherited when we brought the house. It has around 25 fish made up of most ...19/02/08
94Garden pond :Garden pond (Mayfly 150ltrs) A durable preformed pond, 110x73x40cm, with uv filter and pump, comes as complete set up. 53 Hastings, East Su ...10/02/08
95Tilapia mariae cichlids ~free~ :Sorry had to change my ad as the fish I have are in fact Tilapia mariae. Thanks Rick. I have 14 Tilapia mariae cichlids ranging from 3 ...08/02/08
96osmose 120 unit for (Marine or tropical tank) reverse osmosis :The unit filters the water from your household taps ready to put into your tank. JBL Osmose 120 unit for the treatment of mains water, remov ...01/02/08
97mbu puffer :Yoda our mbu puffer for sale, tropical fish, gentile giant. approx 5 and a half inches friendly fish. will live peacefully with m ...01/02/08
984X2X2 Tank and Sump :I am looking for a 4X2X2 tank, drilled and with a sump in the South East. Or a 6 ft (l) X 24 - 30 (h) X 18 - 24 considered29/01/08
99Fish Tank 3ft L x 1ft W x 1.5 ft D and 3' Fish Tank and Purpose Built Pine Uni ... :Fish Tank 3ft L x 1ft W x 1.5 ft D and Purpose Built Pine Unit complete with: - Lid Tank light and bulb Power supply External Filt ...27/01/08
100Eheim Auto Fish Feeder :Battery driven electronically controlled programming allows up to 4 daily feeding cycles of flake food. Single portion, double portion serv ...17/01/08
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